Feel worth it. Be confident. Do whatever you can in your power to feel complete without seeking approval from others.
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“I look at animation as a gift from God…we’re helping the public see the beauty of God’s creation.” 

-Glen Keane, whose animation can be seen in films such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Tangled, on how his faith affects his work and artistry

“This doesn’t apply to me”

So i was watched a sermon today at work that was very insightful. It talked about how we may forget our role as a body of Christ & the church and think that certain things do not concern us. The whole sermon was based on Matthew 14. The sermon will be attached below but i want to just further reiterate on the 3 points he made in the video.

A. We are NOT the crowd: So many people today talk about how they are not being “fed” enough or they don’t feel full when they go to church. But the truth is we are not the crowd and we do NOT need to be fed, rather we are Disciples, the church and should be feeding others the spiritual food of the gospel. Imagine a grown man being fed? Sounds ridiculous, so why then should we desire to be fed milk when we should already be eating solid food from the wisdom of God. We don’t go to church to get fed, we go so that we may be equipped by the pastor & the holy spirit in order that we may be ready for the work that waits outside the church building. When we attend church, we don’t just attend for ourselves but for our families. That message being preached from the alter may not be for you, but someone out there needs to hear it. We are NOT the Crowd, we ARE Disciples. [Matthew 14:14]

B. We HAVE what the crowd NEEDS: Now you’ve fed yourself, you’re feeling kind of full but don’t have the “perfect” gift or method to do what it is you think you have been called to do. We have what it takes. When God calls us, he equips us. So many people in this world are starving spiritually. While we are so busy thinking how we can help them physically, why not try and attend to their spiritual needs/being instead? A smile, a word of encouragement, a hug, a joyful spirit may be all a person needs to feel better. So rather than searching for big things to satisfy people, use what you already have to serve. [Matthew 14:15-16]

C. We have MORE than ENOUGH: Now you have what you need to serve but you feel like its not enough. “God will bless what is in your hands, but will only multiply what you give away”- Pastor Steve. When you ask God to bless whatever substance you have & you desire to give it away, he will bless & multiply it. God sees your desires and intentions. The disciples in the Matthew 14 told Jesus that they only had 5 loaves of bread & 2 fish, but what did Jesus do? He took what they had & blessed it leaving them with MORE than enough to FEED the multitude. When i see the word feed in this chapter i don’t see it in the sense of physical food but spiritual food. You have more than enough to do that which you want to. Take your substance to God & he shall multiply it in the hearts of men. [Matthew 14:17-21]

Respect is love. Are you being kind to people today?
#dailylemonaide #inspiration #motivation #positivity #change #focus #inspire #happiness #100happydays #optimistic #success #strength #encouragement #keepgoing #love #happy #joy #wisdom #quotes #instaquote #selflove #intuition #positive #future #meditation #spirituality #kindness #respect #health

Encouragement for Writers

Do not worry about how many people are or aren’t reading your work. Do not dwell on the fact that you may not have very many people who care to read your writing right now. Keep writing about the things you care about and keep publishing your books. If you care about your writing, that’s all that matters. Be patient, write for yourself, enjoy your work, and your readers will soon follow.

Hey There!

You’re wonderful.

You’re capable of accomplishing great things.

You can overcome the demons within…one day at a time…one hour at a time…one minute at a time…one second at a time.

The negativity shouted at you from every direction can be overcome with a whisper: ‘I love myself.’

Now, go out there and be wonderful. You’re already doing this, because you are wonderful!