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Enchanted Chapter 8

Haaaaayy Dersha Fam! Im Baaackk with the closing chapter here! It has been a very long since my last update and this is due to finals and family issues. I  want to say I thank you for all of the support and patience I have received with this series, it is my third one and I’m very proud of how far I’ve come with it. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it for you! What a roller-coaster it has been! Thank you thank you! Let’s get to this chapter, here you will find out if Dersha makes it to the aisle and an decision about New York will be made, as well as an surprise at the end. If you don’t figure out the surprise until the end, then I did my job! Happy Reading! Hope the wait was worth it to you! 

Ahsha dropped her purse to the floor, kicked the door shut and ran towards her man. She jumped into her arms completely, out of excitement. She hugged him tightly as he stood holding her in his arms. He kept his balance by keeping his hands under her ass as she surrounded his neck with her warm embrace.

“Oh my God! What are you doing here?! I wasn’t supposed to see you until the end of the week”

“Yeah I know but I didn’t want to waste any more time away from you so here I am”

“You didn’t have to do that”

“I wanted to see you. So yeah, I actually did”

She didn’t respond, she just kissed his lips and hugged his neck a little tighter and held on to him for dear life.

“I’ve missed you too”

Few Hours Later

After Derek had arrived in New York, him and Ahsha stayed in the room catching up, just the two of them. They had been talking for what seemed like several hours but it was only two straight. Due to the jet lag, he fell asleep right after. Normally Ahsha would’ve objected to him sleeping all day but she didn’t interfere knowing how tired he could be. The man had been sleeping for a while, peacefully, amicable. Ahsha on the other hand had a million thoughts going through her head as she laid her head on his chest. It was pretty late by now in New York, 10:30pm to be exact and the dancer was wide awake and mellow. Derek’s chest rose up against her head signaling the deep sleep he was engaging in. She couldn’t help but watch him as he slept. Times like this where she really loved seeing him, loved, collected and calm. Late at night is when she would miss him the most. When he spent night after night away from their bed, gone for away games, practices that ended late or meetings that held him hostage until wee-hours in the day.

She wasn’t sure how long the moment would last so she intended to enjoy it as long as she could. She rose her head up to look at him. He looked stress-free, at ease and it was amazing to Ahsha that she just had to bask in the moment. She reached in her pocket for her phone and took a snap. She moved her body up closer to his face, still gazing at him. She was now in the middle-top where her head rested on his heart now. As she listened to the soft sounds of his heart-beat thump in her ear, she could feel an arm wrap fully around her waist. She inched up closer, snuggling up to his neck, her chin tucked under. She caressed her fingertips against the thick material of his shirt, creating small circles around his pectoral. He stirred around more wrapping his other arm around her, resting his head on hers, without her even noticing. Next thing she felt was a hand massaging her curls.

“Someone’s awake”

“My eyes are still closed. That doesn’t qualify being awake”

“Maybe so but you putting yo hands all over me does” The dancer protests.

“You ain’t tried to stop me”

“So then why you complaining?”

“Because I just lovee to give you a hard time, no pun intended of course”

The woman says, looking at him, giving her man a sweet wink seeing his eyes were now open.

“That you do”

“You already know” Biting through his clothing.

The man chuckles at his woman’s ability to turn any conversation they have together sexual.

“You are one of the silliest women I’ve ever came across”

“One of a kind baby, besides I’m the only silly woman you’ve came across Derek. Those groupies could never compete wit this”

“They never did”

He stated matter of factly. This is the time where a smile came across her face.



“How long it take you to figure that out?”

She questions, curiously laughing to herself.

“The very first time you gave me advice. I was sitting on the steps of the Devils playground and you and the girls had finished your first dance as a team” Now massaging her back.

“I was sulking over my performance and I told you, that Terrence was riding me because of my reckless party lifestyle. Remember what you told me?”

“It’ll pass” Replying lacing her fingers with his.

