encountering jesus

One of my favorite things about reading through entire passages of Scripture is coming across little verses hidden in the text that I had never noticed before. Today, the Lord had me in John 6, and verse 43 caught me by surprise:

“But Jesus replied, ‘Stop complaining about what I said.’”

Well, that gets straight to the point, doesn’t it? As Jesus looks at our world, especially His Church, and sees so much division, don’t you think He turns to us, His followers, with love, firmness, a touch of exasperation, and a dash of sass and says, “Stop complaining about what I said”?

He reminded me very plainly of some of the things He asks of us, even those things that are hard to swallow and even harder to carry out:

Love people, even the ones who look or believe or act nothing like you do. Pray for people, even the government leaders you don’t agree with, the boss who treats you unfairly, and yes, even the terrorists intent on destroying and harming. (Remember how an encounter with Jesus turned Paul, a terrorist, into one of the world’s greatest missionaries.) Forgive people, no matter how much you’d prefer to get revenge or how badly they hurt you. Above all, take up your cross, die to your own desires every day, and follow Jesus.

That’s right. Die to yourself. What a controversial calling in our me-centered culture. If you choose to call yourself a Christian, you bear the name of Christ. You live by His Spirit. Your thoughts, preferences, dreams, comfort, safety, and even your very life must be left as an offering at the foot of the cross for the Lord’s glory and for the sake of the world He loves. Those souls you serve will be the ones you call brother and sister in heaven. They are worth more than anything you could collect in this life. In Jesus’ own words, what good is it for someone to gain all the world has to offer but give up their soul?

Stop complaining about what Jesus said, and just do it. Do it as a child whose Father wants them to be free from rules and religion. Do it as one loved more than you’ll ever know by a God who died to know you. Don’t let complaining rob you of your identity.

Remember who you are.

Faith Mosaic.

Your faith won’t look like the faith of your neighbor. We love Jesus and we love people: but beyond that, God has wired us with a colorful diversity of connections to Him. All the people in the Bible experienced God in different ways through their varying personalities.

Moses saw the back of God’s glorious rear, while Elijah heard the still small voice of God after a mountain exploded. Gideon was so doubtful he kept asking God to do weird things like burn up meat or throw water on a sheep rug; Jonathan was so confident that he provoked the Philistines to war without really consulting God. King David was a pensive, ferocious poet with an ear for music and lyrics; Jeremiah and Habbakuk wept loudly for their people with tons of uncertainty. Jonah hated ministry but went anyway; Isaiah said “Here am I, send me.” Ruth bravely proposed marriage in hopes that God would provide; Leah desperately begged Jacob to provide her offspring. Noah was a drunken slob after all his trouble; Joseph re-affirmed God’s sovereignty though he had been left for dead by his brothers. Peter was a brash thick-headed emotional hot-head who was ready for Jesus to unleash the Kingdom; Timothy was a sickly scared baby Christian who needed a lot of reassurance from Paul. Martha was practical and efficient; Mary was relational and affective. The Samaritan woman at the well needed a face-to-face encounter with Jesus; the Roman centurion trusted that Jesus had healed his sick servant from afar. Nicodemus the Pharisee went to Jesus late at night to avoid peering eyes; all the blind beggars went to Jesus in front of everyone to have their eyes opened. James & John expected Jesus to rain down fire on the enemy; Thomas doubted Jesus was ever the Messiah. James the half-brother of Jesus was all about God’s commands and obedience; Paul spoke of grace abounding all the more. Paul was the better writer but a weaker preacher; Peter was a fiery preacher for an ordinary fisherman. John was a loving patient sensitive man; Simon the Zealot was a political terrorist. Matthew Levi had been a greedy tax collector who followed Jesus on the spot; Mark was there when Jesus was arrested and fled the scene naked. In the end, Matthew and Mark wrote very different accounts of Jesus’s life and death, and so did Luke and John. Yet each one fills out the other, just as so many different hues in a mosaic.

— J.S.

I would do anything and everything that made me feel close to Him. Whether it was going on a walk and talking to Him, or painting, or playing some worship music and just laying out and soaking. Like, whatever it is, if it made me feel close to Him, then that’s what I did. And all of a sudden it didn’t matter any more if I ever sang again. It didn’t matter to me if I spent the rest of my life working down at the 7/11. I didn’t care any more. All that mattered to me was that I was with Him, that I had His presence, that I knew His voice and that I’m walking with Him. And that was it, and it stayed that way.
—  Kim Walker-Smith, My Encounter With God

Culture Shock: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Battlestar Galactica’

In 2004, Sci-Fi’s reboot of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ became a cult hit by combining action-packed sci-fi with insightful social commentary. Whether you’re a fan of the show or you’ve never seen an episode, here’s what you need to know about the groundbreaking television series.

