Come, little children
                                                        I’ll take thee away
                                                 Into a land of enchantment.
                                                        Come little children
                                                    The times come to play
                                               Here in my garden of magic.

Land of Storms and Ultraviolet

Your Land is exceptionally dangerous due to the fact that its atmosphere intensifies Skaia’s rays into highly damaging ultraviolet storms, due to an enchantment placed on your land by Horus. Your consorts, the Jackals, are immensely stupid, and will continually scorch themselves into corpses before they can help you on your quest unless you tell them off in a firm and loud tone. 

And, trust me, you’re not finding a safe way around these sun-blasted ruins without their help.

Described by @classpectanon.

This one’s been a long time coming. I hope the anon who requested it can forgive my tardiness.


With a long hiatus ahead of us, things can get pretty quiet. So why not get the muse pumped and the creative juices flowing with a couple of hiatus themed fanfic sessions??

Head back to Camelot!
While Emma may have been fighting the darkness with Killian along side her, it wasn’t all angst and anguish for these two lovebirds.

  • Revisit the Middlemist field: How many times did our beloved duo escape for a quiet moment alone?
  • Balls and Romance: With a ball happening practically every night, how many dances did they share? How many drinks?
  • Land of Love: Fresh with the declaration between them, what did they talk about? How much of their future did they subtly plan?
  • Sleepless nights: With Emma unable to sleep, did Killian sit and talk with her ‘til dawn? Did they sneak off for a midnight stroll amongst the enchanted land?

So many possibilities for what our loved-up ship could have got up to in those little moments between the missions and the drama.

The world is your oyster! Anything goes - whatever your headcanons or thoughts and feelings - put ‘em in fic!
Running from Jan 16th - Feb 12th. #CamelotLookBackCS

Six weeks is a pretty long time!

And we know that Storybrooke managed to squeeze six weeks of peace and harmony into their busy little chaos filled town. So what did Captain Swan get up to?

  • It’s a date: How many more dates did they manage to have? Dinner by the docks? Monday movie night? Saturday sunset sailing? A wild night of liquor at the Rabbit hole? The possibilities are endless!
  • Sharing is caring: Memories and pasts are bursting at the seams for these two. And we know they were getting to know each other. What favourite memories did they share? What triggered them opening up about something painful in their past? What about flippant hopes and dreams for their future? “I want to get to know you.”
  • It’s a family affair: Let’s not just view their blossoming romance from their perspective - the whole family’s there too! What do Snowing make of Killian showing up for dinner? When was Granny able to time their arrival by the minute? How does Henry feel about another person to gain stories from? When does David stop being surprised at finding the pirate sitting comfy in the loft?
  • Time for a change: When do they notice how naturally they start fitting into each other’s daily lives? When did Killian become a permanent fixture on patrols? When did meeting for morning coffee become a routine?

You could practically run wild with all the possibilities of a steady going Captain Swan in a quiet and peaceful Storybrooke… and so you should!

Once again anything goes! Angst, fluff, romance, humor, family - it’s a free for all! Go nuts!

Running from Feb 13th - March 11th. #6weekRevivalCS







Georgia O'Keefe was one fascinating person…

If you’re a classic art aficionado, you’ll recognize my reprint of a famous Georgia O'Keefe painting.  She was famous for her paintings of oversized flowers that evoked images of female genetalia.  So, unless you’ve been living in a cave since you were five (or only playing video games – same thing…), you will certainly recognize what this painting is.   If not, it’s a black orchid, you idiot.  Now get your mind out of the gutter.

I love people who break barriers that help open up the human soul and improve our lives.  Georgia O'Keefe was one such woman, and she was light years ahead of her time.  She was born in 1887 and lived 100 years.  She really hit her stride in the late 1920s and 1930s, when she left NYC for New Mexico - the land of enchantment (before Walter White made it the land of meth…).  She was a transformational influence on the art world, and society in general.

Think of those times, when sexuality was repressed.  She brought it front and center into highbrow society, in a magical and erotic way.  And to think all this from a woman who looked much like Lyndon Baines Johnson in drag.  (Go ahead and google it, there are thousands of sites.  Go on, do it!!   Haha, made you look….  But do check out her later life pictures and tell me if you can’t see a more liberated LBJ looking back at you.)

I love the historic mavericks in U.S. history, particularly the women who broke down stereotypes.  Women like Julia Morgan, the brilliant architect from California who designed so many epic buildings around the same time that Georgia was rocking the art world.  Fortunately their impacts are highly visual, and permanent.  

Side note:  You probably know how I love vintage fashion, and I picked up this incredible slip last week from a local thrift store.  It’s definitely silk, the high quality ‘raw silk’ type that has that has that unmistakable texture.  The label was removed, so I can’t tell if it’s vintage or modern.  It has all the attributes of a classic vintage piece, down to the subtly beautiful embroidered floral pattern in the bodice.  It’s also small as hell, which makes me think it might have been made many decades ago.

