so i finally got my act together to do my first follow forever since the end of 2014 and I’m not even kidding its still 90% all the same people. I love you guys all so much ♡ 

ps. if for some reason you aren’t on this list I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realise how many people I follow, and i know and have this sinking feeling that i’ve at least missed someone

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hi guys!! 2016 is almost over and we all know it was a tough year but i hope 2017 will bring us more peace and happiness and that this upcoming year won’t fuck us over. i wish all of you neverending happiness, time spent with your family, friends and loved ones, may your dreams come true and hard work pays off and of course zero negativity and fake people in your life because all of you deserve everything that’s positive and good!! + hope you spent/are spending/gonna spend new year’s eve in the best way possible 🎉🥂🎆

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and the one and only @taylorswift



hiiiii! so throwback to when i made a blog called so-swiftie but then it didn’t get many followers in the three days that i had it so then i deleted it cool story. so throwback to april 2 years a go when i made the blog again with the same url, so-swiftie (vintage ellie) and decided to actually stick with it. and now here we are a little bit older, same mediocre photoshop skills, jokes that aren’t getting any funnier and trying a little too hard to be quirky. but 10,000 of you seem to like it why why why SO THANK YOU! so as a form of appreciation i’ve decided to make this thing, i wish i could do something bigger like a giveaway but i am a poor little tadpole in a pond of rich frogs so this will do.

anyway i just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you and please follow me i mean i love you i get those two mixed up a lot

(bold= faves)

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#-c: badsblood, butlovinghimwasred, backtojuly9th, bemyoldselfagain, creekbedsweturnedup, andiwishyouwoulds, andkissesoncheeks, colorsinautumn, andthatlittleblackdress, 1989ed, comingeasily, 1989tour, chasingfortunes, comebackbehere, colldasyou, andyoucallmeupagain, bacblood, breakburnandends, arethefoxes, boewing

d-f: eyesoutoffocus, flashbacksandechoes, dancinglikeswift, feariess, fearsandyourghosts, enchanthed, fortuneandfames, eyesopen, firstkissflawless, floodcarries, fitinmypoems, demonsandarling, flamesorparadise,

g-i: holygrounds, gotbadbloods, iconfessbabe, itwasburningred, inthenameofbeinghonests, gotyourdemons, ifreakinlovetaylorswift, gluegunscar, gay4tay, imparalyzedbyitt, goldenageofsomething

j-l: longlivethegirlinthedress, longlivetaylor, juniorjewels, kingdomlightsshine, lovethanfights, karliekkloss, julyninths, longslive, justbeforetheyloseitall, lovedinshadesofwrongs, listofexlovers, knowsplaces, kaylrs, littleskirts

m-o: makingupforlostlove, neverblindme, onehandfeel, ofbeinghonests, neversgrowup, newfoundgrace, messofadreamer-13, newromanntics, oohiremember, nowimhauntedd, noteonthedoorwithajoke, outoftheswoods, oldfavoritesong, myparentsmistakes, mosaicbrokenhearts, makeyourwordscount, myjourneytofearlesss, outofthewoods, milkshakeitoff, nevereverlikeever, ofloudheartbeat

p-s: shakeitoffs, sadbeautifultragic, sweetfictions, riskanothergoodbye, swiftbeautifultragic, storminmybestdress, swingofyourstep, scarletletterswift, probablymindlessdreaming, starlightsswift, sadbeautifultraqic, swiftsclifford, shouldvessaidno, picturetosburn, queenslaylor, paralyzedbyit, shadowsswift, rainwouldlastforever, s-wift, stoodthereandwatched, swiftvintage, shedancedtoforget, shadesofwrong, rightandreal, swifth, scarsyoumade

t-v: tayloswifts, tayswizzle, voguetaylor, taylorsblood, thatwhitedress, theothersideofthedoor, tayorswift, thatswiftblog, totallyswifted, theblameisonme, thestarsthatshined, treachreous, taylorsiwfts, taylorswiht, timeerasingyou, thanksforsayingthat, themomentiknews, tayswifth, tisfearless, theangelscity, throughthedoorwithyou, taylorsvivt, talksrealslow, timcgraws, taylor-svift, theloverinthefoyer, thesunsetbabe, teaswift, totrackusdown

w-z: youbelongwithmes, whereveryouares, woodsout, youareworldsaway, yourcoloursfades, whispersonthestreet, youmighthavehim, wentmad, wealmostbrokeup, youkeepmyoldscarf, yourkissmycheek, wecanshake, wednesdayinacafes, youareeinlove, winestaindress, wantbackthelove, youshouldvebeenhere, youreclean, wildestdrean, youcomeundone, wherethestorylineend

+ taylorswift maybe??????