The robotic Cylons want to exterminate humanity because they hate George W. Bush: Battlestar Galactica aired during the Bush administration’s war on terror, and included clever political allegories like having the Cylons really dislike George W. Bush. Throughout the series, Cylon centurions scream anti-Bush messages like “Bush lost the popular vote!” and “Buck fush!” whenever they attack human colonists.

Galactica is trying to find Earth so they can see a giraffe: At the start of the series, most of the Galactica’s crew doesn’t even believe that giraffes exist. The ancient legends of a very tall animal that is fun to look at are dismissed as mere myth. Before beginning the quest for giraffes, Commander Adama has to rally humanity with his inspirational “A Cow Is Not The Tallest Creature There Is” speech.

Humans can have sex with robots, but your junk is going to get a little pinched: The Cylons created humanoid robots to infiltrate mankind, and these replicas are so convincing that the only way to tell them apart from real humans is that robot genitals nip a bit. Sex with robots still feels pretty good, but you’re going to end up with a welt or two down there by the time you orgasm.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace is an ace fighter pilot but is terrified she’s going to have to pay for all the gas she’s using: Starbuck became a fan-favorite character with her badass attitude and elite fighting skills, but displayed a softer side with her fears that someone was going to send her a bill for all the spaceship fuel. Before entering dogfights, Starbuck would always radio Galactica and ask, “Is the gas still free?” just to double check. Being afraid of getting a whopping jet-fuel bill was a trait that brought real depth and complexity to Starbuck’s character.

The show took a religious turn by having Jesus join the main cast in the final season: In the season-four episode “Fortunate Son,” Galactica encounters Jesus flying through space and invites him aboard for dinner. Commander Adama and Jesus get along so well that Christ asks to join the ship’s crew, and he puts his miraculous powers of healing to good use as chief medical officer. Fans are still divided whether it was a smart decision to explicitly show that Christ is real and has magic powers in an otherwise grounded show, but there’s no denying that Jesus is one of the most memorable sci-fi characters of all time.

“Catching the fox.”

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Jesus only caused problems since you, Daryl and Rick met him in a run, but that doesn’t prevent you all from having a little fun.

Request made by prince-of-edolas: Daryl x reader are married and the reader go on a run with Rick and Daryl but they encounter Jesus and they try to get the supplies for Alexandria but Jesus steals the truck and they have chase him down to get the supplies back. And Daryl x reader have a few kiss moments in there, too. (I forgot the name of the episode, lol. Sorry )

Hope you like it!

  • Daryl x Reader
  • Words: 3265
  • Warning: Some bad words (Sorry if you see grammar mistakes)

“So… hunky-dunky. Uh?”

An empty, silent road was always pleasant. Nature wasn’t lost after the apocalypse, and although the green color of the grass disappeared slowly with the passage of time, Mother Nature still retained her place in the world. Sitting by the window in that big truck full of food, the wind pushed some strands of your hair as you breathed in the fresh air. Sitting in the middle as Rick drove, Daryl glanced at you as he checked Denise’s list.

“Don’t…” He said. It was the word that Eugene used when he gave Daryl his map, always using luxurious words. At his side, Rick chuckled as he drove the truck down the hill. “Why didn’t ya ever give me a list?”

You watched the list in his hand and then you looked at him.

“I don’t think you can get me an apple pie.”

Both men looked at you with a funny look, and you looked back at the window as the truck approached that abandoned gas station on the left side of the road. There were papers and trash everywhere, and Rick parked near the gasoline pumps. All of you got out of the truck, there were no walkers and you walked around while Rick checked the store door.

“So… apple pie, huh?” Daryl joked behind you.

“I don’t ask for much, do I?” You chuckled before turning. “Besides: I have you. That’s enough for me.”

Your words took him off guard, and his innocent eyes looked at you until he understood them. A second later the boldness shone in his eyes and he closed the distance of a step between you. Daryl encircled your waist with his right arm and pulled you gently towards him to press his lips against yours. The softness of the kiss contrasted with his strong grip around you as his lips moved against yours, while your hands held in his arms.

“Really?” Rick complained. “Now?”

You chuckled next to Daryl’s lips and you pulled away as he licked his lip before looking at Rick.

“Sorry, bro.”

Rick looked at you two with a sarcastic look and raised eyebrows.

“I regret for coming with you.”

But he was joking and let it go quickly.

Daryl walked over to the black machine lying in the middle of the place, noticing it was a vending machine. Although Denise said it wasn’t of the utmost importance, he wanted to get to Alexandria with the gift for Tara, just because Daryl understood the feeling of trying to do something nice for another person. Rick rolled over the machine with a chain attached to the truck, and as Rick got out of the truck and walked towards you two, the glass of the machine showed that the interior was full.

