encasing embrace


Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary: Y/N wakes up in her boyfriend’s arms and the day begins as it always does, sneaking out of his room, until Tony notices lovebites on shy, quiet Y/N’s neck.

Words: 2,300+

Paring/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, Bucky, Sam

Warning: Implied smutt, fluff

Author’s Note: I was rewatching Ultron and this trash sorta happened. And since I’ve been gone for a while, I’ll be posting some other new stuff this week too.

You lazily blinked your eyes, still swimming between sleep and wakefulness with Steve’s strong arms wrapped around you and his toned body pressed against your small form. He groaned quietly, clearly awake but not wanting to be as he held you tighter. You smiled, snuggling further into his chest, letting his warmth and his touch consume you fully.

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Title: This Distance Hurts but I Live for These Moments 

Pairing: Link / Prince Sidon 

Rating: General 

Tags: fluff with a little angst, relationship communicating, sweet with a little sad, fish prince loves a blondie 

Summary: Link and Sidon spend some time together after being apart for a couple of months but growing worries and fears about their relationship pop up and demand to be recognized

Continue reading here or check it out on AO3! Comments, reblogs, and kudos are appreciated! thx! <3 <3 <3 


He didn’t know the name of the gently rolling river in front of him but it was a gloriously welcome sight.

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Til the End Draws Near-- Part I

Originally posted by beemichelle7

5x20 speculation


A scream ripped through the lair.

Oliver stopped his anxious pacing and turned towards the cortex, just as he saw Felicity clutch her back and her legs crumpled from underneath her. The crack of bones hitting tile made a deep impression in Oliver’s mind. He wouldn’t forget that sound for a while.

In three strides he was by her side, sliding to the floor baseball style, wrapping his arms around her and encasing her in his embrace. Felicity whimpered as he tugged on her, rising to a sharp cry because he moved too fast.

“Shhh I’m sorry. It’s alright, Felicity, just breathe. Breathe. In and out. It’s okay, you’re gonna be okay.”

Sobs broke the surface, tears sliding down her cheeks. Her head nestled into his shoulder. His hand came up to cradle her head, pressing her further against him.

“I’m here, Felicity.” He reassured distractedly, saying nothings automatically. He was busy calculating how this could’ve happened and what exactly was wrong.

The only possibility was the chip in her spine. Nothing else could make a woman who lived in heels fall like that, nor scream in pain.

“Curtis!” He called, hoping beyond hope that the engineer was in the bunker. Only his echo called back. They were alone.

Oliver had two options then; stay on the floor and wait until Felicity was no longer in pain, or move her, risk hurting her more, but get help.

The first option wasn’t really a choice. Felicity could be in pain for hours, or steadily get worse. From the floor, Oliver couldn’t get help, or secure the lair, or do anything really.

Moving Felicity it was.

“Hang on.” He whispered, readjusting his grip until her arms were above his. Obediently, Felicity wrapped her arms around his neck. Oliver’s hand went under her legs, slowing when Felicity cried out.

“Easy. This might hurt.” Quickly, but smoothly, his other arm around her back, he moved to his knees, then rose to his feet. Felicity was quiet, but he could feel her shaking against his chest.

He was half-way to the elevator when the lights in the lair flickered, then went out. The computers shut off. The gentle humming that had practically become silence vanished.


Felicity lifted her head. Oliver felt her panic by the way her arms tightened around his shoulders.

“We’re locked in.”

“I can see that. The question is how, and more importantly, why?”

Oliver turned towards the stair well, the one that led down to the living quarters below. Juggling Felicity’s weight, he tried the door. It swung open at his touch.

“It was Helix.” Felicity responded, her fingers spasming against his back. “That’s the only explanation. I told them no, so this is their revenge. Hacker version of ‘If I tell you I’m gonna have to kill you’.”  

“So they lock us in the lair?” He gently placed his foot down, testing each step as he went down. Felicity squirmed a bit, causing him to almost lose his balance. “Hold still!” He snapped, then forcefully calmed his tone. “I don’t want to fall and kill us both.”


He finished descending in silence. When he reached the lower floor and opened the door to the living quarters, Felicity piped up.

“They did more than lock us in the lair, it seems. They shot off all power, including the ventilation system.”

Oliver look at her, as the realization slowly sunk in. They might die down here.

“And of course,” Felicity continued quietly, voice muffled against his jacket, “they fried my chip so that I would be excusably distracted.”