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#-c: conspiraccy, ankelbiters, buhtterbeer, brandneweyed, allisonrgents​, chcalamity​, airguitars, central-perk, beaconhillspxck, alphalewolf, aintitprmr, azkabah, clockworkpain, clexa​, aaronswarnerr, claryherondales​, claryherondhale, bellamys-blakes​, avengurs, baellrke, bellemysprincess

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Hi guys! I reached a huge follower goal of 5k this past weekend and wanted to celebrate with a follow forever! Some of the blogs on here i have followed for years now and i consider them close friends, while others are newer to tumblr and to me, and i can’t wait to get closer to you guys! (✿◠‿◠) 

*bolded are some of my absolute faves! 

#-d: 1989tour 1989tourinfo andthatlittleblackdress andguns anoteonthedoor almostswift altoowhale andwefelldowntherabbithole allweknows agentswift andweweredancindancin anygreatloves bejusttrees betterthansrevenge badsblood burningflamesparadise buttonsoncoats breakburnandends brickstheythrewatme callsmeupagains captureitrememberit colorsinautumn cockholmsyndrome comingeasily chasingfortunes chloebenet couldlastforevers confettisfall coffeeatmidnights comesbackeverytimes dancingindaydreams drops-of-swift droughtswastheveryworst detectiveswift drinkingmaplelattes decemberswifts distancesilence dancinroundthekitchen daerjohn

e-i : eyesopen enchanthed everswift ehdreeahnah everythinhaschanged feariess fetusswift finallyclean flfteen faceinmymind foundwondrland fragilelittleflame foreversandalways fearsandyourghosts fitinmypoems gotyourdemons gettingoodnow holygrounds hearteyeswift heldyourpride hellagoodcurls hheystephen ialmostdo itsathugstory itsbeenwaitingforyou itwasworththepain incredblethings ileftmyscarfthere iknowsomeplacess ialmostdonot iconfessbabe imfinallyclean imwonderfucked icouldbuildcastles ihadsomethingtolose

j-n: jumpthenfalls justbeforetheyloseitall juniorjewels kissesoncheekss kingdomlightsshine kaleidoscopeofourmemories keepcruising lightsglisten loft89experience lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak lightingonmyfeet losinhimwasbluee lingering-question-kept-me-up losttupstate lovespretty lithroughthedarkness makingupforlostlove myjourneytofearlesss magiccmadnessheavensin madesmeyourown magicmadnessincrediblethings memoriesbreakourfalls neverblindme newromanticss newest-romantics notalotgoingonathemoment nevereverlikeever nightmaredressedlikeadayydream nightmaredressedlikeadaydreann knowitslonggone

o-r: oohiremember outofthewoods outoftheswoods ourdifferentletters ofabeautifulnight ofbeinghonests of1989 ofswifts oldfavoritesong passinnotesinsecrecy placeswecanhide probablymindlessdreaming prettysureitsbecky pourindowns redheadswift reflectsthechain redd-lip-classic raincamepouringdowns

s-t: swiftsecrets sadbeautifultragic swifth swifs sweeterthansweerans swiftpositivity swiftingcats seeyouinmywildestdreamsts seeitwiththelightsouts stateofbecky starlightaylor stealingmyhearts sostaystaystay sparksoftaylor spentmywholelifetrying ssweet-dispositionn shedancedtoforget shakeitoft shakeitoffs sketchingswift scarletletterswift screaminggcolourr taylorsvift teaswift teylurs tree-paine treachreous timeerasingyou timcgraws tothissickbeat torturedloves tayllorswifts taylorswiftstyle talldrinkoftaylor tallktothesky tangledupwithuallnight tswiftquotes ts-1989 tswiftdaily thanksforsayingthat theblameisonme thestarsthatshined thetaylorswiftarmy theangelscity thesunsetbabe thedirtydirtycheatsoftheworld thelookonyourface thenightends

u-z: untrouchable upthefrontporchsteps villageisaglow wentmad wealmostbrokeup welcometonewyorks wilclestdreams wish-youwould wide-eyeedgaze wildestdrean wildetsdreams youareinllove youbelongwithmes yourcoloursfades youreclean youareeinlove yourkissmycheek

and most importantly taylorswift: I love you forever and always. thanks so much for being my best friend, my older sister and my role model. 

(if i forgot anyone please please message me, i did this in a hurry) 

Hey guys! I’ve recently reached 15k which is absolutely INSANE. I’ve never imagined I’d get this many followers. I will always be in shock that I even have this many! I love all of you guys so much and thanks for making my dash amazing :)

