(lol i included spongebob’s “the gang’s all here” to give everyone equal spacing. ordered alphabetically aside from the sponge)



enchantedaway replied to your postOkay, so so far Caden/Cayden is most popular with…

and also if you donttake cameron that jsut might be my next nameok

enchantedaway replied to your postOkay, so so far Caden/Cayden is most popular with…

but choose whichever you like best! BUT CAMERON.

enchantedaway answered your questionOkay, so so far Caden/Cayden is most popular with…


Have I ever mentioned how much I fucking love you, Elizabeth? Yeah, I’m definitely going to choose the one I like best regardless; I’m just curious what you guys think. LOL. And yes, if I don’t end up choosing Cameron–hell, even if I do–go for it. :D

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1. Are you more feminine or masculine? idk like i consider myself way more feminine like I love makeup and dresses and flowers and bugs and pretty things but I also love fighting and like action movies but i consider those things p feminine anyways bc i’m girly as shit and i adore superhero movies so i suppose for me that makes superhero movies girly as shit you feel??

8. Answered!!

9. What’s something people have tried to force you to do? Shit idk my mom wants me to get a job and I’m lazy as fuck, does that count? And I guess every time I hang out with people they try to make me eat and it’s like omg shut up shut up I’m skinny not eternally hungry

23. What is art? Oh no this one’s hard like idk I consider art just to be a way of expressing yourself? And however you wanna do that is gonna be art?? And even if your piece/work of literature/theatre/whatever is supposed to be meaningless and abstract then that’s just a meaning of its own oo deep

29. Is human life only valuable because our society makes it? Na man it’s not society; I think we consider human life valuable bc we ourselves as individuals make it so

37. Describe, personality-wise, what your perfect boyfriend/girlfriend would be like? Someone I could trust!! Omg I am www.trustissues.edu but yeah besides that someone really funny with a dry sense of humor but like also makes really bad jokes, not too romantic but like not completely un-romantic, artistically talented!! esp in performing arts like damn, actors are hot. and very open with me so we could talk and work things out and also makes me feel comfortable with occasionally being irrationally emotionally chaotic because i am also http://emotionalbaggage.net but like they can be an asshole as long as they’re secretly really sweet. and good in bed whoops ALSO THEY HAVE TO BE JUST A BIT SMARTER THAN ME BUT ONLY A LITTLE

38. bla bla bla same but appearance-wise Frick ok with guys i’m hella picky like i like taller than be but not too tall, dark hair, um i kinda like scrawny guys but i don’t mind a bit of weight, as long as there’s not too much muscle happening, cute hands, idk if laugh is more question 37 or 38 but they have to have a VERY CUTE LAUGH (goes for laaaadies too) yeah and cute sense of style. and for girls i don’t really care as much i just love girls so much all girls everywhere i love you all you’re all super fine <3 <3 <3 GIRLS (although i tend to lean toward smaller boobs if we’re talking cisgirls and not-to-big penis if we’re talking cisguys omg i’m a small person you can brag about your 9-incher all you like but i’m not putting that inside me)

41. How much of an age gap can you handle?  Idk probably like 2 years younger and 4 years older? yeah (the oldest person i’ve had a thing with is only 3 years older tho) (i misssssss michaela omfg)

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11. Are you a social or antisocial person? idk like i don’t hang out with people that often but that’s bc i suck at asking people to hang

i’m generally social when i’m not feeling down

15. Do you care if people talk badly about you? omg yeah if you talk shit about me there’s a 100% chance i will cry

19. If you could change your eye color, would you? hell no dude my eyes are the same color orange as my hair in the sun it’s cool as fuck

47. Do you replay things that have happened in your head? that’s honestly how i spend 70% of my waking hours

60. Do you hate anyone? idk man kinda

70. How do you look right now? i’m basically a goddess (idk i’m dressed and makeuped but my hair’s flat and my head hurts)

87. Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to?  idk there’s people i feel comfortable telling everything to but i don’t wanna bother them so i don’t

96. Don’t tell me lies, is the last person you texted attractive? THE LAST PERSON I TEXTED WAS MIA THE LOVE OF MY LIFE OK THE LOVELIEST BOTH INSIDE AND OUT

this is long lo siento

enchantedaway replied to your postenchantedaway replied to your post: Okay, so so…

tell me you love me moar <3

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enchantedaway replied to your postenchantedaway replied to your post: Okay, so so…

Yes you have. like twice. but TELL ME MOAR. I love you too. ~love~ ok I’m b

Tumblr’s being an ass and won’t show me the rest of that last reply but anyway. Yes I will definitely tell you more often. :D :D
And yeah? That’s what I’m most concerned about: which name fits me more, you know? So phanks, I’ll remember you said that. :D 

enchantedaway answered your question: Someone fucking shoot me in the head before I do…

On my way.

enchantedaway replied to your postSomeone fucking shoot me in the head before I do…

I did my best, hope it helped, hunny.

Thank you so much. It helped shittons. I’m just glad she stopped responding. I don’t think I could handle another ignorant comment. I’d either blow up in a rage and spout out things that make no sense or burst into another round of heaping tears and curl up into a ball and sleep the world away, which actually sounds really appealing right now (at least the sleeping part). So yeah, thank you Elizabeth.

enchantedaway replied to your post: Let me rant again because I’m seriously so done…

I sincerely apologize for general public ignorance. I legitimately feel so bad every time you’re subject to this sort of thing. I’m sorry, Max. ):

No no, dear, don’t apologize. Not you. You’ve seriously been one of the most supportive and open-minded friends. You respected my name and pronouns from the very start. And every time you reblog something about trans* issues, I just wanna hug the shit out of you. So don’t apologize for things you can’t control when you already do so much.<3