Bad Boy (Part 8).

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: Rumlow is a creep once again, alcohol, jealous exgirlfriends, Sam is a little shit, Bucky iis a little impulsive.

Word Count: 835.

Rating: 18+.


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The worst.

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You Me Her

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Chapter Ten: Winter Formal

Word Count: 6926

↠ ♥ ↞

Riley practically runs home after her encounter with Lucas at the library. Why did Lucas have to say that? She wasn’t imagining things, he was hinting at a romantic mistake. Why now? Why did he have to say that? Riley is thankful that her parents took Auggie to Philadelphia for the weekend, that meant she had the apartment to herself to just implode, because that’s how she felt in the moment.

Riley throws her backpack on the sofa and stomps upstairs. Riley paces around her room, her breathing is shallow. The brunette rips off her coat and throws it to the side. Riley stops dead in her tracks, determined to not let this shake her. She was past this, she was past Lucas. Riley clenches her eyes shut and does her very best to focus on her breathing. She inhales, holds it as long as she could and exhales loudly. Riley repeats this a few times until the sick feeling in her stomach subsides and her breathing regulates. Riley opens her eyes and takes a seat at the end of her bed.

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Halloween Countdown: 5

Warning: mentions of blood, violence and sexual situations.


Summary: A chilling little series to countdown to Halloween. Each fated meeting with nine mysterious men leads you that much closer to your dark future…or rather, your end.


You wake up hungry. Extremely so.

The drink Yixing gave you made you regain your strength slightly, and now the fact that you haven’t eaten in almost three days starts to become more evident. 

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Characters: Tony x Reader

Summary: Set in the days after Civil War you had stood by what you believed but you know that your friend is suffering.  Can you just walk away from Tony knowing how much he will be beating himself up?

Word Count: 1276 words

Prompt: Time After Time – Eva Cassidy

A/N: So I have literally just written this and I haven’t edited it so any mistakes are all mine, feel free to point them out and I will probably change them.

Lying in your bed you stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling you catalogue every crack and imperfection in the paintwork.  The sound of the clock ticking and the pounding of your heat the only audible sounds to your ears. You were still unsure how you had got here, how any of the events of the past few weeks had happened.  Thoughts ran in circles in your mind only adding to the confusion which was sadly becoming a familiar feeling.  

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ever since i encountered the fresh hell that is @craziiwolf’s blind kageyama!au i felt in my soul i had to write something

and so here it is


Everyone’s voices sounded different now. Everyone had a different voice, a different taste, a different feeling that was brought to mind whenever he heard it. He never recognised it till now, when the darkness was all that was and nothing else.

Here was one. Soft. Warm, like velvet between his fingers. Gentle, like a mother soothing her baby to sleep. He felt like competition. He felt the pride he felt when he set a ball perfectly. He clenched his fists.

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@fury-ous, @very-x-vice, @annahakuouki, @queen-mizera, saw your Hakuouki AU idea and couldn’t help myself… this is terrible, I’m so sorry


It is only when the shadows cast over the tatami mats beneath her begin to recede that it dawns on Chizuru just how little sleep she has gotten. The memory of last night’s encounter is still fresh in her mind, the bright red glow of the morning Sun a reminder of the bloodshed she had witnessed. She shifts slightly, an attempt to dislodge a lingering discomfort, only to find her wrists and feet are bound, the red imprints forming on the delicate skin beneath the rope a startling reminder that she is a prisoner. 

In what feels like mere seconds, she is roused and escorted to meet the rest of the captains by a kind-looking man who introduces himself as “Gen-san” and attempts to pacify her, but Chizuru can only nod and stare ahead unfocused, wondering whether her life is to be forfeit. She is sitting in the middle of a large room, surrounded by curious eyes and anxiously anticipating their judgement, when she finally wakes from her trance. She risks a glance around the room then, only to discover with increasing alarm that the captains are all dressed in Prada haute couture, and feels suddenly the terrible inadequacy of her modest dress, her pitifully low-heeled shoes.

