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Saturn contacts Inner planets 🍒

Saturn contacting Mercury 
-Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury trine Saturn, Mercury opposite Saturn

The individual inherited a wise mind. A knowingness was generated in childhood, and easily known to other people. The mind is innately calculative, focused on mastering subjects and proving intelligence. The threat here is mental insecurity, the mind constantly doubting its talent. There is a good nature for study and potential for accomplishment in academic credential. However good intention can become lost when youth and elder cross paths. All the inspiration for responsibility doesn’t always translate. The individual may study well for one semester then fall into bad habits, see no end point, then drop out. Or maybe the individual studies compulsively in one haul, exhausting and burning out the mind. Bouts of melancholy may be ritual. But so is intellectual mastery

Saturn contacting Sun
- Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun square Saturn, Sun trine Saturn, Sun sextile Saturn, Sun opposite Saturn

When the Sun falls into Saturn’s shadow the individual may fear self expression and outpouring creative life force. There may be deep shame, embarrassment, or panic regarding rejection or criticism. Harsh encounters with authority figures may put the individual on the constant defensive. Often the influence of the father is profound with this contact. The influence may have been inspiring, insightful, and wise. Or rather severe disinterest, neglect, or critique from the father shaped self contempt and insecurities that express more potently as the personality develops. But the promise of wisdom is always rich here, and intense inner work can generate a self expression that comes as closely to the soul as humanly possible 

Saturn contacting Moon
- Moon conjunct Saturn, Moon opposite Saturn, Moon sextile Saturn, Moon square Saturn, Moon trine Saturn

The vulnerable Moon can become very overwhelmed when she contacts Saturn. Here she is at her apex and her lowest, forced to battle with intense oppositions. The difficulty here may be emotional experience, and the application of intense fear or shame expressing the inner state. But this may be expressed in ulterior ways, the individual can be exhaustingly moody, often evoked by fear, traumatic memories, and insufficient coping mechanisms. Saturn contacting the Moon indicates dissonance with the mother, whereby she may have been authoritarian, emotionally detached, or critically invalidating. The individual could have been made to feel that their emotions were invalid, and may have been forced to self soothe. A feeling of aloneness and lack of safety tends to accompany childhood. This contact is further suggestive of competent and natural parenting. The individual takes on the task of parenting with powerful reverence and responsibility. With Saturn contacting the Moon the person may seek out older partners who soothe deep and penetrating feelings of early abandonment or betrayal

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Saturn contacting Venus
- Venus conjunct Saturn, Venus opposite Saturn, Venus square Saturn, Venus trine Saturn, Venus sextile Saturn

Aphrodite can be intimidated when forced into Saturn’s territory. Themes around romantic impotence and solitude that repeat themselves in these contacts reflects a ferocious lack of self love in the individual. It can be extremely difficult for the individual to establish self worth, especially in the social and romantic spheres. Feelings of inadequacy replay themselves in self doubts about appearance, social conduct, and worthiness in relationships. These insecurities may result in preoccupation with appearance or social image and reputation. This can create a dangerous pattern of fleeting romances because the individual feels they deserve less. However fleeting these may be, because the heart is innately wise here, and so troublesome relationships accompany profound lessons, and short term heartbreak ends quickly due to unconscious foresight. There is the potential for developing capital from art or image. The individual is likely to marry somebody regarded for their success. 

Saturn contacting Mars
- Mars conjunct Saturn, Mars opposite Saturn, Mars trine Saturn, Mars sextile Saturn, Mars square Saturn

The ambition here can be powerful, however obstructed by erratic energy reserves. The individual can experience intense periods of lethargy, struggling to find passion and motivation for dream. The future can look bleak, non existent. During other times, energy can be overabundant, thrusting the individual into streaks of panic, hyper vigilance, and hyper activity. The focus here can be good, and the potential for carving out long term aspiration is rich. Sexuality may be the shadow here, often repressed or contained, humiliation or revolt may accompany physical orgasm or sexual expression. Femininity may be obstructed. The will is intense with Saturn-Mars. The individual makes an inspiring parent 

Saturn contacting Jupiter
- Jupiter conjunct Saturn, Jupiter square Saturn, Jupiter sextile Saturn, Jupiter trine Saturn, Jupiter opposite Saturn

When Saturn contacts Jupiter the individual may feel unworthy of happiness, or suspicious when fortune arrives. Often states of elation are accompanied with fears the experience ending and anxiety about the awaiting opposing state. When opportunity reveals itself, the individual can be paranoid and doubtful, considering the stream of broken promises once heard and believed by the individual - often by one or both of the parents. The desire to prove the intellect with academic credential can be characteristic of Saturn-Jupiter. There is tremendous talent for excelling in higher education. However the road to doctorate considerably volatile.


