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Things I’ve Learned

As both a witch and someone who makes more mistakes than there are cells in my body

  • just do what works
  • like i’m serious if screaming at the moon works then do it
  • listen to your gut. it knows
  • work with what you have and don’t be afraid to cheat the system a little
  • eat after you preform magickal works, drink water
  • succulents are friends
  • spider plants can live just about anywhere but actual pots are best
  • rosemary doesn’t like water and will die very quickly if you over water it
  • aloe vera is a beast and flat out refuses to die
  • be like aloe vera
  • eggshells don’t decompose like other things they just kinda dissolve eventually
  • freezing eggshells keeps them fresh but they’re difficult to pry apart 
  • don’t use salt on plants they will die 
  • enchanting your makeup is a good idea
  • put sigils everywhere
  • don’t be afraid to do magick for practical/”mundane” things
  • always look at the mundane causes for things first
  • showers are a great time to self-cleanse and ward
  • screaming and throwing your grimoire at spiders is probably going to happen eventually
  • you should probably set up a schedule or an alarm to water your plants
  • store your seeds away from water 
  • dandelions are friends
  • don’t pick the first dandelions of spring! bees need those to get started
  • sometimes just asking for something to lend it’s energy is enough
  • sometimes doing spells is the equivalent of kicking the universe in the knees until it does the thing
  • cursing bad people with lots of supporters is very difficult, but worth it 
  • be very careful with your wording and intent
  • your spells probably aren’t going to work out the way you thought
Tips for the Secret Witch

For all the witches who need to keep their Craft under wraps. Whether it is because of a lack of space, sharing your space with religious roommates (or simply people who don’t “get” witchcraft), or if you just would like your privacy, this list can help you out.

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- Keep all your ritual tools in a plain box (like a shoe box) that can be easily tucked under your bed or in your closet and away from prying eyes.

- You can draw out an altar in a sketchbook. You can also add pictures printed from online or from magazines.

- Using glass jar candles can help make any magical space look mundane, and they come in a large variety of scents too (and people will always know what to get you when holidays roll around!).

- If you want to make an altar for a deity, but can’t make it too obvious, put a jar candle next to a trinket or picture associated with that deity. For example, a rose candle next to a sea shell for Aphrodite.


- Use colors matching your intent. This can mean you wear a red shirt, or carry a blue pen, or carry a green handbag. 

- Enchant your jewelry. You can make a bracelet for protection, earrings for love, a necklace for luck, etc.

- Enchant your makeup, lotion or hair products. You can also use your face cleanser as a magical cleanser as well.

- Sigils. Sigils are simple symbols with intent put into them. They can be easily mistaken for simple doodles or intricate designs.

Crystals, Herbs and Incense

- If you are planning on having herbs in your room/space, you may wish to keep them in mason jars rather than plastic baggies. Many ignorant people assume that any herb in a baggy is marijuana. I’ve had someone mistake chamomile for marijuana before…

- Drinking tea is an innocent way to incorporate herbs into any practice. Teas come in all sorts of blends and flavors (they also usually come in fancy tins that you can save!). If you have a well known fondness for tea, if you start to buy herbs to mix your own blends, most wouldn’t blink an eye.

- Gardening or house plants. This is an easy way to incorporate herbs and plants without drawing attention.

- Crystals are very pretty. Crystal and rock collecting is also a very common hobby. 

- If you don’t have access to incense, use jar candles, wax melts (with the warmers) or any type of open-and-leave-it air fresheners.

Witchy Tools 

- To make an easy pendulum, loop a piece of cord or string through a ring. The weight of the ring will act just like a pendulum. You can also use an old necklace or bracelet depending on the length of the chain.

- Playing cards instead of Tarot cards. If you have trouble remembering the cards, doodle little symbols on each card that help you remember. You can also use trading game cards (like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!) if the pictures help you more.

Grimoires and Witchy Books

- Depending on your living situation, a plain notebook may not deter nosey people from snooping. If you need an alternative, pick up an old book from a thrift shop to write notes in. You can add notes in the margins, write over the print with markers, or glue in your own pages. This way your grimoire can sit on your bookshelf and look completely innocent.

- Note taking apps. I recommend Tumblr for a secret witch, mainly because you can have a witchy side blog to hold all your notes and no one will know. However, there are also a lot of note-taking apps (like OneNote) that let you create various “notebooks” and sections.

- Planner notebooks or binders. Most planners have some sort of personal inserts that can be made that you can write witchy notes. It’s also a super easy way to keep track of moon cycles and sabbats. This also allows you to get super creative.