It is then that she hears the approaching click-clack of shoes over a wooden floor, the scrape of the sliding doors to her right; she is faced then with Hijkata Toshizo, the man’s imposing, unnatural height suddenly blocking the entrance. Her eyes travel over his frame slowly, stopping, widening, at the sight before her. She stares, transfixed, perfectly aware that her complexion is just as red as those jaw-dropping bright red, high-heeled Prada leather boots.


Chizuru breathes a sigh of relief at the knowledge that she is safe with the Shinsengumi, and at the comfortable feeling of the Louboutin heels elevating her short stature, courtesy of Heisuke. She begins her morning by helping to prepare a light breakfast, and a gentle reprimand at Saito’s unconventional choice to pair socks with platformed cork sandals. Chizuru may be a humble doctor’s daughter, but her discerning eye knows a fashion faux pas when it sees one.

The next day, when she is left alone in the compound, and finds herself sparring with Saito; her kodachi laying useless and abandoned near her, the whisper of Saito’s blade against her throat after he so easily disarms and defeats her, she can only stare wide-eyed and wonder, “My God, how can this man be so fast in heels?”.

Elemental Ch. 4: Progress

Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Read it on AO3

Adrien let himself into the beach house with his mind still buzzing. He’d been trying to sort through what had happened, and how he felt about it all, the whole way back but he felt no more settled now than he had when he left the beach.

Inside, he went about the normal tasks of getting ready for his Workshop with Master Lamiere.  He threw his towel into the laundry room.  He dipped his hand into his aquarium, allowing Plagg to ooze straight from the ring down into his favorite haunt, without needing to fully coalesce.  He plugged his phone in to charge, and packed his laptop into his bag.  He turned on the shower, stripped away his clothes, and stepped beneath the warm spray to rinse the salt from his skin.

The rest had been done quickly and efficiently; in the shower, he lingered.

Prior to joining the humans, Adrien had never encountered fresh water.  He lived in the sea, and salt water was all he’d ever known.  Discovering the sweet purity of fresh water had been a welcome shock, and it was a luxury he now indulged in as often as he could.  He drank it, showered in it, bathed in it—hot, cold, it didn’t matter.  Even the power of fresh water felt different—it was softer, somehow, without losing any of its potency.

Today, he let the inherent serenity of fresh water rush through him, clearing his mind, even as the warmth of the water soothed the tension from his muscles.  Now, finally, he could think, and he began going through the morning’s revelations one by one, and processing them individually as he slowly went through the motions of showering.

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  • AU where Matsukawa is a black-plumed swan shapeshifter whom Hanamaki meets one day, while walking home from junior high. Although afraid of each other at first, they soon become quick friends, and they prove inseparable as they grow up, and become much-needed pillars for each other on tough days, as they grow older.
  • Historical AU where Matsukawa is a retainer for a noble family, or, modern AU where Matsukawa is newly employed babysitter for a rich family, and, while taking a walk in the estate gardens, or local park, one night for fresh air, encounters a young man while stopping to admire some flowers, who engages him in conversation. The Man, Hanamaki, is the personification of the flowers, and blushes and stammers when Matsukawa thinks out loud about how beautiful the blossoms are. Hanamaki meant to hit on Matsukawa but can’t bring himself to do it, and tries to befriend him instead. They continue to meet in the garden every night Matsukawa has free, and become fast friends, who do admittedly flirt with each other on frequent occasion.
'Marinette's Delivery Service' - by whitebear-ofthe-watertribe

So I sat down today to do a completely different piece of art while listening to my collection of Joe Hisaishi’s Ghibli works, and halfway through the first rough draft sketch, I became so much more inspired to go in a completely different direction and make a Miraculous Ladybug/Kiki’s Delivery Service AU!! And as I drew, I started to piece together an entire AU story in my head :) If I had the time and patience to improve these ideas and write it all out in a proper, multi chapter fic, I would! But as such, this is the best I can manage (though it certainly became long enough to be a full fledged fic) so enjoy!

