Sisters, Witches, and Demons

Character(s): Rowena, Crowley

Warning: None

Word Count: 935

Request: Could you do one where the Winchesters have a sister and she meets Crowley and Rowena for the first time? Please and thanks.


           “Do you smell something?” Dean wrinkles his nose.

           “You’ll have to be more specific.”

           “Like smoke and … incense, maybe?”

           “Can’t say that I do.”

           If you were being truthful, you can smell it. It is smoke and incense, and it’s coming from you. You haven’t had a chance to change your clothes or wash up, so you have to play innocent until you get one. Luckily, Dean doesn’t keep digging.

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I just ordered this lovely thing from Hedgewitch Fairs and Wonky Broomsticks.

I have been doing a lot of enchantments recently, and I have one in the works in my mind that needed a time piece that wasn’t shiny… this turned up on my momma’s facebook feed, she showed it to be and I knew straight away I needed it. I just have to get the words written down now. 

Oh I’m excited!!

Charisma Enchanment

I believe that this would work well during any lunar phase and during any day of the week, however, I would personally expect to see peak results if this spell was done during a full moon on a Friday. 

You will need:
- dragon’s blood incense
- dried orange peels
- cinnamon
- mint 
- rose quartz
- sun symbol
- sun water
- coppery piece of jewelry
- a small container
- something to hold the jewelry 

Light the incense, then combine the dried orange peels, cinnamon, and mint. You can do this with a mortar and pestle, spoon and bowl, or just get them into small segments using your hands. Place the piece of rose quartz and sun symbol in a small container, then sprinkle the herbal mixture on top. Pour a good amount of sun water over the whole thing, and finally, put the piece of jewelry in the container as well. Allow the jewelry to charge overnight.


This masterpiece is in the Top 8 of GP Omaha. It’s a lot of weird cards, so let’s walk through how it wins with a two card combo.

First, I get Hive Mind in play. Hive Mind is a 6 mana enchanment that basically reads ‘whenever someone casts an instant or sorcery, each other person copies it and picks new targets.’

With Hive Mind in play, I cast a Pact like a Pact of Negation. Now Hive Mind triggers and my opponent gets a copy of Pact of Negation as well. Then, during their upkeep they have to pay 3UU, and if they cannot they lose the game! So as long as I play a pact they can’t pay for, I win the game.