“Hey,” he jostled her to get her attention. A bit too roughly as another yelp of pain came from Felicity. ”We’ll get through this. They didn’t count on me being here as well. You just tell me what to do, and we’ll survive. That is one thing I’m good at doing.”

He gently laid her down on the bed. As he turned to go find a lantern, Felicity caught his arm.

“Oliver… I’m scared.”

He knelt next to her, squeezing her fingers. Then, not denying the impulse, he kissed her hand. “We’ve been here before, Felicity. Nothing has changed. Stay right here, and I’ll be back.”

He took ten steps away, looking in the cabinet for the flashlight he kept there, when he heard footsteps behind him. He whirled around, but not quick enough. A blow on the back of his head had him blacking out to the sounds of Felicity’s screams.


hunger pains

bughead fanfiction - one-shot - pointless fluff piece - unbeta’d, forgive errors


“A soulmate is someone who
appreciates your level of weird.”
-Bill Murray

Betty wakes up to the smell of bacon, but upon glancing to the clock at her bedside, she realizes it’s far too early for breakfast. Reaching her hand out, her palm runs over cold sheets, prompting a groan from her lips before she pushes herself up and off the bed.

Rubbing the grit from her eyes, she follows the soft tune of Purple Haze from the kitchen and sees her husband at the stove, oblivious to her presence. Pushing herself up onto the counter, the bare skin of her legs break out in goosebumps at the chilled marble.

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Broken (Kagehina Wingau!)

This is written based on @craziiwolf’s wingau!, hope it’s alright😅
Kageyama hated it.
He hated this… This distance between him and Hinata. As if they were mere acquaintances; nothing more, nothing less.
He would be lying if he said it didn’t frustrate him, because it did. Especially since this whole situation was his fault in the first place.
If only he hadn’t left Hinata to go off alone, if only he had followed Hinata or insisted he waited for him. Maybe, just maybe, Hinata’s wings would still be where they were supposed to be.
Three weeks. That’s how long it has been since Hinata lost the gift to fly. Kageyama remembers the argument they had the day it happened and although he hated Hinata angry, he would choose him in that state than the one he was in now.
Broken. Hinata was now absolutely broken.

“Hinata, can we talk?” Kageyama asked through the door that seemed to now forever separate them. They hadn’t talked in a month, Hinata always sending Kageyama away and only accepting food from the other members of Karasuno.
And now, after worrying about Hinata for a month, he decided that enough was enough.
“Go away, Kageyama.” He heard Hinata’s muffled voice from inside the room and clenched his fist, growling lowly.
“Hinata, open the fucking door!” Kageyama yelled, kicking the door fiercely. When Kageyama heard no answer, a feeling of dread overcame him as he wondered if he had gone too far, only to vanish when he saw the door in front of him open and was greeted by Hinata.
A pale, tired and lifeless Hinata.
“What do you want?” Hinata asked, voice missing all the energy it used to have. Kageyama found himself yearning to hear it, yearning to hear Hinata happy again.
Kageyama stepped forward, watching with sad eyes as Hinata took a step back, hand at the ready to slam the door shut any time. Kageyama took a deep breath.
“We need to talk, Hinata. Shutting yourself off from me won’t do yourself good.”
“Oh, and being around you will?” Hinata snapped back, and Kageyama had to remind himself that this wasn’t the Hinata he knew. This was the Hinata that was broken and had walls built around him in fear.
“Yes, because I will help you. You have to trust me. You will heal, Hinata, and athen first step to doing that is to not fear growing back your wings.” Kageyama whispered, hand coming to grip Hinata’s slowly.
Hinata looked at him with tear-filled eyes, bottom lips quivering as he tried to hold back his cries.
“I just…- I d-don’t want to have to fear them being torn off again.” Hinata mumbled, looking down as his tears finally spilled. Kageyama smiled softly, his other hand coming up to wipe the tears away with his thumb, tilting Hinata’s head up towards him.
“You dumbass, you won’t have to. I will protect you so please, stop shitting yourself off.” Kageyama insisted, and almost lost his balance when Hinata crashed into him, sobbing freely into his shirt.
Kageyama felt tears prick at his own eyes as he moved both his arms and wings, encasing Hinata in an embrace, smiling as Hinata’s wings glowed softly.
“Hey Kageyama, will you carry me and fly.”
“Dumbass, of course.”