“That right there is when I knew. It wasn’t what you told me, it was the fact you cared enough to even say something at all”

“Now look at us”

She cheered, flipping herself, her head resting in his lap. He caressed her hair smiling, running his fingers through the soft, brown, locks.

“We’ve come a long way since then. We’re not the same Derek and Ahsha we were when we first laid eyes on each other”

“Definitely not. So much has happened since. We were together, then broke-up, got back together, rebuilt our relationship, got engaged, and got kidnapped by my crazy-ex and your mother. Hard knock life for us huh?”

“Waay too hard”

He laughed nervously. She turns to hug his waist tight as the room fell silent.

“You know, we never really got a chance to talk about it”

“Talk about what Derek?”

“Everything that’s happened”

The room remained still, and every quiet.

“Don’t you think we should at least think about it Ahsh?”

“I don’t want to think about it”

Responding quickly, slightly pulling away from his grasp.

“Ahsha, listen. We’ve both been through quite a bit and I know it would be easier for us if we didn’t talk about it. But I can’t go on like this, and we can’t go on like this. Is this how you really want to start a life together?”

Running his fingertips through her hair gently.

Ahsha pauses for a moment, removing his arm from around her waist and sits up finally, and faces him. He grabs the pillow from the side of him and puts it behind his back on the headboard, giving Ahsha his full attention now.

“Ok…things have been rough between us, more than I was able to admit, to myself, out loud. I guess, I was so set on covering and denying how I was really feeling, so when things got bad, really bad, I acted like it didn’t exist” She started.

“German crashing our engagement party, the bodyguard situation, and the kidnapping your mother and German orchestrated”

“You acted as if everything was okay, and I knew it wasn’t, but you kinda shut me out”

“I was trying to protect myself from the harsh reality of my thoughts”

“What were those thoughts?”

Glancing up, sadness in her eyes.

“That we’d never make it to the altar”

Derek tensed up at Ahsha’s revelation. He expected her to have doubts, normal wedding jitters, but never in a million years would he ever dream of that coming out of her mouth.

“Is that why you felt like you needed to take a job across the country. Out of sight, out of mind?”

The woman sighed heavily, placing a hand on his leg.

“No Derek, I didn’t. I applied a few months back, after we broke up. I can’t sit here and tell you that I didn’t want to get away after that. Away from you, the Devil girls, my mom and Pete, everything that I loved reminding me of L.A., and…you. I really thought it was over and…I didn’t want to be known as those girls who sticks around just praying and hoping, for another chance at love. So, I decided a change would be good for healing and I applied. I’ve dreamed of going to New York, but I honestly didn’t think I’d get in. So in the beginning, yeah, it was an outlet”

“Now that I’ve experienced it, it’s something I actually want” She explained.

He listened attentively to every word coming out of her mouth. If he didn’t understand before, he did now.

“I broke your heart”

He realizes, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye.

“Yeah, you did. But it’s the past, it doesn’t matter anymore Derek. What matters is how we move forward together, now” Swiping the other tear from her eye. He stands on the bed on his knees, reaching for her hands.

“How do you want to do that?”

He asks, as she stares into his heart.

“Come on, I want to show you something”

Ahsha and Derek had left the room and embarked on a late night stroll through Central Park. During the day, it was adequate but when nighttime came, it was the most beautiful sight you could ever see. The city lights twinkled through the bushes and if you peak close enough by the waterside, you can see the stars and the moon in the sky. Side by side, they walked until they reached the water view. Ahsha walked over closer to the bridge while Derek stopped in the pathway, hands in his coat pockets. She pointed up to the sky, where the moon appeared clear as day.

“As a kid I dreamt of seeing this moon. Here in New York, it shines through the night. I knew I wanted to dance from the time I made my first-step. But, with a single mother who worked her ass off to put you through school, and an absent father you didn’t even know existed, that dream seemed so far away. All the choices, all the sacrifices she made, for me to get here, and I never gave up. I believed it could happen and it did”

She declared as he watched her speak her truth. Her deepest inhibitions unfolding and he was the first person to witness that. She walked over to him, one small step at a time.

