encinal high school

In case you weren't aware,

I’m not actually Filipino. hahaha.

HOWEVER, On this lovely day in  NYC, I’m getting ready to head out to the Philippine Independence Day Parade on Madison Ave. 

I feel the need to explain myself. lol
I went to Saint Barnabas Elementary school, in Alameda, CA. It was over %50 asian, a good portion of that being Filipino. We had the same group of kids in the class every year, so I spent 6 years of my life with mostly Filipino kids, going to their house, spending time with their families, and getting used to the lifestyle. 

THEN, I got to high school. All my Pinoy friends went to the private high school and I went to the Public school. However, I’m pretty sure It only made me more honorarily pinay haha. This is the ethnic breakdown for my high school my senior year:

External image


Source: CA Dept. of Education, 2008-2009
Ethnicity This School State Average 

 (blue) Asian 26% 8%
 (green) African American 23% 7%
 (pink) White 18%  28%
 (orange) Hispanic or Latino 15% 49%
 (light blue/grey) Filipino 15%  3%
 (dark green) Pacific Islander 2%  <1%
 (grey) Multiple or No Response 1%  3%
 (light pink) American Indian or Alaska Native <1%  <1%

See That? 15% FILIPNIO. They had their own CATEGORY. I was an unofficial member of the Filipino club, and a few of my best friends at school were Fresh Off the Boat from the PI. All this exposure and conditioning over the years has made me an honorary Filipino. And even when I got to college, I was so used to my friends back home that I joined BARKADA, the Filipino Student Association at Northeastern. I’ve definitely embraced it, and it seems to follow me, now. Here in NYC, I’ve managed to find probably the only Filipino girl living in the dorms and become close friends with her.

SO, because I am honorarily filipino, (I know all the food, celebrities, AND I have the accent DOWN), I am going to the parade today. It’ll be a nice reminder of home =]]