Almost everyone says they care about animals; says they’re against cruelty; says they believe it’s right to stand up for those who are oppressed and powerless. Being vegan is simply living in a way that reflects the words we all say. And if we feel criticized by encountering someone who, by calling themselves vegan, reminds us of the conflict between our words and our actions, then I have to suggest that this says more about the uneasy state of our own conscience than it does about the vegan.
—  Linda Clark

I’ve had another experience with the transcult

I was leaving the stall in the women’s restroom, when all of a sudden the transcult kicked down the door to the restroom. They were wearing pink, blue, and white cloaks. Us TERFs all know those colors, they’re the colors of the anti womyn pride flag. They quickly walked into the stalls, with the hot pink bedazzled toilets, and started to all wash their hands in sync. You know not in a sink, in sync. I ran out to get someone, but when I came back, the cult was gone.

Please, be aware of these hand washing in the toilet maniacs.

Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski said Wednesday they will vote against Education Department nominee Betsy DeVos, leaving her with no votes to spare to survive a looming confirmation vote.

No Democrats are expected to vote for DeVos, while a handful of other Republican senators remain undecided. She needs at least 50 votes to win confirmation and there are just 52 GOP senators. Still, senior leadership aides remain confident that DeVos will prevail.

“This is not a decision I make lightly. I have a great deal of respect for Mrs. DeVos,” Collins said on the floor on Wednesday. “I will not, can not vote to confirm her.”

In an interview, Collins said that she will allow DeVos to advance to a final vote, before opposing her. Likewise, Murkowski said she will oppose Collins on final passage, a shocking rebellion against President Donald Trump that rippled through the Capitol.

“I have heard from thousands, truly, thousands of Alaskans who have shared their concerns about Mrs. DeVos,“ Murkowski said. “I do not intend to vote on final passage to support Mrs. DeVos.”

DeVos, a GOP megadonor and education advocate who has long pushed for charter schools and K-12 tuition vouchers using public funds, has encountered criticism from both parties since Trump nominated her.


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kisses his lil eyebrow piercing. ♡

❛    … ♡    ❜  tips his head back a bit as soft , WARM lips press against his brow before he is able to finish his next sentence. words caught up in the silence of the room as his mouth remains at a perfect standstill for the moment. slim shoulders sink further down into a SHEEPISH posture to those who don’t know him any better  —  those who do might’ve rolled their eyes at his sudden, well-played reaction. however , there is some disguised truth to them despite the show. a worn pencil twists between his pale fingers.         stay the night.   

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For my broke ass, any good free tabletop RPGs that aren't FATE, SWN, or anything I could find via the Pathfinder SRD links to other games? (Also what's that cockroach game you mentioned?) ((Also also sorry if I already sent this ask, it got all weird the first time))

Free games for broke asses?

Blam: Pokéthulhu

It’s actually a fully functional - and highly playable - Pokémon RPG that swaps in miniaturised Cthulhu Mythos beasties in order to avoid copyright issues. The game is written from an alternative universe perspective in which Pokéthulhu is a real TV show, with fictionalised episode summaries standing for examples of play. And yes, the mascot at the top of the page is, in fact, a Pikathulhu.

You can grab a (totally legit) free copy here. There are some other free game products on the same page if you have some time to burn - both Encounter Critical (a parody of the infamously baroque self-published RPGs of the late 1970s) and Risus (a super-lightweight comedy game) are worth a look.