1989album / 1989tour / abouttoplaymyace / all-too-well / alltaywell / alltoofuckingwell / altoowhale / amyandrory / andthatlittleblackdress / andyoucallmeupagain / apenandanoldnapkin / awayfromthecrowds / babyiknowplaces / badsblood / bae-tay / beautifulnight / bemynightingale / bemyoldselfagain / best-apologies / betterthansrevenge / bllankspace / bloodrunscolds / boewing / breakburnandends / burnedthemout / butlovinghimwasred / captureitrememberit / closertotheclouds / colldasyou / colorsinautumn / comingeasily / daerjohn / dailyswiftgifs / dancinroundthekitchen / docorwho / drinkingmaplelattes / drunkonjealousy / enchantedswift13 / enchanthed / eyesopen / faithlings / fear13less / feariess / fearsandyourghosts / feelslikeaperfectnight / fetusswift / fiftharmonys / finallyclean / flashbacksandechoes / fortuneandfames / freddiecowann / gettingsweptaways / goemz / gotyourdemons / heldyourpride / hellagoodhair / holygrounds / howyougethegirl / iconfessbabe / ifitstorture / illwriteyourname / imparalyzedbyitt / julyninths / jumpthenfalls / juniorjewels / justbeforetheyloseitall / keepcruising / kingdomlightsshine / kissesoncheekss / kissinbarsyoufool / klossy / likeabattle / likeanytruelove / listofexlovers / loft89experience / longlivethegirlinthedress / longslive / losinhimwasbluee / lovethanfights / makingupforlostlove / monica-geller / mosaicbrokenhearts / myfaveisproblematic / myparentsmistakes / nerdydean / neverblindme / neverevers / newfoundgrace / newromaantics / newromanticss / newromantis / noitsjosh / ofabeautifulnight / ofbeinghonests / officialtaylornation / oldfavoritesong / onbackroadsatnight / onehandfeel / oohiremember / oswinwaled / outofthewoods / outsofthewoods / photoswift / piecesintoplaces / placeswecanhide / queentaylor / ripbreakmelikeapromise / riskanothergoodbye / rosecutietyler / sadbeautifultragic / sawalightinyou / screamingiminlovewithyou / shadesofwrong / shakeitoffs / sixtiequeen / sixtiesqueen / swifs / swingofyourstep / takeabreaths / takeawaythepains / taketheheats / tayllorswifts / taylor-svift / tayloralisonswft / tayloralisonswifts  / tayswizzle / teaswift / tenerifeseas / thanksforsayingthat / thatswiftblog / theangelscity / theblameisonme / thedoctordances / theirins / thekingdomslights / themomentiknews / thestarsthatshined / theswiftsource / thosegeorgiastarstoshame / thoseopeneyes / timeerasingyou / torturedloves / totallyswifted / tree-paine / useyourmelody / voguetaylor / whyisntketchupasmoothie / wonderlandtaylor / xloveswift / youareinllove / youareinloves / youareworldsaway / youbelongwithmes / youmakemecrazier

and of course the one and only taylorswift


hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve recently hit 6k followers and so i’ve decided to make this follow forever… it was done pretty quickly so do forgive me if i left out your url, i basically love everyone i follow :) 

(some might not be in alphabetical order!)

A to D: abiander, all-too-well, alltoofuckingwell, alltootay, andiwishyouwoulds, andthatlittleblackdress, andyoucallmeupagain, anewmaserati13, annakendrickvevo, apenandanoldnapkin, asnowilyfrosttail, asoundwehadntheardbefore, badsblood, bananaofswift, bemyoldselfagain, best-apologies, bestapologies, bewbies, blackcarsrivieraviews, blankspace89, bllankspace, boewing, breakburnandends, breakrinalikeapromise, breakyourrules, cametotheshowinsd, chainisonyourdoor, chickenuggetnight, colorsinautumn, comebackbehere, comingeasily, contagiousbr, creekbedsweturnedup, criesovertaylorswift, dancinroundthekitchen, daerjohn, demonsandarling, dibblesswift, dirtycheatsoftheworld, drinkingmaplelattes

E to I: emstonesdaily, enchantedswift13, enchanthed, enchanting-swift, everrsoswiftly, everythingtaylor13, everythinhaschanged, ewatsondaily, eyesopen, feariess, fearlesspeaknow, fearlessleighfetusswift, fightiingdragons, flfteen, flowers-finally-clean1989, fuck-sewingmachines, fullsonrainstorm, futurewasme, gay4tay, gotalonglistofexlovers, gotyourdemons, heldyourpride, hellagoodhair, holygrounds, howyougethegirl, iconfessbabe, ifreakinlovetaylorswift, iknitsweatersyo, iknowispouringrain, imparalyzedbyitt, incredblethings, innocentsilhouette, itsathugstory, its-taylorswifts

J to O: jamesdean-daydream13, jaimelainnister, julyninths, kaleidoscopeofourmemories, keepcruising, kingdomlightsshine, kissesoncheekss, kissinbarsyoufool, knowitslonggone, lightsglisten, likeanytruelove, likeanytruelove, likeevers, longlivethegirlinthedress, longlive88, longslive, lovespretty, makingupforlostlove, mariicorradi, michellefearless, milkshakeitoffmipsyanddibblesmonica-geller, mosaicbrokenhearts, mountainswemoved, mswatswift, myjourneytofearlesss, nameisupinlights, neverevers, nevereverlikeever, newfoundgrace, newromanticss, newromaantics, notalotgoingonathemoment, officialtaylornation, ohsoswiftly, ohtaylurking, oldfavoritesong, onbackroadsatnight, onehandfeel, onetedswift, oohiremember, outofthewoods, outofthewoodss

