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Wind Enchantment for Divination

A spell to enchant an object or piece of jewelry to help give the caster energy for divination and aid.

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You Will Need:

💨 Piece of jewelry or an object
💨 Windy Day
💨 Outdoor space where you can work


💨 Prepare yourself for the spell however you see fit

💨 With your object in hand go outside to the space you are going to be working in, if you can face into the wind

💨 Grasp your object to your chest and feel the wind in your hair and blow against you. Feel its energy merging with yours. Visualize this however you desire, this spell is heavily visualization.

💨 Hold out your object into the the wind. Visualize both your energy and that of the winds, swirling about the object, like a cyclone. Visualize this whirlwind being absorbed into the object

💨 At this point I often imagine almost like an eye appearing during this process, for this spell to help give you energy for divination work.

💨 Once you feel satisfied with the amount of energy placed into your object, thank the wind for its help however you feel is fit.

💨 Wear/hold the object whenever you are using divination, especially if its going to be a large session. 

💨 Cleanse object when needed and may occasionally need to be charged with the wind, though not too often.

📚Dorm Room Witch Tips📦

While you’re getting ready to move into your dorm room, keep these tips in mind to help create a witchy experience for you in the dorm.

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📦 Take a small box with you. Fill it with your tools and keep it under the bed or on your desk. It conceals it from others’ eyes (you can also have it open if you’re open with your craft) while it’s near you and it helps to keep things organized and out of the way.
📦 Bring a blanket, rug, towel, or tapestry with you. You can keep these things folded under your bed and then lay them out when you feel like meditating or praying. You can also use these for your work space if your desk doesn’t have enough room to work with.
📦 Change your alarm clock noise to sound like a bell if it’s possible. Each time it goes off, it will cleanse the room.
📦 Use an essential oil diffuser as a substitute to incense or candle smoke. A cheap way to diffuse oils is to pour the essential oil of your choice on some Himalayan pink salt. This will also cover up any gross smells from the cafeteria or other peoples’ microwaves.
📦 If you have a window, keep crystals on the windowsill (unless they fade in sunlight). This keeps them off your desk and it also looks really pretty!
📦 You can also make a mobile with your crystals as long as they aren’t too big. You can hang this anywhere in your room and it won’t take up a lot of space.
📦 Use fake candles or fire salt instead of real candles. Most dorms don’t allow open flames, so do not risk getting caught for a spell. Use a substitute instead, which can be fake candles, fire salt, chili pepper, or any other symbol of the element. 
📦 Enchant, like, everything. If you can find a purpose for an object, enchant it. Want to enchant your desk chair to be more comfortable? Do it. Want to enchant your desk to help you get your homework done? Do it. Want to enchant your clothes to keep attention away from you? Go ahead. Make life easier with some enchantments!
📦 Bring a chalkboard or a dry erase board. It doesn’t have to be huge, but these can be really handy, especially if you use them for sigils. You can draw whatever sigils on them whenever you like and erase those you don’t want to have around anymore. Simply charge them (perhaps with an enchanted marker) after you draw them!
📦 Bring something to motivate or reconnect you with witchcraft. During school, we may fall out of practice. School gets busy and tough, so don’t feel down about not being able to practice 24/7, but definitely bring something to motivate you for those days when you are free and could be practicing, but you don’t because you may be feeling disconnected or something. It could be a poster, crystal, sachet, or a charm. Have it where you can see and touch it- it could be above your bed, on your desk, wherever. Use it to help you practice again.

Free tarot readings ! (Going until this post is deleted!)


•A one card reading: to tell you what you need to focus on, or maybe you need to know if a decision is a good idea.

•A three card reading (past, present , future): influences from the past that still affect the situation , the present - all that surround you pos or neg, and the likely future outcome


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Enchanted Arrows

Business savvy wizards have taken up the craft of enchanting arrows with elemental magic and other sources of energy. The ability to combine spells and runes with arrows is a trade known only to a small number of Wizards, who have cornered the market and refuse to share their secrets. Further more, the arrows are designed for obsolescence – losing all magical abilities after one use. These arrows are pricey, but there’s nowhere else to get them. If a creature is immune to the damage type of the arrow, they are also immune to all effects.

Fire – On contact the arrow deals an additional 2d8 fire damage. Flammable object hit by this arrow ignites if it isn’t being worn or carried.

Cold – A creature hit by this arrow has its speed reduced to 0, at the end of its turn it regains 10 feet of movement speed, it regains 10 feet to all available movement speeds at the end of every turn until it.

Acid – A creature hit with this arrow has its armour structurally weakened on the point of contact. The creature suffers -1 deduction to AC. If the creatures armour is natural, the effect lasts for 1 minute. If their armour is made of non-magic organic material or metals it is permanent. A creature can only take a cumulative loss of 2 to their AC from these arrows.