As for the cockroach game mentioned in a previous post, that would be The Shab-al-Hiri Roach. It’s a competitive game of campus politics in a New England university town, with the twist that there’s a hyper-intelligent telepathic cockroach from ancient Sumeria lurking about, and it might take over your mind. This is actually a player-level decision; characters who are possessed by the roach are more powerful, but you can’t actually win the game while you’re possessed, so getting roached is gambling immediate advantage against the possibility that you won’t be able to break the roach’s control in time to win.

(Also, the roach occasionally issues irresistible telepathic commands to possessed characters, though these commands are often random or ineffectual owing to the fact that it doesn’t understand modern human society. This mechanic is represented by a deck of cards written in ancient Sumerian - with English subtitles, of course.)

The game is unfortunately not available in PDF, so you’d be paying physical-book prices plus fairly hefty shipping to get your hands on a current version; however, the first playtest draft can be obtained for free via 1000 Monkeys, 1000 Typewriters.

DM Thoughts 29 : Encounter Feel

As DMs, we have all had the experience of planning out a cinematic encounter straight out of our favorite epics, with fast-paced action, moving combat, and beautiful/brutal displays of violence. And thus, as DMs, we have all had the experience of seeing our plans fall to shambles before our eyes.

If you have ever had your ancient golem cornered and beaten on until its death- if your mercenary shoot out has ever turned into a battleship-esque roll crucnher- or if your tactical environmental set-up has never been used, then this post is for you.

Players are both the greatest and the worst of all things in this universe at the same time, from the DMs view, but the real responsibility falls on us, and no matter how much we want to nay-say our players, we are the only ones that have the power to make our encounters memorable and epic.

To begin this process, we have to have our plan in mind, which, surprisingly turns out to be the simple part. 

The difficulties begin to arise when it comes to execution.

Encounters happen quickly, before our very eyes even, and we want to be able to get our point across before the antags and the protags square off an idly beat on each other in the middle of the grid.

The first key is description. If, as a DM, you are looking for those special twists, you are going to want to describe the environment as well as possible, give neat little descriptions of everything, and use an ancient writer trick, highlighting.

Highlighting is a simple concept- you want to point out something to your players, make it apparent without making it obvious, thus talk more about it.

Discuss the large red barrels in the room, or the loose series of ropes dangling from the ceiling, or the big lever, or perhaps the rock formation that “looks like it could be climbed”, and the pathways above it.

This will intrigue the players and direct their attention, even if they do not use these environmental particulars in the way you would want them to, the originality they put to the test is what makes the game incredible; one of the most important philosophies of the DM is such: one must not railroad their players through their story- the players must have an influence as great as the DM, or else the game degrades fast, the DM is not there to tell their story, they are not writing a book. This is a cooperative experience. Be together.

Another issue with these great encounters falling to subpar standards can also be blamed on the DM. Perhaps your players are not behaving in the way you would like them to act in the encounter. They aren’t blowing up the barrels, they are not using the mining carts down the tunnels, very well, give them a taste of their prepared (but not consumed) medicine. Let the enemies take advantage of the surroundings.

Move the enemies frequently to establish a sense of fast-paced combat, and let them utilize their surroundings, this will clue the players in; “if they can do it we can do it” sort of an attitude.

And if your players will not stick to anything but the basics, box them into situations outside their comfort zones, let the enemies shift them around a bit, change up the environment, or through in some wild traps to dodge.

There is a final ingredient as well, that serves as a sort of cherry on top of the metaphorical dessert.

You need to add an unconventiality. Every player and their ancestors has seen the typicals. Fantasy and tabletop role playing games as a whole are rapidly approaching a new age, and we need outside of the box ideas to fuel the way there.

Instead of traditional goblins, take a page out of Chris Perkins’ book and strapped some powder kegs to their backs. Let enemies try to flee. Perhaps the princess did not need saving, perhaps she was the true villain and the dragon was that who had been under the spell? There are infinite twists that can be applied.

Put your own spin on a trope and watch it create a memorable experience. 

I just mentioned those explosive goblins, I used them in a one-shot recently and my players continue to talk about them and the memories they experienced with them. 

Take this tips to heart when building your own boisterous & badass encounters.

-A, your humble DM


Critical Role - Building RPG Encounters with Matt Mercer



On New Year’s Day 2019, more than 4 billion miles from home, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will race past a small Kuiper Belt object known as 2014 MU69 – making this rocky remnant of planetary formation the farthest object ever encountered by any spacecraft.

