enchanted lockets

So I gave myself a sad on the way home from work. I’m not masochistic (or sappy) enough to write all of it, but I’m sharing a bit, anyway.

(Implied spoilers for episode 103.)


The third time Percy dies, it’s an instantaneous thing. Maybe the whole process has changed somehow in the last 60 or so years, since the last time he did this. Whatever it is, he’s grateful for the lack of drama. 

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which brings me to a good point: crystals fancy candles and decks and pendulums are dope

but u dont need them

my first intro to divining was with playing cards
i use kitchen herbs and cheap candles i find at stores
my pendulum is an old locket i enchanted

u can do witchcraft for free and as beautiful and aesthetic as purchased materials are, u dont rly need them

Self Improvement Charm

I’ve written a few spells before, so I decided it was about time I posted one. This is one of my personal favorites. It’s super simple but super effective!

What you need:
-A locket or other piece of jewelery you can put stuff in (the more you like how it looks, the better the spell will work!)
-Green ink (or black, or your favorite color if you feel like it)
-A safe place to burn things
-A candle (I used a tealight)
-(optional) A really small piece of citrine

Light your candle. Carve your name into the wax. This candle represents you and your inner light/energy. Now would be a good time to cleanse your locket if you feel like doing that.

Using your ink (I used green because it’s a color I associate with growth and positivity) write down a description of the person you want to be. The more descriptive it is, the better. I crammed the entire page with tiny writing. This is the most crucial part of the spell, so make sure you’re really putting your feelings into the writing. Clearly envision this person you want to be. Write down everything about them you can think of.

Fold up the paper and set it alight with the candle. Envision yourself becoming the person on the paper as it burns.

Once the ashes are cool, take a small pinch and put it inside your locket. I added a tiny chip of citrine because that stone gives me such awesome positive energy, but you could use any stone you think might be useful for your spell. This spell is one you’re supposed to personalize, so use a stone you love.

Close the locket. As you do so, you seal the spell and put it into motion. Put your newly enchanted locket in front of the tealight and let it burn out.

The best part is that this is a spell that keeps on giving. Every time someone admires your locket, they’re adding their energy to your spell and fueling it even more!


They held on as the world around them crumbled down

“James…what’s wrong?”
“They’re dead Lily…My mum and dad are dead.”
“What?…No, no.  We just saw them two weeks ago.  Your mum gave me an enchanted locket.”
“Dragon pox.  They died due to a dragon pox infection.”
“It’s charmed to have various photos.”
“We’re in the middle of a war, fighting on the losing side, and they die of dragon pox.”
“She filled it with pictures of you and Sirius as kids.  She was also able to find a couple pictures of the four of you together and she even got a picture of me with the four of you that we took last Christmas.”
“We’re in the middle of a bloody war.  AND DRAGON POX KILLED THEM.”
“There’s also one picture of you and me standing behind your mum and dad.  Apparently Sirius took it the summer before 7th year.  There’s also one of us at graduation with your parents.  I quite like that one.”
“They’re dead Lily.  My parents are dead.”
“My…my…my…parents…are dead.”
“I know James. I know.”

Lily pulled James into bed with her as he sobbed uncontrollably.  She held him in her arms.  She held him as he cried.  She held him as he shook.  She held him as her tears started falling as well.  She never let go of him and he held on just as tightly.