A Romantic Spirit // Jackson Wang

Originally posted by i-got7s

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff // Comedy // Crack

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Fluffy/crack fic where you and jackson play with a ouija board together and some spooky stuff happens and scares the two of you

A/N: Please actually make sure that if any of ya’ll decide to mess about with a Ouija Board to read the rules and don’t do what I wrote about in this scenario xD I don’t know about any of you but I fully believe in Ouija Boards and I’m a little terrified of them I KNOW I’M DUMB I’M SORRY xD 

“Oh come on (Y/N), it’ll be fun! You don’t actually believe in this stuff, do you?”  Jackson nagged at you while setting out a kids sized Ouija Board on the floor and placing the planchette that came with it in the middle.

“No fucking way Jackson? I’m not doing it! I’m serious…Ouija Boards are dangerous. And anyway, if you don’t believe in it, why do you wanna do it so bad?” you strongly objected to his demands of playing with a Ouija Board on this stormy, Saturday night. So stormy, that it had knocked the power supply out in every house within a mile and left you both in complete darkness with only the light from your spare candles dotted around the place.

Jackson folded his arms in a huff “I just think it would be fun to do in the dark, come on you big baby. If any ghosts pop out, Jackson Wang is here to protect you” he boasted as he rolled up his sleeve and flexed his biceps, donning the most serious of looks on his face. You couldn’t help but let a smile creep on your face and you gently chuckled at your best friend before he too ended up letting out a small, high pitched giggle.

“…where did you even get this? And why did you bring it here tonight?” you asked as you sat down opposite him on your bedroom floor. Jackson sat with his legs crossed, reading the instructions by candlelight that came with the board.

“I bought it today while perusing through the kids toy section while you were having a mid-life crisis between a rose coloured shirt and a peach coloured shirt – I was bored” he smiled at you sarcastically, making you scoff as you rolled your eyes at him. It’s not that you believed in Ouija Boards, but you didn’t want to tempt anything if it actually turned out to be real. You’d heard so many stories from your friends – not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands of teen horror movies about summoning evil spirits and pissing them off, thus resulting in everyone either getting possessed or even killed, and you weren’t really in the mood to do either tonight.

You let out a final disgruntled sigh, looking at Jacksons undeniably adorable, puppy eye expression and knowing full well that you wouldn’t be able to say no.

“Fine. Let’s play then, but if you get possessed you’re on your own, Emily Rose” making reference to the movie you seen with GOT7 last week at their dorms.

“Yes! Alright, okay…so it says we both have to place our index and middle fingers lightly on the planchette and move it around in circles to warm it up” he instructed while motioning for you to follow his lead. You took a deep breath in, trying to calm your thoughts as the rain and wind beat against your bedroom window, the draft coming through it making slight banging sounds at your door. You weren’t scared however, this was pretty normal during gale force winds. You did as he asked, the tips of your fingers just brushing his as you both swirled the planchette around the board. You couldn’t help but laugh at Jackson’s serious face as he looked from the board to the instructions.

“Okay, next…I guess we should ask some questions. It gives us a list of questions we should ask. But don’t move the thing, okay? We have to let the spirit do it”

You sighed once more, feeling an eerie sensation creep over the back of your neck as a small rumble of thunder danced in the distance – growing closer by the second. “So…ask it then!” you whispered impatiently, just wanting him to have his fun and get a move on.

“Are there any spirits here with us?” Jackson asked in a loud, confident voice. You watched the planchette intensely, looking to Jackson’s fingers to see if you could see any sign of him using pressure to move it. After a few seconds of nothing happening, you let out a tiny, nervous giggle.

“Oh well, I guess no one’s home. Can we stop this now?” you desperately tried to use his short attention span to your advantage.

“No (Y/N) we can’t give up that easily. Hold on….uhh… Spirit, we would like to talk to you if it’s okay? Is this a convenient time to speak?” he called out once more with hopeful eyes.

“Jackson you aren’t calling JYP to ask him for a chat, of course it’s not a convenient time for a spirit to speak, it’s fucking dead and –“ you began, half whispering half shouting when all of a sudden, the planchette jittered under your fingers and moved towards the “YES” on the board.

“Oh my god” Jackson squealed while you widened your eyes in terror, before coming your senses.

“Jackson that was clearly you, I could feel you moving it you ass!” you seethed at him, but part of you was slightly terrified. “What if it isn’t him? What if it’s actually a spirit…” you thought as you felt the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention as the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees. You looked at Jackson’s face, which had now turned as white as a ghosts.

