enchanted heir

Just One Word September BPC
Day 14: Cheap

I love Book Outlet because I can get books cheap. I got all these books for $65.

Jupiter in the First House - The Enchanted Heir

‘Has anyone supposed it lucky to be born?’ - Walt Whitman 

Individuals born with Jupiter in the first house are philosophizing people who view the universe through broad lenses in horizon crossing zoom. The individual is confident, playful, and more often than not feels blessed by universal gifts and abundant opportunities. He is a natural scholar whose education derives from books, mythology, culture, and travel. The individual is free spirited, gracious, benefic, and typically liberal in outlook. He is enthusiastic about his own beliefs and finds ‘God’ through special, intimate relationships with nature and natural laws. The individual knows how to squeeze moments of pleasure from most situations and constantly seeks experiences that will expand his consciousness. His actions are navigated through lightning bolt intuition.

Liz Greene says the Jupiter first house person feels as if he is here on Earth to initiate a divinely inspired mission. He expresses an excessive nature and can’t get enough of the good things in life. The individual is intrigued by psychology and cerebral mechanics and may look for a meaning of life in the mind. Fields associated with Jupiter in the first house include lecturing, legal matters, philosophy, religion, psychiatry, charity work, travel agencies, and counselling. He may feel as if the universe is his omnipresent guardian angel and he attributes lucky breaks to his ability to constantly draw the card of fortune. The individual is guided by wanderlust and an intrinsic urge to escape and wander at his own will. For the Jupiter in the first house person, home is not a place but a location he is searching for. Jupiter exhibits a larger than life perception, and the individual can become deceived, over confident, and over ambitious. It may be difficult to establish self discipline.

The Jupiter first house person relishes in the pleasures of life and becomes intoxicated by the smell of passports, jet fuel, ancient books, and the sound of laughter. He has a catching and charismatic charm that ignites joy and delight into any environment. His breadth of vision extends across the universe and he swings from stars into exotic conscious expanding places and experiences. His natural optimism, faith in the goodness of people, love of life and lullaby of giggles is a radiating beam that scatters Jupiter’s heavenly treasures throughout the rest of the zodiac.