Let’s talk about Glamours

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What are Glamours?

The way I think of it, glamours are a great little enchantment that you can put on pretty much anything you want. They are an enchantment to “fool the eye”, as in make someone believe in a mirage, more or less. They can range from beauty, confidence, or even to protect your self.

What kind of Glamours are there?

So many. Literally. The awesome thing about glamours is that there is no real right or wrong way to do them, and they are so simple to do. Glamours change the energy and aura, or the unseen perception, of something. In short, if there is anything that you want to change the “look” or overall feel of, then a glamour is a great way to do it. 

How do I use Glamours?

The way you can put a glamour on something all depends on how complex you want to make it. An option may include making a whole ritual of it by including material such as crystals or herbs to convey your intent physically. Another is that you charge the item with the moon, sun, crystals, or whatever you like to charge things with. The most simplest one is to charge your intent while you’re using whatever you want to enchant. Remember, you don’t need anything other than your intent and energy to do witchcraft, the rest can all be optional. After you glamour something, you may need to re-glamour it, so to speak, if you feel like the enchantment is losing some of it’s oompf.

What can I use Glamours on?

Anything. But here’s a list if you don’t know where to start.

✰ Makeup: use a beauty glamour, or a glamour that changes how you want your makeup to appear to others.

✰ Lotion: I like to write confidence, beauty, or protection sigils on my skin in lotion and then rub it in.

✰ Mirrors: glamour it to give the viewer confidence in their reflection.

✰ Yourself: I sometimes use a glamour to keep me “invisible”, so to speak, one that make me blend into the background. But you can do all sorts of glamours to yourself.

✰ Art Supplies: if you’re an artist, you can enchant your pens, pencils, paints, or brushes to give confidence in your art, or to even put a certain emotion into the art itself.

✰ Your home: glamour it with protection to keep negative energies or people our of your space.

Remember: Glamours don’t have to be elaborate if you don’t want them to be. 


marius and tehd both into petplay confirmed

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No, but you’re telling me that Orsino couldn’t find some way to get more mages out of the Gallows? Or just the final battle as Meredith was going to Annul the Gallows?
That, on the way back with Hawke on their side, that he didn’t grab onto who he could and push them into empty houses and shout orders for them to trade their robes for normal clothes so the guards would take them for civilians and evacuate them? That he didn’t defend those near alleys with locks he could break and shuffle groups through and tell them to run out of the city and keep going– to not stop until they couldn’t see Kirkwall over their shoulders– and then raising a wall of earth over the gate so Templars could not follow? That he didn’t herd weeping apprentices toward the Alienage, in chaos as it was, his contacts shaken but willing, and hoped that they’d be safe with his fellows? That he took the strongest of his enchaters with him and sent the others to round up those still in the city and find the people that couldn’t defend themselves, round them up and get them on boats out of the Gallows? 

You mean to tell me he didn’t know, deep inside himself, that even if the Champion took his side, even if they went and they fought, even if he fell back to the Gallows and stood– that they would all be marked? You mean to tell me that he wanted his people, the people he suffered and worked for years for, to return to the Gallows when he knew they would be killed either way?

I think Varric didn’t know. I think Varric didn’t know, because he didn’t see. He didn’t see Orsino arriving ahead of time and loading children and the elderly into boats and sending them away. Trying with the fire of fighting at his back, knowing what was coming, to keep them safe. Varric didn’t see Orsino knowingly dwindling their numbers so more would live, because they had already lost enough in the streets to Meredith. To their own hands. To despair. 
To Templars that were drunk on their power forcing the issue.

I will never, though, never believe that Orsino became what Varric tells Cassandra he does. Orsino is a rational, clever, logical and very protective man. He stands with his people and, were he winning against Meredith’s people– nothing would stop him from continuing that push to finish the fight and get the rest out. Especially so if the Champion is on his side.
There is one thing more that convinces me of this.

Varric lies. He lies to many people– especially to people he doesn’t like and Cassandra is not high up on his approval list. 

Orsino would not have abandoned his people like that, damnit.

Supposed continuity of Beauty and the Beast 2017 according to screenshots and promo pictures

Hello! I’ve attempted to put into a chronological order all the known promo pictures and some trailer screenshots. I’ve added a few of my (and other fans’) theories and relevant info. I am aware that I am hardly the only one who noticed (for instance) Lumiere and Cogsworth when Belle entered the castle. So consider this post a result of the fandom’s collective effort!

Feel free to add your thoughts and theories!

And I am warning you, this is gonna be a looooong post.

The prologue. The figure in the center is the Prince. The Witch/Agathe crashes the party the party and casts the curse. Audra McDonald mentioned that her character, Garderobe, was attending the party as a singer.

