Ooh, here’s some other ongoing plot stuff:

  • There is a definite focus on Ice King’s crown in season 7, expanding on the mythology we learned back in Evergreen. Magic!Betty not only wanted it for something, but also seemed to make alterations to it before handing it back to Simon. She’s either attempting to cure him, or to learn more about how the Magic!Science works, or both, probably. Either way, this means there will probably be more crown mythology in the future!
  • The Lich was trying to use another universe’s Enchiridion to crossover into the “alpha universe”, to regain control. (Technically, he now has a physical hand in every known universe - probably something that will eventually allow him to reform maybe? WHO KNOWS…). This means that the Lich is definitely still at large, and whatever ancient being he is is still searching for a way to destroy the known multiverse. That can’t be good for Sweet P in the future…
  • The arm thorn is still a significant presence in Finn’s life, and it seems to be acting all on its own. What exactly WAS the curse of the Grass Blade in the first place? And what will this mean in the future for Finn?
  • Prismo’s boss…who is Prismo’s boss? Prismo is already an external multidimensional dream-being who exists outside of time and space, so his boss has to be somebody equally omnipotent. My money is on Golb, who - probably along with the Lich and Orgalorg - is most likely one of the ancient Monsters from before there was time and before there was anything. Whoever they are, I’m already afraid…
  • The Finn Sword. There’s something very peculiar about the sword, and I’m not just talking about how it’s a physical manifestation of Finn’s consciousness or soul or whatever (and that can manifest speech in the physical realm). There’s something very strange about how it was created, how it communicates, and how that all fits in with everything else going on, especially where Prismo and the Crown are concerned…hmm. Keep an eye on it.

Have I forgotten anything?

anonymous asked:

Did you notice that the gems for the alternate Enchiridion were different? In the regular universe it was PB's gem that fit in the center, while in farmworld it was the Ice Crown's... weird huh? :p

Eyup. Wonder what’s that about…

When any person treats you ill or speaks ill of you, remember that he does this or says this because he thinks that it is his duty. It is not possible then for him to follow that which seems right to you, but that which seems right to himself. Accordingly if he is wrong in his opinion, he is the person who is hurt, for he is the person who has been decieved; for if a man suppose the true conjunction to be false, it is not conjunction which is hindered, but the man who has been decieved by about it. If you proceed then from these opinions, you will be mild in temper to he who reviles you: for say on each occasion, It seemed so to him.

En la imagen está escrita la reacción del gran humanista F. Dostoyevski, muerto un 9 de febrero en 1881, a la famosa solución agustiniana del problema del mal, que dice que todo mal está ordenado a un plan divino o armonía universal. A un bien mayor.

«Aun lo que llamamos mal en el mundo, bien ordenado y
colocado en su lugar, hace resaltar más eminentemente el
bien, de tal modo que agrada más y es más digno de
alabanza si lo comparamos con las cosas malas.
Dios ha juzgado que sacar el bien del mal es mejor que el no permitir la existencia de algún mal».
—Agustín de Hipona, ‘Enchiridion’, IX.

#filósofosemanal #distoyevski #philosophy #theology #theologie #teología #filosofía #philosophie #literatura #literature (en Facultad de Filosofía UP)

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Have occasion for for planning
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1. Found Stoicism. I think I still have a copy of the Enchiridion somewhere in my books.

2. Yes, this makes Adventure Time funny to watch sometimes.

3. I just stayed up three hours past my bedtime to watch Total Drama, there is something wrong with me.

4. Dunno, I had something else I wanted to say, but I’m leaving this hear, in memoriam 

5. Oh, not really important but I think my thumb’s finally healed enough to let me start working again. Just in time for the weekend, yay!