But over the next six weeks, the New Horizons mission team gets an “MU69” preview of sorts – and a chance to gather some critical encounter-planning information – with a rare look at their target object from Earth.

On June 3, and then again on July 10 and July 17, MU69 will occult – or block the light from – three different stars, one on each date. To observe the June 3 “stellar occultation,” more than 50 team members and collaborators are deploying along projected viewing paths in Argentina and South Africa. They’ll fix camera-equipped portable telescopes on the occultation star and watch for changes in its light that can tell them much about MU69 itself.

“Our primary objective is to determine if there are hazards near MU69 – rings, dust or even satellites – that could affect our flight planning,” said New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern, of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in Boulder, Colorado. “But we also expect to learn more about its orbit and possibly determine its size and shape. All of that will help feed our flyby planning effort.”

What Are They Looking At?

In simplest terms, an astronomical occultation is when something moves in front of, or occults, something else. “When the Moon passes in front of the Sun and we have a solar eclipse, that’s one kind of occultation,” said Joel Parker, a New Horizons co-investigator from SwRI. “If you’re in the path of an eclipse, it means you’re in the path of the shadow on Earth that’s created by the Moon passing between us and the Sun. If you’re standing in the right place at the right time, the solar eclipse can last up to a few minutes.”

The team will have no such luxury with the MU69 occultations. Marc Buie, the New Horizons co-investigator from SwRI who is leading the occultation observations, said that because MU69 is so small – thought to be about 25 miles (40 kilometers) across – the occultations should only last about two seconds. But scientists can learn a lot from even that, and observations from several telescopes that see different parts of the shadow can reveal information about an object’s shape as well as its brightness.

A Space Challenge

The mission team has 22 new, portable 16-inch (40-centimeter) telescopes at the ready, along with three others portables and over two-dozen fixed-base telescopes that will be located along the occultation path through Argentina and South Africa. But deciding exactly where to place them was a challenge. This particular Kuiper Belt object was discovered just three years ago, so its orbit is still largely unknown. Without a precise fix on the object’s position – or on the exact path its narrow shadow might take across Earth – the team is spacing the telescope teams along “picket fence lines,” one every 6 to 18 miles (10 or 25 kilometers), to increase the odds that at least one or more of the portable telescopes will catch the center of the event and help determine the size of MU69.

The other telescopes will provide multiple probes for debris that could be a danger to the fast-moving New Horizons spacecraft when it flies by MU69 at about 35,000 miles per hour (56,000 kilometers per hour), on Jan. 1, 2019.

“Deploying on two different continents also maximizes our chances of having good weather,” said New Horizons Deputy Project Scientist Cathy Olkin, from SwRI. “The shadow is predicted to go across both locations and we want observers at both, because we wouldn’t want a huge storm system to come through and cloud us out – the event is too important and too fleeting to miss.”

The team gets help from above for the July 10 occultation, adding the powerful 100-inch (2.5-meter) telescope on NASA’s airborne Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). Enlisting SOFIA, with its vantage point above the clouds, takes the bad weather factor out of the picture. The plane also should be able to improve its measurements by maneuvering into the very center of the occultation shadow.

Insight for Encounter Planning

Any information on MU69, gathered from the skies or on the ground, is welcome. Carly Howett, deputy principal investigator of New Horizons’ Ralph instrument, of SwRI, said so little is known about MU69 that the team is planning observations of a target it doesn’t fully understand – and time to learn more about the object is short. “We were only able to start planning the MU69 encounter after we flew by Pluto in 2015,” she said. “That gives us two years, instead of almost seven years we had to plan the Pluto encounter. So it’s a very different and, in many ways, more challenging flyby to plan.”

If weather cooperates and predicted targeting proves on track, the upcoming occultation observations could provide the first precise size and reflectivity measurements of MU69. These figures will be key to planning the flyby itself – knowing the size of the object and the reflectivity of its surface, for example, helps the team set exposure times on the spacecraft’s cameras and spectrometers.

