• Benign
  • Cartilaginous growth in medullary cavity of bone (usually metaphysis)
  • Hands and feet. Think Regina Phalange.
  • Usually solitary and no symptoms
  • Enchondromatosis if multiple enchondromas, 2 types
  1. Ollier Disease => non-hereditary, pain & fracture, may become malignant (chondrosarcoma), last pic.
  2. Maffucci Sd =>multiple enchondromas + hemangiomas (note the 4°&5° pics, and how sof tissue in X-ray has signs of inflammation, whereas the last one, doesn´t). Increased risk of becoming malignant, ovarian ca and brain gliomas. =(

friends might remember when i had surgery on my right hand in 2010 for enchondroma (which is where the cartalidge that normally grows between your joints decides growing INSIDE the bone is much more fun)

well now my middle finger on the same hand is exhibiting similar symptoms (swelling, pain under pressure) and uh. you know i really don’t want it to be more enchondroma? i mean all told the surgery wasn’t bad, the recovery wasn’t slow and i have 99.99% of range of motion in my finger (considering they had to cut a tendon and tie it back together in order to perform the bone graft) but it was…a really time consuming and kind of stressful process. 

not to mention if i am getting it again that’s like winning the genetic freak lottery and extremely rare and i do  not think i want an extremely rare genetic condition which causes cartalidge tumors to grow inside the bones of my fingers because THAT IS A HORRIBLE CONDITION TO HAVE IF YOU LIKE TO DRAW

so yeah just kinda worried that it’s doing that again and i hope it’s nothing but :<<<<

Fallen fragment sign - the presence of a bone fragment in the dependent portion of a lucent bone lesion. It is said to be pathognomonic of a simple (unicameral) bone cyst and is usually seen after pathologic fracture. Simple bone cysts are fluid filled and therefore fracture fragments can descend through the fluid uninhibited. Other lucent lesions such as fibrous dysplasia, aneurysmal bone cyst and enchondroma all have solid interiors which do not permit fragments to fall.