Godly Beauty Glamour

Intent: to look irresistible; to have a goddess-like presence. 

You know when you want to look like you can both kill a man or make his night? Somewhere between Cat Woman and Shiva? Or give off an unreal brilliance? 

Literally me. Daily.

Which is why this glamour is so useful. 

Start it off by taking a moment to envision the image you have for yourself. Imagine that you already have, that this is who you are. Then, begin to work the spell by combining cane sugar and pink sea salt in a glass container. 

Light an incense that fits with your desired image. Since my intent is to be intimidating as well as beautiful, I chose patchouli and dragon’s blood.  

  • patchouli = love, desire, fulfillment, attraction
  • dragon’s blood = strength, confidence, goddess glam

The next step involves every witch’s favorite thing.




Light a white candle and set it behind the glass. Combine cinnamon with sugar and salt blend, rotating clockwise. You can use ground cinnamon or a cinnamon stick. 

  • cinnamon = quick results, a bit of sass

Grind up two rose petals and place at the bottom of a second glass. Grind up another rose petal and mix it with the cinnamon, sugar, and salt. 

Put the objects you wish to enchant in the second container with the roses so that they fit comfortably. I enchanted several makeup items, but you can use jewelry, lotion, or a mirror. 

Pour the contents of the remaining glass over the objects. You may choose to say an incantation here. I used: “I am goddess, I am light. No one can resist my sight. Moon that turns from new to full, no one can resist my pull”. If you don’t want to use an incantation, you don’t have to. 

Envision yourself radiating light, as if sparkling from the inside out.

Allow the incense and candle to burn out fully. Alternatively, you may decide to snuff out the candle after the incense has finished burning. 

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A Glamour of Androgyny

“See me as I really am:

not as a woman, not as a man.

I am the beautiful space in between,

a perfect wonder to be seen.”

The incantation is really the important part. But here are some supplemental ideas:

  • Visualize your face becoming perfectly androgynous as you say this.
  • Visualize yourself glowing with a yellow, orange, green, purple, or grey light– all colors associated with androgyny.
  • Design a sigil for androgyny or use some of the ones already available. (There’s at least one I’ve seen.)
  • Enchant your clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc. with this chant.
beauty witch self-care tips 💄

- enchanting your makeup or jewelry collection before use

- feeling powerful when applying lipstick or nail polish (and definitely considering them to be magick tools)

- keeping a glamour altar to stay confident in your own unique beauty

- treating yourself to a fancy bubble bath (surrounded by pink candles and rose quartz crystals) to decompress

“Life of the Party” Glamour Charm

A glamour spell intended to increase one’s attractiveness and beauty for a party or special event.

-Rose petals (beauty, love)
-Orange peel (attraction, beauty, love, luck)
-Vanilla (passion, lust, love, likeability)
-Lemongrass (attraction, lust, love)
-Ginger (sensuality, confidence, catalytic properties)
-Jasmine tea (beauty, likeability, love)
-Cardamom (lust, love)
-Cinnamon (success, luck, love, catalytic properties)
-Apple seeds (transformation, love)
-Sugar (sexuality, lust, love, likeability)
-Rose quartz chips (beauty, love)
-Jasper chips (beauty, luck)
-Tiger’s eye chips (confidence, luck)
-Sigil matching intention (mine represents “Everyone finds me gorgeous”, but feel free to create your own if that doesn’t work for you)

If desired, light candles matching your intention, and focus your energy. Combine the ingredients in a sachet or jar, and while holding it, recite the following incantation.

“May these flowers, spices, and peel
Grant me charm, beauty, and appeal.
With these stones, seeds, and tea
Lovely and ravishing shall I be.
I will emanate a radiant light
That will be seen all day and night.
With stunning looks and alluring dance,
All those around me I shall entrance.”

Seal with wax or a ribbon if desired. Charge the charm with moonlight or a rose quartz crystal the night before your event, then carry it with you when you go. Alternatively, you can use it to enchant jewelry, makeup, or any other objects you will carry on your person by putting them in the container with the ingredients and leaving them to charge.

A note on substitutions: All of the ingredients listed in this spell are things that I associate with beauty, attraction, and confidence. Feel free to make substitutions according to your own personal correspondences, or to omit any ingredients that are not easy for you to obtain. Furthermore, the words of the incantation can be altered to better fit your own desires and intentions, or if preferred, the incantation can be omitted entirely.