“Spacecraft flybys are unforgiving,” Stern said. “There are no second chances. The upcoming occultations are a valuable opportunity to learn something about MU69 before our encounter, and help us plan for a very unique flyby of a scientifically important relic of the solar system’s era of formation.”

now that i’ve finished DA2 it’s time for the sequel to Dragon Age Origins Social Media AU

  • Varric runs a twitter that is half devoted to livetweeting whatever ridiculous bullshit Hawke is up to and the other half is writing and also memes
    • he also has a writing Tumblr where he posts friendfic of the whole gang but with the names changed, only it’s a secret. no one knows. Cassandra is one of his most enthusiastic fans.
  • Bethany has a beautiful instagram full of really nice aesthetic photos and candids of her friends. She’s lowkey insta-famous
  • Isabela is the snapchat queen. her stories are unparalleled. her twitter is entirely retweets of particularly iconic things that, like, Cher and Carrie Fisher and Chrissie Teigen have said
  • Fenris has a REALLY angsty insta that’s all photos of like, bloody knuckles and knives, and also a secret tumblr that he totally uses as a personal diary, but a lot of his depressing quotes get a ton of notes because he’s super relatable in his anguish
  • Merrill is far and away the most social media capable of them all, she runs a tumblr and instagram that’s all nature and witchy stuff. She also runs a vegan/vegetarian cooking youtube + tumblr, which is like her side job that she stumbled into entirely on accident.
    • she posts an inspiring quote every day and responds to anon hate with sunny cheerfulness. many have tried to bring her down. none have succeeded.
  • Anders runs a social justice blog and gets into fights with every conservative ever to cross his facebook timeline
  • Sebastian is the conservative Anders is always getting into facebook fights with. he’s that guy whose likes are all about being a republican and loving Jesus
  • Aveline is super super inept at social media and mostly just uses facebook to keep up with people she knew in high school, but not in a petty way. even though she’s objectively more successful than them.
    • it took her three months after her wedding to get the photos uploaded, and only then because she had Bethany help her

man I don’t actively seek out encounters with SU critical folks, but whenever I do I have to wonder what sort of fucking backwards world they’re living in where there was some precipitous drop in quality since the earlier seasons

Romance Scholar Problems:

(A guide in Disney gifs)

You find an article about reading romance critically:

But the comments are full of ass-hats claiming that romance is to lit what fast food is to cuisine, and is undeserving of any kind of consideration:

The ensuing disgust: 

…violent rage:

… and ultimate heartache of feeling like you’re fighting up hill:

What do do:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Remember that they are fucking idiots.
  • Go pour a BIG drink.
  • And get back to your research
Kevdak Fight Length

All of the Critters asked: How many rounds was the battle in Episode 52?  How long did it last?

Including Grog and Kevdak’s spar from Episode 51, we’re looking at 9 rounds of combat, or 54 seconds:

  • 4 rounds of one-to-one combat (24 seconds)
    • Intimidating Presence
    • Frenzy rage
    • Grog attempts to grab the axe
    • Grog pulls self off the spike
  • 1 combination Grog bow and surprise round (6 seconds)
  • 4 rounds of battle (24 seconds)
    • Kevdak held for another round
    • Kevdak breaks the hold, Greenbeard Heals
    • Grog slays Kevdak, Scanlan lifts Grog
    • Grog’s speech

The real-life time of Ep52’s battle (from the start of the episode to Grog’s successful persuasion check) lasted for 2:52:41. Combined with the 0:20:58 of the one-on-one fight, the cast sat through 3:13:19 of combat for this one encounter.

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Each type's stereotypical approach to sex?

Very stereotypical and not to be taken seriously at all (obviously)

Ne: In only the weirdest, most novel positions that all the other types are too scared to try with all sorts of crazy kinks

Ni: They don’t have sex; they just sit across from each other at the table and stare into each other’s eyes, claiming that the physical world is a lie

Se: All sex. Literally all the time. It is scientifically proven that Se-users who go without sex for a full 24 hours will actually die. 

