I don’t know why people hate writing or have such a hard time doing it. I guess they’re not as inspired as I am when I think of you. Which is weird considering all I have to write about is the past. Past stories, past heartache, how everything we ever had and ever will have is in the past. That is a scary, earth shattering, heart-wrenching thought. That every memory I have of you are the only ones I will ever have. Except, if maybe, I am fortunate enough to ever run into you one day. It will be awkward and uncomfortable, but at least I’ll get to look at those blue eyes one more time. 
I’ve spent the last few months convincing myself that we weren’t a “right person, wrong time” situation. You were exactly what I needed at that point in my life. You helped me through some of my darkest, most dramatic moments. Even though I wish you were still around to help me fight my demons, I wouldn’t have won those battles without you by my side. 
I guess I still struggle with getting over you because it came down to me not being good enough. And that is a hard thing to cope with no matter who it comes from. But it is very hard to hear it from someone you love, someone you’re in love with. And no, you didn’t flat out say it, you didn’t have to, I could just tell

Context: Witch received a ring and let the Oracle try it on only to learn it was enchanted.

Witch: I roll strength to yank it off his finger!

Oracle: what no it’s my precious ring!

Witch: *nat 20*

DM: you proceed to break his finger as you take the ring back, even though you have no idea if it’s cursed or what magic it contains.

Witch: don’t care finders keepers!

  • Aries Venus: comet heart 💫 fireworks lover
  • Taurus Venus: diamond heart 💎 luxurious lover
  • Gemini Venus: butterfly heart 🦋 magical lover
  • Cancer Venus: midnight heart 🌙 sentimental lover
  • Leo Venus: light pillar heart 🌟 luminous lover
  • Virgo Venus: healing heart 🏩 medicinal lover
  • Libra Venus: jeweled heart 💍 enchanting lover
  • Scorpio Venus: mystic heart 🔮 paradox lover
  • Sagittarius Venus: starlight heart 🌟 visionary lover
  • Capricorn Venus: crystal heart ❄️ reverent lover
  • Aquarius Venus: electric heart ⚡️ cerebral lover
  • Pisces Venus: ocean heart 🌊 daydream lover

sagittarians have a great vision, the enchanted bow is shot into the dreamy heavens, making indents with blazing arrows seeking wisdom and meaning 

but wisdom was capricorn seeing the elevator behind them the whole time. up to the 10th floor, alone capricorn goes 

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I'd just like to say: Chloe coming into the Dupain-Cheng bakery specifically when Marinette's on cash register duty and asks the names of pastries she already knows but just wants to hear Marinette talk, and eventually Marinette catches on but does nothing because she enjoys talking to Chloe



Words: 1968

Sabine smirked as she pulled a tray of croissants from the oven. “Marinette. I think your favorite customer is here.”

Marinette finished tying her apron behind her back and was pulling her hair up and away from her face as she got ready for her register shift. “Who now?”

Sabine jutted her chin towards the front of the bakery and Marinette followed her gaze, allowing herself a sigh and a small smirk when she saw who was meandering near the counter. “Stop teasing, maman.”

“It’s not teasing,” Sabine said. “She comes only on the days when you’re working and seems rather enchanted with all of our palmier flavors. Moreso than anyone else I’ve ever seen…”

“Oh hush, maman!” Marinette blushed, gently tapping her mother’s shoulder. “It’s nothing like that.”

“Don’t keep the poor thing waiting,” Sabine smiled as she carried the croissants to the counters in the back. “She must be eager to see you if she came right when your shift started.”

Marinette puffed her cheeks out and headed to the counter where Chloe Bourgeois was waiting, leaving her mother laughing and grinning behind her. 

It started when Chloe had to come into the bakery to order a huge commission of mini-cupcakes for a dinner she and her father were holding. Because Chloe loved being difficult, Marinette had to take out all of their sample books, explain all of their flavors, all of their frostings, all of their fillings, and all of their options for garnishes for close to twenty-five minutes before Chloe was satisfied. Marinette thought Chloe was making her explain herself so much for the sake of being annoying until she came in the next day asking for detailed descriptions of all the chocolate cakes they had on display for no other reason aside from her being “curious about your selection of dark chocolates.” Marinette’s father was too close by at the time for her to tell Chloe to buzz off, so she humored her for twenty minutes before Chloe settled with just buying a regular old palmier and left without buying a single cake. 

It was maddening, and for the next couple of weeks Chloe would come into the bakery when Marinette was working and ask her to rattle off all that she knew about their pastries, breads, cakes, rush orders, and catering plans….only to leave without having bought anything she had shown such a deep interest in. 

It was ridiculous to think Chloe had a passion for baked goods, otherwise she’d bother her parents about this. It wasn’t as if Chloe was using this as an opportunity to make fun of Marinette seeing how she was oddly quiet and attentive whenever Marinette spoke. It wasn’t until last week that Marinette had finally picked up on the obvious. 