Poison – A creature hit with this arrow takes an additional 1d6 poison damage. At the end of each of their turns they must succeed a DC15 CON saving throw or take another 1d6 damage. This effect lasts until the saving throw is successful.

Lightning – A creature hit with this arrow is surrounded with fingers of electricity that arc from them in a bolt of lightning to a creature of the shooters choice within 15 feet of the hit creature. The creature makes a DC15 DEX saving throw taking 2d6 lightning damage on a fail or half as much on a pass. If creature hit with the arrow is wearing metal armour – the saving throw is increased to DC17.

Thunder – When this arrow hits a creature a thunderous roar booms out over 100 ft. Each creature within 5 foot of the target takes 1d6 thunder damage.

Radiant – When a creature is hit with an arrow of this type, the next attack roll made against the target has advantage. Additionally, the target sheds 10 feet of dim light and loses all benefits from invisibility if they are invisible for 1 minute.

Necrotic – When a creature is struck with this arrow, all effects that would heal that creature are negated and the creature has disadvantage on all strength and dexterity saving throws for 1 minute.

Force – A creature hit with this arrow takes an additional 2 force damage from the attack. Also, the target is pushed back 15 feet.

Psychic – A creature hit by this arrow is wracked with crippling voices. Until the end of their turn the creature is frightened of the person who shot the arrow. Additionally, for 1 minute the creature has disadvantage on wisdom saving throws.

I made these arrows a little stronger than most would, in hopes it will give your higher-level players a reason to spend some of their gold. As always feel free to nerf or buff as you see appropriate. I like to make these readily available, but rather expensive.

Kinetic Knight (Kineticist Archetype)

All sorts wield the power of the elements, including those of courtly bearing and mastery over melee combat. They might be ordinary kineticists that channel their power through armor or elemental blade, or they might be a rare order that teaches the secrets of their particular elemental power to a select worthy few.

Wielding weapons of elemental energy, there is no doubt these mystic warriors cut an imposing figure in combat, looking every part a magical knight, perhaps more so than your average magus.

The roles they can fill in your game world are various as well, anything from semi-monastic and mystic warriors, to more courtly knights, to even uniquely adapted masters of the elements and martial affairs.

Regardless of their origins, these knights have at least some inkling of courtly affairs.

However, their real focus is on using their kinetic talents to forge weaponry, forgoing projectiles entirely to strike with kinetic melee weapons, including long-reaching whips, and learn the techniques to rush foes with said weapons, and lash out in all directions at foes.

The bodies of these warriors know much, even if they aren’t consciously aware of them, and can learn various combat techniques by muscle memory alone.

Melding their elemental defenses with more mundane protections, these kineticists can manifest such defensive abilities only when wearing heavy armor and a shield, both of which can be attuned to the kineticist, allowing the free flow of elemental power as they gather it.

The combination of physical and mental fortitude of these warriors, both from their enduring bodies and raw discipline, grants them a resolve that can help them overcome many obstacles and limitations of their own body.

Looking for an all melee tank of a kineticist? This archetype may be for you. The lack of need for form infusions means you can spend more on other types, having melee and reach attacks with all sorts of added effects. Consider building them as one would any melee fighter, feats-wise.

One might imagine that these esoteric knights might have been the inspiration behind magical weaponry enchantments that add elemental energy to melee weapons, or indeed the magus class doing the same with their arcane pool, replicating with arcane magic what some psychically sensitive warriors do on their own, which could be some neat worldbuilding there.


Wielding wakizashi, kusarigama, and tekko-kagi composed of shadow and negative energy, the Shadow Guard is composed of fetchling and wayang alike, serving as the secret guard to the royal family, watching from the shadows.

Kigash has recently discovered her ability to bend fire into shapes, her favorite being the trident her father uses to clear out boilborn infestations in the ratfolk warrens. In time, she could be a mighty kinetic knight, if only she had someone to teach her.

The sacred All-Pyre, where all elements combine into raw energy, is famed not only for its transmogrifying properties, but also its guardians, who allow the pyre to transform a portion of their soul, wielding the resulting element as one would a metal sword. The worthy might be allowed to approach, altering possessions or even their entire bodies in rituals that might consume the user, or perfect them according to their desires and true self.

ATM: Runestones of the Sornieth Magi
A chart of runes for the High School AU. To use these, mages drew these adjacent to each other or organized them into a shape to be connected with lines. They can be made using any medium, but only a true believer can harness their power. These are not all of them, but they are the most well-known. The explanation for each are under the cut.

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Sorry if this question delves into uncharted parts of your fantasy world. I'm curious about how enchantment works! Does it make armor or weapons harder to destroy, does it vary according to a person's magic? Would acid or opposite magic destroy it?