“I swear (Y/N) that was – not – me! I’m scared too! Look at the hairs on my arms!” he pointed with his head to his arms which you could clearly see his hair standing on end and goosebumps on full display. You swallowed hard, regretting ever giving into his irresistible brown eyes and pouty lips when he whined like a little child to play the game in the first place.

“Jackson let’s just stop playing, I’m really scared right now, please?” you begged him with your eyes as the crashes of thunder only seemed to get louder, the gusts of wind from outside hammering on the window and further adding to the uncomfortable atmosphere. Jackson shook his head stubbornly and concentrated his eyes on the board.

“No. We have to ask one more question and then say goodbye” he spoke firmly, giving you an undeniable feeling of dread in your gut as you wished for this to all be over so you could snuggle with him under your blankets instead as you both usually did when you hung out at your house.

“Okay spirit, we just have one question for you. Do you have a message for (Y/N)?”

You looked at Jackson as if he had just gone completely mad.

“Are you fucking insane?! Jackson why did you ask that? What the –“ your voice cut off completely as the planchette began moving again. You held your breath, completely terrified while Jackson started spelling out what the spirit was trying to say.


Suddenly, a bright flash of lightening struck right outside your bedroom window, followed by a deafening crash of thunder. You and Jackson both screamed at the top of your lungs, taking your hands away from the planchette before the window burst open with the force of the wind, instantly blowing out the candles and leaving you both in the dark while the rain sprayed into your room. You pretty much accepted the fact that you were going to die from a heart attack as you screamed and reached out your hands towards Jackson, grabbing him suddenly and causing him to shriek in terror.

“THE GHOST HAS ME (Y/N) PLEASE SAVE ME PLEASE OH MY GOD!!” he belted out, swatting your hands away and kicking the board aside with his flailing limbs.

“IT’S ME YOU IDIOT IT’S ONLY ME” you screamed back at him before he pulled you into his arms in between his legs and held you close to his chest. You latched on to him like a baby koala to it’s mother as the wind continued to circle your room making both of you shiver from the cold and in pure terror.

It was then that the lights suddenly flickered back on, eliciting yet another wail from Jackson – completely deafening you as he screamed right into your ear.

“Fuck, Jackson ow! We need to close the window my room is getting soaked!” you shouted back at him as you stumbled to your feet, Jackson still latching on to you as you pulled him towards your window and finally shut it, leaving the room a little more quiet. You looked down at Jackson who was clinging on to your leg for dear life as you lowered yourself back down on to the floor – panting and out of breath from the shock of everything.

Jackson pulled you into his chest once again, throwing his arms around your shivering body and rubbing your back – both of you unable to speak as you were glad everything was finally over.

“So much for Jackson Wang using his biceps to save me from the spirit….” you jabbed at him, poking his collarbone as you looked up into his face to see him smiling down at you. You cocked your head to the side slightly, trying to figure out what on earth was so funny.

“Didn’t you…didn’t you see what the spirit’s message was?” he asked, his nose almost brushing yours. You tried to remember back to before you almost went into cardiac arrest, all while thinking to yourself that Jackson seemed strangely calm for someone who was screaming his head off just a second ago. You scrunched your eyebrows together, Jackson laughing at how cute he thought you were as he stroked your cheek with the back of his finger, making you freeze and widen your eyes.

“It asked ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’” he whispered as he dropped the cheekiest grin you had ever seen sprawl on his face. The penny finally dropped as you realised what he had been up to this entire time.

“Yah! You did this on purpose, didn’t you?! I KNEW it was you moving the board…you’re in so much trouble Jackson Wang…” you couldn’t help but smile at him while you playfully smacked his firm chest, his arms still encasing you in his embrace as he giggled and chuckled at you trying to be angry at him.

“Hey hey now, wasn’t I creative? Spontaneous? Wasn’t that the most bespoke idea ever?” he raised his eyebrows in jest, pretending to be offended.

You let out a hearty laugh as you rolled your eyes “Jackson, bespoke is a word you use for furniture…ugh…what am I gonna do with you…” you sighed as you looked up and into his eyes. The fact that he had just asked you to be his girlfriend completely melted your heart altogether, but you couldn’t help but wonder why on earth he had thought using a Ouija Board was the best way to convey his feelings for you.