Si: A fifteen minute interval once a year, scheduled in advance and written ahead of time in their agenda

Ti: The entire sexual encounter consists of them criticizing their partner’s technique and making sarcastic remarks

Te: They only use sex as a means of copulation and research the most effective positions/practice to elicit a pregnancy

Fi: They don’t have sex either; they just divide in two and create clones of themselves through asexual reproduction

Fe: They only have sex through public orgies because they feel guilty for leaving people out 


It’s been a while since I wrote about GamerGate. Every once in a while someone will still email me about it, sometimes in response to my plea for both “sides” to defend themselves, though I admit a certain disappointment in many of the replies. It’s not that they are poorly written, but as a general trend they have shifted toward a new claim, “GamerGate is damaging the gaming industry”, which never comes with as much defense as I would like. 

As forewarning, this post isn’t particularly thought-out or well-structured; it’s just me sharing some general thoughts.

I guess I should explain where I’m coming from here. Back when I was a teenager, I used to be one of those internet art critic people. Like, you know the type: assholes who went out of their way to provide honest (if often overly harsh) criticism of every art piece someone had the gall to request feedback on. We rebelled against this thing we called, at the time, the “DeviantArt mentality”, where artists would exclusively get their feedback from a small group of friends who would positively regard their work no matter what. Most of us on the more critical side of things knew, from personal experience, that this behavior hindered artistic development and sort of took it upon ourselves to stamp it out.

As I got older, of course, I grew out of it. I realized, as I think most people eventually do, that it’s perfectly okay for someone to do something in a way they personally enjoy. The real issue with what we called the “DeviantArt mentality” was that it was not economically viable. A person who has their work coddled and never learns to appeal to a diverse and discerning crowd will not be able to compete adequately in a professional setting, their audience limited to that small group of friends (who are often artists in the exact same situation). As a result, you have a professional art community of people who expect and value candid and varied feedback, and a “hobbyist” community of people who are primarily interested in working for themselves or a small group of friends. This, I feel, is a working model. 

If you read through my stuff, it’s pretty clear that I am very audience-focused. I talk about audience statistics a lot, as well as directly interact with fans at every possible opportunity. I don’t spend a lot of time around other artists, even going so far as to avoid seriously participating in any “artist circles”, since I’ve learned many audience members hate the schism this drives between creators and their fans. My policy regarding these things is a simple one: I work for the chaotic and diverse mass of fans that consume my material, and generally stand against anything that discourages them from sharing their thoughts or feelings (since, you know, that’s what my model pivots on catering to).

I never really joined GamerGate, which is why it’s sort of weird when people lump me in with them. What I did was pretty much the same thing I always do: value audience members the same as content creators. When a whole bunch of people are upset about something and a creator says “nah, it’s fine”, my first instinct is to hear both sides out, because as far as I’m concerned neither one has more credibility. As I’ve stressed before, the people who attack me for my thoughts on GamerGate never actually address anything I say as being misinformation, they just attack me for “listening to 4chan/8chan/gamers/whatever”, which is incredibly unsettling because it conveys this idea that I should value certain people higher than others - not because they support their ideas better, but because they are inherently better

Which I guess takes me back to this idea I mentioned at the beginning: GamerGate damaging the gaming industry. When people are defending this assertion, they point to the “angry mobs” with no coherent demands, the general level of vitriol flung at creators, and the privacy-crippling digging they do into their targets, etc. All through this, though, I’m just left thinking “Holy shit. This is my jam!”. This thing they’re complaining about is the exact environment I’m used to navigating - in fact, as far as I know, it’s the exact environment the gaming industry always had. When people point to all the horrible harassment developers “received from GamerGate”, it’s tamer than what I’ve gotten just by virtue of being a relatively popular creator. As someone who’s in this industry, the notion that GamerGate is ruining it makes no sense to me since nothing actually changed

What seems more likely, to me, is that people stumbled outside their Artist Circles and hit a wild audience for the first time. They didn’t know how to handle a critical and diverse audience, they turned it antagonistic, and they don’t know how to deal with it. It would explain a lot of the behavior you see: demands to see some kind of GamerGate leader they can blame/complain to, assertions that abuse is okay when it’s against the “right” people, lamenting their own harassment when it’s pretty much the bog-standard someone gets from working with a mass audience, etc. From my perspective, it feels like these are fish-out-of-water, dealing directly with my industry for the first time.

