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Every time I think of soaking wet Mountain Man!Rick I imagine a high society Lady Michonne stranded in the wilderness who encounters a loin-cloth wearing, chest-pounding, grunting Rick of the Jungle. Pretty sure she’s had this dream at some point too.

Tobio’s rude command slapped Alvar, his spitted words like sharp fingers. But it were the droplets of actual spit hitting his face that made Alvar jump to his feet in disgust, nearly knocking down Tobio, who still stood on his knees.

“Like beasts.” Alvar commented, much to himself, avoiding any glance in Tobio’s direction, for a moment inspecting the dusty wooden floor bearing the scratches of their encounter. Noticing his fine clothes now resembling cleaning rags, he shook his head, once more bearing the beret he had rescued from a dirty corner, wrinkled and wrapped in cobweb. “Never.” Alvar stated, in a whisper, again much to himself – though Tobio was close enough to hear it. While brushing off and straightening his suit, Alvar squeezed between the sculpture and the bench to leave the dark of the niche. Had it really been that narrow, and shallow? How had they actually fitted, and done what they… “This will never again happen.” Alvar affirmed.

But his sentence held no weigh of prophecy – since, after a couple of weeks of distance and estrangement, each fallen to his side and studies, with enough time to think through, and repent, regret, doubt, evaluate the act, sense the bond, reminisce, appreciate the shared secret, further fantasize, touch oneself while longing for the touch of the other – until, finally missing one another, Alvar and Tobio had gotten together again.

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“I thoroughly enjoy the ability to escape the restrictions of society and to feel free in the wilderness. I don’t always strip my clothes off when I’m out on a hike but I do seek out the solitude to allow me to do so. There is something so natural and invigorating about being completely naked out in forest, mountains or taking an uninhibited dip in freezing glacial waters. Getting my ass out into nature is truly a passion of mine and I look forward to every natural experience I encounter, clothed or not :)” //#getyourassintonature

I Hate That I Need You

Request by ima-monster-bitch : “Idk if you’re taking requests but Can you make a imagine where you and j get into a fight you say something like “shut up I hate you” and he says stuff like because I love you, you’re not alone you know, I don’t want to lose you okay, I need you I need us and just and lots of fluff after the fight please and thank you”


You were always up for a nice argument, get things off your chest and clear your mind - As was J.. but this time it just hurt a little too much and some real feelings came through full force.

Warnings: Non-Joker behaviour, Very harsh language, other than that fluff 😊


You always pull this bullshit on me J!!! I told you not to! I Told you not to fucking pull any jobs this week! Just this week! That’s all I asked for and you didn’t even care!!”

You were beyond furious this time, usually you liked helping J with his plots and schemes but this time you wanted him to yourself. Even if it was for just a week or a few days, but it was your birthday, and you didn’t want dead bodies being a part of it.

“Y/N, doll, relax, it was just one…” he started to explain

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A/N: Hello! I’m back with Bad Temper, ahhh!! I’m so sorry this took three flipping months but last semester of college had me extremely busy and I had no time to write for it–let alone, I had writers block–and I’m so glad to bring it back! Thank you all for being patient and I’m sorry (again) that it has been so long! Enjoy! (also, yes, I realized I use the same gif for Swallowtail…oops)

Word Count: 5.6K+

Warning: None.

It had almost been a week since you first arrived on the Finalizer, four days since you started training and four days since you and Kylo had a civil conversation. Ever since your encounter of leaving your clothes behind, Kylo had been nothing but dry and bland with you–just like day one. You were well aware you deserved this after putting the blame on him for being there (and not treating him equally) but you still couldn’t regain the trust when you still didn’t know if he took part in the ordeal or not. The Knights were his problem, he overmatched them, how was it possible that something his men did slipped under his nose? You wanted to believe he was oblivious to the fact, seeing as he was unaware as to why you were on the ship or how you got there, but you still found it difficult to believe.

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*Sees a still of some lady getting a little too close to Wolfgang, with clothes still on*

*Starts laughing because I remember that we’ve seen Wolfgang have sex, like, twice on the show, and yet getting angry over a fully clothed encounter with someone who isn’t Kala*

When It's All Over - Gemology - Steven Universe (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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For @romans-art‘s Lapidot Soviet Spies AU. A03 Link.

Description: Neither of them counted on actually falling in love when they were pretending to be married.

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