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Oh oh oh ajdkwnahdkske -gets super excited- May I ask for 'Slbp Masamune + catch snowflakes on the tongue?' Thanks ⭐ jeekjakdksjzod -dies-

This is my second attempt at writing this - I accidentally closed the tab when I was switching back and it erased everything and I was almost done. *weeps into coffee*

It’s the first snowfall of the season. Soft, delicate flakes fall from the sky, gathering in a blanket over the ground rocks and flora that make up Masamune’s garden. The snow must have started falling while you were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner; the green of the bamboo was still visible under the white in the light from the open kitchen door.

Enchanted, you step out from under the veranda and turn your face up to the sky, letting the snow settle on your nose and eyelashes. There is something magical about moments like this, when all sound is muffled by the heaviness of the air and everything glows, even in the deepest night, as the light reflects off the frozen crystals.

This has always been your favourite time of year. Had you been home in Kyoto, you would have been bundling Yahiko into his warmest clothes (ignoring his squawked protests of being “too old” - after all, if he was too old, then you were practically ancient) and dragging him outside to catch snowflakes on your tongue until Mother called you in to bed.

Sighing dejectedly, you turn back to go inside and see Masamune standing there, framed by the light of the open door. His eye widens as he takes in your face, and he steps down to stand in front of you, leaving new indents in the fresh coat of snow that has already filled in your own.

“Are you… crying?” he asks, hesitant, reaching out a hand to catch a bead of water on his thumb, swiping it gently across your cheek.

“Am I?” you say, reaching up to touch your face. The wetness on your cheeks is warm, too warm for melted snow. “I was just thinking about home - Yahiko and I used to love the snow. We used to have a tradition of catching the first snowfall in our tongues. We thought it would bring good luck for the rest of the winter.”

“Like this?” Masamune turns his face upwards, your eyes momentarily distracted by the long lines of his neck, before he closes his eye and opens his mouth, sticking his tongue out into the air. 

You can’t help but giggle at the sight of this tall, strong warlord making a face like a small child who had just eaten something they didn’t like.

Reaching out, you take Masamune’s warm hand in your cold one. “Exactly like that.”

Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….

Failed Dungeon Security Device #137: a door that only exists if you know the password.

Intended Effect: The doorway only exists for people who know the password. For everyone else, it’s an unremarkable blank wall.

Actual Effect: The door itself only exists for people who know the password. For everyone else, it’s an open doorframe with no door in it.

(The problem went undetected for several years because anybody with sufficient security clearance to know about the enchantment on the door also knew the password, and nobody else had the nerve to ask.)

Transmasculine Witch tips

•Make or find a sigil for appearing masculine. Put that shit on ur binder, clothes tags, pictures of yourself, and anything you wear often
•Want masculine swim gear? Tell people u want swim shorts b/c they have pockets to collect sea glass/shells in. Bonus: you can now collect cool ocean things you find.
•Make or request a name sigil for your correct name. Write it everywhere.
•Pyrite is a great stone for masculine energy.
•Have a masculine smelling cologne/perfume? Enchant it to be a potion to ward off dysphoria. Spray some on in the morning and feel like a cool dude.
•Don’t have access to masculine cologne? Make some! Cedarwood, ginger, sandalwood, juniper berry, frankencense, and rosemary essential oils r magical and smell like Man! Throw in some lavender or ylang ylang for a lil flowery smell if ur into that.
•Don’t wanna call urself a witch? That’s fine. Ur a warlock now. Or a wizard. Sounds badass
•Wanna call urself a witch but ur not a girl? That’s alrighty pal, the term witch is gender neutral. Anyone can be a witch
•Carry an acorn. It’s symbolic of strength and transition. Someday you’ll be a strong oak tree
•Witchy cloaks r great for hiding hips and chests. Also pointy hats make you look taller.
•Ground yourself often, especially when you’re feeling extra dysphoric.
•Track your menstrual cycle along with the moon cycle. You’re a werewolf now.
•Draw yourself as a cool powerful masculine witch/warlock. Give urself cool magick powers like lightning or lazer eyes. Put it up somewhere only you’ll see it. Remember that you’re super powerful and stronger than dysphoria.
•Enchant your bedroom door so no girls can pass through (I’d advise making a on/off switch with this in case u want a girl in your room). Walk through your door. You ain’t no girl. Your room is Boy Town now.
•Light tree incense (juniper, cedar, arborvitae, etc) in your room. Now it smells like boy and you smell like boy, congrats. Also you’re cleansed.
•Make a self poppet. Dress it how you wish you could dress. Give it hugs. Give it hair and give it a haircut.
•Trans boy and nonbinary witches r damn cool, don’t you forget it.

How MC would handle a dangerous situation

Anonymous Request: So I saw the headcannon a while back about what MC is like in each game, and I was just curious if you could possibly do one about how you think the MC in each game would react to a dangerous situation? (it could be funny or serious!)