It still needs refining! But enchanting magic can work multiple ways:

  • Giving objects elemental properties: this type of enchantment can be done to any type of item, imbuing it with powers of the element. Element enchantments usually don’t last as long, and can be done by both internal and external users
    -A fire magic user can help set fire to a group of archers’ arrows
    -A water magic user making paper water-proof, or giving a weapon temporary ice qualities.
    -note: typically element-enchanted items usually work best for people of the same element (ex: previously mentioned ice sword would work best in the hands of a water magic user who could manipulate it to their advantage)
  • Enchanting elemental mediums: This method often produces more “soft system” magic, less about elemental properties, as long as the ITEM itself is made from the element. Enchanting elemental mediums must be done by internal users (who imbue the item physically), and usually take much longer and last longer, if not forever
    -A metal magic user can enchant armor with special magical properties like being unbreakable, etc.
    -This is how bards also do their magic, by enchanting the air or their voice. Their music can give people more endurance, strength, etc.
    -An air magic user could also use their voice to persuade others
    -A water user can enchant liquids to have minor healing properties and make potions.
    -note: enchanted items are more easily used by those of other elements– an earth user can still use a wooden staff that’s enchanted to boost their magical endurance, a water user can use an enchanted gem, etc

Commonly enchanted items: books, jewelry, armor, potions, wands/staffs, weapons

  • air elemental: silvery sylph, flitting about on dream-like wings of gossamer and wonder
  • fire elemental: shimmering dragon, belching flames of blue and gold
  • water elemental: bewitching siren, singing tones of the eeriest undersea enchantments
  • earth elemental: a grubby gnome. thats it. a fucking dirty little man. with a beard.
Fitzsimmons Hogwarts AU for Jemmathecoffeeangel

