‘Yan-pret K'hshlimouv-çăk, edek entrancep pă çriyta, yan-ut insadran pretouv encep’:

‘For the love of my beloved, I conquer or die, for to cloak my heart is defeat.’

Garak hadn’t remembered this small, almost negligible passage from 'Meditations’, an odd thing considering how figuratively dog-eared it was. (Well, as much as a dataclip could be anyway.) But then, on a whim one night while laying in bed, not long after Julian had returned the novel, being the glutton for punishment he was, he’d decided to peruse a few chapters.

Upon encountering this single line, he’d stopped dead in his tracks for several seconds, unable to breathe; the very air squeezed from his lungs. He was no scholar in matters of the heart, but in that instant, he’d suddenly understood exactly what Preloc had meant—could feel with stinging acuity every word, the verse pinging with resonance—as if it had already been seared into his soul.

(THERE’S THE TEASER!) Convergence is done! Stay tuned for the next series: ‘Impact’ which will be coming soon. 

Pairing: Julian Bashir/Garak


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It’s only a matter of time before he identifies what’s happening. These new feelings are inconvenient and unwelcome and Julian Bashir doesn’t know how this happened or what to do about it.

Garak knows that good things come to those who wait, only, he’s been waiting for awhile for the Doctor to figure it out.

And then there’s the war and their paths diverge. He would like to think he’ll see the Doctor again, but one can never say.