·        Marinette is a young witch who just came of age, and she ends up leaving her small little country town home to travel to Paris. She has dreamed of this for ages; her love for fashion and magic touch for creating the most exquisite clothes has prompted her to try to seek inspiration by being near the world’s best designers (especially, if possible, the highly esteemed Gabriel Agreste)…

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“A Court of War and Starlight”: 2/?


He strode near her until he was looming over her, but she never balked, never cringed–just locked eyes with him and stared with a challenge on her mouth. “Liar,” he breathed. He could see the stormclouds swirling behind her eyes. 

Hers was perhaps the most intoxicating scent he’d ever encountered. Like … salt, and fresh-forged steel, and bitter winter air–nothing remotely feminine, except perhaps the hint of anise. It filled his blood, roaring through him like it had the first time, only stronger now … much stronger


Her heart contracted and her lips parted. They were so alike, the two of them. Whatever the material that stirred someone’s blood to flow–Cauldron or not–it was the same for them.

Something else locked, too. Like a cord, tied from her soul to his, burning like forged steel, shackling them together. His eyes went wide, his nostrils flared, and there was something like genuine fear in his eyes.

Nesta Archeron was his mate.

All text taken from “Grounded” by Sarah Viehmann. Do not repost edits or quote fic without permission.

Lately, I’ve caught myself wondering what Twin Shadow has been up to plenty of times, since we haven’t heard from George Lewis Jr. in a very long time. Though we’ve yet to encounter any news regarding fresh music from the esteemed synthpop and new wave artist, Twin Shadow has turned up on a new song from Los Angeles songwriter and breathy seductive vocalist Rainsford. The two’s 80′s inspired sounds wed to perfection on Intentions, a lush snappy, plush sensual pop ballad on which Twin Shadow provides fabulous guest vocals. Intentions is a glossy smoldering, slick grooving Dev Hynes meets Jessie Ware iridescent swooner. The single is available from iTunes, here.

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Imagine Jared cheating on you (Part 2)

(Continuation of THIS imagine)

I stand in front of the door still deciding if this is the correct thing to do. I can see Jared through the window, looking at his phone every five seconds. He’s got a cup of tea in front of him and piece of cake in front of the seat that I’m supposed to occupy in a few seconds. We haven’t seen each other in six months, and our last encounter didn’t end up in a good way.

I still have the chance to turn around and get on with my life, as I’ve done for the last couple of months. But I finally decide to enter the shop. Jared doesn’t see me at first, and only notices my presence, when I sit in front of him.

“Strawberries” I mumble, biting my lip.

“Your favorite” He says, shock clear on his face, “I didn’t thought…”

“You owe me this, of course I was coming”

I start eating my cake, waiting for him to start whatever he has to tell me, but he just stays silent. I look at him from time to time, playing with the cup of tea on his hands, deciding how to start. I grant him those minutes, I know he’s got six months to invent new excuses to why he cheated on me, but I’ve also had those six months to think.

“You look good, your hair looks nice, I like it short”

“I needed a change” I take my eyes from the cake to look at him, “Something new to look at every morning in front of the mirror”

“For some reason, I can’t manage to cut my hair”

“It looks good” I mutter, avoiding his eyes again.

I take another bite of my cake, feeling the awkward silence between us. My phone starts ringing and I can notice his eyes immediately alert by curiosity. I know who’s calling me and I also know who he thinks is calling me. Knowing Jared, he’s probably thinking that another guy took over what he lost. And he’s wrong. I reject the call and leave the phone aside.

“A friend?”

“Yeah, a friend” I answer, taking another bite, trying not to laugh.

“A nice friend?”

“I only have nice friends, you know that” He nods, sipping his cup, clearly wanting to know more, but his pride was too huge to just ask me directly, “You want to know”

“What? No, you have the right to keep your secrets”

“It’s just Emma” I laugh, his eyes lay on me with confusion, “I’m not seen anyone if that’s what you want to know”

“First of all, why didn’t Emma told me that you two were still contact? Second, I may have wanted to know, but you seriously didn’t have to tell me. And lastly, me neither”

“Emma and I have been friends for a long time, it was obvious that we would still be in touch. I’m really sorry to say this, but I find it hard to believe that you’re single”

“You’re not the only one” He giggles.