I admit when I first started writing this, I considered whether I should be showing these people more sympathy. They are probably scared, I realized: flung headlong into a scary environment their more tightly-knit artist circle did not prepare them for. But, then I thought back to when I was a young artist, and the first time I encountered a harsh critic: I wasn’t a dick to him, I didn’t tell him his opinion was stupid, and I adapted to a critical environment pretty quickly. A lot of these people vehemently decrying GamerGate, however, are kind of accusatory dicks to these groups of individuals they label as “angry mobs”. I started to consider a different theory:

What if this is about privilege? 

What if this is some group of well-connected, well-to-do people who are stepping into a hostile and critical environment for the first time and are completely ass-blasted that they are not inherently valued above others? What if these people are realizing, with horror, that this is an industry where their word is just as valuable as that of some random non-creator on an internet forum, and they’re trying to “fix” it by reinstating a hierarchy with them on top? 

I mean, just speaking personally, there are a lot of things I like about GamerGate and its affect on the industry. I like that when a creator is accused of something, GG digs into it and tries to gather evidence. I like that they’re critical of reporting and have made their presence known as a massive, vaguely-united mob that will lash out and potentially gain dangerous credibility if faced with things that are verifiably false. They’ve been bringing a lot of ideologically diverse people together in an environment where they can typically discuss things without attempting to harm one another. They’ve been speaking out against the tendency to “speak for” minorities. Best of all, it makes it harder to prevail above your competitors with nothing but money and connections. These are all changes I wanted to see in the gaming industry. But, frankly, I can understand why a privileged dickwad would oppose every one of them.

This is just a theory, of course. I mean, all I know is that from my perspective, a bunch of kind of rude and dismissive people are coming in and attacking the group I consider to be my audience as being horrible monsters who don’t appreciate True Art or whatever. I’m not particularly worried, because as I’ve stated before this only facilitates the development of a niche, but I’m still kind of offended when people say GamerGate is damaging the industry or driving away minority developers. Like… I’m here; you can talk to me. I approve of the changes, and I just explained why. I know that some people will be driven away, but a lot of them are kind of assholes to their audience and I parse the hostility toward them the same way I’d parse a rude waiter getting fired by his boss. 

I don’t know. Like I said, I’m an audience person; my primary concern is with the tastes and desires of the people who play my games. I wish people who talk about GamerGate damaging the industry would talk about how it damages it for people like me, because it feels like the focus is purely on making the industry comfortable for the exact type of people I oppose. 


Summary: you’re taking up fine arts and all the stress from your professor’s constant judgement makes you break down in the bathroom near closing time and somehow, that earns you a cup of coffee from your long time crush who really needed to pee. 

Genre: Fluff, i guess // College!AU

Author’s Note: Just a little something to help with my rustiness.


You take pride in your art. You put in a lot of effort when you create something, paying attention to every bit of detail; every nook and cranny of every piece is carefully painted with precise strokes. You triple check every shadow, crease, pigment, and line to make sure that everything you present is perfect and worthy of praise(which is exactly what you get from all of your friends and family).

Though you’ve been creating art and improving it for years, you could never quite handle criticism well and that is exactly why you’re in the women’s bathroom right now of the Arts building an hour before closing time, bawling your eyes out after finally breaking down due to Mr. Choi’s constant release of harsh insults. It’s your third year in taking up fine arts and never have you ever encountered a professor this critical when it came to your work. Your tears fell endlessly down your flushed cheeks and you’re pretty damn sure that you’ll be the one to use up all of the tissues in the dispenser because of this. The trash bin is filled up with your used tissues and you only kept throwing in more, some falling down on the dirty tiles of the bathroom but you’re way too drained to care.

The door swings open and you pay it no heed, continuing to stare at the sink and cry as whoever just entered speeds into a cubicle and slams it shut. You were planning on ignoring everything but when that person lets out a sigh, you freeze. You recognize that voice.

The person leaves the cubicle and enters your line of sight. He freezes when his eyes meet yours. “Y/N?“

"Jeon? What the hell are you doing here?” You croak, trying to fix yourself in front of the boy you’ve been crushing on since first year and you pray that you don’t look too much like shit with swollen eyes and a red nose.

