BULLYING CELEBRITIES (The Case of Yeng Constantino)

Very recently, Yeng Constantino got attacked on her Instagram page for showing so much care for a pet she dearly loves, Julia the kitten.

Those who follow her would know that she is a cat person.  But, only recently did she really get a cat to personally take care of.  

Yeng treats it like how a Mom would treat her own kid.  (Yes, she even video chats with it.)

Why am I even spending time to do this?  To answer the attacks being thrown at her because:

1)  She is a FRIEND, a true one.  She helped me when I was battling CANCER in more ways than one. 

2)  She may not be perfect but she is a GOOD PERSON with a BEAUTIFUL HEART.  She AGREED to work on a project to help an 8-YEAR OLD BOY fighting a RARE BONE MARROW DISEASE for FREE.  She doesn’t even know the boy.

3)  She is an EXAMPLE of how it is to be a PET OWNER.  While some would only go as far as buying them and have someone else do the rest, she personally makes time for her own.

I’ve known Yeng, since Pinoy Dream Academy.  Her looks and style might have changed a lot, but her head, heart and soul have remained grounded and humble.

I might be older than her, but I am not even a bit embarrassed to say that I look up to her.  I continue to learn from her - from the way she moves on-stage to how she keeps herself passionate and make sure she’s excellent with her craft; the way she helped and took care of her family at a very young age; the way she treats her fans; and the way she’s grown with God.

And to reiterate, no, she is not perfect.  But she finds ways everyday to be a better person.

This blog doesn’t just go out to Yeng, but for all the celebrities out there.  At times, we fans are quick to judge without really knowing the person inside because all we see are the things showbiz reveal about them.  

And let me end with this, before you say anything bad about anyone, showbiz or not, THINK. If that’s not enough, look for the word, “RESPECT” in the dictionary.  Maybe that would help.

*I do not own the photos used in this blog. Photos were taken from the net including photos from wheninmanila.

Les Amis de L’ABC (et les amis) Modern AU: Feuilly

He’d been orphaned early in life, left to fend for himself, left to grow up faster and make it out alive. The world on his shoulders, anyone else, it would have turned them into cynics with sharp eyes and rigid lips. Not Feuilly. His lips had the bearing of a perpetual smile, his palms calloused from service, his steps light. A sharp mind and a ready hand, he went out of his way to be with people, to understand them. They’d flocked to him eagerly, not long after. There was always food on his table for friends, although seldom in abundance, but what he lacked in quantity, he made up for with easy conversation and the feeling that his home is theirs. Such is the way he lived. 

Feuilly had a generous heart, had a propensity for giving because he was always too whole to ever lack. He’d been orphaned early in life, yes, but this orphan has adopted the world.

For wastedgrantaire, who backed me up on a non-ginger, non-freckled Feuilly. 


Step 1. Ihanda ang mga sangkap at rekadong gagamitin. Alangan namang manok na minassacre lang di ba? Ihanda ang bawang, sibuyas, toyo, suka, brown sugar, at paminta. Masarap daw kapag may kasamang pagmamahal. Eh di try mong maghanap sa palengke ng sinasabi mong pagmamahal. Pakyawin mo para masarap na masarap.

Step 2. Simulan sa paggigisa ng bawang at sibuyas gaya ng panggigisang ginawa mo sa jowa mo nung nahuli mo siyang nilike yung DP ng ex niyang lamang ng isang dangkal yung dede kesa sa’yo. 

Step 3. Kapag medyo nagbbrown na ang bawang, ilagay ang chinop-chop na manok. Isuot ang shield at full-faced armor dahil maaari kang mapilantikan ng mantika. #BakaMasaktanKaNaNaman. Hindi ka pa rin ba nadadala?

Step 4. Lagyan ng toyo. Kung wala, magmadaling tawagin ang ex jowa mong makitid ang pang-unawa. May toyo din utak nun. Balatan mo ng buhay tapos patuyuin mo sa likod ng ref.

Step 5. Pakuluan ang manok hanggang lumambot. Kung alam lang sana ito ni Popoy, hindi sana naging ganung katigas si Basha. Tusuk-tuskin para malaman. Mahirap ng mag-assume, alam mo yan.

Step 6. Lagyan ng paminta. Kung wala, dakpin si Piolo. Itaktak ang braso nito. Kung hindi pa siya sapat, mamili sa mga sumusunod kung sino ang mas effective na sangkap (a) Enchong Dee (b) Chicsers © Eric Santos.

Step 7. Haluin ng mabuti at tikman. Kapag medyo maalat, lagyan ito ng konting suka. Tapos kapag umasim naman, lagyan ulit ito ng toyo. Tapos kapag umalat na naman, lagyan mo ulit ng suka. Lagay lang ng lagay. Makukuha mo din yung lasang gusto mo. try lang ng try. #ParangPagibig

Step 8. Lagyan ito ng konting konting asukal para maranasan mo naman yung konting sweetness na nung simula mo lang ata naramdaman sa piling ng jowa mong nagpapakasweet na ata sa iba. Di ko sure.

Step 9. Kapag hindi mo pa rin feel yung lasa, bahala ka na sa buhay mo maarte ka. Andami mong reklamo please. Yung iba nga walang makain eh. Ang mahalaga may chicken adobo ka. Hindi naman nila malalaman yung lasa kapag naiinstagram mo na.