P to S: passinnotesinsecrecy, photographing-lawns, picturetosburn, ptaylorswift, polaroidofyourainwouldlastforever, rememberyourbarefeet, sadbeautifultragic, scarletletterswift, screamingiminlovewithyou, seenthesigns, shadesofwrong, sherlockswift, shootingblackstars, shouldvessaidno, simplysfans, spakrx, speaknowtaylor, stateofswift, stoodthereandwatched, sunshinekarliekloss, swingofyourstep, takeawaythepains, talldrinkoftaylor, tangledupwithuallnight, tayliswift, taylor-is-finally-clean, taylor-svift, taylor-swfit, tayloralisonswifts, taylorsblood, taylorseift, tayloruniverse, tayswiftnation, thanksforsayingthat, thatswiftblog, theangelscity, theblameisonme, thebeautifulkindofbutterflies, thestarsthatshined, thevillageisaglows, throughthedoorwithyou, timcgraws, timeerasingyou, toiletbowlwater, ts-1989

V to Z: voguetaylor, wealmostbrokeup, wegotbillstopay, whereveryouares, wonderlandtaylor, wordsnquotes, xloveswift, youareeinlove, youareinloves, youbelongwithmes, youkeepmyoldscarf, youmakemecrazier

and to the one and only bae, taylorswift <3

I am celebrating my 13k followers with this little follow forever!

First of all I wanna thank all my followers, y'all amazing and I am so happy for every single one! And I am sorry if I forgot one of you! 

A- alltoofuckingwell | altoowhalealexandergold | alonewithchangingminds | afterplaid | amandajeanthi | andifeelperfectlyfine | anygreatlovesB- badsblood | babydontyoubreakmyheartslow | bulletproofswift | beautifulnight | beautfultragicC- casuallyfearless | colorsinautumn | cant-make-them-stay1989 | comebackbehere |  D-  | david | dirtytaylorswift | drunkswifts | daerjohn | E- endlessossi | epicjohngreenquotes | eyesopen | enchantedswift13 | enchanthed | everythinhaschanged | F- fearlesswift | feariess | fear13less | fishingboatproceeds | fuckingcuddle | forebidden | fearlesspeaknowG- gotyourdemonsH- holygrounds | hearteyeswiftI- ifreakinlovetaylorswift | inadrawerJ- jaredleto | jirvines | journeytofatlessK- kingdomlightsshine | kittheykitthey | keds | kittheyphotos | kristenforthewin | knee-socks1L- loveontheninthcloud | lordemusic | littletswiftthings | longlivethegirlinthedress | likeshadowsinthefadedlightM-  miss-tswift | matshummles | messofadreamer-13 | merryswiftmas | mswatswiftN- neverblindme | newfoundgrace | nahitsbeckyO- oldfavoritesongoohiremember | ohsoswiftly | outofthewoods | ofastarlight | ofbeinghonestsP- piecesintoplaces | playitgoodQ- queenslaylorR- royalswftS- shadesofwrong | swifd | swiftvintage | starlightaylor | showyouincrediblethings | suchswiftsorrow | stefaniaswift | swfift T- thosebeautifuleyes | taylorsblood | timeerasingyou | taylor-svift|  | theblameisonme | tayliswift | taylorswfit | thesportyway | tothissickbeat | totallyswifted | taylorswift | tree-paine | thelifeofswift | thatlittletownstr-eet | thatjuly9th treachreous | trystolistenU-  untrouchable | uncomfortablydumb | usernameherewhatV- voguetaylor | vivienn-art |W- wonderingfaiths | willdestdreams | weheartswifties | whostaylorswiftanywayewX-  x-we-are-the-foxes-xY/Z- yourememberitalltoowell | youareinloves | yourcoloursfades | youshouldvebeenhere 

Hi, hey, hello! I have been promising this since 1989 and here it is. My follow forever for reaching 8,000. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve gotten to 8,000 followers! First off, I really and truthfully do not deserve it, seeing as I’m always reblogging dumb textposts and cute pictures of Taylor and Harry. But I still, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate any and all success I’ve seen as a multifandom blog from you guys. I know in the grand scheme of things, 8k may not be much, but I love each and every one of you with all of my heart; even if you didn’t make it onto my follow forever. Thank you so much for sticking with me whether you have been following for years, months, or seconds; you all really mean a lot to me and I would love to get to know each and every one of you. This is actually insane and I feel like I can’t actually thank you enough to making me reach this goal. I am in love with every single one of you. Thank you again for reblogging and following me. I wish I could personally hug you all but that could take quite a while and cost a lot from traveling, but I’d do it if I could. If you ever do want to chat, my ask is open at all times and I’m on my AIM constantly. Thank you SO much to my bestfriend, Claire, for making this graphic for me! I apologize in advance to anyone that I forgot to add. It’s because I follow so many people. Below the readmore is a list of blogs that I adore.