Jungkook laughs nervously and he brings his hand up to his hair to ruffle it in embarrassment, “I-I can explain..” He sheepishly smiles, “The men’s bathroom was locked and I really, really needed to piss so I just ran in here because I’d rather not piss my pants. I didn’t think anyone would be here this late..”

“But here I am,” You grab your backpack from the counter and raise an eyebrow at his antics, “Innocent little Y/N who just witnessed Jeon Jungkook run inside the women’s bathroom at 8PM like a creep.”

“Please don’t tell anyone,” The tall boy pleads, “I’ll do anything, I swear!” He then snatches your backpack from you and you try to retrieve it, but he holds it away from your reach. “Give it back, Jeon.” You huff. He’s very cute, yes, but you just wanted to rest your emotionally tired self right now and he isn’t helping with that at all.

“Only if you promise not to tell anyone.” He says sternly.

You think for a moment. “Buy me some coffee, then.”

“Deal,” Jungkook immediately nods before making his way out of the bathroom with you following suit, watching as he slips your backpack on. You tiredly drag your feet to follow him outside the campus and onto the cold and quiet streets of Seoul city.

“Why were you crying, by the way?” He asks and you look up at him and his back is facing you as you both walked (you’re thankful for that, since your face is most likely still red from crying).

You rub your arm awkwardly, “It’s nothing. Just another bad day, is all.” You reply meekly and to your relief, he decides not to press on.

Soon enough he halts in front of a small cafe a few blocks away from campus and pushes the door open before getting inside with you. The smell of hot coffee and the sense of tranquility of the area gives you a comforting feeling and you continue to follow Jungkook as he walks to a table in the far back beside the glass wall, placing both of your bags down under the table. "Wait here.” He says before making his way to the counter.

You take a seat on the soft chair and hold the fluffy pillow in your arms as you wait, looking around. You always pass by this store and now you’re wondering why you never went in, because this place is absolutely gorgeous- it’s decorated with beautiful paintings here and there, paper lanterns dangling from the ceiling, slow jazz is playing in the background, and the part that stands out the most is the only white wall of the shop that is covered in post-it notes with empowering messages written on them along with pictures of the cafe’s customers.

Your attention is flickered over to Jungkook after he places down two cups of coffee and takes a seat in front of you. “You didn’t ask for my order,” You say, staring at the cup in front of you in suspicion.

“I know,” He grins and takes a sip from his cup, “but I want you to try that one. It makes me feel better when I’m feeling like crap.”

You smile at his sweet gesture and wrap your fingers around the cup, bringing it closer to your lips and inhaling the sugary scent that seemed to soothe your state of mind. Deeming it warm enough to drink after a few times of blowing on it, you take a small sip and savor the taste. You can make out the rich taste of vanilla, the bitter espresso, and the sweet caramel. You feel yourself melt at the concoction and let out a satisfied sigh. It definitely helps after an episode of tears in the bathroom. "Do you like it?“ Jungkook asks with expecting doe eyes, a small smile playing at his lips. You smile back with a nod and take another sip. 

"Don’t let Mr. Choi’s words make you feel down,” He tells you suddenly and you look at him in surprise because you don’t recall ever telling anyone about Mr. Choi and his insults affecting you terribly. Jungkook notices your expression and continues to speak knowingly, "I sit next to you in Fig-Draw, remember? I see you trying not to cry when he says something bad about your work even when it’s flawless. He’s always looking for something bad to say when it comes to his female students just because his wife cheated on him.” His words render you speechless. Jungkook knew about you holding back your tears and the thought of him paying attention like that left a warm feeling in your chest.

“You know,” He clears his throat after a few moments of silence, “I’ve been meaning to ask you out for coffee, but I didn’t know how to approach you since you’re always busy. I’m glad that my piss chose the right time to want to come out and I’m glad that you asked me to buy you coffee. Who knew I’d get that chance in the women’s bathroom?” He laughs and you almost choke on your drink at his choice of words.

Warmth creeps up on your cheeks and you smile shyly, tapping your fingers on the cup in a futile attempt to calm your heart down. “I’m glad I broke down in the bathroom at the right time, I guess,” You jokingly say. The both of you erupt into laughter and for once, you’re thanking Mr. Choi in your mind because if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be having coffee with Jungkook in this cafe after crying in the girls’ bathroom.