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Book!Stephen Black vs Show!Stephen Black, a crazy long essay

This is a little lengthy though I have broken it up into paragraphs because I too find a wall of text a bit daunting even when I am the generator of said wall. I just wanted to add my thoughts to the discussion about Stephen Black in the show versus in the book. I have not placed book pages but I, well, I may have crazily flagged my copy at all of the Stephen bits to refresh my memory even though I just re-read it a month ago. So I do know where to find this stuff if I missed something.  I tried like heck not to meander and where I did, I think it was relevant. Can’t you tell that I have read many prefaces to books? They always apologize effusively for not getting to the point in their attempt to distill the the forthcoming book for you. See? Digressing.

Stephen was my favorite character in the book. He is elegant, ludicrously competent, patient, intelligent, cunning, thoughtful, loyal, discerning, and gentle. I was appalled that he was forced into potential acts of violence, assaulted, yelled at, thrown in a cell, and chastised in the show, and a lot of that by characters not the Gentleman, though the latter’s actions toward Stephen are altered significantly in places as well for the adaptation.  (Oh, and, why on earth is he shot in the show? Is it to provide an opportunity for the Gentleman to have an emotional meltdown in the middle of Lost Hope?)

I felt that, as much as I loved it stylistically, Episode 5 (Arabella) was the most bloated in terms of deviating from the book in a way that was inefficient as well as being the most damning for Stephen. Thirty minutes revolve around activity that *never occurred in the book* and about which I am baffled. Why spend all of that time focusing on Strange tortuously, obsessively attempting to resurrect Arabella only to be wound up to a fever pitch forcing him to throw himself at Norrell and to later break out of jail using Puddle Magics, a thing which never occurs in the book as well written and moving as it was to watch when it serves to a) implicate Stephen in the mental and emotional torment of other characters in a way that is completely out of character and b) occupies valuable time that would have better served other characters and their development. *coughs* We know which one(s). If you are going to alter Stephen for the show, at least give us more of his development on screen and show us why. Make him the agent of his own story.  

Much as I do not want to harp on events within the book (I so do), they are necessary in order to attain a full picture of the changes and their effects. If you have not read it and happen to be passing by and reading this PLEASE DO NOT READ FURTHER SO AS TO AVOID BOOK SPOILERS SHOULD THAT BE A CONCERN. But do read the book, if you have not, it really adds complexity to Stephen. <3

All right, moving on, some JSMN BOOK SPOILERS AHOY (and of course there spoilers for the entire show),so if you mind:

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“Spiked Magician” (Saga pedo)

Also known as the predatory bush cricket, the spiked magician is a species of sagine bush cricket (Saginae) which occurs from southern Europe and western Asia from the Iberian peninsula across central Europe and central Asia to China. Sage pedo is known to inhabit both dry and wet meadows, pastures, scrubland, and even grain fields/vineyards. True to its common name Saga pedo is indeed predatory and will feed on a range of other insects. It earns its other common name due to the “enchating” way it moves its forelimbs as it approaches its prey.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Orthoptera-Ensifera-Tettigoniidea-Tettigoniidae-Saginae-Saga-S. pedo

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Christmas traditions in the Hogwarts houses
  • Hufflepuff: Christmas tree decorated with golden flowers specially grown by professor Sprout, shiny black baubles and small pouches with treats. Students sneak into the kitchens to bake their favourite christmas specialties, resulting in the common room being filled with the scent of fresh baked cookies all of december. Some put up donation boxes for charites they endorse in the common room and every year there's a new record in donations.
  • Gryffindor: Christmas tree decorated over the top with candles glowing in different colors, candy canes, baubles with hand painted lions, ribbons and glitter. Students often add their own decorations to it. A common addition is christmas crackers that the students make themselves and fill with things from Zonko's and Honeydukes. The first snow day students sneak in as much snow as they can and have an indoors snowball fight in the common room. The older students starts practising drying spells as soon as it starts to get colder outside because of this.
  • Ravenclaw: Christmas tree decorated with enchated birds of glass and small shining stars. Students build impressive gingerbread houses that quickly fill the common room. A creative design is valued higher than the actual execution and everyone is encouraged to participate. Students add short rhyming verses to their christmas presents that hint about their content and the best rhyme for quidditch is a commonly discussed topic.
  • Slytherin: Christmas tree decorated with magical glittering snow and icicles and baubles with glowing green lights inside. Glowing silvery bubbles float in the ceiling of the common room. Every year the students dedicate an evening to writing christmas cards to their families. Gifts are exchanged between friends and there's an unspoken competition of who can come up with the most impressive wrapping.