Enchanted escapade - I just want to apologize for my huge amount of absences here, cause it’s our finals now and like what other architecture students are doing right now I'am also procrastinating. So you guys better be ready when I post my 2nd or 3rd? Drowning in Passion 0.2 Blog post and how I rant about how hard it is being an architecture student is. Enough about acad talks now let’s get down to business.

So last Sunday Oct 11'15 our long awaited always rescheduled Trip to Enchanted kingdom finally happened and it was such a blast, I had a very memorable and good time with my highschool family well for me my highschool best friends are also my family. So while we where riding some rides we were kinda irritated cause some school held a field trip at the same day which is very unexpected cause you see, why on earth would they want to held a field trip on a Sunday morning? I mean SUNDAY? Really?. Well it’s okay it’s just that the line was so long specially when afternoon struck. So we ate at Amazon Grill which has a very Fab menu specially their appetizer I just love it. I was kinda craving for mangoes that time. We tried the Flying fiesta which is my all time fave ride at EK since I was a kid, then jungle Log & Space shuttle and so many more other amazing rides found at EK. We went to there exclusive horror house. 👻 creepy aff. After riding all the rides we planned and intended to ride in the first place we played some of the amusement park games which was for me that day was my lucky day cause I played a game called ’ Break a plate’ and I kinda want to really play it cause you know ( Break-a-Plate ) *Architecture Students wildest dream* joke. That game was the first game I ever played that on my first try I already won the grand prize and it was a huge Pink Elephant ~such a cutie elephant~ . So we played many more and I also one a red butterfly stuffed toy after that we decided to ride our final fave ride before leaving the amusement park and heading back to Manila. All in all that day was such a blast ( a date with my mainz + Mini Photoshoot + Food porn qualified treats + adventure and escaped all the way ) oh yeah let’s not forget my necessary throwback pics HAHA, this picture were taken 3 yrs ago dated May 2012 and I kinda want to redo some of my pose and so I did and it turned out pretty fine. Well that’s the end of my enchanted escaped blog post hope you guys liked it. 🎠🎡🎢.

What I wore:

Black shoes: Keds
POPPY button down Sun & Moon prints: Backdoors Studio (IG shop)
Accessories: forever 21
Crochet shorts: Top Shop

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(Disclaimer: this post is not endorsing Enchanted Kingdom)

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Tinoy's Birthday!

Birthday ng aking napakahusay, napakacreative, napakamasayahin at midget na kaibigan. Siya ay si Justin Claude Tan Fernandez a.k.a Tinoy

Hahatiin ko yung birthday ni Tinoy into 2 parts.

Part 1: Tinoy’s Super Fabulous Enchanted Kingdom Celebration

July 12, 2014 ang date kung kailan kami pumunta ng EK! Matagal na namin ito pinagplaplanuhan mga 1 month before palang nagplaplano na kami about this trip. Kaya nung pag punta namin super excited na kami talaga. 

Kahit nakakapagod yung trip, sobrang saya naman. Hindi namin nasakyan lahat ng rides nga lang. Huhuhu. Nabitin kasi kami sa oras and ang di lang naman nasakyan ay yung Grand Carousel, Dodgem, EKstreme and yung Horror house. 

Onti lang ang pics namin nung trp kasi mostly videos ang lagi naming kinukuha. Here are some of the pics and the link to the video edited by Tinoy himself:

And this is the link doon sa video na ginawa ni Tinoy: 


Part 2: Tinoy’s Cake Surprise

July 15, 2014 (Tinoy’s real birthday). Pagkatapos ng classes namin sa school namin. Inintay muna namin umuwi si Tinoy and secretly nagmeetup kaming magkakaibigan sa Red Ribbon, Pamplona to buy a Chocolate Dedication cake para kay Tinoy. 

Ito ang nakalagay sa birthday cake niya:

Pagkatapos naman kinantahan namin siya ng Happy Birthday Song and tuwang tuwa si Tinoy.

At dahil hindi na namin natiis yung cake, kinain na namin agad siya. Cake lang sapat na kami. Then the after result.

Ang masasabi ko nalang ay Happy Birthday Tinoy and God Bless. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and keep safe. Sana ganito ulit next year. Thank you! :))

Theme Park Guy

Going to a theme park is all fun until you get tired of the long walks and waiting next in line for the rides. But it should not stop you from being stylish.

As to my previous blog post, Me with my friends went to Enchanted Kingdom. The weather was really bad because in the morning, the sun’s shining bright but then the rain came and made our day kinda unlucky. I know, so sad.

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A magical day with Tart! #EnchantedKingdom #Saturdate #Travel #Fun (at Enchanted Kingdom)