Entering the Enchanted Realm" by Christian Klepp. Entering the deep blue of this 50 m (164 ft) long, 10 m (33 ft) wide and 1.8 m (6 ft) high ice cave on the frozen lagoon of the Svinafellsjokull glacier in Skaftafell, Iceland caused an awe-inspiring atmosphere. This up to 1000 years old snow has metamorphosed into highly pressurized glacier ice that contains almost no air bubbles. Thus it absorbs the visible light despite the scattered shortest blue fraction, giving it its distinct deep blue appearance.

“I think the fantasy genre commands so much appeal because of its ability to transport us to such extraordinary, enchanting realms. While you can still travel through countries and time with other books, nothing offers the same astounding variety of experiences as the fantasy genre. You can take your pick from worlds as bizarre as Pratchett’s Discworld and as plausible as Riordan’s and Rowling’s secret supernatural societies.”

For the full (short) essay, The Fantasy Genre and Its Lessons on Love and Friendship written by yours truly, please click here.