“I see where we are now, and I don’t regret a thing. Do you?”

“Not at all”

“Then I say we start acting like it, both of us. I know we have many things working against us and it may be as though our back is against the wall” Slowly approaching him.

He approaches in the same instant, placing his hand on the side of her waist.

“But the one thing we have on our side, is love. It’s painful, it’s seeing and it makes you crazy, but it’s constant, we are constant”

Surrounding her arms around his shoulders.

“It’s real, and we should live it that way. Live Derek, be alive, with me, regardless of the next German or Mary that may come for us. Can you do that?”

She quizzes, giving him a light smile. Derek says nothing, he just pulls her body closer in to his, leans down and kisses her lips. She had her answer and now it was time to live proof of that.

Day 2

The next day, Ahsha woke up to an empty bed, a tray of breakfast, compliments of room service, and a handwritten note. She rose out of bed, unfolding the note. As she began to read she already knew who’s handwriting it was.

‘To my beautiful fiancée, you asked me to stand and live with you right? Be in the present with you? Okay, I can never say no to that angelic face. Your wish is my command. You want us to live, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Starting now. Attached to your note, you will find specific instructions that you will have to follow to get ready for tonight…’

She gets the other piece of paper and starts to look it over. She puts it down.

I expect you to follow every direction as it is written, if you do, then I’ll see you tonight. Now, this time is for you, and I want you to savor every moment of it. This marks 14 days before you become my wife. Let the festivities begin. Yours always, Derek ♥’

Ahsha closed the note, grinning from ear to ear. She grabbed ahold of the paper with directions and began her itinerary.

1.      Get up, eat breakfast, shower

Ahsha wasted no time, completing her first task. She flew out of bed, ate the fruit and bagel on her tray and hurried into the shower. Twenty minutes passed and she was out. Next task.

2.      Look on the sofa. Whatever is there for you, put it on.

She walked over to the couch where she found a purple sweat suit, matching bra and panties, and her favorite pair of J’s laid out nicely. She grabbed everything and changed in the bathroom. She came out fully dressed within ten minutes. Task #3 is up.

3.     Call a cab, tell them to put all charges on my black card and have them drive you to the closest mall and nail salon. Go there for a medi and pedi.

‘Damn’ She thought to herself. Derek was going all out for her on this. She did as she was told. After her mani and pedi, she explored one of the biggest New York malls in the city and browsed for a few hours. She decided to buy a new piece of lingerie, just in case she had to use it. Those hours had come and gone and it was time for her next set of instructions.

4.    Go back to the hotel, look on the couch again. Change into what is new there. Meet me at Carbone, Washington Square.

By the time she had gotten back from the mall, it was already close to 5’oclock. She arrived back at the hotel about a quarter past 7 due to the heavy traffic. She rushed into the door fast to see what was on the couch. There was a long dress, laid out for her with jewelry and shoes to match an another attached note. You know how much I love red’. Ahsha laughed out loud then took one look at the dress. It was sexy but elegant and just enough to drive him wild seeing her in it. She smirked at the explicit visions going through her mind right now on what they would get into after tonight. Just thinking about it made her very giddy. She had less than two hours to get ready before she had to meet him so she had to make this quick.

She grabbed the dress, shoes, and earrings and ran to the bathroom to get ready. An hour and a half later, she was downstairs, entering the limo Derek had arranged for her. She was in the limo for about fifteen minutes before they arrived at the restaurant. The car came to a stop and the driver, got out of his seat and crossed over to the other side to open Ahsha’s door. She stepped out in her shiny red heels on her feet, holding her dress. Her wavy curls rana across her head flawlessly and effortlessly as she made her way in. The second she walked in, an hostess already knew where to take her.

“Ahsha Hayes right?”

“How did you know my name?”

“Compliments of the man over there, right this way”

Ahsha followed the guy where she was lead to a table for two, with a very handsome man waiting for her. She approached the table, as he proceeded to greet her with a kiss. Their lips grazed against one another, as they embraced each other.

