enchanted feast

The Gift of You

For the anon who requested a Dimples Queen/Outlaw Queen fic to make up for a less than stellar Christmas–this is for you. <3

Robin sits at Roland’s beside, gently stroking his fingers through the boy’s tangled, messy curls. He smiles down at him, watching his son’s eyes become heavy with sleep.

“Did you have a good Christmas?” He asks in a gentle voice.

Roland nods his head, “Yeah, it was nice.” He smiles, “I liked all the cookies.”

“Of course you did,” Robin says with a small laugh.

“Christmas is so different in this world,” Roland says with a hint of a laugh. “I like it better here.”

“Yeah?” Robin asks, as his thoughts shift back to the Yuletide celebrations of the Enchanted Forest—the great feasts they’d have and all of the songs they’d sing not unlike the festivities in this realm. “Why do you say that?”

He can see Roland considering and then watches as a small grin form on the boy’s lips, his deep brown eyes glittering, “It’s…more magical here with the flying reindeer and Santa. I like that part.” He pauses, “And we have Henry and Regina here, too.”

“Well, that last bit’s my favorite part of Christmas in this realm, but,” Robin feels his smile deepen, “Would you possibly like it better here because Santa was particularly good to you this year?”

Roland giggles, “Santa was good to me.”

“What was your favorite gift?”

Robin watches as Roland’s brow furrows, considering his options—and to be fair, there are a lot of options for him to consider. Both he and Regina had spoiled the boys that year. In part, it was an effort to make up for the everything that happened—the teary separations, the quests that took them away from home, the instability that neither of them could control but both felt the need to make up for. But they’d also spoiled them because they simply couldn’t help themselves.

“It wasn’t anything Santa brought me,” Roland says finally, his voice soft and tentative.


“No,” Roland repeats. Robin watches as he catches his lip between his teeth, still deep in thought.

“What was your favorite gift then?”

A small smile stretches across Roland’s lips, “My favorite gift this year was…getting a mother.”

“Oh,” Robin breathes out, his heart skipping a beat. “You mean…Regina?”

Roland nods and his eyes are suddenly wide, waiting for approval. “Is…is it okay that I think of her that way?”

He feels a lump forming at the back of his throat and a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Of course it is,” he tells him, leaning forward to drop a kiss on the boy’s forehead. “And you know what?” His smile deepens as Roland shakes his head. “She was my favorite gift this year, too.”

Roland smiles and burrows back against the pillows, and they say no more. He sits there, on the edge of the bed, waiting until he’s sure Roland’s asleep. Finally he stands and adjusts the blankets around him; and that’s when he sees Regina standing in the door way, with soft eyes and a teary smile spayed across her face.  She holds out her hand to him and he’s quick to close the distance between them, taking her hand as she pulls him against her—and he knows that she will always be his favorite gift.

There were a couple shots in The Enchanted Feast episode where I thought Roland was actually quite cute! I mean yeah, normally, he’s attractive as far as being attractive goes but I’ve never been like “omg he’s really cute!”….but yeah, this was kind of one of those moments. 

Enchanted feast part 2

Okay. I finished the episode. And I like it.

The cedfia teasing is there but it’s very tasteful only friendshipy stuff as not to offend any little children or their parents. Still the hug is so adorable and it’s worth mentioning that Cedric hugged Sofia willingly and seemed to be enjoying their teamwork. (I liked the fact that Sofia was wearing her apprentice robe, nice nod to the previous season.)

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Nirn held much beauty this time of year, and Dibella fell enchanted with the various feasts for the senses that accompanied the arrival of spring. It made her smile to build a collection of assorted flowers and colorful plants to wrap into a decorative circlet to show appreciation for the season.
Her magicka made quick work of the binding. In no time, the lazy feeling Aedroth sighed and closed her eyes, lounging comfortably in repose with her lovely smelling crown to keep her company.
After several moments, the scent of an unfamiliar being carried on the wind. This found her surprised- it was unusual to see another this far up the mountain. Curiosity caught, her shift in position and the intrigued incline of her head in order to get a better look at the approach caused the crown to slip from its perch and float delicately down towards the other.