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EXO’s 2-Day EXO’rDIUM DOT Concerts at the Seoul Olympic Stadium Officially SOLD OUT.

EXO’s 2-Day EXO’rDIUM Dot concert tickets for their encore shows at the Seoul Olympic Stadium have officially been SOLD OUT. Both concert days were declared sold-out after 30 minutes of being on-sale. Concerts held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium can hold over 70,000 attendees per concert.

Congratulations EXO!

Yoongi Scenario: To Make You Happy.

Request:  Yoongi fluff scenario you are married (a few years in their career where fans accepted his marriage positively) you visit him w/ your 2 year old daughter in the concert ending while talking he sees you and takes his daughter up on stage and hugs her

Genre: Fluff / Family

-What?- Yoongi jumped in his studio chair. -What do you mean you can’t come?-

You shrugged. -I can’t Yoongi, we can’t, we have plans already-

Yoongi had just asked for you to come to his encore concert in Seoul together with Taeyeon, your daughter, but apparently he didn’t count on you turning him down.

-Y/N, you have been begging since forever to come to a concert, how is it that now you are busy that day? And the kid? What does she has to do? She’s two years old-

You walked closer to him until you were on his reach which made Yoongi immediately reach his hands for your middle to pull you to his lap. -We are busy-

-So you two are busy, what, if I may know, is keeping you to come to the concert?-

You seemed to think about it for a second, just for the show and to see Yoongi getting impatient, because in reality you had all already on your mind. -We have a safari day, VIP tickets with access to the house of butterflies-

Yoongi arched an eyebrow. -So you are giving up the concert for the zoo?-

You nodded. -Yep-

-For the house of the butterflies?-


Yoongi squinted his eyes and got his face closer to yours. -Taeyeon is deadly scared of bugs, do you remember that?-

You bit your lip. -She likes butterflies, they are not bugs, they are different… colorful and all that-

Shaking his head Yoongi moved his knees upwards making you jump. You slapped his arm but attached to him more firmly just in case. He got his face even closer to yours. -Why do I think this is retaliation for last week when I ditched you to eat chicken with the guys?-

You slapped him harder. -So you did ditch us!-

Yoongi groaned after the slap but laughed nonetheless. -I knew it-

-We were waiting for you Yoongi! And then you said at last minute that you wouldn’t come home early-

He shook his head, caressing your tights. -I told you I was sorry, it was a last minute thing… besides you know I would kill for coming early and just lie on bed with both of you-

You kissed him, short and sweet but you wanted him to feel you appreciated those words. -You’re cute-

Yoongi kissed you again, deeper and rougher than before making you feel like melting in his arms. -I’m not that cute Y/N… so you won’t come to the concert?-

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Admin J is going to EXORDIUM in Seoul!

I got a ticket for the encore in Seoul for May 27th - this time I got a real seat so I don’t get sweated on. I’m so thrilled and if any of you are going to be there, I would LOVE to see you!
I’m just as giddy as when I got a ticket for EXO’luXion in Seoul a couple years ago!

- Admin J