“Hello gorgeous”

“Hay. You cleaned up nice mister”

“So do you” Pecking her lips once more. They part and he pulls out her chair for her to sit.

“My lady”

“Thank you”

She said, sitting in the chair.

“This place is really nice Derek, how’d you manage all of this?”

“Oh you know just, using my many contacts, you know I’m very resourceful when I want to be”

“Yes that you are”

The couple conversed at the table and the water came by to take their orders. Derek had ordered their best bottle of wine, got their food orders in and made a toast.

“To us”

“To us”

Ahsha repeated, glasses clinked as she raised the glass to her lips to take a sip.  The fruity, bitter taste came smoothly down her throat and she placed it back on the table. The next hour or more they spent engaging in conversation they hadn’t had in a while. They finished their meals and the water came with the bill. The conversation had withstanded for so long that Ahsha didn’t even hear her phone buzzing. She pulled it out fast.

“What’s that?”

“Just another email alert babe probably some more advertisements for the playoffs shoot next week” Her fingers running on her screen eagerly, like she was on a mission.

She spoke too soon as her phone accidentally opened up her new recent email that just came in. It took her less than two minutes to read it to figure out who it was from. The look on her face put Derek into a panic.

“Baby what is it?” Grabbing her hand from across the table.

“That was the CEO of the dance studio I auditioned for, they offered me a position with the dance team”

“Oh babe! That’s great!”

“Your happy about this?” Asking confused.

“Of course, it’s a great opportunity”

“But if I take the job, that means I have to leave the Devils, leave LA”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’m going to support you no matter what. Right now let’s not think about that. Come on, we gotta celebrate now” He reassured.

This would be a big step for them but the future was very uncertain. Right now, Derek just wanted to focus on the now.

“Okay, so what should we do now baby?”


“Haha okay but how?”  She laughed. He leaned in closer to the table and whispered,

“I say let’s get the hell up out of here and make an party of our own”

Giving off his infamous smirk.

“Oooo intriguing idea Roman, but first, I want to see your moves”

Grinning slyly. He looked astonished.


Not even an hour after that, you find the couple at a local dance club, 205, in the middle of the dance floor. Ahsha swayed her hips against her man’s bulge making him aroused. Anytime he seen her do what she loves most, dancing, it made him happy in two ways. She placed her hands on his shoulder’s twisting her hips to the ending beat of Drake’s for Free.

Is it just me? Or is this sex so good I shouldn’t have to fuck for free?

The beat of the song vibrated through the whole club and everyone got loose. Ahsha played with her hair whilst twerking her ass towards Derek, moving her hips like never before. She was having fun and so was he. They inched closer dancing the night away.

Is this sex so good I shouldn’t have to fuck for free?

Then the beat changed into something a little slower. The soft sounds of Beyoncés echoed in the room. The couple couldn’t go a day without one small cute moment between each other. Tonight was no different. They sneered each other, walking around the other like two lost in love teenagers. When his moment came he took it.

Found the truth beneath your lies, and true love never has to hide, (true love never has to hide)

“May I have this dance?” Proposing his hand.

“Why of course” Receiving his hand and he pulled her in.

Trade your broken wings for mine, (trade your broken wings for mine ohhhh)

Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, his arms surrounding her waist. They swayed to the beat, nice and slow.

Give you some time to prove that I can trust ya again

I’m gonna kiss up and rub up and feel up

Kiss up and rub up and feel up on ya

She caressed his back while they moved together, imprisoning her arms tightly now around his neck.

Alllllllll night looooong, lovee, all night loooong

He peers up at her, piercing his eyes into her beautiful, brown eyes. She gazes back getting lost in his as he removes a strand of hair from her face.

All I wanna, ain’t no other, we together, I remember, sweet love all night long…

The two lovers smile at each other, then Ahsha slowly places her head on Derek’s chest as he rubs her back as they glide carefully across the dance floor. As a result, Derek holds her free hand as their intimacy continues. It felt good to have her back in his arms, just like this again. So much had happened since Derek proposed and they even had outside forces trying to destroy them, but they are stronger than ever because of it. Like Bonnie & Clyde, just them against the world.