“I just wanted to do something that no one has ever done before, to make it special. So that you’d always remember it” he dropped his voice lower, feeling sorry for himself and donning a pitiful expression. You sighed at him as you ruffled his black hair, not being able to comprehend how cute he looked.

“Well, you’re right in that sense. This will be a night I’ll never forget, for good and bad reasons” you chuckled. Jackson looked at you with confused eyes, holding his breath and feeling his heart hammering in his chest, desperate to know how you felt about him. You gave him a cheeky wink as you bit your lip and studied his playful, sullen expression.

“The bad reason is I nearly died from being so scared. The good reason is..well…my answer is yes. I’d love to be your girlfriend. Even if you just tried to kill me” you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before burying your face into the crook of his neck, feeling slightly nervous and shy. Jackson opened his mouth and eyes wide in shock at your kiss before relaxing his features and feeling a small smile curl on the sides of his mouth. He had tried his best to give you the most unforgettable experience of him asking you to be his girlfriend – carefully planning each step diligently and putting a lot of thought into it. But one thing was for certain – you wouldn’t be forgetting this night in a hurry for a long time to come; for more reasons than one.

Saved (Part 2) // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon - Can you write a part 2 of saved to show what happens to them after?

It’d been 3 months, 3 months of sneaking around behind your friend’s backs, 3 months of pretending to just tolerate Conor in public and 3 months of sharing kisses and having the best time with Conor in private.

It had been a few days since you had managed to get any alone time as it turned out keeping a secret from the boys was harder than expected. But tonight was your chance, they’d all gone on a night out and you’d both managed to get out of it. Admittedly Conor had a much easier time finding an excuse, the boys were aware that he was struggling with his anxiety and depression so knew he may not be up for it but when it came to you a whole story and web of lies was needed.

You were sat in Conor’s lap as he lounged against the headboard editing his latest cover. His arms encased you in his embrace as he reached around your body to reach his laptop and his lips would lazily place kisses to your head or shoulder every so often, ensuring that he acknowledged your presence.

Although Conor was too busy to give you much attention you were perfectly content. Ever since that nightclub you had found Conor’s presence very comfortable and safe, when you were together you didn’t need to be doing anything in order to be happy just being with him was enough.

You were brought out of your trance when you felt Conor start to move around. You looked up at him curiously and he smiled down at you, kissing your lips quickly.

“I’m all yours now,” his one hand found yours and entwined your fingers together then his other hand gripped your waist pulling you tight to his body.

“You’ve finished?” you asked, you looked down at your hands admiring the way they fit together and used your free hands to play with his fingers.

“mhmm,” his nose nudged yours, prompting you to tip your head back, as his lips sought yours out. His kiss was passionate yet still gentle and you moved your free hand you grip his neck, needing something to keep you tethered to the earth.

Something that you found was different with Conor than you’d ever experienced was his kisses. Every time you kissed him, regardless of whether it was a quick peck or a heavy make out session, he just took you to another planet. His kisses were hypnotising and the feeling of his hands on your skin left you unable to think straight.

It seemed odd that for such a long time you’d avoided the person that made you feel this way; you’d both claimed that you hated each other yet here you were now, falling for each other, lost in each other and completely oblivious to anything happening in the rest of the world.

Conor pulled away from the kiss but kept his forehead resting against yours, his eyes locked with yours and his lips were still close enough that they brushed against yours when he spoke. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he hummed.

He gently ran his nose up and down your neck before placing soft lingering kisses on your skin.

For the last few weeks things with Conor had felt different, not a bad different just different. It wasn’t until today that you could pinpoint the feeling, after spending hours sat in silence with him and just being happy to be near him you worked it out. You were in love. You’d fallen in love with the boy who hated you for months, the boy that now made you feel special and safe from the world.

Since you’d discovered this feeling you’d been contemplating whether or not to tell Conor. Was it too soon? Did he even feel the same way? You knew you had to be careful not to push him at the moment but maybe this could help, remind him that he’s not as alone as he feels.


“Yes gorgeous,” he mumbled against your neck.

“I love you,” you rushed out before you could change your mind.

He quickly pulled back and looked at you curiously, “You what?”

“I-I love you,” you told him again but slower so he could hear this time. You watched as his eyes lit up and a smile grew on his face, it wasn’t the fake one that you were used to seeing in public it was the genuine one that you only saw when you were alone.