“It’s soda and Candy.” He said while Daryl removed the chains. “Why the trouble?”

“It ain’t a trouble.”

That man came out of nowhere and pushed Rick into the machine as he walked away, raising his hands in the air as Daryl and Rick drew their guns to aim at the stranger. The bandana that covered half his face showed only his pretty eyes.

“Hi.” He was agitated, as if he had run for a long time. Rick and Daryl approached him. “I was just running from the dead.”

“How many?” Daryl asked while Rick stepped back to look at the corner of the place, searching for any walkers.

“10. Maybe more. I’m not risking it. Once it gets to double digits, I start running.”

Daryl didn’t trust him, and he kept pointing at him with his gun.


“About a half a mile back. They’re headed this way. You probably have about…” He wiggled his head, looking for the right number. “11 minutes.”

The distrust didn’t go away, but Rick was the first and the only one who lowered his weapon.

“Okay, thanks for letting of know.”

“Yes.” The man breathed through his bandana. “There’s more of them than us. Right? Gotta stick together.” He looked at Daryl, due to his gun still pointing at him. “Right?”

Daryl didn’t want to make a mess about his strange arrival, but it was strange that he only appeared from nowhere. At the end, he lowered his gun.

“You have a camp?” The man asked.

Maintaining the safety of the people of Alexandria was the main thing, and being selective with the new people you all let in was the first rule until you all knew they could be trusted.

“No.” Daryl said.

“Do you?” Rick asked.

The man thought about it for a second.

“No.” He said, and he looked at you standing next to them. “It’s just you two, with a woman?”

Before you realized what he meant, Daryl raised his weapon quickly, his hand tightening around it in anger.

“Ya want me to shoot ya, asshole? She’s ma wife and yer gonna say yer sorry.”

The man breathed in and Rick looked at him.

“You better say it now before he shoots you.”

Before looking at you, the man looked at Daryl who was still aiming him with his gun, so the new one did it. You didn’t think what he said was an insult, but it was better to follow the situation before Daryl shot him.

“I’m really sorry, madam. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

You moved your hand in the air to minimize the misunderstanding, telling him it was okay.

“Well… sorry for running into you. I’m gonna go now.” He turned around and started walking. “This is the next world; I hope it’s good to you, guys.”

Daryl and you shared a confused look as Rick watched the man walk away.

“I’m Rick, these are (y/n) and Daryl. What’s your name?”

The man turned around again and pulled his bandana down.

“Paul Rovia. But my friends used to call me Jesus…” He extended his arms out, casually. “You pick.”

“You said you didn’t have a camp.” Rick said. “You on your own?”

“Yeah.” He looked at you all with sudden confidence. “But still, best not to try anything.”

However, Daryl didn’t seem impressed.

“Best not to make threats you can’t keep, either.”


And the man started running out of there.

“How many walkers–” Rick tried but Daryl cut him off.

“No. Not this guy.”

But Rick made his question anyways.

“How many walker have you killed?”

“Sorry! Gotta run. You should too.” And he disappeared around the corner.

Running into new people was strange, but that situation was a new kind of strange, and hard to understand too.

“What the hell was that?” Daryl asked.

“He was clean.” Rick said. “His beard, it was trimmed.”

“And he was too confident to be by himself.” You said.

Rick nodded because if the man was strange to you both, that was more than just a coincidence then: something else was happening.

“He didn’t have a gun, either.” Daryl said.

“We could track him.” Rick said. “Watch him for a while. Get to know more. See if he’s really alone. Maybe bring him back.”

“No.” Daryl complained. “That guy calls himself Jesus.”

But then a noise from the back of the place attracted everyone’s attention, and the two of them advanced in front of you with their weapons in their hands. The back of the place was empty except for a trash can. But suddenly, firecrackers exploded inside it raising a cloud of gray smoke.

“Shit.” Daryl said when he realized the truth. “He swiped your keys. Didn’t he?”

The truth hit you all and ran back to the gas station, but the roar of the engine had already woken up and the truck drove away under your eyes.

“Sorry!” Jesus yelled as he drove away, taking the vending machine with him.

The three of you stopped in the middle of the road, watching with frustration as the truck full of food moved away up the hill.

“Shit.” Rick said.

The vending machine left a path on the road, like breadcrumbs to track down the thief, until you found it halfway on the road. Daryl tore open the case to secure Denise’s sodas while Rick and you caught your breaths after running up there. The strands of your hair stuck to your forehead, while the beads of sweat began to fall on the men’s forehead.

“This is a special request from the doctor.” Daryl said showing Rick the soda can.

He opened one and gave it to you.