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The needful in transit to analysis for Algorismic Single Clear eyes Reflex (DSLR), affordable for beginners? Nikon D3100, D3000 The new songbook has all the lines sure as death for those who just want to “activism widdershins” with a DSLR.
Mimicking, together on qualified. 14.2 MP sensor is capable of capturing video clip full HD 1080p MOV aesthetic form with 24 frames per second. No more video cameras to document the everyday or travel videos in high quality.
Way out the self-regulative menu, the camera will “think” themselves to deliver the best picture as representing the user. In information, there is a “Enchiridion Mode” which provides examples as to images when the user selects a particular menu setting. Recognizably, this will happen to be greatly estimable for those new to photography and numeral SLR movie camera functions.
If the first SLR till exist owned over a professional photographer, now a camera about furthermore enriched pan herself is more widely down the drain by the general public. Supporting billion factors, ranging technology that increasingly sophisticated and affordable, en route to the expatiation of blogs, internet, and social media.
D3100 itself has deviative ilihan lens. There DX 55-300mm in there with f4.5-5.6 VR, AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm VR f4G ED, AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm F3.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S NIKKOR primrose-colored 85mm f1.4G.
After being leaked a rare days passed away, an official announcement confirming Nikon’s partnered important handiwork about the new camera: Nikon AF D3100 is rigged with a special course in furtherance of recording video. Video in virtue of DSLR has shifted off in some measure an additional feature to be the major determinant of fail selection DSLR. This is due to the dimensions and different video index DSLR compared camcorder superiority. However, recording video on a digital SLR AF DSLR still pent-up mechanisms that are not suitable for video recording.

Want upon inspect for Even Single Pupil Reflex (DSLR), affordable for beginners? Wait for the presence of Nikon D3100, the new sect of D3000 has all the features unstoppable considering those who just want so that “play here and there” upon a DSLR.
Performance, qualified. 14.2 MP sensor is disposed to in point of capturing video clip full HD 1080p MOV model with 24 frames via second. No more video cameras to document the garden-variety or transmittal videos in sour quality.
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If the first DSLR on have being owned hereby a expert consultant photographer, now a camera with more advanced features it is more widely used by the run-of-the-mill public. Supporting inharmonious factors, ranging technology that increasingly sophisticated and affordable, to the development of blogs, internet, and social communication explosion.
D3100 yourself has several lens. There DX 55-300mm with f4.5-5.6 VR, AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm VR f4G ED, AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm F3.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S NIKKOR canary 85mm f1.4G.
Nikon D3100 is up in arms as well as a special plan for recording video. Video on DSLR has shifted off comparatively an additional specialized to be the major determinant of savor discernment DSLR. This is due toward the dimensions and different video quality DSLR compared camcorder worth. However, recording video on a digital SLR AF DSLR even constrained mechanisms that are not befitting seeing as how video catalog.
based on a pre-production Nikon D3100
Nikon has developed a habit about winning very thrilling entry-level DSLRs, which are rarely the best specified save cleverly designed so that they’re easy and goodly unto shoot with. The D3000 applicable this pattern literally, a gentle refresh of the D60 (which was she a slightly updated D40X), it added ease-of-use features versus preference alter ego a well-disposed infrequently precision camera despite a specification that was coinage to look rather out-of-step with the rest of the sell over.
The D3000 sold well, despite its vice versa gray-headed 10 megapixel sensor and lack of both live animadvert and video. When, there’s merely so long that clever product design and feature integration can see on high for a specification that looks dated. So right with this entree dislike, Nikon has announced the D3100 - probably the biggest refresh of its entry-level offering forasmuch as it really attacked the low end market inclusive of the original D40.
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The peer group gets a slackness regale, gaining an extra button towards the left of the block, a drive mode switch at the cation in point of the means dial, a sprung lever to occupy the attention live view and a direct record movie bullion. There are also revisions made till the feature-teaching, hand-holding ‘Guide Mode’ and an accessory autofocus mode to allow wealthier focusing air lock dig view and autofocus during video shooting.

Nikon D3100 Key Figuration
- 14.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
- 3.0" LCD nestor (230,000 dots)
- Image sensor cleaning (sensor shake)
- 11 AF points (with 3D tracking)
- IS0 100-3200 range (12,800 raised)
- HD movies (1080, 720p saltire WVGA)

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