“I love you too,” you smiled at him and shifted positions so that you were now straddling his lap, your lips crashed against his and you soon got caught up in haze of passion together.

Your sweaty, naked bodies were pressed together. His fingers were laced with yours and your knuckles were being peppered with kisses.

“We’ll have to tell the boys soon, won’t we?” you sighed, tilting your head on his chest so you could see his face.

“Mmm I can finally tell people you’re my girlfriend, sounds good to me.”

Part 1


Title: Together With You, We’ll Relearn the World 

Pairing: sidlink

Rating: Everyone 

Tags: fluff, sweet, a little bit of sad but not a lot 

A/N: Thank you for the request! This was so super cute and I had SO much fun writing it! Hope you like it! 

Also posted on my AO3 if you’d prefer to read it there! Prompt requests are still open so send ‘em my way if you got ‘em! Comments, reblogs and kudos are much appreciated, thanks! 

Not smiling was proving to be harder than he had originally thought.

Climbing up the steep, grassy incline, the ground slippery underneath his feet, heading towards the small camp they had set up at the base of the hill, Sidon tried to focus on anything other than the small Hylian on his back. This was proving to be a challenge as the slightest glance to his right allowed him a full view of his little Hylian’s face, which just strengthened the urge to beam idiotically.

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Marquis de Lafayette x Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler

Word Count: 2.7k+

Summary: Each morning tells a story, and each morning brings them one step closer to forever. (Modern AU)

Warnings: A little language, implied smut, implied argument, but this is mostly just fluff.

Author’s Note- I do not claim ownership to the lyrics I used from Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ and ‘Banana Pancakes’. Now that that’s out of the way, hi! This is my first fic on this blog, let me know what you think and thanks for reading :)

Masterlist | Ask Box

One Week

“Oh my god, please never put on a shirt again.” Peggy sighed, entering the kitchen to find Lafayette standing over the stove in only his boxers.

“If you keep walking around in only my shirts then maybe we can make that arrangement.” He responded, feeling her arms snake around his torso, her forehead leant against the space between his shoulder blades. He turned around in her arms,

“It’s a deal.” She pushed up onto her tiptoes and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Lafayette dared to increase the heat on his side of their kiss, and Peggy happily responded. His hand trailed up her bare thigh, pulling up the hem of the t-shirt she was wearing. After finding her hip, his fingers traveled to the waistline of her panties, pulling it down just slightly.

“Hey, keep it PG frenchie, I’m not sure I’m ready for another round quite yet.” Peggy giggled, pulling away and laid her hand over his, her dainty fingers in stark contrast to his calloused, long ones. He feigned disappointment and the heat of his hand retreated from her skin. She beamed up at him, “I better go get dressed then.” She turned around and began to walk away, Lafayette’s hand still resting on her arm, slipping further down as she walked away.

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Daehyun (B.A.P.)
Rated D for Dreamy

For all of us who have a thing for “Badman”…

“Daeeeeeeee. Come snuggle me.”

Daehyun laughed softly, watching you roll around in the bedsheets as he stood in the doorway, wearing just his boxers. You pouted as he kept watching, instead of coming over and doing as you’d requested.

“Come on. Please?” You hated to beg, but you were in the mood for a good cuddle, and the sight of him, hair still damp from the shower and his arms crossed over his bare chest, was making you squirmy with need. Finally, he chuckled and ran a hand through his hair, crawling into bed next to you gently. In moments, you were enveloped in his strong arms, the scent of his body wash and shampoo floating into your nose as you sighed happily, closing your eyes.

Daehyun’s lips pressed into your hair as he hummed quietly, before they moved down to leave a sweet kiss on your neck. You nearly purred with happiness.

“Sing to me?” you murmured, and you felt a smile stretch over Daehyun’s face against your skin. When he began to sing, you let out a little shriek of dismay.

“Not BADMAN! You know what that song does to me!” you protested, lips turning down in an exaggerated frown. When you turned over to face him, Daehyun’s eyes were twinkling with amusement.

“I do indeed. That’s why I use it every chance I get.” he said with a sly grin. You thought briefly about smacking him, but the thought of moving from your spot, encased in his embrace, was highly unsatisfying. Instead, you just frowned harder until he chose a different song.

This one was softer, more gentle. A lullaby, almost. It was one of your favorites, and Daehyun knew that, too. He sang it between kisses, kisses sprinkled over your cheeks and your forehead as you blushed beneath him, and when he finally began to sing quietly against your ear, you melted into his arms even more.

