♪ Can anybody find me, somebody to love ♪

Westallen x Ella Enchanted (Requested by itsstillbeating)

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the saddest of them all
By day one way by night another
Walk the streets to find a lover
Finding solace once upon a dream
Where the shoe always fits and everything is as it seems
Cursed to fall down the rabbits hole
Dug perfectly to forever flow
Pushed in by wonderment of something new
She whispers is it me or is it you
Eat me, drink me, the labels around her wrists
Tied perfectly as her hands turn to fists
True loves first kiss to awaken the beast
A kraken from the underworld unleashed
Tired of being the damsel in distress
So she jams the needle in her veins, and press
Hocus Pocus she’s high again
She’ll do anything for just one friend
Let the virgins light the way
Lighters up, ignite the black flame
Hickory dickory dock
The mice sleep in her socks
It’s raining its pouring her old man is snoring
She’s stares at the ceiling ignoring
The obvious pain welling up inside her
A world passing by in a blur
A life of fairy tales gone wrong
There is no happy little song
No savior, no fairy godmother 
No parents to shield and cover
Only her thoughts and the wicked ol’ witch
Wave down the next victim thumbing for a hitch
Straight on, follow the yellow brick road
Where the Enchanted Forest meets Skid Row.
—  D.I.E Poetry (Dani Escamilla)

Cullen/Hadynne #11 from this list - “I almost lost you” kiss
as requested by theawkwardpincushion
I went WAAAAAAAAY over the word limit, so I’m putting it here and mostly under a cut.  You’ve been warned, this one is long. (1106 words)

Hadynne’s ears were ringing, and her vision blurred.  Someone had ahold of her shoulder’s and they were shaking her, but the words were jumbled and sounded far away.  

“Inquisitor!”  Cassandra’s sharp voice cut through the fog, and Hadynne was back as the sounds of the battle around them became clearer and most distinguishable.  It was Dorian who had ahold of her shoulders, roughly supporting her slumped frame.  Over his shoulder, Hadynne spotted Cassandra, kneeling over someone, blood staining the water and rocks around them a deep red.  Cassandra looked up, shouting for Hadynne again, and something about the expression on her face… Hadynne’s heart dropped.

The shining pauldrons, the unmistakable fur mantle, and the curling strawberry blond hair… Cullen.  

Hadynne slipped, half-falling, half running over the slick river-rocks to where Cassandra crouched over Cullen’s prostrate form.  She fell to her knees beside the Seeker, her hooded dark eyes searching the other woman’s face for answers.

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