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hello there! i thought i would share the love with this follow forever. sorry if you’re not in here or i have forgotten you but i have posted the link to my blogroll down below. this is my valentine’s follow forever, it’s got like, hearts and stuff. so happy valentine’s day :3


50shadesoftay, 50shadesoftaylorswift, 60squeens


afirstglancefeeling, allmagicwemade, alltoofuckingwell, alltooswellamourfalls, andthatlittleblackdress, andwebothcried, aperfectllygoodheart, asnowilyfrosttail, backtodecembber, backtojuly9th, bemyoldselfagain, bestapologies, braveandwilds, butlovinghimwasred, callsmeupagain, captureitrememberit, catchingswift, catchmenows, catskirtdays, causeyourememberit, coldcamedarkdays, colorsinautumn, comeinwiththeswift, comingeasily, countingthefootsteps


dancinglikeswift, dancingswizzle, darksbluetennessee, defacinguitars, devonneswift, enchanthedeverythinhaschanged, eyesopen, eyesoutoffocus, feelingtwentytwo, firstkissflawless, flashbacksandechoes, fortuneandfames, fuckyeahswift, fullofswift


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Hey guys! It’s the end of the year and I wanted to make a follow forever for all the people that made my dash beautiful this year. Thank you so much for everything I love you all!

A special thanks to the beautiful people (mutuals/friends) that I’ve following since 2013 and I love so much.


The lovely people of the @tswift-network​.





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Guys! Does exactly three years that I have this blog. And I never imagined that people would know so sweet and lovable and I would come to 23k. Thank you all for completing my dash every day with wonderful posts, and follow me.  Thank you all so MUCH! i love you all ❤ 

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ps: if your URL is not here i’m sorry. 

hey everyone!! i’ve recently hit 8k followers and this is a follow forever to celebrate that :) if i left you out, then i’m so, so sorry about it - basically i love everyone i follow, and here’s my blogroll ♥

A to D: all-too-well, alltoofuckingwell, alltootay, altoowhale, andthatlittleblackdress, andyoucallmeupagain, annakendrickvevo, apenandanoldnapkin, asnowilyfrosttail, asoundwehadntheardbefore, badsblood, bae-tay, bananaofswift, bemyoldselfagain, best-apologies, bestapologies, bewbies, bllankspace, blushingallthewayshome, boewing, breakburnandends, breakrinalikeapromise, breakyourrules, cametotheshowinsd, cantstopwontstopgrovin, catchingtaylor, chainisonyourdoor, chickenuggetnight, colorsinautumn, comebackbehere, comingeasily, contagiousbr, creekbedsweturnedup, criesovertaylorswift, daerjohndancinroundthekitchen, demonsandarling, dibblesswift, dirtycheatsoftheworld, drunkswifts

E to K: emstonesdaily, enchantedswift13, enchanthed, everythingtaylor13, ewatsondaily, feariess, fearlessleigh, fearlesspeaknow, fetusswift, fightiingdragons, fuck-sewingmachines, fullsonrainstorm, futurewasme, gay4tay, gotalonglistofexlovers, gotyourdemons, heldyourpride, hellagoodhair, holygrounds, howyougethegirl, iconfessbabe, iknitsweatersyo, iknowispouringrain, ileftmyscarfthere, imparalyzedbyitt, incredblethings, innocentsilhouette, its-taylorswifts, itsathugstory, jamesdean-daydream13, jaimelainnister, julyninths, kaleidoscopeofourmemories, keepcruising, kingdomlightsshine, kissesoncheekss, kissesoncheekss, knowitslonggone

L to O: lightsglisten, lightingonmyfeet, likeanytruelove, longlivethegirlinthedress, longlonglive, longslive, makingupforlostlove, mipsyanddibbles, monica-geller, mosaicbrokenhearts, mountainswemoved, mswatswift, myjourneytofearlesss, nameisupinlights, newfoundgracenevereverlikeever, neverevers, neversawyoucoming, newromanticss, newromaantics, notalotgoingonathemoment, officialtaylornation, ofbeinghonests, ohsoswiftly, ohtaylurking, oldfavoritesong, onbackroadsatnight, onehandfeel, oohiremember, outofthewoods, outsofthewoods

P to T: passinnotesinsecrecy, photographing-lawns, picturetosburn, probablymindlessdreaming, ptaylorswift, rainwouldlastforever, rememberyourbarefeet, sadbeautifultragic, scarletletterswift, screamingiminlovewithyou, seenthesigns, shadesofwrong, sherlockswift, shootingblackstars, simplysfans, sleepingwiththefishes, speaknowtaylor, stateofswift, storminmybestdress, sunshinekarliekloss, takeawaythepains, talldrinkoftaylor, tangledupwithuallnight, taylorswift, taylor-svift, taylor-swfit, tayloralisonswifts, taylorsblood, taylorseift, taylorsupdates, tayswiftnation, thanksforsayingthat, thatswiftblog, theangelscity, thebeautifulkindofbutterflies, theblameisonme, thedirtydirtycheats, thestarsthatshined, thevillageisaglows, thingsyoucantspeakof, thosegeorgiastarstoshame, timeerasingyou, timcgraws, toiletbowlwater, ts-1989, twopaperairplanesflyingflying, tothisickbeat

