Enchanting An Object Spell

Creates an enchanted object which can be used as a magical item, or improve it’s usability.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • water 
  • bowl 
  • cloth (medium) 

If the item you want to enchant can be destroyed if it gets wet, use the Create Magical Charm spell instead. In place of a wand you can use any sort of stick or want like item.

Put the water into the bowl. Beside the bowl place the cloth and place your item on the cloth beside the bowl.

Dip your hand into the water and while stirring the water say the following spell:

Mix this water with air and wave,
Make this bowl become its slave.
Enchant the item which wet does get,
From this bowl and its contents.

Then pick up your item and dip it into the water. When you did the item into the water say the following:

Enchant this thing that I do bless,
And make its task the very best.

I just accidentally found this really rare old picture of Emilie Autumn from the 90s or early 2000s (maybe 1997). I think it’s a promo picture for Ravensong, either that or On a Day. She looks gorgeous <3

Update: In case you’re wondering, I found these here (yes, Jan Longmire is EA’s mother apparently) 

External image
External image
External image
 and this wasn’t on her Pinterest but it’s from the same shoot: 
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I have never taken a piano lesson in my life… but I was born with a keyboard in my brain… I see in notes… and it drives me mad…
“Ever” is my favorite word… it means both everything and nothing… it is ultimate happiness, and the promise of nothing
“Ever” is the word that makes me cry… never ever… forever…
there are so many sad stupid silly words in the song… I never wrote it out… it’s in my head… it is ever in my mind… it is ever in my mind…
I just wanted someone to wait for…

Source: Enchant booklet (2007)
Photo by my friend, Athoualia.