Ohhh this is an interesting one! I surely can, hope you like them! :) These are just my opinion so everyone keep that in mind lol Also keep in mind that the games I haven’t played (or just aren’t very familiar with) will not be included. 

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: 

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Love Letter from Thief X: 

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My Sweet Bodyguard: 

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Serendipity Next Door: 

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Our Two Bedroom Story: 

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MPD: Close to You: 

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Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: 

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Be My Princess (1&2): 

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Star-Crossed Myth:

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My Forged Wedding: 

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Enchanted in the Moonlight: 

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Kiss of Revenge: 

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Pirates in Love: 

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10 Days with my Devil: 

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In Your Arms Tonight: 

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A Knights Devotion: 

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Her Love in the Force: 

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These medieval parish church doors in England, flanked by two ancient Yew trees, are believed to be the inspiration for the Doors of Durin from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

These enchanting doors are the west entry of St. Edward’s Church in Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire. This is a cotswold stone Norman church dating from the 11th-14th century built on the location of an older wooden Saxon church.

Game after game is released.

It’s to be expected; Voltage inc. is growing every day.

But when you move onto a new game…

We’re still here.

I’m still here.

I never forget about you.

I always loved you.

So even if you look at another man.

I will remain loyal, and I will love you.

Even though I can’t touch you.

Even though I am one of many people.

Even though I can’t tell you to only look at me.

I will remember and treasure the time we had together.

I will remember the minimum ten chapters we had.

I will remember the spin offs we shared.

I will remember how I made you laugh and cry.

I will remember everything.

So please remember this in turn:

I will love you until the bitter end.
Practical Enchantment

Not all magic needs to be for killing monsters, you know.

  1. Chef’s cleaver: Enchanted to always stay clean and sharp
  2. Church Bell: Always rings on schedule
  3. Apron: Never soils
  4. Anvil: Doesn’t ring when struck
  5. Latrine door: Enchanted to mask smell
  6. Cook kettle: Warded against boiling over
  7. Windows: Enchanted to show the day’s weather
  8. Carriage wheels: Never get stuck
  9. Planter: Grows any seed planted within
  10. Well: Prevents anyone from falling in
  11. Horsewhip: Lashes on its own (be careful this is attuned correctly)
  12. Dog collar: Enforces perfect obedience
Rain or Shine

Request: “heya! i loved ur draco fic “sanctuary” it was incredible! could i make a request for a long ish draco fic about the reader having a shitty few months and it feels like everything sucks, but draco her best friend starts saying all the wonderful times they are like yet to have, and includes them falling in love by accident, and then confesses his love for her and then smut? Xoxox”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: depression, self-harm, negative thoughts. A lot of this writing is easy for me because I’ve been there, and I’m okay now. But if you’re not feeling too good, I’m always here to talk, I love you. P.S. I made this super fluffy bc Draco cares about you a lot :’) 


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The light peeking through the window stirred you, awakening your mind but somehow not your body. With lead in your arms and legs, you rolled to the side of your bed, checking the clock. You were once again late for class. Already a steady stream of tears was beginning to slide down your cheeks, and you pulled the duvet over your head. The last time you had slept in, you had received a very stern talking to by Professor McGonagall. And you were already so far behind on your transfiguration homework, your pile of responsibilities seemingly never ending.

Once again you let your thoughts wander where they should not go. To blood filled bathtubs and rivers running red. To the sound of a swinging rope, weighted with something heavy. To the feeling of nothing. You argued with your inner monologue, talking to yourself as you sobbed under the covers.

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🍁 Discreet witchy things to do during autumn 🍁

  1. Go for a walk. Go to your nearest natural space (a park, a forest, the beach) and collect all kinds of treasures, like acorns, fallen leaves, sea glass, shells, little stones…
  2. Decorate your space with an autumnal theme. Use orange and earthy colours, use the stuff you’ve found during your walks. Light a candle with a scent that you love. A cozy blanket is always a good idea.
  3. Prepare some snacks. You can brew some hot cocoa using blessed spices. Bake some cinnamon cookies or a pumpkin bread. Take sage and lavender tea. As you have your treats, be thankful for all you have, and all you have archieve.
  4. Clean and protect yourself. Enchant your dorm’s door to keep away unpleasant visitors. Enchant your book to return when they’re borrowed. Burn some nag-champa incense and let the smoke take your negative energy away. Scrub some sea salt during shower time… There are thousands of discreet methods to keep yourself protected and clean.
  5. Stay healthy. Drink water. Eat your veggies. Go and exercise. Meditate. Keep warm in cold time. By talking care of yourself, your ability to focus will increase, as your magic power. Don’t forget that magic is nothing but determination and a projection of your will.