“Hey…” Rick said breathless and took the broken one Daryl gave him. “Whatever she wants. She saved Carl’s life. We didn’t know her, and she turned out to be all right. If there’s still people out here, and they’re still people, we should bring them in.”

Rick returned the can of soda to Daryl.

“What? Like this guy?” Daryl pointed to the road Jesus left.

“No, no this guy.” Rick shook his head and looked in the machine for something.

You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand, your mind full of thoughts about what had just happened, but without saying anything.

“What’s on your mind, (y/n)” Rick asked when he saw you looking at the ground.

“I just think that…” You doubted if you should share with them what you thought, but it was a waste of time while the truck was moving. “It’s nothing. We just keep going.”

You tried to take a few steps but Daryl stopped you reaching out his arm.

“Hey.” He said softly. “Just say it.”

You weren’t naive; you knew how the world worked now. Not only were the alive against the dead ones. That life was a battle against other people as well. However, not everything was black and white. Or it was?

“I don’t say that what he did is correct, but no one steals for pleasure these days, maybe he did it because he needs it.”

Rick wiggled his head slowly, half of him giving you the reason because that was true although nothing apologized what that man did.

“So what?” Daryl frowned, his temper rising again. “Would ya just let him go with our stuff?”

His personality was like a roller coaster, full of constant ups and downs. Luckily you knew how to handle it.

“Don’t talk to me like that, Dixon, I didn’t say we should let him go, and it was you who said I could share my opinion.”

Daryl stepped back, confused by your sudden change of mood, just like his own.


You frowned.

“The truck is ours. If in this world the strongest wins, that will be us. So, we will get it back.”

The force in your eyes and the way you looked at him caught him completely. Daryl was no longer shy, and although he liked your privacy as marriage, he couldn’t help but tangle his hand in your hair to press his lips against yours. It took you by surprise when he kissed you hard, and then he pulled away.

“I really hate you both.” Rick said.

Daryl chuckled.

“I couldn’t help it. She looks so hot right now.”

You chuckled as Rick raised an eyebrow.

“It’s because we ran until we got here. And we should go now.”

As they told you, you waited behind the trees while they surprised Jesus, who finished fixing the truck tire parked in the middle of the road. But that man was like a fox, fast and slippery. You’re startled when Jesus hit Rick in the belly to escape, but you did nothing even though you wanted to. Luckily they could with him, and they threw Jesus to the ground while they aimed at him with their weapons.

“This is done.” Rick said as you walked out of the woods.

A walker came out of the bushes a few steps further, grunting at you all. Jesus got on his elbows and exhaled.

“Do you even have any ammo?” He said. Daryl and Rick were already tired of him, and both shot the walker at the same time. “Okay. You gonna shoot me over a truck?”

“There’s a lot of foot on that truck.” Rick said. “The keys. Now.”

In the end, Jesus gave them the keys and Rick tied him up, his hands and feet to leave him there to a side of the road.

“The knots aren’t that tight.” Rick said to him. “You should be able to get free… after we’re long gone.”

For his part, Daryl growled to see that the soda cans had crushed during the fight, with all the content dripping from his backpack.

“Maybe we should talk now.” Jesus said when Rick walked away.

“Nah.” Daryl walked pass him by and made you walk with him to the passenger seat. But first he stopped to shake the can and threw it at Jesus. “Here. In case ya gets thirsty.”

When you two get to the passenger seat, Daryl went up first, and though he had to move to let you go up, he took you by the waist and lifted you up to sit between his legs. You were surprise, but he just closed the truck door and chuckled as Rick moved the keys around his finger.

“You were right, (y/n).” Rick said as he started the truck. “We are the strongest ones.”

As the truck began to move, Daryl lay against the seat and showed his middle finger out the window.

“So long, ya prick!” He yelled at Jesus.

That was unnecessary, but you just shook your head and lay against his chest.

The loud music in the truck accompanied you all the way. As you leaned your left arm against the window frame, the wind made your hair move back, in a soothing and peaceful way. Daryl’s right hand continued to rest against your belly beneath your t-shirt, holding you against him while everything around was still fine.

“Hey, look at that.” Rick said pointing something on the road in front.

“Yeah, a barn.” Daryl answered looking through the window.

The planar path changed for another unstable as you all entered the barn’s lawn as the truck jerked. But there was a blow that came from the roof.

“You hear that?” You asked as Daryl lowered all the volume of the music.

“I think that son of a bitch is on the roof.”

And then, Rick was really tired of that fox.

“Hold on.”

Daryl held you against him while Rick stepped on the brake and the truck stopped abruptly, throwing Jesus through the air until he fell in front of you all.

But he just got up on his feet, and ran.