If you use this spell, please feel free to send me a message to let me know how it worked for you!

💘 “The Smolder” love spell 👀

inspired by disney’s “tangled”, a pocket love spell/glamour you can use by fluttering your eyelashes 

💘  if you wish to enchant a specific mascara or eye shadow, apply the charm to the outside of the makeup container instead of your eyes

👀  gather: moon water, rose petals, and strawberry leaves

💘  dab around eyes with the clean water, avoid direct contact with eyes

👀  dab the water droplets with the rose petals and strawberry leaves.

💘  apply to your eyes either the day/night of, or by makeup

👀  the enchantment words if you wish to use them, are “here comes the smolder”

note: use clean water you don’t mind washing your face with to make the moon water, wash the rose petals and strawberry leaves

Femme Magic

1. Enchant your makeup. Leave your lipstick/eyeliner in the moonlight with a crystal that has the quality you want to imbue into the makeup- rose quartz to attract romance, tigers eye for bravery, carnelian to feel sexy.

2. Use perfume with the appropriate correspondences for what you want to bring into your life. Look into what the base notes, top notes etc of your perfumes and use different perfumes based on what you need that day. Alternatively, make your own perfumes with essential oil and carrier oil.

3. Enchant your jewellery, with whatever your preferred method is.


5. Use colour magic in your outfits.

6. Create your own personal rituals for grounding/banishing/attracting in doing your hair or makeup.


This little nugget definitely takes her fashion seriously. I got the sense that she loved putting her outfit together, and probably loves seeing the fashion at events like this. What a lovely mother/daughter relationship. 

Lightning in a Bottle, 2017

February: The Month of Love

 I figured this year more than ever we need a celebration of love! Whether its to remind us that despite all the hate and cruelty, love still exists or to take the time to give yourself a much needed self care session, its super important to celebrate the love in our lives! And of course celebrating Love is also celebrating Aphrodite! 

I was thinking about doing one of those daily challenges, but I don’t want this to be a challenge and I don’t want it to be something that turns into a chore. I also didn’t want to force people to do specific things on specific days. So instead I created a list of possible things you could do to honor love this month. This list is not at all the only things you could do. Please feel free to to do whatever feels right to you! 

If you share your activities on tumblr please use the tag #MonthofAphrodite. I will be checking daily and reblogging what I find! If you don’t want a post to be reblogged please put “dont reblog” in the tags so I know! 

Now Spread The Love!

  • Create a dedication ritual to yourself and do the ritual 
  • Enchant a piece of jewelry to make you feel powerful and confident and to protect you from negative energy
  • Spend the day with a loved one to remind yourself that you are loved
  • Plan a day of pamper for yourself
  • Donate to a charity
  • Find ways to get involved with an issue that is important to you
  • Do something nice for someone else (someone you know or complete stranger)
  • Honor your favorite physical feature (write about it, show it off, write a poem, draw a picture, admire it, etc)
  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do (this is can big or small. Like take a painting class or actually began planning for that trip you always wanted to take. Anything you always talk yourself out of but still want to do)
  • Set up a coping box for yourself
  • Get dolled up just for the hell of it and take a shit ton of selfies (Post them online or just admire them yourself!)
  • Is there a skill/craft you always wanted to take up? Do it!
  • Make a list of things you love about yourself (put this on your altar or somewhere you can access it whenever you need it)
  • Set up a small shrine for yourself (This is perfect if you are on a journey of self love! Put that list of things you love about yourself on here!)
  • Have a day where you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (And don’t feel guilty about it!)
  • Enchant your makeup/Ask Aphrodite to bless your makeup
  • If you have a makeup routine start making it a dedication ritual to yourself and Aphrodite
  • Have you been eyeing a piece of clothing but think you cant rock it? Fuck that! Buy the damn thing!
  • Get some lingerie and spend sometime loving yourself in it.
  • Spend some time being naked and being okay with it
  • Treat yourself to a sex toy and USE IT!
  • Create the ultimate YOU playlist
  • Write a spell to cast whenever you need a boost of confidence/power/self love
  • Create a sigil for yourself
  • Imagine yourself as a Magical Girl/Superhero. What do you look like? What are your powers? What do you fight?
  • Start journaling and/or start an artbook
  • Make a dream/vision/role models board
  • Bath magic and bath rituals. Seriously, do it!
  • Make a dedication candle (You can buy a regular candle and decorate it to represent you!)
  • Treat yourself to good food (buy or cook)
  • MOVIE MARATHON! (Watch all your favorites!)
  • List or journal about the times in your life you are proud of
  • What are the little things in life that make you smile?
  • List 3 things you are truly grateful for (maybe try and make it daily or weekly habit)
  • Celebrate a small victory

Now for Valentine’s Day, whether you have a partner to celebrate with or not I still think its important to celebrate the love you have for yourself! Think about getting (or making) yourself a card and write yourself sweet words! Get yourself some kind of present (last year I treated myself to kickass female superhero comics!), treat yourself to your favorite food, pamper yourself, anything that you want to do! Just make sure you show yourself how loved you are! 

