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Sirtha kept her eyes trained on her teacher, her fingers tapping her cheek as he lectured the class about behavior. She closed her eyes as he spoke. Her teacher and herself were secretly dating, and they have been for a long time. It was just like a normal relationship. Their ages weren't too far apart either. Her eyes opened when class dismissed for the day, but she stayed behind.

Grainne sighed and ran a hand through his hair. None of the kids in his class seemed to be learning much of anything and it was working on his nerves. When the last of his students left, all except one, he shut the door and locked it, tugging down the blinds so none could see into the room. He walked over to Sirtha and kissed her softly. “Why do they nae pay attention t’ me?” He whimpered after the kiss was complete.



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How do you feel about ninja, buckin' broncho?

Some of the tactics me and my band of merry outlaws use take a lot of influence from you shadow melders. Take for instance, this Desert Skirmisher gear. 

Note: Blueprint jargon provided by our local blacksmith/engineer. He’s a nerd, but useful!

( Art done by askfortunatecookie.tumblr.com )

Features :

- Metallic overlay on limbs conceals hidden blades on dual spring-loaded guided rails, as well as the tried and true hoof revolver on a similar , slide-based system docked upon the rightmost vambrace. The secure armor plating can also be used to bash and parry in close quarters, and helps protect from harsh climates and unwanted impact. The enchanted carbonized metal plates can deflect some forms of concentrated spell projectiles, namely pure arcane blasts, but the material can only absorb so much punishment before deteriorating.

- Assorted bandoliers and pouches containing the following : Weaponized Poker Chips of assorted, labeled colors, to be thrown like grenades or crushed under hoof, consisting of specific armaments ( Smokescreen ; Anesthetic Gas; Mid-Grade Explosive; Lachrymatory Agent/Tear Gas; Concentrated Adhesive/Glue Bomb; Caltrops. ). Occasionally, some baggage space is sacrificed for higher tech weaponry, such as an electrified bola or motorized wrist coil/spear gun. Bladed throwing cards still rest in a hidden pocket on the outfit.

Some of the bags contain ammunition as well as necessary survival equipment, such as anti-venom , bandages, a radio, and a water purifier.

- Duster coat, hat, and undergarments are layered with fire retardant polymers to insulate and protect from environmental and magical hazards. Cowl and sideflaps assist in staving off dirt particles and sand kicked up by the desert winds.

This outfit is primarily implemented for serious raiding jobs or skirmishes against magic users. Ghastly facepaint is incorporated to assist in subterfuge of identity and to unnerve victims.

advisor jeanne because it was going to happen eventually

long since having abandoned her duties as a grey warden, jeanne opted to travel the world, eventually immersing herself back into thedas’ circles—she never stayed in one again, but became their representative and advocate in many courts and government structures. not the grand enchanter nor even a first enchanter in name, she nevertheless is quite familiar with the various political and social dynamics of the circle, and the people acting within them.

when the circles were abolished, jeanne spent a while looking after mages who’d disagreed with the rebellion but did not have the means to take care of themselves like lady vivienne and her loyalists. leliana, whom she’d kept in touch with since the end of the blight, suggested she travel to haven to take part in the conclave and eventually join the divine’s planned inquisition. she agreed, on the condition that the mages under her care would still have someone to look after them.

obviously the conclave ended badly, but the inquisition proceeded anyway. as cullen represents the templars as an advisor, jeanne does the same for the mages. in her position, she serves as a median between the extremes of the other mages of the inner circle; while she considers the circles to be an important and necessary establishment, she also believes they are in serious need of change, perhaps even entirely new rules and expectations from the ground-up.

now’s her chance to influence that change…though she has her own ways of going about it, and definitely has her fair share of opinions as to how former friends and acquaintances have acted to put their mark on thedas.

In the vein of classic children’s literature, Doctor Who (at least Nu-WHo) has been about teaching children the harsh realities of life. Marriage is scary, but wonderful with compromise. Parents die. Babies are lost to their mothers. Adoption can be amazing. Your boyfriend can grow and change and not love you any more etc. etc. Here? Well the subtext is clearly telling children that older people (their grandparents; their parents) never truly stop being afraid of things, even if they’re not afraid of the ‘lovely’ dark. You don’t grow out of fear, so the Doctor tells us. Though, if you’re lucky you can use it to help you grow… up.

What is enchanting about text and subtext here is how it both reveals Moffat’s subconscious fears for the show, and Twelve, yet offers up a fantastic solution. At the tail end of the episode, when a young Time-lord (to be) lies shaking and shivering in his bed, Clara’s reaches out literally and figuratively and Steven Moffat shows each child watching that this ‘grey stick insect’ of a Doctor was once a little boy, just like them. Scared of failing tests, just like them. Steven Moffat reminds them that the Doctor grew up to be amazing, to use his brain, not his brawn. He grew up to be clever and wonderful and wise. If there was a child watching who, unlike Clara, still couldn’t see the Doctor after Eleven became Twelve, I assume now they can. It’s a brilliant dramatic device and use of time-travel.