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and to the bae, taylorswift

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well! Last week, I reached a little over 6k of followers and had intended to do an updated follow forever. Also, I am beyond excited to see Taylor in less than 5 days in LA!! :) I am so grateful for how great you all have been to me since I have started my blog last year. I have found so many friends through this site and have found myself to be closer than ever to Taylor. Thank you guys for being absolutely beautiful on my dash. So, here’s a list of my fav blogs at the moment:

a-d: abiander allyouhadtodowastay areweoutofthewoods backtodeccember blessingswift bornon1989 breakburnandends breakrinalikeapromise cest-le-real-leal comemorninglight cu-riousminds dancingtotaylorsbeat dancinroundthekitchen drunkonjealousy

e-ienchanthed eveninyourwildestdreams feelingxxii fellaswiththehellagoodhair fellawiththehellagoodhair fetusswift gay4tay gotdatgoodgirlfaith haileesteinfeld heldyourpride hellagoodcurls inscreamingcolor intheclearyet

j-n: kaleidoscopeofourmemories karliekloss keepcruising kingdomlightsshine knowsplaces likeevers likeimparalyzedbyit lonevolfie longlivethegirlinthedress  noitsjosh

o-t: ofbeinghonests officialtaylornation ohsoswiftly oldfavoritesong onehandfeel oohiremember outofthewoods outofthewoodsyet picturetosburn ptaylorswift rememberyourbarefeet shadesofwrong simplysfans slammingscreendoors sowecoulddance speaknowtaylor swiftlyholyground t-swizzle takeawaythepains talldrinkoftaylor tangledupwithuallnight taylorslegs taylorsswift taylorswiftandpuns taylorswiftismyhero tayswizzle teaswift the1989ers thestarsthatshined timcgraws timeerasingyou tothisickbeat treachreous tree-paine

u-z: voguetaylor whisperaswepass youareeinlove youbelongwithmes youmakemecrazier yourkissmycheek youvegotasmile

Last but definitely not least, taylorswift. Thanks for being the great person you are. Thanks for everything you have done for me and everyone in this fandom. I love you with all of my heart.  <3

If i forgot you, please let me know and I’ll gladly add you. :)

Hey guys! So I recently met a follower goal of mine and I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a couple of weeks now, but I’m finally getting around to it! Anyway, here is my follow forever made up of some of my all time favorite blogs and most of the blogs I reblog from. Hope you like it! x

First and foremost the amazing santa squad -

thesantasquad wefoundwondreland, newromaantics, thatpolaroidofus, fragilelittleflamee, inscrreamingcolor, soocasuallycruel, wasridingshotgun, thisisgonnabealifetime, shedreamsimpossibledreams, thefearlesspotato​.


all-too-well, apolaroidofus,  alltoofuckingwell, altoowhale, adorablyswift, afragilelitttleflame, andsuperman,  anygreatloves, ayetayisbae, alltootay,  andialmostdo arizonaswift13, badbloodsmadloves, apenandanoldnapkin, adorablyswift, blankspacewinkyface, beautifulnight, blqnkspace, badsblood,  best-apologies, bestapologies,  becky-loves-cats, boewing, born-in1989, causeuknowilovetheplayers, casuallyfearless, carlylala, chainonyourneck,  chainisonyourdoor, cozyswift, colorsinautumn,  droughtswastheveryworst, daddysaidstayaway, dancetothisbeatforever,  diagon-alli, dreamingincastles, darkandtwistymeredith, dibblesswift, demonsandarling, dirtycheatsoftheworld,


enchantswift​, everydayislikeabatttle, eveninyourwildestdreams, effietrinkety, enchantedswift13, enchanthed, fuckyeahkloss​, fuck-sewingmachines​, futurewasme​, flashbacksandechoes​, fetusswift​​, flamesorparadise​, fearsandyourghosts​, fearlessleigh​​, fortuneandfames​, gonewasanytraces​, gotyourdemons​, gonnashakeit​, haimtheblog, healyswift, heartbeatswift, heldyourpride, hellagoodhair, hellagoodhaylor, hellagoodcurls, hiswildeyesontheroad, howyougethegirl, holygraund, heyallyouhadtodo, hashbrownswift, holygrounds


intheclearyet, intotheswift, ialmostdo, itsathugstory, izzie-stevens, iknowplacesclean, inswifterland​,  iknowplacesclean, iwouldvebeensohappy, innocehnt, inscreamingcolour, imfinallyclean, its-taylorswifts, iwishyouwoulds​, ifitstorture, incredblethings​, itscasuallycruel​​, itsathugstory​, illwriteyourname​, ileftmyscarfthere iconfessbabe​, jewchele​, jessicagavigan, justkarliekloss, jencita, jadesofwrong, julyninths​, klosswifts​, karliedkloss​, karliekkloss​, 


