enchanted references


references to other disney princess films that appear in enchanted

enchanted/the little mermaid - boat ride

enchanted/sleeping beauty - edward and nathaniel, and philip and his fathers dance

enchanted/beauty and the beast - ballroom chandelier


It started as a very silly thought but then I realized it was genius af (modesty aside lolol) but hear me out:

Emma is cursed and is forced to go to the animated world of Andalasia (“ENCHANTED” reference) so, of course, everything is fucking animated. Emma included.
So Killian goes to that place too (of fucking course, he needs his wife!), we fucking get animated captain fucking swan and A&E (nor JMo) don’t need to worry about the fans complaining about the lack of cs.
It’s a win-win for everyone. I’d watch that.
It gets better if there’s an (animated) spin off.

Imagine Emma speaking with animals. Imagine Killian surprised bc he can’t be sarcastic anymore when he notices that Emma is having a chat with a bug:

Give me an Andalasia AU.


these are as true to color as I can get my hair to look in photos lol. I promise its a little more green in real life! either way i love it. (Enchanted Forest by Manic Panic).

by the way i really enjoy when people tell me what my hair makes me look like (a sea prince, an alien etc) in the tags and comments ;w; it inspires me to hear all of the different things people have to say.

The thing about DWJ characters is that they’ve all got odd little pet projects just like real people. You have a lady who passive-aggressively moves furniture and a wizard who sends peaches to outer space and a magician who builds motors out of taxidermy animals 

and then conflict causes all these quirks to manifest in bizarrely logical ways, resulting in a man bludgeoning fairies with overripe squash

Fenris Inquisition Party Banter, Part Three

possible spoilers for DA:I and DA:2 are below, read at your own risk. [part one]    [part two]


Vivienne: For an escaped slave from the Imperium, you’ve been rather polite to me, dear.

Fenris: You do not act as if magic is harmless.

Vivienne: That’s because it isn’t.

Fenris: I know.


Fenris: You were a First Enchanter?

Vivienne: You are referring to me, darling? Yes. Though the title is all but pointless now that the circles have fallen. 

Fenris: Something many will learn to regret in the days to come.

if Hawke sided with the mages

Fenris: You were a First Enchanter?

Vivienne: You are referring to me, darling? Yes. Though the title is all but pointless now that the circles have fallen. Something I hear you had no small role in. 

Fenris: It is not something I ever imagined myself fighting for. 

Vivienne: Then why did you, my dear?

Fenris: I would not turn against my own.

If Fenris sided with the templars, but was convinced to join Hawke

Fenris: I am no friend to apostates. But I could not abandon Hawke.


Vivienne: How is it, dear, that you have Lyrium burned into your skin, and yet you haven’t suffered any of the consequences?

Fenris: Consequences. 

Vivienne: Many a templar has gone mad, or perished from such exposure. 

Fenris: I do not know. The pain of the ritual destroyed any memories I might have had. And even if it weren’t so, I doubt as a slave I would have known the details.

Vivienne: Regardless, do be careful, darling. With all this red Lyrium about there could be… complications. 

Fenris: I’ll keep that in mind. 

If Varric is in the party

Varric: Well, this is cheery.


Vivienne: I’m certain you’ve met Dorian by now, dear?

Fenris: Unfortunately.

Vivienne: Quite. 


if Bring Me the Heart of Snow White is completed

Fenris: I’ve never lost someone I cared for. I know there is little to be said, but I am sorry. 

Vivienne: (sighs) Thank you, dear. But all things must end eventually. 



Solas: Fenris is not the name you were born with. 

Fenris: Was Solas yours?

Solas: I seem to have offended you somehow. 

if Varric is in the party

Varric: Don’t take it personally, Chuckles. He’s always like this with new people. 

if Varric is not in the party

Fenris: You’re not the first apostate I’ve met.

Solas: I see. 


Fenris: You are not Dalish. 

Solas: That is correct. 

Fenris: Nor are you from an alienage. 

Solas: Is it so strange to learn that a third option exists?

Fenris: As far as I knew, the third option was ‘slave’. 


Solas: Have you ever wondered what your life was before, Fenris?

If Varania was not killed in ‘Alone’

Fenris: Knowing what little I do now brought me no peace. More seems like asking for trouble. 

If Varania was killed, or ‘Alone’ was not completed. 

Fenris: It isn’t hard to guess about the life of a slave. 

Solas: I have walked the fade long enough that I might help you learn more of it, if you so choose. 


Solas: … I see your point. 

If Sera is in the party

Sera: Ugh! Now you’ve gone all Elfy too! Piss!

Premium eyes comparison.

Silicone - also known as “Soft Glass”; easy to squish and scratch.
Urethane - “Resin eyes”; hard, easy to scratch.
Glass - regular eyes; hard, can’t be scratched.
Acryl - “polymer eyes”; hard, can be scratched.

Masterpiece Eyes.
Offers their silicone eyes in odd sizes from 9mm to 25mm. The 13mm eyes aren’t 13mm - they are 14mm. The 15mm are 15mm in height exactly. No “depth” like the other eyes. Their acrylic eyes come in regular sizes (12mm, 14mm, 16mm …).