Our love was stronger than your pride

Beyond your darkness, I’m your light

If you get deep, you touch my mind

(If you get deep, you touch my mind)

Baptize your tears, and dry your eyes

(Baptize your tears, dry your eyes)

Derek held her close as their feet synchronized together, completely in tune with one another.

They say true love’s the greatest weapon

They shared a slow, long passionate kiss and the music kept playing. The movement of their lips matched to the beat of Beyoncés voice.

With every tear came redemption

I’m gonna kiss up, and rub up and feel up

Kiss up and rub up and feel on you

Lips still tangled, Ahsha caresses his cheek. They part, Ahsha goes on with her tlc.

All night long

Sweet love, all night long

Sweeeeeet love, all night long

All I wannaaaaa, ain’t no other

We together, I remember

Sweet lovee all night loooongg

The song ended and he hadn’t noticed Ahsha drifted in his arms, it was time to go back to the room. He kissed her hair and his touch woke her, and she looks at him. He grabbed her hand as he told her,

“Let’s get out of here”

“I was thinking the same thing” The dancer commented.

She followed him through the crowd outside, and headed toward the limo to go back to the limo. They got in and drove off. As the car moved, Ahsha got a little too comfortable under Derek. While he laid against the seat, she rested against his chest, her legs crossed and stretched out.



“Not really, are youu?” She crooned fiddling with his belt buckle using her feet. To make matters worse, she moved her feet from his buckle to his mid-section, teasing him. Derek caught her foot with his hand.

“Ahsha stop”

“Stop what? This…” Now straddling his lap, her dainty fingers on the top of his buckle fondling with it. After a little romantic, sensual dance together she was truly in the mood. No more playing nice, no more teasing games.

“Or this?” Her fingers moving down to his piece where she starts massaging it through his slacks. Still straddling his lap, she pokes her ass out to get a better angle, closing in on his face.

“What about this?” Stroking her tongue against his ear, then running it over his neck while playing with his tie at the same time. He couldn’t take no more. Ahsha was playing hard ball but she should’ve learned by now that she’ll always lose in a teasing game with Derek. Her weaknesses would be her downfall in this. He cocks his head to the side as he says,

“Oh I see; you want to play huh?”

The woman bit her bottom lip giving him the eye he loved to see.

“No answer? Okay, remember you asked for it”

“Asked for wha- “

Ahsha’s sentence was interrupted by him grabbing her by the waist and laying her down on the seat. Derek was in front, Ahsha under him, completely at his mercy. In one swift, he pinned her hands above her head

“My turn”

And with that, he attacked her neck. He started a sweet torture, biting softly, licking hard, rotating his tongue around in between. Whilst planting soft but very wet kisses on her neck, his fingers are busy under her dress. As his lips escalated up from her cheek, down to her chin and back up until he met her lips, his fingers were still wrestling down under. He presses his lips on hers hard as she releases one of her hands placing it behind his head. Lips still pressed together, she could feel his piece rubbing up against her center. Using his fingers, he moves her undergarment to the side and dived his hand between her thighs, applying pressure.


“Like that don’t you?”


“Oh yeah? Hmmmm, what about this?”

Licking the side of her neck and inserting a finger inside her clit. First going in and out then circling it around her labia. Ahsha’s breath hitched a little as she tried to speak. Knowing it would drive her crazy, he gave her a harder time on keeping her composure by inserting not one but two more fingers inside, roughly this time of course. Every time he pulled out, he jabbed them back in, back and forth, in and out, round and around her labia, invading her very sensitive walls.

Each time he did this, her response were loud moans. The moans of pleasure you hear when your man fucks you into an oblivion. Except, Derek wasn’t fucking nothing, not yet at least. Even though his dick wasn’t buried deep in her, he could still feel the pleasure she getting from his finger fuck session. He pulled them out to pin her hands back above her head, restricting her again. He lowered his body more down so the heat between their bodies could collide. He moved his fingers down, using his hand to reach up and hold her by the neck, then shoved them back in quick.