lordeandtaylor, lov-eswift, lovesafragillelittleflame, longslive, losinhimwasbluee, lovespretty, lovestreacherous, lightsglisten, losttupstatelovethanfights, maddiemadelinemaddie, monicapotters, monica-geller, magiccmadnessheavensin, monteiths,  nighthingschanged, newfoundgrace, no-its-becky, neversgrowups, newromantits, newromantlcs,


plzleavemestranded, passinnotesinsecrecy, papairplanenecklace, plaidbeautifultragic, penclicksound, photoswift, queentaylor, queenslaylor, redlipclassicstyles, redd-lip-classic,  sublimeswift, storysofus, swiftvintage​, starlight-swifts, sheslikeohmygod, speaknowtaylor, stay-stay-stay, shouldvessaidno, staringsunsets, savingmypromises, stilloutofthewoods, sadbeautifultraqic, swiftthirst, sowecoulddance, staysoutoolate​, stateofswift, s-wift, sunscameup, sparksoftaylor, swifth, skinnycarameltay


tayvinaf, tswiftneedsyou, talldrinkofhappy, tay-vin, tothisickbeat, taketheheats, taylorsmainbitch, thisisgettingoodnow, thislovecamebacktome, taylorsvivt, theperksoftaylorswift, thrownswiftly, tellyouiminsane, tayluurks, tswiftcatitude, taylorswiftl, taylorcity, toseemelikethat, taylorhasnot, therefrigeratorlight, the-newromantics, the-polaroidofus, thedirtydirtycheats, taylorswiht, thesunset-babe, the1989ers, talldrinkoftaylor, thepolaroidofus, tayswiftnation, throughthedoorwithyou, taylorswifds, tenerifeseas, tayswiftdotcom, thethingsimisread, thosegeorgiastarstoshamethebrandon907, taylorsblood, thelookonyourface, thatsickbeat, tayswizzle, teaswift, tayllorswifts,  tayloralisonswft


ughtaylorswift​, ughstory,  vanityswift​, voguetaylor, verybaeswift, welxometonewyork​, west-coast-taylor, wildestsdreams, wegotbillstopay, wonderlandwithtaylor, wxldstdream, whispersonthestreet, wouldtheywriteasongforyou, withacheshirecat, wandmaximoff, weareethefoxes,  wildestdrean​, welcometonewyorks,  we-found-wonderland13


xloveswift​, youhadmeatswift, youcantaylormyswift, youbelongwithmes, youareinloves, youareworldsaway, youmakemecrazier, youreclean, youshouldvesaidnobaby, yourememberitalltoowell,

Alright. Because my blog’s birthday is coming up and its so soon, i decided to make a very first follow forever because i have nothing to do love all of you and all of you have made my days better and brighter with all of your posts and even your tags. I know that a lot of you may be saying “do i even know you lmao” when you see this because im just a small, ugly, and unnoticed blog lol. (but i still adore you guys tho no matter what)

 Bolded means u r fab & i <3 u lots


1derfultay / 50shadesoftaylorswift / afragilelitttleflame / alltaywell / alltoobecky / alltoofuckingwellalltootay / allweknows / andialmostdo / andiwishyouwoulds / askingyoustostay / asnowilyfrosttail / atthewoods / babyimsettingyoufree / babyxnanas / badgirlsfaith / badnewsclub / badsblood / bananaofswift / befearlesslivered / bemyoldselfagain / bestapologies / bette–davis–eyes / blanxspace / breakburnandends / burberrysstyles / captureitrememberit / casualllycruel / colorsinautumn / dancinglikeswift / dancinroundthekitchen / demonsandarling / dissickbeat / edsarmyofswift / enchanthed / everswift / eyesopen / fadeawaayy / feariess / feelslikeaperfectnight / flashbacksandechoes / forevergoingwiththeflows


gluegunscar / gonnashakeit / gotbadbloods / guacamoleisbae / harryshellagoodhair / haylordreams / haylorfeels / haylors1989 / hellagoodhaylor / hishandsareonmywaistline / holygrounds / howyougethegirl / hurtsorbleed / ifitstorture / ifreakinlovetaylorswift / ifwebothstay / iheartsquestionmark / illwriteyourname / imgoingtoshakeitoff / incredblethings / inscreamingcolor / inthenameofbeinghonests / ithinkimfinallyclean / its-taylorswifts / jamesdeandaydreamjustbeforetheyloseitall / kaleidoscopeoflloudheartbeats / kaleidoscopeofourmemories / kingdomlightsshine / kissesoncheekss / kissinbarsyoufool / knowsplaces / letheflood / lightheartedjokelightsglisten / likeanytruelove / longlivethegirlinthedress / longslive / losinhimwasbluee / lovesfragilelittleflame / lovespretty / makingupforlostlove / mipsyanddibbles / mosaicbrokenhearts / myjourneytofearlesss / myoldpartydress / mysweetayngel