It was ridiculous. It was almost comical the way Rick drove the car to chase him down the field, but in the end it was Daryl who had enough of Jesus.

“Mother-” Daryl stopped himself to take you by the waist, and he moved from under you. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

Before you reacted or before Rick could stop the car, Daryl opened the door and got out of the truck to chase after Jesus on foot.

Rick drove near them as you sighed.

“I can’t believe I’m married to that man.”

Rick laughed and tried to move the truck to block Jesus, but that elusive fox was more agile, so Rick stepped back the truck as Daryl and Jesus swung from side to side in the middle of the field, waiting for one of them to take the first step.

“Wanna kill some walkers?” Rick asked you and you nodded.

You opened the truck door, noticing that there were some walkers around and you walked to where Rick was, and you two moved away from the truck pulling the knife from the sheath of your waist.

“We came to a conclusion, asshole!” Daryl yelled at Jesus still in the middle of the place when he ran away, and Daryl looked at you two. “I got him.”

Some walkers were tied up with ropes around another truck, and you and Rick made them fall when they managed to break the rope free. Back in the truck, Jesus opened the driver’s door and tried to get in, but Daryl grabbed him from his jacket and tried to pull him out.

“Come here, ya little shit.”

No one saw it coming, no one paid any attention, but a walker came up to Daryl from behind, walking dangerously until it entered Jesus’s view. He raised a weapon, watching Daryl without moving.

“Duck.” He said.

Daryl understood at once and crouched.

The bullet flew over him and entered directly into the walker’s head causing it to fall. Daryl looked back and studied the body on the ground before turning back to look at Jesus.

“Thanks.” Daryl breathed out and punched him on the face. “That’s ma gun! Come here.”

The shot pierced your ears and Rick’s, causing to both of you to look at the truck in the distance that separated you two from them, and you two ran to them. Daryl tried to pull him out of the truck, but Jesus knocked it into neutral, and the truck started rolling into a pond behind.

Daryl jumped out of the truck and Jesus followed him, but his head got hit with the door and he passed out. When Rick and you finally reached the place, you watched Daryl moving Jesus with his foot as the truck sank. You sighed heavily when you saw the last of that truck before it disappeared forever before everyone’s sight.

The new car you got was old, ironically, but Rick kept driving through the road in the middle of those huge trees. From the backseat, Daryl pushed Jesus who was still unconscious, but his body still fell on Daryl’s shoulder.

“Is he your new best friend?” You chuckled, but Daryl groaned.

“Be quiet, woman.”

“I told you I could go in the back with him.”

“Yes.” He said sarcastically. “As if I would have allowed it.”

Just to annoy him even more, Rick moved the car so that way Jesus’ body would fall back on Daryl. He growled again, pushing Jesus far from him as Rick drove back to Alexandria.

That same night, Daryl and Rick walked down Alexandria Street back to their homes after leaving Jesus in the basement. He was fine despite the hit, and by now they just had to wait for him to wake up in the morning. As they arrived at Rick’s house first, it was time to say goodbye.

“It is pretty stupid of us to go out there. Isn’t?” Rick asked as he went up the stairs of his porch.

“Yep.” Daryl said walking away. “Do it again tomorrow?”

“Yep.” Rick answered watching him go. “Tell (y/n) to come.”

“Hu-uh.” Daryl waved his hand to him.

Two houses away, Daryl went up the steps to the porch and opened the door to his house. The only light came from a lamp on the table in the living room, shining with an amber color. Daryl closed the door behind him and watched you come out of the kitchen.

“There’s a couple of sandwiches in case you’re hungry.”

But he walked towards you while you stopped in front of the stairs. You were tired but it had been a good day in spite of everything, and you laughed when Daryl wrapped his arms around you to lift you up. You held yourself with your hands on your shoulders, your legs around his waist.

“Nah. I just want some time alone with ma wife.”

the signs as things my theater professor has actually said in class
  • Aries: "If you're not okay with a professor who yells 'FUCK FUCK FUCK' then you better drop my fucking class"
  • Taurus: "Cocaine's a hell of a drug"
  • Gemini: "And that's when I realized I had the chance to fuck Natalie Portman, a beautiful, delicate wood nymph; even though she thought I was some dude named Bill"
  • Cancer: "This guy's dick wasn't necessarily long, but it was bigger around than a soda can. I imagined it would make a pop sound when it was removed from an orifice"
  • Leo: "Hoes be choosin'"
  • Virgo: "I could make some fucking great meth, guys. I know some people"
  • Libra: "What kind of guy says to himself, 'I should buy my girlfriend a massive paper clip'?"
  • Scorpio: "You're a misogynistic asshat. Get out of my class"
  • Sagittarius: "Please allow me to make a butt of myself"
  • Capricorn: "And when they pulled off his pants, there it was: the tiniest, most erect micro phallus I have ever encountered"
  • Aquarius: "Jesus had a pimp cup! He was partying with hoes!"
  • Pisces: "I never tried alcohol until I was 32. I had never been drunk, didn't know what it tasted like, nothing. But I did try cocaine when I was 13"