Makeup Glamours!! 🔮🎀🌛🌝🌜🎀🔮

I’ve been getting really into makeup lately and trying with it and all, and I see all these posts about enchanting your makeup and I really wanna try it out. 😊

Problem is, I have no idea how! 🙁

So I need some help from you guys! Do any of you enchant your makeup or paint sigils with concealer or anything??? Teach me your ways please!! I’ll love you forever lol 😚

My Philosophy on Glamour Magic

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Hi everyone! So, lately, it seems like glamour magic is becoming very popular in the Tumblr witchy community, so I decided to do some research on my own about glamour magic. I’ll admit, at first I was very skeptical about glamour magic. I’ve seen lots of spells to supposedly change hair or eye color, even increase/decrease height, and do a lot of other crazy stuff….and I just couldn’t see it being true. But, what I ultimately found out was that glamour magic works…but not in the way that I thought. Today I just wanted to ramble on a little bit about glamour magic theory, I suppose. Here’s my glamour philosophy, explained using many references to Instagram:

In theory, it is very possible to “change” your hair and eye color with magic. It’s possible to “change” a lot of things about your appearance… but, hair dye and colored contacts would be a lot easier. Because glamour magic requires energy, like all magic, and to keep up such a drastic change in appearance would require a pretty constant stream of energy that would be very hard to maintain for more than a very, very short period of time.

You see, glamour magic doesn’t really change anything about you. It’s more like putting a filter on an Instagram picture. The real picture is pretty simple, but with the filter on, the lighting is perfect, your skin glows, your hair shines…all because of a little filter placed on top of the picture. The best part is, can anyone really tell that there’s a filter? Unless it’s super obvious, probably not. The filter doesn’t physically change the picture– it just seems like it did.

Glamour magic is like putting a filter on yourself. Nothing really changes, but your appearance is altered, making it seem like something has changed. Let’s look a little deeper into this idea:

Let’s say that I want to use glamour magic to make myself more physically appealing to other people. The first thing that I should do is get a real good supply of energy. Maybe glamour magic is just particularly taxing on my energy, but I’ve found that, at least for me, glamours require a lot of energy. I recommend grounding and taking up energy from the Earth or whatever element you use for grounding. Get a lot of energy so that you won’t completely drain yourself.

Then I would perform my spell. Maybe I have a specific glamour spell, maybe I enchant my makeup (I think this is a great way to do glamour magic), maybe I’m altering an energetic shield to be used like those Instagram filters I was talking about… the point is, I use that extra energy and put it out into the glamour magic. I am not the grand poobah of glamour magic, and I’m sure it is a lot easier for some witches, but I personally think that glamour magic requires some form of altered energy. Coming back to that instagram filter idea, I think that, for glamour magic to be effective, it’s important that somewhere in the spell energy is taken and specifically programmed and used to obtain the desired intent. Think of it like “tinting” the energy. I’ve found that one of the easiest, most effective ways to perform glamour magic is to take your already-existing energetic shield and “dye” it so that it “filters” you and alters your physical appearance to people who see you (cough just like an instagram filter cough)

Maintaining that energetic filter is the next step. I personally do not subscribe to the idea that spells can simply be made and left. I think that they require recharging and checking up on so that the energy doesn’t simply wear off. Let’s say I’ve made that shield I was talking about and programmed it to make my appearance more appealing to others– am I gonna just make that shield and leave it? Nope! Periodically throughout the day, I need to check on it, recharge the energy in it, and ensure that everything is still in tip-top shape. Otherwise, that shield isn’t gonna be nearly as effective as I want it to be.