“Shit Derek!”

“Shut that shit up you know you like that” Whispering softly in her ear, violating her sense of all thought.

He nipped her ear as she tried to hold on but her water was pooling through and she could feel her end coming. He transitioned his fingers in and out rapidly over and over until she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Aaaaaaaaaarrghh! Fuck!”

This only encouraged him to go faster and move his head down to the midsection of her breasts. Fingers still busy, he used his free-hand to expose her breasts enough to where only her nipples were pointed out in front of his face. Nice and hard, they were ready for Derek to ravage. He grabbed ahold of the left breast and wrapped his mouth fully around her nipple. His tongue stayed occupied as he sucked hard, circling his tongue, only his tip touching the most tender part. Tongue moved across to her other breast and committed the same assault as his fingers penetrated her abyss. If her hands were free, they would be pressing his head further lower on her nipples. She bit her bottom lip in reaction from the ecstasy Derek was giving her.

“Oooooooooooooooooooohh” She moaned.

Faster and faster, his fingers moved in and out of her as she came closer to her peak.


“I know baby I know” Still fingering her.

The faster his fingers went, the more her water built up. He stroked faster, again and again until her juices squirted all around his fingers. Her legs started shaking and her thighs closed around his hand as she climaxed. By the time they had finished their activities, they were already at the hotel. Ahsha fixed up her dress as Derek heard footsteps approaching their door to let them out. The driver opened the door and Ahsha eased out, Derek following behind her with a smirk on his face, like he had his hands in the cookie jar. He held her hand as they hurriedly walked into the entrance, not even saluting the driver. They power-walked to the elevator, Ahsha pressing the up button. Elevator opens and they hurry in. The minute the door closes, the sexual tension was so high, it was almost unbearable. Right away, Ahsha jumped on Derek attacking his mouth. They kissed violently, lips biting, tongues swirling with lots of body movement in between. Derek stuck his tongue deep down her throat as he lifted her up by her ass, high, high up to the ceiling.

They stayed this way until they reached their floor. The elevator dings on their floor and they got out, Ahsha still being carried by Derek, her legs surrounding his waist as their lips kept busy. Knowing her door was close, Derek found the key cord, slides it through, opened the door and kicked it shut with his foot. They wasted no time once getting inside. No more foreplay, they can get more tomorrow. Derek kicked his shoes off as he carried Ahsha to the shower. Still fully clothed, heels and all. Lips still intertwined, Ahsha turned the knob on hot temperature as he removed his suit jacket and shirt. He placed her down to wet her hair a little. Her head fell completely under the water, letting the warmth of the water relax her muscles. They parted for a millisecond but after seeing her lips glistening under the water, he covered her mouth with his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her up, high to the sky again, pinning her hands again.

The water poured down all over their bodies. Hands pinned, he took the time kissing and sucking on her neck and kissing through her wet, slippery clothes. Kissing her stomach and hips.


Shirtless, he used this opportunity to unbuckle his pants, releasing his long, thick, hard piece. Without thinking about it, he hiked up her dress, making her go higher up and entered in. He started off with a slow, gentle stroke time and time again. Her hips grinded against his as her pussy slided up and down his member. She held onto his wet back as the water dripped over both of them. He thrusted in, inching himself in piece by piece, in, in, and out. She whimpered as he continued to plunge his dick inside her. Deeper the man went, the higher and louder the woman got.

“Aaargh! Umph! Umph! Yeah, yeah, baby, ooooo right there” Damaging his backside with her fingernails. She digged deeper into his flesh as he pumped. The steam filled up the room as the sounds of their fuck session evaded the hotel thin walls.

“DEREK! AHHHH!” She hissed. He pulled out, teasing her clit with with his tip then slamming himself back in, smacking her ass cheeks hard, spreading her legs a little further. She was hanging on by a thread as he held her in place.

