Henry is about to get knighted, but his father is on a mission in another land. Emma needs to reassure their son that even if Killian won’t make it in time for the ceremony, he’s still so proud of Henry. But who are we kidding, Killian Jones is the best captain in all the realms, no chance he’s gonna miss his son’s biggest moment. 

Admin Jenny’s Arrival

Hiiii Lovelies !! Admin Jenny here, Sooo excited to be working with my bae @teresa-yukibito and staying at the shrine with dem weirdos 24/7 XD

Also looking forward to answering your amazing and hilarious asks, Can’t wait to join the chaos and drama 

<3 Love, Admin Jenny P.S Imma half ryu and yukibito XDD BAII :D

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Yukinojo has a sister!!

Teresa: WAiT wHAT!!?!?!

Teresa: **runs over and to Yuki, grabs his shoulders and shakes him like crazy** YOU HAVE ONE?!?!?

Teresa: AND U NEVER TOLD US?!?!!?

Too loud…

Teresa: Whoops **grins sheepishly** sorry.

But yeah, I have one. How does the anon know?

Teresa: How did they know before me T^T


And here are my pieces for The Enchanted World of Miyazaki: Tribute Show!!

It was such a wild weekend with such an incredible turnout of people and I got to meet so many of them (although I’m sorry if I missed you; I was only there for certain times). I’m extremely honored that I was able to be a part of such an experience as my first time as a part of a gallery! There was a lot of love and effort put into it and I can’t thank everyone who put it together and made it possible enough. And thank you so much if you were able to make it and I’m sorry to those who couldn’t. 

Prints are available on my Storenvy


 Harry looked upward and saw a velvety black ceiling dotted with stars. He heard Hermione whisper, “Its bewitched to look like the sky outside. I read about it in Hogwarts, A History.”
 It was hard to believe there was a ceiling there at all, and that the Great Hall didn’t simply open on to the heavens.