Whenever I was with Jared, it felt like the whole world was in pause and we were the only ones moving around it. Now, it was nothing like that. The seconds felt like minutes, and the minutes like hours. When I look at him, I can’t see the man that made me so happy a few months back, I was only able to see the man that destroyed my life. But I got back on my feet, and I was ok… Well, until I received his called asking me out. “I really need to tell you something” He said, and I accepted.

“Emma said you all have been really busy with the new album” I comment, just to break the silence.

“Yeah, a bit, we’re really tired after tour and heading back to the study almost immediately wasn’t the best decision, so we’re taking our time” Jared sighs before changing the subject, “What about you? Busy with work?”

“Kinda, I got a promotion. More money, less work”

“That’s nice!”

“It’s good for my wallet, the new apartment is bit expensive”

The comment changes Jared’s face in a second. We used to live together, but after the incident in the hotel, I came back to LA, took all my things from Jared’s house and left for good.

“Where are you living now?” He asks me, avoiding my eyes while playing with his spoon, “Hollywood?”

“No, outside Beverly, it’s close to work”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that things have turned out great for you” He mutters, with a sincere smile. I smile too, when his hand grabs mine to give it a little squeeze, “It makes me extremely happy to know that…”

“I’m happy?” He nods, and I end up laughing, “What other choice did I have? Cry the rest of my life for what you did? I knew you will recover our break up in no time, I was the one who had to fight to get over what happened”

“You think it was easy for me?”

“Yeah, I do” I mumble, crossing my arms over my chest, “And if you called to tell me how sad you’ve been the last six months, I really don’t have time Jared”

“I did not called you for that, I know what I’ve suffered, I don’t have to prove a thing” He mutters, and I giggle at him, “Don’t laugh!”

“And what do you want me to do?” I ask, leaning on the table, “We haven’t seen each other in months, then you called me to say something and now we are fighting”

“I wanted to check on you, I wanted to make sure that you were alright” He leans over the table too, but only to reach my hands, “I… just wanted to know that I hadn’t fucked up your life”

“I’m ok, Jared, you don’t have to worry about me” The look on his face changes from worried to relaxed, “It was hard, I’m not gonna deny it, but I’m ok now. It wasn’t easy to forget you, but I think I can manage to look at you in the eyes without wanting to break your nose”

“You really don’t know how glad I am to hear you say that, my nose is a really precious thing to me, I already broke it once, remember?”

“Of course I do, we all freaked out!”

“Do you think we will be able to be friends?”

“After all that happened?” I think about it for a seconds, but I end up shrugging, I’m not able to think about something concrete in relation to him, “Maybe, I don’t know. Only time will tell”

“I would really like it for us to be friends. You were my best friend after all”

“And you were mine” I add, with a smirk on my face, “I think we might make it, but let’s take it easy”

“I always take everything the easy way” He shrugs.

“Oh, we already know that” I mumble, provoking a red tone to appear on his cheeks, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that”

“If we are gonna be friends again, I’ll have to get used to this” Jared sighs, crossing his arms over his chest, “Oh, and you’re getting white hair on your fringe”

“Oh, fuck you! That’s your fault, I’m under a lot of stress now”

“Yeah, me too, and I’m looking as radiant as ever, look at me” He says, while running his hand over his hair, I decide to throw him a napkin the same moment my phone starts ringing again.

“It’s my boss, I have to take it” I take my phone and bag as I stand from my seat.

“Can we do this again?” He asks me, standing too.

I nod, knowing where I’m getting myself into. He was the love of my life, and he broke my heart in the worst way possible. But here he was, asking for a chance to be my friend, nothing more than that, and who I was to deny him that?

I receive a quick hug before I exit the shop, with the promise of a new encounter fresh on my head.

Vision: “Not [your safety].  Mr. Stark would like to avoid the possibility of another public incident until the Accords are on a more secure foundation.”
Wanda: “And what do you want?”
Vision: “For people to see you as I see you.”