Chloe came just to hear Marinette talk. 

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wiishu + supernatural aesthetic

signe hansen - witch

  • generally soft-spoken and sweet, unless you get on her bad side
  • other witches look up to her (are scared of her)
  • isn’t on good terms with antisepticeye
  • very close with jack (he’s scared of her magic)
  • enchanting, smart, wicked, cute, not evil but has a bad side

read the full au list of characters here
[au list of characters created by the lovely @another-tyler12-blog, along with a few ideas from myself, go check out their amazing blog.]

amy/mark/jack/bob & wade/marzia/felix/emma blackery/kathryn/ethan/ken & mary/darkiplier/antisepticeye/chica/alt. amy/tyler

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oh…you could be right…can you believe that song is 6 minutes long and does not feel like it’s dragging for even one second? what i love most about enchanted is that from the moment she wrote it i think she knew she wanted it to represent the entire era. like when i think of speak now i think of the aesthetic and the vibe of this performance. 

it’s a complete song and performance and truly one of the most magical things i’ve ever seen

what is taylor swift’s most well written song? let’s have a discussion 

You know what i think is kind of funny? In art and merchandise and everything, people always show Belle with the enchanted rose and/or the magic mirror. But like in the actual movie…those don’t even belong to her. They’re the *Beast’s* symbols. They represent his fate hanging delicately in the balance and his yearning to be among other people again. The only objects really associated with Belle are her books.

I just think it’s interesting that these two traditionally “feminine” objects are the symbols for our male romantic lead, whose foil Gaston is a more traditional macho man that likes beer and guns. And then the Beast’s human form is actually very soft-looking (the long hair, the full lips), which I’d say is meant to represent what he already is underneath his beastly exterior. I’d call all of this a big “F you” to stereotypical gender roles. But then Disney conveniently forgets that in order to sell princessy merchandise.


Y/n goes to the circus and meets a boy(Jerome) that questions her shooting ability. Evidently she proves him wrong.
Requested– No
A/n – This is my first fic, so please don’t attack me, I know it’s bad. Also really short.
Rating– Just a regular fic, a teensy bit of fluff.

The Circus had always been your favorite thing. You loved the excitement in the air. You especially loved the slightly creepy enchanting music, the delicious smell of fried food, the lights, and the games. Oh the games. You loved a challenge. And this was no exception. As soon as you stepped onto the lot of Haly’s Circus you instantly felt lighter. Your eyes immediately shifted to the sharpshooting booth. The old man with the slightly hunched back that was usually running the booth wasn’t there. Instead a tall, rather handsome, boy, close to your age, with flaming red hair was leaning against the side of the red and white booth. You approached with a shy smile on your face. 

“Hi gorgeous. Do you want to try your luck?” He said in a rather raspy voice.
“You don’t need luck when you’ve got skill.” You replied confidently.
He looked taken aback. Then he let out a low chuckle and handed you a BB gun rifle.
“You get one clip to shoot the star out of the paper. If you do, you win a prize.”
“I know how this works.” You said, with a bit more sass than you intended. You froze, a little sheepish. He looked at you blankly, then his face broke into a smile. “Oh you are a fiery little thing aren’t you. Are you sure you can handle that gun. It’s pretty big.” He smirked.
“I’m not little. I’m seventeen.” You said tilting your head up.
He looked down at you, pondering the very noticeable height difference between you two.
“I can handle it. Don’t be too worried about me.”
“Right. Well, go ahead try your best.”
You give him a patronizing look. Picking up the rifle , you do your best to block him out. Breathe in, breathe out. You aim at the black star in the middle of the paper. Letting out a breath, you pull the trigger. The tiny bullets left the gun on automatic. When the gun was empty you lowered it, looking smugly at the red haired boy. He pushed a button and the paper came forward on a line. He took it down and looked closely at it. The star was completely shot out. “We’ll color me impressed.” He smiled. “You really didn’t need luck after all.”
“So what’s my prize.” You say , handing him the gun back.
“Tell you what. Since you impressed me so much, I’ll sweeten the deal. Front row seats to the show.”
You pondered this deal. “Alright. I’m Y/n by the way. Y/n L/n.”
“Jerome Valeska.” He mock bowed, reached out and kissed your hand. He peered his head out from the booth and looked around. Reaching down he grabbed a little wooden sign that said ‘closed’. He set it on the ledge and promptly jumped over it. “Right then Y/n. Shall we?” He offered his arm to you. You giggled softly and took it. Walking the grounds, you made your way to the Big Top tent.
“So Y/n, what brings you to the circus?” Jerome asks you.
You stop and look up at him smirking slightly. “I like proving people wrong.”