The two year clear

The two year clear

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First read this. A couple of days ago, I made the trek uptown to see the new tumor doctor for the read on my MRI. The hospital, Mount Sinai, feels like a haul every time I go there. It isn’t close to the subway and that part of Manhattan is hilly. Choose the wrong street and suddenly you’re walking uphill way more than your chosen shoes will tolerate. I’m usually nervous as I approach the…

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  • Benign
  • Cartilaginous growth in medullary cavity of bone (usually metaphysis)
  • Hands and feet. Think Regina Phalange.
  • Usually solitary and no symptoms
  • Enchondromatosis if multiple enchondromas, 2 types
  1. Ollier Disease => non-hereditary, pain & fracture, may become malignant (chondrosarcoma), last pic.
  2. Maffucci Sd =>multiple enchondromas + hemangiomas (note the 4°&5° pics, and how sof tissue in X-ray has signs of inflammation, whereas the last one, doesn´t). Increased risk of becoming malignant, ovarian ca and brain gliomas. =(

friends might remember when i had surgery on my right hand in 2010 for enchondroma (which is where the cartalidge that normally grows between your joints decides growing INSIDE the bone is much more fun)

well now my middle finger on the same hand is exhibiting similar symptoms (swelling, pain under pressure) and uh. you know i really don’t want it to be more enchondroma? i mean all told the surgery wasn’t bad, the recovery wasn’t slow and i have 99.99% of range of motion in my finger (considering they had to cut a tendon and tie it back together in order to perform the bone graft) but it was…a really time consuming and kind of stressful process. 

not to mention if i am getting it again that’s like winning the genetic freak lottery and extremely rare and i do  not think i want an extremely rare genetic condition which causes cartalidge tumors to grow inside the bones of my fingers because THAT IS A HORRIBLE CONDITION TO HAVE IF YOU LIKE TO DRAW

so yeah just kinda worried that it’s doing that again and i hope it’s nothing but :<<<<

My knee has been bothering me for the last four days. It hurts when I bend and straighten it and when any pressure is on it. On the inside part. I don’t think I’ve tripped or anything like that and torn anything but I’m so uncoordinated that it could have happened and I don’t remember. It’s the same knee with the tumor they didn’t want to remove so if it grew and gave me like, a hairline fracture or something, I will be livid. The holidays are going to be ridiculous at work and I need my body to keep up. I’m going to try to get to the doctor asap and in the mean time, buy a knee brace 😖😭

It Only Pains when It Breaks

This is a young lady with a middle phalangeal enchondroma presenting as an osteolytic expansile lesion. The radiograph and the MRI are characteristic.

These are invariably asymptomatic and often incidentally discovered. However trivial trauma as in her case can cause a fracture through the lesion, at which point it starts becoming really painful. While most phalangeal enchondromas are “touch me not” lesions, when they fracture and become painful, they often need to be operated upon.
#mri #finger #phalanx #enchondroma #fracture #bonetumor (at Picture This by Jankharia)

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Researchers identify point of epigenetic methylation which drives cartilage tumour formation.

Researchers identify point of epigenetic methylation which drives cartilage tumour formation. Thoughts health innovators?

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Duke researchers have identified that mutations in the isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) gene contribute to the formation of benign tumours in cartilage that can be a precursor to malignancies.  These benign tumours, known as enchondromas, are associated with severe pain, fractures, and skeletal deformities. They also have the potential to evolve into a cancerous form known as chondrosarcomas. Over…

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