He held you like you were the most precious thing in the world, rocking you every so often along with the beat of the song you loved. Your eyelids were getting heavier, and you were falling asleep, until suddenly, you felt something pressing against your belly, hard and insistent.

Your eyes flew open again. “Dae.”

“Mmf.” came the reply, after the singing had ceased right on the high note, whispered into the air rather than belted, like he usually sang it.

“What are you doing?”

Nothing. It’s not…I’m not doing it on purpose, I swear. It’s just…being close to you like this. It just happens.” Daehyun sounded like he wanted to be annoyed with himself, but he couldn’t because he was too busy being turned on.

You smiled a little against his chest, daring to snuggle closer. “Is that so…?” you murmured, placing kisses across his collarbones. Daehyun growled happily in response.

“What are you doing?” he countered now, leaning back a little. You glanced up at him, still smiling.

“Nothing. It just happens.” You repeated his words back to him playfully as you ducked your head again, resuming your trail of kisses.

Daehyun chuckled, maneuvering you in his arms until your back was pressed to his chest again, and his smile was tickling the crook of your neck. “We’re so bad at cuddling.” he muttered, but you could tell he wasn’t too upset about it.

“On the contrary,” you replied, arching your back enough to let your behind push against his growing length. “I’d say we’re too good at it.” You could hear how your voice was suddenly throatier, lower, desire creeping into the words slowly. Behind you, Daehyun shuddered at the sound of it.

“Jagiya…” he warned, his own voice dripping with the satoori you loved so much.

You pushed against him harder. “Yes?” You tried to sound innocent. It might have worked. Maybe.

Daehyun gripped your hips automatically, sucking in a breath. His lips were still against the soft flesh of your neck, and you felt his mouth open, as if he was going to respond, but then he closed it again, his grip on you tightening. You waited to see what happened next.

Daehyun didn’t keep you waiting long. He pushed down your pajama pants quickly, taking your panties with them until they were just low enough on your legs to let his hand in between. His other hand drifted back up to your breasts, squeezing and grabbing at the mounds as his fingers worked you open quickly.

“Dae,” you panted between breaths. “We’re supposed to be cuddling.” You didn’t even believe what you were saying. You didn’t really care what you were supposed to be doing, when he was doing this.

“We are.” Daehyun replied, just as he pushed two fingers inside your depths, deep enough to make you whimper and arch against him more. “This counts as cuddling.” As he spoke, the hand Daehyun had on one breast moved to your hair, curling into a fist with the strands wrapped around it tight, and before you could think of an answer, he’d tilted your head back firmly, enough to allow him better access to your neck.

He took advantage of it, biting down and then licking over the bite, kissing and sucking marks into your skin that would probably still be there tomorrow, but you couldn’t make yourself care. All you cared about was the way you could feel him gently spreading your pussy open, making sure it was dripping for him.

Daehyun was singing again.

He was singing softly, whispering the words into your ear as he carefully pushed inside you, mindful not to go too fast as he gave you his throb. He faltered for the first time as he bottomed out, voice cracking over the notes in a way that made him sound even sexier as he sang your love song to you.

You could feel his big hand trailing down your back, pushing into the small of your spine, his palm resting there firmly as he began to thrust into you languidly. He wasn’t holding you down, not exactly. You could have moved anytime you wanted, gone away if you wished to. You both knew you wouldn’t. There was nowhere else you’d rather be than right here.

Daehyun turned you over onto your belly without so much as a missed stroke, his hand leaving your hair to wrap around you as he pressed his body on top of yours, now. He was so close that you could feel his labored breaths fluttering against your hair, so close that every note he sang rumbled through you like thunder as he made love to you, and you were spellbound by it all. Daehyun had an easy, natural sexiness that had caught you from the moment you met, and it was never more evident than when he was inside you.

It was a perfect extension of his onstage persona, the charming, handsome man he was when he was performing meeting his quieter, private personality and letting them combine into something so incredibly appealing that you couldn’t help but cum the minute you thought about it.

Daehyun groaned as you splashed over his cock, propping himself up on his elbows and pumping a little harder while you climaxed. The loss of his body covering yours made you whimper on top of your cries of his name, and Daehyun was back in moments, holding you close again and murmuring into your hair, whispering shhhh I’m here love I’m here until your whimpers had trailed off and turned back into sighs of pleasure.