“Give it to me give it to meeee daddy”

As she held on tighter to his shoulders, she let the water fall down her chest. Closing the gap between them, she dragged his lips to hers. He bit her bottom lip, tugging at it then slightly choking her a little with his fingertips grasped around her neck lightly. He did it so she can look him in the eye as he descended upon her paradise. With every stroke, he filled her inner walls with all the love he preserved, just for her. Slow and steady he went then suddenly he picked up the pace. As he pumped faster, her ass bounced up and down so hard, you can hear the slapping sound vibrating through the room. By now, the entire room was steamy as ever and filled with smoky mirrors. He made that ass bounce up down, and around. At this point, her pussy was for sure sore but still yearned for more. She didn’t want him to stop.

“Mmmm don’t stop” She whispered in his ear in her sexy tone of voice.

Her legs wobbled as his dick impaled her body. They weakened and became less of a tight grip around his waist so he lifted them back up on his waist.

“Bring that ass back here don’t run away from me now”

“Baby pleaseeee it’s comiiiiiiiinnngg”

“Ahhhh shiiit Ahsha! The fuck you doing to me” He groaned, affirming. He kept going.


“Huuh what you say baby?” He taunted her, rubbing her cheeks then striking his hand against it to intensify her upcoming orgasm.

“Argh! Ooooh fuck!” She panted.

“You feel so damn good babe” Holding onto her closely. They held onto each other, body pressed against another, and when ready, he spilled his milk in her honey. She unleashed her legs from his waist as he pulled out. She grabbed him by the neck and kissed him sweetly as the water flowed down.


Next Morning- Day 3  

“Ooooooohhhh God!”

Ahsha was woken up with Derek’s head between her legs and his tongue bathed, swimming in her center. He flicked his tongue against her clit then licking up and down. Enter and exit, the tip went, teasing her at first then he just went for the kill. He sank deeper inside, kissing and taking care of every sweet, juicy part. He worked his tongue until he could feel her nectar at the tip of his tongue. He sucked on the insides of her thighs as they started to shake. Her head fell back and her eyes rolled in the back of her head as he punished her, but the way it hurts and the pain she was enduring felt good, so damn good. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Her hips flexed up as she gripped the sheets, palms sweating like no tomorrow.

“Aaannwwww” She wailed. Once more, he ran his tongue across her labia, and inserted in and out repeatedly until she cried out

“Yeeeessss! Oh God Yeeeessss! Mmmm Ahhh baby” She screamed. He sucked on her suction more and she squirted out on his tongue. Once, twice, third time and she came in his mouth. He slurped her up until there was none left. He removed his head from the covers and she lifted it up to meet his face.

“I love waking up to you”

“Not as much as I love it” Kissing her inner-thigh, then moving across the bed to sit beside her.


“Starving! That was quite the workout I’m in need of a refuge babe”

“I figured you would be so that’s why I already ordered in”

Ahsha raised her eyebrow looking around the room until she spotted the tray with fruit, juice, waffles, and whipped cream. Derek jumped off the bed and brought the tray to the bed, in Ahsha’s reach. She grabbed a strawberry off the platter and took a bite.

“How does it taste?”

“Come here” He leaned over and she placed the bitten strawberry inside his mouth. He took it full, and sucked the juices from her single finger.

“Damn, it is good”

“Just the right amount of sweetness in the taste, not too soft, not too hard, just right”

Licking her finger grabbing another one and a waffle.

“So what do you want to do on our last day in New York, New York baby?”

Getting himself a waffle and some whip cream, taking a couple of bites out of the shape.

“Something crazy” She sang.

“Like what woman?”

“Well you know we are getting married in 11 days, as of today…”

“Yeeah, go onn…” Putting a mouthful of cream in his mouth then hers. She swallowed first before speaking and eating the remaining of her waffle.