It will remain a mystery, much like Georgia.  

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Pictured here is the 3rd place winner of BLM New Mexico’s employee photo contest, showing the beautiful colors of fall at the Lemon Lime Cottonwoods at sunset. Stay tuned for more!


I think it’s cool when people are named after states, like Georgia or Tennessee. I mean, have you ever met an Alaska who was anything less than extraordinary?

If I could, I would name you Montana, because that means “Big Sky Country” and I always feel most at home underneath your starlit expanse.

I would meet you in New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment,” and run away with you to West Virginia where it’s “Wild and Wonderful,” and then turn around and go right back around, until we reach Oregon, because they love dreamers and things look different there.

I’ll tattoo Mississippi on my forearm in the color blue, like your eyes because Mississippi “Feels Like Coming Home” like the way I feel when I look at you. We’ll make a pitstop in Rhode Island, the “Ocean State” and I’ll throw a thousand rocks into the waves, counting all the ways I could drown in you.

And I’ll always know my way back home because I will follow your constellations made entirely of freckles. I may wander, but I’ll never be lost, because I’ll always find my place in this world beneath your Montana sky.

A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 19: Murphy’s Law | Reylo fanfic

Originally posted by blackmagicincorporated


Chapter Summary: Rey loses her plane ticket, and Murphy’s Law is still going strong: anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Chapter Preview:

The plane ticket in her hand feels heavy, heavier than a single piece of paper should. Rey grazes her thumb over the departure date, thinking back to the desk lady who sold it to her. Maybe that ticket lady had known that things would go infinitely wrong for Rey. Maybe she’d thought that after getting to her boyfriend, Rey would want some time to spend in the land of enchantment. Either way, she’d been granted all this time, and she could board her plane tomorrow and go back to life as usual, and forget that it all happened.

That thought brings on a sharp pain under her ribs, so she lifts her eyes from her ticket home and looks about the train station instead. There are few people there, all of them gazing about as they collectively wait for the train to arrive. Rey automatically searches for a pair of gold brown eyes that aren’t there.

Stop it, Rey.

Author’s notes: There’s an update, holy cow. 

A Treestar for a Loved One Spell

Spell a Day-Day 7

Description: This spell will help you enchant an object so that when you give it to someone it will keep your loving presence with them forever.


  1. Bachelor’s Button
  2. Dandelion
  3. Dirt (garden)
  4. Lipstick
  5. Object


If there is a place to fit the items inside:

  1. Perform any pre-spell rituals.
  2. Take the bachelor’s button, dandelion, and dirt and place it inside the object.
    1. I’ll be with you, even if you can’t see me.
  3. Put on the lipstick and seal it with a kiss.

If there is not a place to fit the items inside:

  1. Perform any pre-spell rituals.
  2. Take the bachelor’s button, dandelion, and dirt and wipe the item down with it.
    1. I’ll be with you, even if you can’t see me.
  3. Put on the lipstick and seal it with a kiss if possible. If you cannot hide it, loose the lipstick and just use your lips to seal.
  • Regina: You’ve had a second chance. And a second SECOND chance. You can’t keep painting yourself as a victim. It’s-
  • Zelena: Hang on, didn’t the Charmings give you a second chance when you were about to be executed and you repaid them by stabbing Snow?
  • Regina: Well, yes, but that was-
  • Zelena: And didn’t they give you another second chance by saving you from the wraith, which trapped Snow and Emma in the Enchanted Forest, the land reduced to ruins by your curse?
  • Regina: Wait, how do you-
  • Zelena: And didn’t they give you yet another second chance by stopping the trigger diamond energy from killing you, after you had just been planning to murder them all with the help of our mother?
  • Regina: Look, the point is, I’m the Evil Queen!
  • Zelena: Then why did you, only a few weeks ago, tell Hook to “drop the ‘E’ word?”
  • Regina:
  • Zelena:
  • Regina: I’m revoking your speaking privileges.

samjames8520  asked:

I just stumbled across the Fortification mechanic from Future Sight. It knocks it out of the park with flavour, but I imagine not a mechanic with masses of design space. Why has it not seen print yet? Waiting for the right set or rules baggage?

Fortification’s biggest problem is design space. Look at auras. We just don’t make all than many Enchant Lands.


OUAT Sense8 AU:

Eight people spread across different realms suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked. They are Sensates: otherwise normal human beings who are mentally and emotionally connected, they are able to communicate, sense, and use each other’s knowledge, language and skills.

While trying to figure out what these connections mean, how they function and what that means for all of them, they are completely unaware of the danger that comes from a strongest Sensate in all the realms - Rumplestiltskin.