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Asteroid Bella (695) 🌷✨

The asteroid Bella relates to the word “beauty”. It is what we value as beauty, where we value it in our lives and how our own beauty is seen by others.

If in retrograde, Bella does not indicate a lack of beauty but rather someone finding it hard to see that beauty. They may have to work harder to see themselves for beautiful.

In regards to aspects, harsh aspects will indicate that Beauty is vital in how the other planet is expressed. E.g, Bella/Moon - The natives emotional stability depends on whether or not the they feel beautiful, Bella/Mars - The native feels as though to be assertive, they must feel beautiful.

Softer aspects will indicate ease, the energies compliment each other and Bella makes other planets more charming and appealing.

Bella in Aries/1st House: Beauty is important to how the native expresses their image, needed for assertion.

Bella in Taurus/2nd House: Beauty is important to self worth, can contribute to financial income, soft and earthy beauty. Good singing voice.

Bella in Gemini/3rd House: Beauty in how one communicates, flair for writing and poetry, compassionate manners.

Bella in Cancer/4th House: Beauty standards are moulded by family, warm and comforting beauty.

Bella in Leo/5th House: Potential placement of makeup artists, using the self as a canvas for expression, beauty in creativity.

Bella in Virgo/6th House: Modest, innocent beauty. Prone to perfectionism regarding the appearance, beauty provides a service.

Bella in Libra/7th House: Beauty attracts others, generally very attractive, charming.

Bella in Scorpio/8th House: Deep and intense beauty that pushes the threshold of taboo, a diamond in the rough.

Bella in Sagittarius/9th House: Beauty in their wisdom, hippy/bohemian aesthetic, incorporating culture into beauty.

Bella in Capricorn/10th House: Beauty is important to reputation, beauty in public image that portrays an elegant, sophisticated style.

Bella in Aquarius/11th House: Unconventional, unique beauty, breaking society’s beauty standards.

Bella in Pisces/12th House: Ethereal, enchanting beauty, beauty that is more than skin deep, natives may be blind to their beauty that is very much visible to others.


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🔮Witch Bottle 🔮
~to protect and bless my home, sacred space and self.~ 🌛🌝🌜
•sharp objects to repel negativity and harm away. (Nails, safety pins, thumbtacks, broken glass, etc.)📌
•unakite stone to aid in protection and balance of spell.💎
•strands of hair or nail clipping to infuse self symbolization and power.〰
•myrrh incense to increase power and bind spell.💨
•herbs: mint (protection), heather (peace and attract friendly spirits), sage (cleansing), rowan (home protection and inspiration), rosemary (purification and health), clove (warding negativity), rose (love), lemon verbena (strength and positive attraction).🌿
•black candle for wax to seal. 🕯
“I conjure the, protective herbs and objects, on this day and in this hour, to be a protection and safeguard against all adversity and evil. Protect this house and all who dwell within. As I will it, so mote it be.” 🗝🔮🌛🌝🌜🔮🗝