The Hogwarts Express. Deep maroon, with gold lettering on the spacious cars, billowing smoke, and roaring a terribly loud whistle. Leopold Fitz readjusted his sweaty grip on the handle of his trolley and gulped down the massive lump of apprehension. Just barely 11 years old, and on Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station alone, his poppa having to speed off to his work in a Muggle brokerage firm so early that he was forced to settle for a hasty hug and an awkward “See you Christmas, ey?”
Leo was muggle born. His mum had passed away when he was six years old of lung cancer (she had been quite fond of smoking cigars) and he and his father had relocated from Glasgow to London. They had led a perfectly dull life with Leo attending school and being hopelessly ostracized and his father getting a low pay job that barely covered the rent.
That was until Leo had gotten his letter.
His father hadn’t spoken for three days after the parcel had been dropped on their porch step. He had finally emerged from his bedroom with a grim smile, but the subject wasn’t spoken of until the day before, when Leo had to pack his meager belongings and ask for a ride to Kings Cross. His poppa looked as though he had awaken from a trance, his pupils dilating a bit, before he gave a curt nod and turned back to his sports reporting program on the television.
That was how he stood now in the midst of hundreds of wizard families, gaping at the glorious ruby steam engine and desperately wishing for a chance to look at its insides, the tingling spark of curiosity burning a hole in him.
He took a step forward and could feel the rumbling of the train reverberating through the stone floor, vibrating through him, his thrill of excitement returning again. He hauled his luggage up the small step onto the Express, took one last look at the portal back in the muggle station, and continued down the aisle.
Kids gave him looks of curiosity, disdain, or indifference as he passed the compartments, most of them full. He found an empty one and slid the door open, closing it against the noise of the crowd and sealing the small space into an aura of muffled silence. He settled on the gray cushion, took a small look around, and reached into his luggage, extracting a page of blueprints that he had been working on. No matter how much magical blood Leo had in him, these ordinary papers’ wondrous designs had an enchanting element all on their own, though he was too humble to admit it.
The glass door slid open once more and a small girl entered, porcelain skin flushed and calf brown eyes glowing with excitement. She had silky, honey colored hair that was tied back in a navy blue ribbon and was wearing a white skirt and sky colored blouse. When she spoke her British lilt was breathless.
“D'you mind if I sit? It’s a bit loud out there.” Leo gave a shy nod and hastily moved his blueprints. While she helped clear them away, her gaze lingered on the pencil lines, and he suddenly felt very self conscious.
“These are brilliant.” She sat down slowly, eyes never leaving the page.
“I’m Jemma, Jemma Simmons.” She looked up after she finished, a slightly bashful smile making her even more beautiful.
“Leopold- erm, Leo Fitz.”
On that train ride, Leo and Jemma sat and laughed, and confessed how glad they were to finally be able to connect with someone on an intellectual level. They discussed his blueprints, her love for chemistry, and their anxiety about Hogwarts. Leo learned that Jemma was pure blood, and her older brothers Dominic and Roland had attended Hogwarts before her. She told him about the houses (and how she hoped to be in Ravenclaw) and what she knew about the classes (she absolutely couldn’t wait for Potions!)
Leo was perfectly content to discover how much she liked to talk and how much he loved to listen to her as the English countryside sped by though their window. Eventually, the train ride was over, and he expected her to leave him, but she stayed by his side, chattering happily as they followed a giant of a man with a beard like a wild animal into a group of tiny rowboats. As they glided over the glassy surface of a deathly black lake, Jemma’s never ending stream of words trickled to a stop, her eyes wide open in fear. As Hogwarts came into view his heart leapt into his throat and his new companion let out a soft “Oh!” The castle was beautiful; regal and lit up and inviting.
Moments later they were marching into a larger room than Leo thought existed, filled with older student divided among four tables. A tall witch in dark purple robes explained something about a sorting, and Jemma soundlessly reached up and gripped Leo’s upper arm, and he looked down at her. When they’re eyes met, they both smiled and she gave a light squeeze on his arm, and they both faced forward again, feeling more reassured than ever.
By the end of that night, both Leo and Jemma had been sorted into Ravenclaw house and their friendship took off. They finished each others sentences so often that the professors started referring to them as Fitzsimmons, a singular mind, a perfect pair.
Seven years passed in Hogwarts’ stone walls.
Their classmates, and even the occasional nosy professor, always asked if Jemma and Leo were a couple. Whenever the question was posed, both would flush bright red and changed the subject to the Transfiguration homework. However, the more they were forced to think about it, the more it dawned on them that in two months they would be going their separate ways, and for the first time since they were eleven, Fitzsimmons would become Fitz and Simmons.
With their NEWTs approaching fast, though, the stream of curious friends stopped. Everyone descended into various levels of stress, from borderline mental breakdown to actual fits of hysteria. Even Jemma and Leo, the top two brightest in their year, were beyond stressed and spent most of their time studying back to back in the Ravenclaw common room, even forgetting to eat. When Jemma would fall asleep, still leaning on Leo, a book wide open in her lap, he would catch himself staring at her. He loved the way light danced on her eyelashes, and the way her hair looked amazing even all ruffled under her sleepy head. On these nights, because he couldn’t get into the girls dormitory without the stairs turning into a slip and slide, he would pull a blanket over her and kiss her forehead lightly before going to bed.
The day of their History of Magic and Potions NEWTs, their last tests before graduation, he and Jemma slumped to breakfast together, exhausted from another late night study marathon.
“It’s a lovely day to fail our NEWTs.” Leo joked, and Jemma gave a gasp, like he knew she would.
“Leo! Don’t say that!” Her voice was scrambling to another octave. He chuckled and circled an arm around her waist, kissing the top of her head lightly. He saw her squeeze her eyes shut and lean against him, and his heart tugged a bit. This wouldn’t be his last year with Jemma. He wouldn’t lose her. He couldn’t. He tugged her into an empty corridor, ignoring her small noise of surprise.
“Jemma…” His hand found hers. “Jemma, I don’t want to lose this. Lose us. I-I-” He stammered. She silenced him by standing on her tiptoes and tilting her head, and eventually, hesitantly putting her lips on his. He sighed into her and pressed her against the wall, relaxing into the embrace. Seven years of pent up feelings rushed out and ignited fiercely, her arms circling his neck. In that moment, they both were assured by each other’s touch, just like seven years ago during the Sorting Ceremony, in their first moments at Hogwarts. Now, in some of their last moments, they were still together, still relying on each other to make things better.
Professor Longbottom’s voice was like an electric current, jolting them apart. However, he hadn’t caught them, but had magically magnified his voice to announce that the students should report to their testing rooms. They giggled at their mistake and walked off, hand in hand, to end their journey the same way they had started: together.

aazadan  asked:

Magic's lead designer comes from the year 2167 and says that in her time the Reserve List is gone, Elementals are Enchantment Creatures, and that Dog is a creature type. She goes on to explain that they made these changes 100 years in the past after realizing how much space the game has, and that a large number of cards today is only a small subset in the future. Would this make you consider making those future changes sooner than they did?

We can’t because we’d know the changes aren’t supposed to happen until 2067. Messing with time is dangerous.

Dragon Age switcheroo AU: DA:O --> DA2

The other night I had a thought: what if, you know, Origins played like DA2 and DA2 played like Origins? With Hawke’s band of assholes saving Ferelden, and vice versa. 

So in this post: possible origins for a Champion of Kirkwall, and DA:O companions as Kirkwallers. I’m not particularly concerned with nitty-gritty re-writing the story here, except: who blows up the Chantry in this version? Morrigan blows up the Chantry. Goddamnit, Morrigan.

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