This exchanged seemed really bizarre to me the first time I watched the film.  Does Tony really think Wanda’s going to walk around New York blowing up buildings?  It seems like such a condescending thing to say, especially coming from Viz.  Wanda clearly isn’t a threat outside of a combat situation, and to imply anything else is downright insulting.

The second time around, though, a couple of things caught my attention.  First, consider how Tony tries to justify himself to Steve:

“There’s worse ways to protect people… I’m doing what has to be done to stave off something worse.”

On one level, of course, he’s talking about the Accords.  But on another, I think he’s talking about people like Miriam Sharpe.  Undoubtedly, that encounter is still very fresh on Tony’s mind.  Now, Tony has spent his entire adult life being the target of people’s hatred and blame, and he’s certainly no stranger to guilt.  In his mind, of all the Avengers, he’s probably the best equipped to face an accusation like that, and even he was barely able to cope.  

Keeping in mind that the exchange between Wanda and Vision immediately follows a conversation about how much people fear her, can you imagine what might have happened had she gone to the grocery store?  What if if someone came up to her and said, “You murdered my son,” or “You’re a monster.”  Even if she didn’t react violently under the emotional duress, the guilt would be overwhelming and certainly nothing she deserved to experience.  

So, in his own misguided way, Tony really was trying to protect her from something worse.  Now if only he could’ve used his words and just fucking explained himself, a whole lotta drama could have been avoided. (But then of course there’d be no plot, sooo….)


Just some shots from our hike today in Ehden, North Lebanon.

Lebanon’s soil is seriously the craziest. In the same trail we encountered stones, mud, dirt, fresh snow, cedar trees, and a dried out river - all randomly. It’s as if we were hiking along the elevation line that separates snow fall and dirt.

Lebanon never ceases to surprise me how such a small country can be jam-packed in beauty.

inspireloyalty  asked:

“we’re all just out here trying to survive.”

REBELLION || selectively accepting


                       “Is that all you have to say?”

         Standing across the room from him, Acxa’s lungs felt TIGHT and uncomfortable. It took a considerable amount of effort to keep her face carefully neutral – a far cry from the frustration and hurt that was churning between her ribs. Admittedly, Acxa hadn’t expected to run into Lotor when she offered herself and the other generals up to the Coalition. But she SHOULD have. After all, they were both rather limited on options for possible allies. It was inevitable that they would both eventually come to the same conclusion. 

         However, that didn’t mean that Acxa was ready to face Lotor yet. The memory of their last encounter was still fresh in her mind. Before that moment, betraying Lotor had never even been a passing contemplation – but Narti’s death kept flashing behind her lids whenever Acxa blinked, allowing DOUBT to seep through the cracks of her war hardened mask and find a home in the softest parts of her soul. Narti’s death had shaken Acxa to her core: prompting her to shoot the prince point blank with every intention of returning him to the Empire for her pardon. 

           ( But even then, Acxa had calculated her success of being spared at only forty seven percent.

Daggers, Wendigos and Bad Pick-Up Lines

Summary: You meet Dean on a hunt shitty pick-up lines happen.

A/N: I made up some stuff about Wendigos to make this more fun and again I really, really like writing my own lore.

Word Count: 1145

Warnings: vague descriptions of violence

Gender-neutral Reader!

Check my bio for the request status. Rules and fandoms I do and don’t do!


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“He was the kind of young man whose handsome face has brought him plenty of success in the past and is now ever-ready for a new encounter, a fresh-experience, always eager to set off into the unknown territory of a little adventure, never taken by surprise because he has worked out everything in advance and is waiting to see what happens, a man who will never overlook any erotic opportunity, whose first glance probes every woman’s sensuality, and explores it, without discriminating between his friend’s wife and the parlour-maid who opens the door to him. 

Such men are described with a certain facile contempt as lady-killers, but the term has a nugget of truthful observation in it, for in fact all the passionate instincts of the chase are present in their ceaseless vigilance: the stalking of the prey, the excitement and mental cruelty of the kill.” 

― Stefan Zweig