enchantress of numbers

Tinted photograph from a daguerreotype of Ada Lovelace, 1844. Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, wrote lengthy notes to Charles Babbage who designed a theoretical mechanical digital computer, the Analytical Engine. Babbage referred to Lovelace as “the Enchantress of Numbers” and she is considered by some to be the first computer programmer.

!!! there were a bunch of trans girls on SGDQ this year. consolidating info from comments on this post.

seralyna said:

Fromm what I know, EeveeSpirit played New Super Mario Bros 2, Enchantress of numbers was part of the Tetris the Grandmaster showcase, Protomagicalgirl had 4 different runs, and commentated during TASblock, and Emily Brooks ran Pikmin

Here are the mentioned speedrunners and their runs at the event: