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Frerin and Nori being friends is a thing I really really love to think about, no matter what universe. And Frerin… I don’t draw them often enough, though I love  them. This time they’re trying to drop hints and throw shade at the same time

also bonus, sleepovers and bumping into each other at night:

Sometimes angels are just ordinary people that help us believe in miracles again.

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Well I’m trying to be a photographer so here’s one of my photos that I partially edited at school, then more at home. You can find more here!
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The people who are truly for you- always find a way to be there for you, even when they can’t be. You feel them {deeply} and they feel you.
—  Lalah Delia
“This is a podwer that when applied to the air causes ghosts to become visible,” Henry said.
Magnus tilted the jar of shining grains up to the lamp admiringly, and when Henry beamed in an encouraging fashion, Magnus removed the cork.
“It seems very fine to me,” he said, and on a whim he poured it upon his hand. It coated his brown skin, gloving one hand in shimmering luminescence. “And in addition to its practical uses, it would seem to work for cosmetic purposes. This podwer would make my very skin glimmer for eternity.”
Henry frowned. “Not eternity,” he said, but then he brightened. “But I could make you up another batch whenever you please!”
“I could shine at will!” Magnus grinned at Henry.

Magnus Bane, ladies and gentlemen. Looking better in glitter than a glitter dress itself since 1878.

Best known for co-creating the Portal. Actually invented glitter.

Mona’s Motive

Speaking of last Tuesday’s episode 7x15 “In The Eye Abides The Heart” directed by Troian (which i must say was amazing bravo to her!!) there are many things in this episode that are worth discussing..

Since everyone is talking about THAT scene with Wren and “Spencer” and of course Ezra in the airport (which i must say i totally agree that was NOT Spencer) i have decided not to focus on that but on the scene where Hanna introduces Mona to the game. 

One thing that strikes me about that scene is how strange Mona was acting around the game itself. I don’t know if it’s just me who picked up on it but i felt she was putting on an act for Hanna. Also she made a very interesting remark about it..

“Why build a dollhouse when you can turn the entire town into a dollhouse?” I don’t know about you but i could not help but get the vibe that Mona was referring to her own involvement with Charlotte’s dollhouse which would not shock us as there is plenty of clues that Mona was involved, not only in faking her death but in creating the dollhouse itself.

Throwback to this scene with Aria:

Anyway back to 7x15..

Overall this season i find Mona is acting unusual..

Mona is clearly acting suspicious in this scene but not in a creepy way it was like she was way too happy to see the game (which rings alarm bells to me) She was basically disappointed she didn’t make it herself.. or did she? The part where she took out her phone to take pictures of it just made me cringe! She was also able to tell Hanna certain information about the game like its batteries would run out when the game ends, which got her all sentimental (weird) and that it was handmade..with love..Not exactly information that could help Hanna to be honest.

Also when Hanna begged Mona to help her beat the game and Mona gave this big “emotional” speech about how they were dealing with an addict (cough herself) and playing with lives (something she’s been doing since the start) She exclaimed that she only reason she wasn’t freaked out by it was because a tiny little Mona wasn’t on it. 

Yet it only took for Hanna to convince her that she would beat it, for her to agree to play the game.

Mona will help the girls beat the game in 7x17 “Emily teams up with Mona as she makes inroads in the game”

But in Rosewood not all help is genuine! 

Mona has proven that already because she was A before.. and i could write a whole other post about how she is encouraging Hanna’s fashion career with the senator’s daughter or whatever but yet Jenna ends up wearing the same dress..and next week’s promo Mona freaks out as Lucas has sold Hanna’s factory fashion business from under her etc..all obviously planned!

Mona is one of the characters on the show who you can never tell who’s side she is on..i mean season 5 she basically was anti Ali and co. and made an entire army. What changed? If she was apart of the Dollhouse then, that means everything since is an act and if she was able to pretend before why not now.

I don’t think Mona is A.D or will be our big bad but she is definitely more involved that we think.

It is also interesting to note how the episode is titled “In The Eye Abides The Heart” the same song Mona sang in 3x03 “The Kingdom Of The Blind” while in radley holding THE QUEEN OF HEARTS in her hand. 

Melissa was TQOH on the Halloween Train and i like to think this clue is somehow connected to Melissa being A.D.

Also it is important to remember Mona was waiting for Melissa to arrive at one of her Mona army meetings back in season 5 which also included Lucas and Paige. How strange was it that this storyline was dropped suddenly?

(btw look at that face even Paige looks scared of her)

I would also like to add that i believe Mona, Jenna and Sydney were waiting for Melissa in this episode also back in season 5 

Considering we just got a massive clue last week that Sydney is on the A Team you best believe that these bitches are working for A.D too! 

I started presenting as female seriously while I was living in Taiwan. I owe a lot to the Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean clothing that’s popular there. My inspiration for my outfits came from the street fashion I saw walking to and from work everyday. So many of the styles were more colorful, fun, and feminine than what I saw back in the states. It encouraged me to use fashion to express myself, and not to confine my new wardrobe to one “look”.

Montparnasse's two moms

Jean’s mother is a fashionista.

Designer labels, home tailoring, personal friends in the Big Leagues, front row tickets to Milan, New York, Paris and London Fashion week….

Montparnasse expects them to dress like Jehan- badly.

NO. Jean’s other mother dresses like Jean, which only encourages them.

Fashionable mother ADORES Montparnasse because finally someone she can dress up and take and take shopping!!! !!!!!!!!!

And they become inseparable, and he calls her “mom” (finally a mother he loves) and they get facials together

Meanwhile Jean and his other mother shake their heads and wear their patchwork