hey, guys!

this is my second follow forever. since christmas eve is today and christmas is tomorrow (!!!), i decided to make this. y’all are amazeballs and it’s been really fun to spend my time blogging with you.

anyway, these are my favorites aka magical people who lighten up my dash. i really tried to include all of you here, but it’s quite difficult! believe me, i know it sucks if we’re mutuals and you’re not here, i’m terribly sorry! i will put more effort next time, promise.

p.s. the bolded ones are baes who have been talking to me, bringing up my mood, complimenting me, and being as nice as angels can possibly be.

#: 1989pop 20stitches

a: alltaywell andthatlittleblackdress anytruelove 

b: badsblood beautifulnight bestapologies bllankspace breakburnandends 

c: cametotheshowinsd chasingfortunes cloudsmaygather colldasyou colorsinautumn colouringshadows comebackbehere

d: daerjohn dancetothisbeatforever dancinroundthekitchen dirtydirtycheats drinkingmaplelattes dressuplikehipsters drunkswifts

e: eightysnines enchantedswift13 enchanthed everlsrk eyesopen everythinhaschanged

f: fadetotears fakersgonnafakes fearlesswift filledwiththorns flashbacksandechoes floodcarries fortuneandfames futurewasme firstrayofsun

g: gotyourdemons gwenstacye gold-stairway-to-heaven

h: hcrondale heldyourpride holygrounds 

i: iconfessbabe ifreakinlovetaylorswift iknitsweatersyo indemne itsathugstory itsdakotajohnson ifitstorture

k: keepcruising kingdomlightsshine kissinbarsyoufool knowsplaces 

l: lightsglisten longlivethegirlinthedress 

m: makingupforlostlove mosaicbrokenhearts mosaicswift mydraco 

n: nahitsbecky nashville-s neverblindme neverevers neverouttastyle neversawyoucoming newfoundgrace newsoundtracks

o: of1989 ofastarlight ofabeautifulnight ofbeinghonests ofswifts oldfavoritesong omgistaylor oohiremember ohsoswiftly ohtayswizzle outofthewoods outsofthewoods outsfthewoods

p: paintsabluesky paraswift photoswift prrim 

q: queenslaylor 

r: rememberlullaby rightandreal rooneymara

s: s-wift sadbeautifultragic sarcastictaylor scarletletterswift scarsyoumade screaminglonglives scrmingcolours settingsyoufree shakeitoffs sherlockswift singitproudlys sixtiequeen sixtiesqueen skiesgrowdarker sowecoulddance sparksoftaylor speaknowtaylor staringsunsets stateofgraces staystaystays staytaylorstay staytaytay sunlightskies swfift swift-s swiftbeautifultragic swifth swiftpick swiftskies swiftsparadise swifttaylors swingofyourstep

t: t-swifts takeabreaths takeawaythepains tavlors tayliswift tayllorswifts taylor-svift tayloralisenswift tayloralisons tayloralisonswft tayloravenue taylorgetsedgy taylorsswft taylorsswift taylorswfit taylorswiftordie13 taylorswtft tayorswift taysalison tayswifth tayswizzle teaswift tenerifeseas teyloralison thanksforsayingthat thatsickbeat thatwhitedress theangelscity thelookonyourface themomentiknews thesunsetbabe thewinestainedress timcgraws timeerasingyou totallyswiftmas tothisickbeat tothissickbeat totrackusdown treachreous ts-1989 

u: unresolveds untrouchable upinlights

w: wealmostbrokeup weheartswifties wentmad wildedreams wildestdrean willdestdream willdestdreams wonderingfaiths wonderstay

y: youareworldsaway youbelongwithmes yourcoloursfades youreclean yousawenough youshouldvesaidnobaby 

and of course to my forever favorite mutual who’s basically an angel and queen at the same time plus she’s very much bae and perfect as hell too, one and only taylorswift!


A - E

alinsontaylors. allstooswells. amourfalls. andyoucallmeupagain. babyissomethingwrong. brokeuplastnight. comingeasily. cre8tive13. dancinroundtheroom. demonsandarling. enchanthed. everythinhaschanged.

F - K

feelslikeaperfectnight. flashbacksandechoes. gay4tay. gotyourdemons. heartsforswift. iknewyouweretroubles. irememberhayloralltoowell. itsmellslikeme. julyninths. kaleidoscopeofourmemories. kingdomlightsshine. 

L - R

longlovelive. lovespretty. makingupforlostlove. nevereverlikeever. notalotgoingonathemoment. nowimhauntted. myjourneytofearlesss. onehandfeel. riskanothergoodbye.

S - T

sailorswifts. screamingiminlovewithyou. shadowsswift. shouldvessaidno. staytaytay. swiftvintage. tacoswift. takingitssweettime. tayliswift. taylorsvivt. thelaststime. thelookonyourface. timeerasingyou. 

U - Z

untrouchable. whenitsjustrained. whereveryouares. yearwithoutrain. youhadmecrying. yourememberitalltoowell. yourselfatmydoor.

thatwhitedress asked:

when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see what I said about you!


bllankspace — i won’t ever forget chrisnear in my entire life, probably. he was the first person to ever talk to me here, he was my very first friend, and he is perfect in every way too, like, don’t you see? he’s the real king of this whole tumblr thing ok you can’t argue with me on that. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OK

thatwhitedress — hi kak sita. you are probably the best thing that’s ever happened in this planet and i don’t know what to do without you around. i really love you and it seriously can’t be explained with words. i just really love you, yknow. i just really, really do.

everythinhaschanged — awwww my forever favorite cutie pie krizza! i really miss talking to kree so much okay :( kree is my favorite person in the whole solar system and pretty sure she’s an angel sent by God from heavens above

timeerasingyou — JUDITH WHERE ARE YOU I MISS YOU SO MUCH OKAY SERIOUSLY WHERE ARE YOU :’( i loveeeeeeeee judith so much bc she’s a sweetheart with a golden heart and she makes REALLY great edits coz psst she’s actually a fairy from wonderland xx 

enchanthed — it’s been really fun talking to paola though it’s just been a while and timezones are something really difficult to handle :( paola is absolutely a lovely girl with a lovely heart and everything lovely and sweet and nice and i just love paola so much i cannot even don’t get me started

enchanthed asked:

hEY! <3

hey there! <3

LIFE STORY: stay beautiful -the last goodnight
Opening Credits: the a team - ed sheeran
Waking Up: youre not sorry - tay
First Day At School: invisible - skylar grey
Falling In Love: beautiful lie - 30 seconds to mars
Fight Song: we own the night - selena gomez
Breaking Up: born this way - gaga
Life’s OK: princess charming - megan and liz
Getting Back Together: never let you go - jb
Wedding: i wont give up - jason mraz
Birth of Child: skinny love - birdy
Final Battle: breaking your own heart - kelly clarkson
Death Scene: the other side - jason derulo
Funeral Song: F*cking die - skrillex (ironic eh?)
End Credits: you found me - the fray