Today marks the MOST important day of my life: my ReBirthday! 7 Years ago I met Jesus, and He changed my life FOREVER. Life before God was cool. I lived a good life, did nice things for people, & TBH, I was happy. I did not come to God w/a desperate need to have my life changed, but that was the problem. I never knew I needed God, until I met Him. I never knew that the deeds I called “good” didn’t really matter at the end of the day if I didn’t even know the One who created me with such purpose. My testimony may not seem all that exciting. Some people meet God while they’re stuck in an addiction, or near death. That didn’t happen to me. I met God, and honestly, truthfully, it just made life more rad! I pray that you too, would have a personal encounter with Jesus. You won’t know the joy that comes with knowing Him until you experience Him for yourself!!! xoxo 😘

purrpl-x-deactivated20170911  asked:

Okay, regarding the encounter Jesus domo troll looking thing shirt. I was part of a g12 church (the mercy church in SLO) which is like an actual pyramid scheme cult church thing. It was wild. I've gone to encounter weekend twice. It was W I L D. People having "visions" and "faith healings" and stuff. People were coerced into giving money into the church and they won't let you date outside of the church. Look up g 12 encounter weekend. they have their own subreddit that's how u know they a cult.

Holy shit.

Darina*, an elderly woman and Believer from a Muslim Background, has been a Christian for many years. During the last two years she has been experiencing problems with her son, Keram*.

Keram is an alcoholic, which resulted in his wife divorcing him. After the divorce, he started to oppress Darina and blamed her Christian faith for all his problems. At a stage, he even beat her after she had been to church, and threw away her Bible and Christian books.

Now, Darina can’t attend church and other Christians can’t visit when Keram is home. She is tired and doesn’t feel like she has the strength to deal with the situation. “I need to communicate with other believers to grow spiritually, to feel peace in my heart. I’m afraid of my son - he needs salvation,” said Darina.

Please pray for Darina’s safety and that God will surprise her with opportunities to meet with other Christians. Pray also that God will work mightily in Keram’s life - may he encounter Jesus and be healed from alcoholism, and start serving the Lord with his mother.

*names changed and representative image used for security reasons

Life before God was cool. I lived a good life. Did nice things for people. Was happy TBH. I did not come to God with a desperate need to have my life changed. But that was the problem. I never knew I needed God until I met Him. I never knew that the deeds I called “good” didn’t really matter at the end of the day if I didn’t even know the One who created me with such purpose. My testimony may not seem all that exciting. Some people meet God while they’re stuck in an addiction, or near death. That didn’t happen to me. I met God, and honestly, truthfully, it changed everything for me in the best way possible. Now, I am able to recognize the joy He puts in my life, and instead of calling things “coincidence” I am truly able to see Him at work in everything. He is real, and He loves you. I pray that you too, would have a personal encounter with Jesus. You won’t know the joy that comes with knowing Him until you experience Him for yourself.

Book 4: The Message, Chapters 13-14

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Chapter 13

The day after their encounter with the Jesus Whale, Cassie drops in on Marco to see how he’s doing. Marco gets very weird/avoidant about letting Cassie into his house, and we’re reminded that Marco’s dad is not doing super well since his mother’s death.   Aww, Marco.  Poor guy.

(Also, I’m just so opposed to dropping by people’s houses without warning.  But I recognize that was not the case when I was Cassie’s age, so I’m going to let it go without scolding Cassie too badly.)

Marco suggests a walk outside instead of hanging out in his apartment, and they head out.  Cassie’s feeling a whole lot of feelings about Marco almost getting killed on a mission that was ultimately Cassie’s decision.  Marco doesn’t have a ton of patience for Cassie’s feeling of culpability - he points out that he made the choice to go with them.

They bond a little bit about being terrified of basically everything all the time these days, and then have a bit of a hysterical-laughter breakdown about the ridiculousness of their enemy list now including Visser Three, Taxxons, Hork-Bajir, and sharks.  SHARKS. WHAT EVEN ARE THEIR LIVES ANYMORE.

Once they’ve blown off some steam with shark-hysteria, Marco gets seriousness and tells Cassie that he saw stories in the newspaper that morning about a treasure-hunter and a marine biologist who’ve both suddenly decided to do a whole bunch of exploration right off the coast.  Which is probably not even slightly dodgy, or suspicious, surely, just boats everywhere all of a sudden.  Between this and the Definitely Not A Cult youth group and the Random Park Patrols Kicking People Out Of The Park At The Same Time Every Day thing, the aliens are actually sort of terrible at keeping a low profile, honestly.