“I recently discovered something about myself, a new development and it’s got me thinking. And I just realized all the stress we’ve endured with planning and stuff. I was so caught up in planning the ‘perfect wedding’ that it made me forget about us and what it’s really about. After all of this, I know what it is that’s really important. It doesn’t matter where or who we do it with, as long as were together. That’s it baby” She voiced. He smiled and linked their fingers together kissing the top.

“How do you propose we do that? Make it about just us?” She placed her other hand on top of his.

“Let’s make it official, right here, right now”

“That what you really want?”

She mounts on his lap.

“I’ve never wanted anything more”

That Night at the Airport

Ahsha and Derek were passing through the line to their plane, heading back to L.A., home. They walked through quickly, put their carry-ons above their heads then took their seats.

“What you want to drink?”

“Mmmmmm how about apple cider, I’m in the mood for something sweet”

“Apple cider, haha okay”

“What? It’s got bubbles in it too and its perfect for the occasion”

“Well then if apple cider is what you want then that’s what you shall get, excuse me?”

Derek asked an attendant passing by.

“Yes sir how can I be of assistance?”

“One bottle of your best apple cider, two glasses please”

“Right away”

The attendant dismissed themselves. Derek focused his attention back to his girl.

“So how long do I get you at home before you have to come back?”

“I decided to take a different route. They told me the job would be waiting for me whenever I’m ready to take it though”

“That’s a plus, what changed your mind?”

“Turns out, there are more important things I need to attend to, besides upgrading my career” Placing a protective hand on her stomach while Derek slightly turned away.

He turned back around and the attendant had brought the bottle and glasses. He popped it open and they both laughed. He poured the liquid into the glasses and placed them back down. Ahsha sat happy and proud.

“You ready Mrs. Roman?”

She reached for his hand, he put his in hers.

“Now I am”

They smiled at each other before reaching to one another to share a kiss. They parted and Ahsha grazed his cheek.

“You think it was worth it?”

He laid back in his seat, closing his eyes.

“Without a doubt wifey”

“Me too”

Ahsha giggled as she felt the plane moving, leaping for take-off. Ahsha rested back in her seat as she kept her hand in place on her stomach as the plane took off. After all the pain and suffering they had been through in every area of their lives, they finally had it. They finally shared their enchanted moment together. No hesitation, no reservation, they know what they had and nobody would ever be able to take that away from them.

You’ve reached the end! Do you know what the surprise was? This series has been a joy to write and I hope you all enjoyed it these few months. I thank everyone who reads, reviews, reblogs or comments! It’s what keeps me going :) Next up will be an Christmas themed epilogue, and this will be posted Christmas day. Then, my next projects will be Addicted with my sis @wicked-gamesofdersha and  my sequel to Rain on Me, Rainfall, details coming soon! Thanks again! 

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Why is it that when you had the scales on your skin, you were really peppy with dramatic flair, but in storybrooke, you're quite sarcastic and calm as a person? Did you just find it fun to be so flamboyant?

It was all part of the image. Here in Storybrooke, sarcasm and cold calm has the same effect as the flamboyance in the Enchanted Forest.

It puts people out of their comfort zones.

It amazes me how horribly ENTITLED the buyers and fans of BJDs can be. And the more talented the artist, the more horrible and entitled the fans. Take Enchanted Doll. Really ground-breaking novel artist. But her blog and email so filled with people whining about why they are ENTITLED to a doll from her, entitled to make her charge less, entitled to this/that- demanding that she produce her dolls faster/cheaper/for everyone that asks. Same for Enabi. No wonder these artists burn out.


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(I FELL ASLEEP BEFORE I COULD SEND IN A RANDOM ASK AHHH) Chikage... All my life I thought air was free... until I bought a bag of chips :(

Air is free, right?

Teresa: **hands him a bag of chips** Open it.

**opens** Why is half the bag just air?!


 Harry looked upward and saw a velvety black ceiling dotted with stars. He heard Hermione whisper, “Its bewitched to look like the sky outside. I read about it in Hogwarts, A History.”
 It was hard to believe there was a ceiling there at all, and that the Great Hall didn’t simply open on to the heavens.