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“I thoroughly enjoy the ability to escape the restrictions of society and to feel free in the wilderness. I don’t always strip my clothes off when I’m out on a hike but I do seek out the solitude to allow me to do so. There is something so natural and invigorating about being completely naked out in forest, mountains or taking an uninhibited dip in freezing glacial waters. Getting my ass out into nature is truly a passion of mine and I look forward to every natural experience I encounter, clothed or not :)” //#getyourassintonature


Festival Fashion

Aside from beach front bonfires and weekend barbecues, one thing I look forward to every summer is getting some style tips from everyone’s festival outfits. Denim shorts and a frilly top is my summer go-to, but after scrolling through Instagram photos of all the cute outfits at Coachella, SXSW, or wherever it may be, has inspired me to step up my summer wardrobe. Refinery29 caught some of my favorite festival looks. Click through the photos above.

Here’s a video I thought you guys might enjoy from fashion YouTuber Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters, showing five completely different looks!


In the Name of Training || Closed NSFW with xaverygroovymutationx

Erik was having second thoughts. He’d been very self-assured when he’d offered himself up to Charles, almost cocky. Believing, perhaps, that it would never actually happen. That he wouldn’t find himself tied naked to a wooden bedpost by the same length of silk rope that he had used on the younger mutant. It seemed he would have been wrong in thinking so.. Almost as soon as the faint bruising had faded from Charles’ skin he was flashing those blue eyes and luring Erik back into his chamber of perversions for another round. With considerably less control over the situation this time than he’d enjoyed during the last encounter. He was still clothed from the waist down, this fact doing little to alleviate that feeling of vulnerability.

Being restrained was not particularly a new sensation for Erik. This time was of course different from when others had trapped him, for he was a willing prisoner. Unlike before when it was his enemies, now it was Charles, the one person he truly trusted with his life and limb. The metal-bender tugged experimentally at the rope causing muscles along his upper body to tighten. No good. His powers were of no help in loosening the bonds, completing that somewhat clausterphobic feeling, and he had to concentrate so as not to let it get to him. There was no reason to be nervous or to allow that fight-or-flight response to express itself. It was Charles. No matter that being tied up brought back unpleasant memories… They were irrelevant to the present. He would ignore them.

“You tie a good knot for an academic.” The compliment was voiced casually. Not a worry in the world by the sound of it. He’d shifted into a relaxed position–as much as the silk bindings would allow–and put a faint smile on his features to hide the small pangs of anxiety threatening to make themselves known. Only the rapid beating of his heart and the fluttering of nerves in his belly to give him away. Nothing to be concerned with… He’d wanted this, still wanted this. There was a part of him deep down inside which craved the surrender of power. It was blanketed by a stubborn refusal to admit it and an even more carefully hidden fear of giving in to it. Erik visibly swallowed these sensations, eyes bright with challenge. “What other hidden talents might the Professor have?”