They both agree they’re going to have to go out again and try to find the underwater Andalite before the Yeerk cover-story boats can.  Cassie’s pretty upset about shoving her friends into danger again based only on her dreams, but Marco points out that their other option is doing nothing and that inaction is its own choice.

Aww, Marco.  You’re kind of jerky sometimes but this was a good chapter for you.  Good job, buddy.

Chapter 14

Everyone meets up at Jake’s house to discuss Marco’s discovery of the sudden convergence of parties interested in the bottom of the ocean, and the fact that they’re currently taking direction from a whale.  Which frankly is only like the fourth weirdest thing about their lives right now.

Cassie’s been trying to match up maps with the information she got from the whale, which was not so much “precise GPS coordinates”, and she’s pretty sure that the location of the underwater Andalite is too far out for them to get there and back in under two hours.  Rachel’s got a clever plan, though: Morph into seagulls, fly out into the shipping channel and hitch a ride on a ship, find a place to hide on the ship in human form until they get into the right area, then morph into dolphins and swim the rest of the way.

No discussion of how they get back. I guess they’re just gonna reverse the process and hope they can catch another ship in time?  Hope the Andalite has a human morph kicking around, or let it morph into one of them or something?  …..huh.  Well, now I want to know what would happen if the Andalite tried to get Tobias’ morph, would he end up a hawk or a human?  Maybe we’ll find out.

Everyone’s in, even Marco, who has reverted to snarky form in a group setting and is just like “look, we all know we’re gonna do this, I just wanted to have the experience of not being the fighty one for once, don’t get used to it.”

Tobias tries to abstain since he won’t be able to participate due to his inability to go underwater, but he’s eventually coaxed into admitting that he thinks they should go.  After the Animorphs go their separate ways with an agreement to meet up for these shenanigans tomorrow, Cassie and Jake talk about reassuring Tobias that he’s valuable and important to them so he doesn’t feel left out.  

They are Good Eggs, these two, and I’m rooting for them, which I assume means something terrible will happen to one or both of them any time now.  KAA doesn’t help this feeling any when she has Cassie tell Jake not to ever get hurt, and he’s like, no worries, babe, nothing is ever going to happen to me while Tobias flies overhead, living proof that any of them could have their lives altered irreversibly at a moment’s notice.

This is fine, everything is fine, I’m not worried at all, I’ll just be over here clutching my pillow to my chest anxiously.

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inchrist  asked:

Hello Father, Some of my relatives left the church for a new age group when they were both young adults. However, both were received into the church in childhood. Seeing as they have both passed away quite some time ago, is there any hope for them? I’ve tried praying the Chaplet of Divine mercy for them, but I didn’t know if it would do any good due to the fact they left the church. In summary, can I do anything to help them, or is it too late?


Quite a few young people leave the communion of God’s Church. If they fully and maturely understood the truth that Jesus is Lord and that He founded the Church as necessary to salvation, then there would be no hope. 

However, there IS hope because we know that in the condition of sinners, we often 1) rebel against the truth and 2) stumble and fall in the path of maturity. These are the two obstacles that Jesus often encountered in His own ministry; namely, people telling Him that His teaching was “too hard” and/or that they could not be troubled to put others first (e.g. the rich man who walked away for he had many possessions).

If I were a young person, with all my fears, insecurities, sensitivities, angers, passions, and demands, I’d be very tempted to get into New Age spirituality or Wicca or magic or Eastern philosophy or social justice warrior causes. Because then I could do whatever I wanted to do and just tailor my own interior life to something that serves me and makes me feel “spiritual but not religious.”

Catholic truth comes with the ever insistent call, the daily invitation, the ever present imperative of “metanoia” or change of heart. Not that we can change our lifestyle that easily, but at the least we can hear our heart say within us, “Get your act together and try to behave the way Jesus and the Church need you to behave so you can be a saint.”

So, by all means, pray for the happy repose of the souls of those you know who left the Church. Trust that even those who leave the Church, often are fighting invincible obstacles to seeing the truth and splendor of Jesus and the Church. Trust that your prayers are very powerful and will be heard, on their behalf. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

My lovely brothers and sisters in Christ ...

Please please can you pray for my Grandma (my Dad’s mother). My dad gave his life to Jesus a few weeks ago - hallelujah!!!! He is having the most wonderful yet difficult journey with Jesus and he is pushing into God. My Grandma has just been taken into hospital because of a tumour in her stomach that is so huge that it’s stopped her ability to walk … I belive Jesus is going to do something beautiful, she prayed to give her life to the Lord a few weeks back and she so wants to have faith, so please can you pray for her encountering Jesus and for her healing! We have a good good Father and he never ever fails to do wonderful things!! thank you all so much!! 