All their eyes turn out darker in real life than on their page (except obviously light colors like AM-15). Sizes match exactly. 12mm eyes have a bit smaller iris than other eyes.

Have smaller irises in general. Size matches.

Enchanted Doll.
Eyes are a bit smaller than they should be (13,3mm instead of 14mm), irises are a bit larger.

Super deep eyes. Is exactly 12mm big. Due to bigger dome a bit harder to position right in a doll head.

Price ranges:
Masterpiece (silicone) - 33$ - 61$ (depends on size and extras)
Soom (silicone) - 25$ (discontinued)
Makoeyes (urethane) - 25$
ED eyes (urethane) - 50$ and up
Souldoll (glass) - 19,80$
Masterpiece (acrylic) - 13,95$

I hope its helpful :)

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Wed Me: Rucas

That’s how you know…She’s your love!

Riley’s stuck, completely frozen in place, staring at the absolutely massive crowd that just finished an intricate song and dance number in Central Park. They’re all dropping out of their end poses, smiling and staring at her as Lucas approaches the bench that one of the performers had set her on after presenting her with a colorful bouquet of Gerber daisies. She can’t even begin to understand what just happened. 

One minute, she and Lucas were walking through the park, and considering stopping to listen to some steel drum performers, the next minute, he was joining them (and seemingly everyone else in the park) in some big flash mob thing and she was being swept along for the ride. 

“Lucas, what on earth is going on?” She jumps to her feet and steps forward, meeting him halfway. “Why is everyone in this city singing the song from Enchanted? Why are you singing the song from Enchanted? Is this why you haven’t been around much the last few–,” Riley drops off as Lucas lowers himself to one knee. 


Now she gets it. 

Inspired by this post. Submissions are officially closed. 

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All the spec info for all classes has been uploaded to the DAI site!!!!!!

Ah yes! Thank you! This just happened, because I was on it earlier and it was not updated!


  • Champion: These powerful defenders protect their allies from harm, standing strong against devastating blows with expert training and fierce determination. Enemies can’t kill them—and usually can’t survive them.
  •  Reaver: As the battle gets bloodier, these vicious and deadly warriors get even more brutal. Hurting them just makes them mad, a mistake most enemies don’t live to repeat.
  •  Templar: These unrelenting warriors specialize in fighting mages and demons. No enemy’s magic can withstand them, and they inspire and protect their allies with their righteous power.


  •  Artificer:
     These specialists control the battlefield with deadly traps. Neither they nor their explosive mines are ever where the enemy expects them to be.
  •  Assassin: Any rogue can kill a target, but assassins make death into an art form. They specialize in quick, deadly kills that let them slide back into the shadows undetected, or indirect kills that eliminate targets while the assassin is safely away.
  •  Tempest: These unpredictable experts specialize in using alchemical mixtures that wreathe them in frost or flame. Fast, chaotic, and possibly mad, they wade into the fight and dare enemies to face the storm.


  •  Knight Enchanter: These rare mages received special dispensation from the Chantry to serve in battle. They summon blades from the Fade and are experts in protection and defense.
  •  Necromancer: 
    These mages specialize in binding the spirits that are drawn to death. They can put the fear of death into enemies, bring spirits to fight on their behalf, and even cause devastating explosions when their enemies die.

  •  Rift Mage: These mages draw upon the force of the Fade, either pulling matter from the Fade to attack or twisting the Veil itself into a weapon to stagger or crush their enemies.


According to director Kevin Lima, “thousands” of references are made to past and future works of Disney in Enchanted, which serve as both a parody of and a “giant love letter to Disney classics”. As Lima worked with Bill Kelly, the writer, to inject Disney references to the plot, it became “an obsession”; he derived the name of every character as well as anything that needed a name from past Disney films to bring in more Disney references.

ngl im really excited for zelena to be back

and for robin to go to oz

and for robin to ride a horse in the middle of nyc 

and for him to shout, “RIDE, DESTINY”

and for all the enchanted references

Tom Hiddleston Movie Content Warnings Part 26


Estimated trauma risk: 9.7
Visually stunning scenarios, hypnotic music, delicious cultural references, enchanting acting, and this one angsty vampire with not too much clothes on.
Not suitable for women currently on their period.

Includes the following triggers:

  • hard core hair porn
  • kissing
  • dancing
  • overall cuddlish thingies
  • toes
  • lots of abs - most of them Tom’s
  • unnecessary amounts of neck porn
  • drinking blood and moaning
  • no shirts were harmed or used during the making of this film
  • Tom in a nightgown
  • hand porn with a violin
  • wait did I see leather pants tell me those are not leathers pants
  • …they’re leather pants aren’t they.

Necessary precautions:
Tranquilize yourself and your raging hormones before viewing by overdosing on ice cream in advance and actively punching yourself in the gut to momentarily disable your vital organs.

Expected outcome:
Severe case of brain freeze, some internal bleeding, busted knuckles, and deep desperation. Some inexplicable symptoms resembling encephalitis and/or asthma might suddenly occur. Out-of-body experiences highly likely.