To conclude, I think that it should be mentioned that glamours are not just for making people look attractive. Throughout this post, I’ve mainly used examples pertaining to making yourself seem more physically appealing, but glamours span much farther than just this. For example, glamours can be used on objects to make them seem like nice, pretty gifts, or glamours can be used on objects to make them less noticeable to outsiders. Glamours can be used to make people look pretty, but they can also make people look unappealing, strong, likable…they could even help a person pass as a gender other than their biological sex! The possibilities are endless :)

So that’s my philosophy on glamour magic. It’s very long and rambly, but I think it describes my theories on using glamour magic pretty well. As always, my disclaimer is that I am no grand poobah of witchcraft. I understand that many peoples’ crafts are very different mine, and you are by no means required to subscribe to my personal ideas, philosophies, or theories. By all means, research and test things out for yourself. Form your own theories, and feel free to share them with me!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful. If you have questions, feel free to send me an ask. Thanks for reading,


Date Magic

I’m going to list both scientific and magical methods of adding to your attractiveness when on a date or just with that special someone.

1. Women/feminine people, wear a vanilla or cinnamon scent to attract men/masculine people. The smell is scientifically proven to arouse and attract. Both of these scents are also used in magic for love and lust.

2. Women/feminine people, wearing red is scientifically proven to attract the attention of men/masculine people. Don’t overdo it though.

3. Wear something that makes you feel more attractive. This literally enchants you and your clothing to be more attractive. It’s also scientifically proven that feeling more attractive boosts your mood and confidence. Therefore being more attractive to others.

4. Cinnamon. Spice of love and lust. Spike it beneath your bed to spice up your love life. Spray the scent in your home to attract a lover. Dab cinnamon oil onto the outside of your clothes (never put on your skin and do not use on light colored clothing).

5. A Honey Jar…oh my darlings, these are so fabulous and work so very well. Get honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, rosemary, a clean jar with a metal lid, paper, pen and a white votive candle with no holder (naked candle).

First, enchant your herbs whispering what and who you want to sweeten.

Next, fill the jar halfway up with honey. Add in your herbs.

Now on the paper, write the full name of your beloved three times like this:

(Name here)

(Name here)

(Name here)

Then turning the paper slightly to the left, write your full name in the same way over their’s. You name should be a bit off center from their’s.

Now fold the paper TOWARDS you 3 times.

Place the paper into the jar and finish filling it with honey. Make sure the paper is covered.

Put the lid on tightly and set your candle on top of the lid. Light the candle and let it burn all the way out.

Now keep your jar wherever and once in a while, touch it and speak to it.

6. Enchant your makeup, especially your lipstick. Hold it and visualize your magic going into it for making you more attractive.

7. Draw love, lust, attraction etc sigils on the inside of your bra, underwear or clothing in general.

And there you have it. Please remember to stay safe, be responsible and respectful.

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Spell ideas for the Holidays

These spell ideas are focused around making your Holiday Chaos easier to handle or a little more witchy in your gift giving.

  • Sigils for staying calm around family
  • Presents enchanted to amplify joy and nostalgia
  • Stuffies spelled for security, safety, good dreams
  • Kids Toys spelled for peace and quiet
  • Blankets, hats, scarves, mittens and coats charmed for extra warmth
  • Ornaments charmed to bring harmony throughout the house
  • Homemade Garlands for protection, health and banishing negativity
  • Apple Cider to encourage secure love within the family
  • Hot Chocolate to boost happiness and prosperity
  • Homemade wreaths for protection and welcoming well wishers
  • Twig decorations made from woods that promote protection, peace, communication
  • Heat packs with lavender for peace, sound sleep, comfort
  • Lemon Ginger tea for health
  • Mint tea for health, protection and clarity
  • Homemade soaps spelled for self love, washing away anxiety, banishing negativity, luck and wealth
  • Bath bombs and shower fizzies made for any spell you can think of to be honest
  • Pies baked with sigils poked in the bottom of the crust, or woven into the top crust
  • Candles that fit the season charmed for dissipating family discourse
  • Meals enchanted for good lighthearted discussions
  • Socks enchanted to keep the wearers toes warm and dry
  • Sweaters of safety
  • Pajamas for deep sleep (children especially)
  • Makeup enchanted for glamours and self confidence or stealth protection
  • Washing bedding in laundry soap bespelled for peace, and tranquility

On the reverse side for those of you who have family that harms you, you can take this time to gift things aimed at keeping you safe!

  • Knitted goods that bind the wearer from harming you
  • Teas and food that bind the consumer’s tongue from speaking ill of you
  • Bath products that wash the thought of you from their mind
  • Sweets spelled to warm their hearts towards you
  • Eye-makeup enchanted so the wearer doesn’t see/notice you
  • Jewelry spelled to keep away critical eyes (I think we all have a few of those relatives)