“If Christians are going to change our world for Jesus, it will never happen through anger, frustration, judgment, pride, or pointing out the sins of others.

The world needs mercy, encounter with Jesus, Christians who live radical love, service, and accompaniment of the broken.

The world sees us as holier-than-thou freaks who stand at a distance and point out what they do wrong. This perception is true, in many ways. Too often the Church wants to separate itself from those she is called to serve. This is because it is easy and comfortable. It is also the opposite of what Jesus told us to do.

The world need us - you and I - to be willing to enter into the lives of others for their sake, not our own. To love without expecting anything in return. To offer Good News as a friend, not a stranger swooping in to save someone. To be in relationship with those who need Jesus, not just other believers. To pray for the world. To go out of our way. To repent of how we haven’t done these things. To live radical and different lives of faith, hope, and charity.

PRAY with me for a Church like this.”

- Marcel Lejeune

atthefeetofjesuschrist  asked:

Hi Father! I am a theology student at a very orthodox Catholic college. One of my professors told me something that deeply bothered and confused me. We talked about how God's love is not emotional and God loving us entails His willing our good only, and in that way, He can love some people more (because He wills them more good)...however, this concept of God's love has never been presented to me this way. Is His love emotional towards us? What about Jesus thirsting for us? God bless&ethanol you!


Yes, Catholic theology affirms the Bible’s teaching that God’s ways are mysterious. God is above us, transcendent, supreme, infinite, and beyond our ideas. 

Catholic theology thus says that God is not limited by flesh, like humans. God is not hormonal, like humans, or fickle, or flip flopping. 

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD” (Isaiah 55:8).

On the other hand, God makes comparisons or analogies, in the Bible. He compares His love to that of a mother hen for her chicks. God compares His love for us, to the love that a newlywed husband has for his bride. God compares His love for us to the love that a mom has for the baby she carried for nine months.

The theologians are quick to point out that these are ONLY analogies. These are only comparisons. Yes, true. But you know what? If God is above and infinitely more perfect, than that means He loves with MORE intensity than a romantic newlywed. The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, are MORE tender than a mother who has given birth and is totally in love with her baby.

So, we have to be careful about over using the “reason and logic” way of describing God’s love. When we say, “God wills good for us” we can easily turn God into a robot, like Data from Star Trek, or C-3PO from Star Wars.

Okay, excuse me, but did God ever appear to us and say, “I love you like Data from Star Trek. I love you like C-3PO from Star Wars”? No, God never said that. So the dry, logical and rational God of the philosophers and theologians is adequate, but by no means a complete description of God’s friendship for us.

As you study the Jesus of the Gospels over and over, and calmly pray about Jesus’ encounters with humans, you will get something more important than a classroom view of God. You will get a mystical view, a Holy Spirit-anointed view of divine love. Live in that mystical and prayerful meditation, and what you hear in class will be informative, but not disturbing for you.

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

The Gospel of Judas consists of a number of conversations between Jesus and his disciples during his last days on earth. In the first encounter of Jesus with the disciples, he comes upon them whilst they are sharing a thanksgiving meal. During the meal, they thank God for their bread. When he sees what they are doing, Jesus laughs at the disciples. According to The Gospel of Judas, he laughs because they had mistakenly assumed that the one who provides their food, the creator of the world, is the God he himself represents. He is, however, not related to the creator God who is an inferior, ignorant deity. The disciples respond to his laughter by asking Jesus why he is laughing at them whereas he responds that he is not laughing at them because they are sincere in their lack of understanding of whom they should truly praise.
—  “He Who Laughs Last: Jesus and Laughter in the Synoptic and Gnostic Traditions”

anonymous asked:

I've been reading some of your posts and messages from certain people who have been hurt by Christians before. I just want to tell you that no matter what you believe, Atheist or not. I do care, I want the best for you and I pray one day you'll encounter Jesus for real. Not from some judging group of people who are ready to condemn you, but from Christlike people who are ready to accept you as Jesus would. You can take or leave this message, I mean no offence, only love. I wish you well friend.

I understand where you are coming from and thank you, but it doesn’t come off right. Basically you are saying “We accept you and everything but…. you’re still wrong.” If you cared about what we believed you would accept it and leave us alone. You wouldn’t try to tell us that you’ll pray that we will find Jesus or the gospel. First off it has no effect on us. We don’t wish to go back to religion. A lot of us are happier off without religion. So if you want us to to be happy and the best for us, because I assume that is what you mean by you care, is to let us believe what we want.