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walking in on the other getting off

He hears it before he sees it as he stops at the top of the stairs; the faint moaning and the fuck yes and Killian falling into the open space, making the atmosphere heady and full of the smell of sex.

But that can’t be, he’s out here having just gotten back from taking Henry sailing and dropping him at Regina’s cause “he didn’t want to hear them go at it again.” 

(He flushes deeply, remembering when the young boy said it so nonchalantly. He has no idea what the boy is talking about.)

“Oh, my god,” Emma’s sultry voices rips him away from this thoughts; she gets louder and his interest – among other things – rises.

(Okay, so maybe he does have some idea what the boy is talking about.)

He opens the door ahead of him, to the bed awash in the moonlight and her alabaster skin glowing. The sheets are pooled at her waist, her back arched and her head thrown back, her hair a pile of messy blonde curls on the pillows. Her hand is beneath the sheet, as evident by the circular motion, the other cupping one of her breasts and the air rushes out of his long in one quick rush. 

He never expected for a moment that he’d come home to such a vision laid before him; it’s beautiful, seeing her in this moment, eyes clenched close and her mouth “o”-d in ecstasy and the moans – the moans – are more than he can handle. 

She jerks her eyes open when she hits just the right spot, her bottom half still blocked from view, and she almost screams when she sees him standing at the bottom of the bed and she scrambles up. She makes to move the sheet over her body, covering her face with her free hand, hiding her face in embarrassment. “What the fuck, Killian? How long have you been standing there?” Her cheeks are flushed pink and her pupils are still dilated in pleasure and he can see her pulse jump jump jump underneath her skin and he just wants to taste her. 

“Not long, love. I swear.” He whispers, staring down at her with hooded eyes. She’s breathing heavily, against the palm of her hand, looking at him through her fingers. His fingers itch to touch her, but he settles for grasping the edge of the sheet in between his fingertips, tugging gently. 

She drops her hand, her eyes going wide as she looks up at him. She swallows thickly, looking down before nodding once and biting her lip. He pulls at the sheet with more force, dragging it slowly down her body as she leans back against the headboard. Her breasts are revealed, her nipples puckering in the cool air; next, her naval and then the swell of her lower belly before moving down her legs. 

He lets the sheet drop to the floor, his hand and hook running up the length of her soft legs. He grasps both knees, staring her in the eyes, his eyebrows raised in question. She nibbles on her bottom lips as she lets her legs fall apart, his mouth dropping open as takes her all in. He runs his hand up over her skin, the cold of his rings clashing deliciously with the warmth of her skin as he caresses her in her eyes; goosebumps rise under his touch, her hear beating faster as his fingers get closer to the thatch of curls between her legs. 

She looks down her body, his hips in between her legs, fully clothed compared to her stark naked form. He runs the tip of his finger down her slit, shivering at the feel of her wet and soaking for him, barely touching her before sinking deep within her. She moans deeply, her body jerking as he runs the pad of his thumb over her clit and he hums in appreciation. 

“I want to watch you.”

I loved Diana’s post about the diner scene, but this part killed me:

This playful and flirty Emma? This is just a glimpse of how their relationship will look like. I can’t help but think of Lieutenant Duckling - it was like watching young Princess Emma, discovering her magic and distracting young Lieutenant Jones while reading. And she’d keep on doing that until she has all of his attention.

Because yessss, we saw them reverting back to their younger selves — spontaneous Emma and tightly-wound Killian — and it was glorious!

How to: Color dark scenes (the Echo Cave case)

Since a lot of you requested help for dark scenes, and how to brighten, and color those hard pain in the ass scenes that are the Neverland ones, I decided that instead of releasing my colorings, I would make a quick tutorial on one of the hardest scene imo, the Echo Cave.

You need basic knowledge of Photoshop, how to make gifs, and how to use layers. But It’s not as hard as it looks like and the method is basically the same when it comes to dark scenes, blueish tones.

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