naneundalla / neverblindme / neverhungupthephone / neversawyoucoming / newandexcitng / newfoundgrace / ofbeinghonests / omgistaylor / onehandfeel / outsofthewoods / parfaiteswift / prisonerwithavisionn / redlipclassicstyles / rememberyourbarefeet / s-wift / sadbeautifultragic / sadbeautifultraglc / sadhungrytragic / shadesofwrong / shedancedtoforget / sheswonderstrucktay / siickbeats / simplysfans / speakmeows / speaknowtaylor / stateofswift / summerof-89 / sweetfictions / swiftbeautifultragic / swifth / swiftscheshire / swiftyorkcity / swingofyourstep


takeawaythepains / tavlors / taylor-svift / tayloralisenswift / taylornswift / taylorsbloodtaylorsswft / taylorsswift / taylorswifttaylorswiftismydiary / taylorswiftisnotimpressed / taylorswiht / tayloswifts / taylurkin / tellyouiminsane / teyloralison / thanksforsayingthat / thatswiftblog / theangelscity / theblameisonme / thedirtydirtycheats / thelookonyourface / thenthecoldcame / theothersideofthedoor / thestarsthatshined / throughthedoorwithyou / thrownswiftly / timeerasingyou / totallyswifted / tothisickbeat / totrackusdown / treachreous / troublexswift / ts-1989 / tswiftquotes / upinlights / voguetaylor / wantbackthelove / wasworththepain / wealmostbrokeup / weareethefoxes / webothwentmad / welcometonewyorrk / whatsongitwasplaying / whereveryouares / whereyoubeens / whisperaswepass / wildesthaylordreams / wishingitwasyouinstead / withagirllikethat / wouldtheymakethisblogforyou / youareworldsaway / youbelongwithmes / yourcoloursfades / youreclean 


so i hit 5k and that was amazing and i havent made one of these since april….so why not!! thanks everyone for stickin around. most of my mutuals are on here, but if youre not im sorry!! its probably because i dont know you or your blog very well + that should change :0. ALSO i gathered everyones url by hand and then put it on here so its entirely possible i forgot some people here it is


comingeasily / darkbluetennesses / firstrayofsun / onehandfeel shouldvessaidno / thestarsthatshined


captureitrememberit / catchmenows / babydriveslow / firstkissflawless / flfteen / juniorjewels / tasteofheavens / theothersideofthedoor / theothersidesofthedoor / youbelongwithmes /


backtodeccember / burnedthemout / enchanthed / julyninths / kingdomlightsshine / likeafireworkshow / longlivethegirlinthedress / lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak / lovedyouright thelookonyourface / wegotbillstopay / wishingitwasyouinstead


all-too-well / andialmostdo / andyoucallmeupagain / best-apologies/ breakburnandends / chasingfortunes / dancinroundthekitchen / demonsandarling / feelslikeaperfectnight / gotyourdemons flashbacksandechoes / gotalktoyourfriends / iconfessbabe / imparalyzedbyitt/ ineverycrowd / itwasgood-neverlookingdown / iwearheelsnow / justbeforetheyloseitall / lovespretty / mosaicbrokenhearts / neverevers / ofbeinghonests / sadbeautifultragic / sixtiesqueen / theblameisonme / themomentiknews / timeerasingyou / treacherrous / treachreuos / ;whostaylorswiftanywayew /


anygreatloves / badblocd / badsblood / fellawiththehellagoodhair / hellaswift / hellagoodhair / howyougethegirl / howyougetthegirl / ifitstorture / im1989af / keepcruising / knowsplaces lightingonmyfeet / listofexlovers / lyingsonyourcouch / newromanxtics / ofloudheartbeat / outoftheswoods / shakeitoft / shakesitsoff / shedancedtoforget / sotallhandsomeashell / thenewromntics / tothesesickbeats / tothisickbeat / torturedloves wearethfoxes / wegotsbadblood / wentmad / wilclestdreams / wildestsdreams / wildestdrean / youareinloves / 1989tour /


andstay / aynmaliks / calumthomashood / canadianheaux / captivd / divergentswift / drunkswifts / emmaswna / emotionsofbeingafangirl everswift / fearofbeingaverage / fleurdeswift / fuckskarth / fundon / geckoghost / harrycanunot / hawksquad / hazlegrace / hazzaswiftie / hellagoodhaylor / hemeings / iknitsweatersyo / itsmediiaanne / jennacolevman / kissinbarsyoufool / knotty-kai / leavemyheartoutofthis-13 liamsbirthmom / lipscal / malibamis / masterpiecestheatre / mckennahemmings / memoryslane michaelgordns / milksbars / mscalum / mycatisgossipgirl / mysweetayngel / nataaliaromanova / percabeth-is-endless / pezzajade / putthosetearsaway / rainyblueskys / sarcastictaylor / sexualnico / shakimebarak / sherlockswift / slaylorswifts / stopitcalum swiftscheshire / swiftbeautifultragic / taylorstagram / taylortookapolaroidofus / taylorsvifts / taylour / tayswiftnation / tenerifeseas / tenerifeswift tsweezys / voguetaylor / waakeme-up / whereveryouares / wvvatour / zayncal / ziall / 19blacks / 1989harrys /