He wasn’t singing anymore, but you barely noticed, because the music your bodies were making together was so beautiful that it didn’t matter.

After a while, Daehyun turned you over again, so you were face to face, and he plunged back into you in earnest, his cock so thick between your walls, filling you up like only he could as his lips worked along your breasts and your neck, never letting up, always needing you to spill more and more and more for him.

You did, unable to help yourself. It was always like this with Daehyun, always this river of need that translated to a gush between your legs, and you knew he loved it. His mouth was on yours now, kissing away every whine and moan of his name as he stroked his length into you over and over.

When you were able to focus on anything again, you looked up into Daehyun’s face. His eyes were shut tight, his teeth playing at his bottom lip between deep breaths as he pounded into you harder, but still with such sweetness behind every thrust that it took your breath away, too.

You reached up and stroked his cheek gently. Daehyun’s eyes opened wide, surprise on his face until he realized what was happening. He nuzzled into your palm, blushing even as he kept pushing and pushing, not satisfied until you were both spilling together, and you smiled. You were going to say those three little words that meant so much when they were for him, but suddenly, your vision went white with the force of an unexpected orgasm.

You screamed wordlessly, everything inside you going warm because Daehyun had lost himself too, finally pouring his love into you, and you clung to him as tight as you could. Through the haze, you could feel him doing the same, holding you so tight you would have been breathless, if you had any breath left that wasn’t being used repeating his name over and over until the syllables didn’t make sense anymore.

When you came back to yourself, hours or minutes later, it was hard to tell, you were wrapped in Daehyun’s arms as he laid behind you again, stroking your hair and singing again. You tried to focus on the sound of his voice, tried to hear it over your labored breathing and understand what song was on his lips now.

The minute you knew what it was, you found the last bit of energy needed to reach your hand back and smack him upside the head lightly.


The last thing you heard before you drifted off to a satisfied sleep were Daehyun’s deep, melodic chuckles, sending you to dreamland with a smile.

anonymous asked:

Please maybe some hcs for the first few days of a relationship with Bokuto? And his shy s/o is just overly blushy and when he's around them they just cover there face with their hands or just hug him cause they're just so flustered but happy?

  • He’s like a love sick puppy when he’s around you. The first few days of the relationship are always blissful and filled with happiness. It’s apparent to anyone who looks at you.
  • Bokuto thinks your adorable anytime you blush around him. He just finds himself so lucky to have someone as in love with him as he is with you.
  • Showers you with so much affection and love constantly. He’s not shy of PDA and loves to show everyone your newfound relationship.
  • He’s all for hand holding and eating lunch together on the roof. He takes that time to point out all of the things that he loves about you. He’s determined to make you the happiest person in the world.
  • He’s doesn’t like it when you hide your face from him when you blush. He kisses your fingers and hands until he pries them away, a contagious smile on his face.
  • You love to hug him, he’s almost like a heating furnace. His arms are firm and large, encasing you in his embrace, all your worries melting away.
Taehyun - Oneshot

Hello darling❤Can you do a one shot with Taehyun from Winner when (Y/N) goes with him on a date and he is adorable and playful and this date end up at his apartment to include some smut?By the way your blog is the best ❤

Its changed slightly, but i think you’ll approve because of how cute it is! ;D x

(P.S. If you listen to Taehyun’s ‘I’m Young’ whilst you read it, it might help to mend all your broken hearts after the m/v - but if you just cant bear to listen/watch that song again, then this song is cute and goes well with it too! :D) —> Skin - BOY

Originally posted by krystuan

‘It was fun though, wasn’t it?’

He was Handsome.

He was charming.

And boy were you falling for him.

You hadn’t expected much to come from the blind date, only really thinking that you’d go to dinner with some random stranger, talk about random things, complain a little about your life- possibly get a kiss in there somewhere- and then go home and watch one of the crappy films that’s always on at midnight.

But being sat across from Taehyun, his blonde hair gleaming under the too bright lights of the slightly dingy restaurant, toothy grin just peeking out from beneath his lips and his eyes sparkling as they watch you, you really didn’t want to see this night end without getting some kind of promise of more.

'Okay, so as nice as this food is, this place is kind of depressing.’ he says, grinning at you and you cant help but join in, the two of you leant forward on the table towards each other and your heart is racing from the feel of his fingers gently grazing over yours where his hand had crept across the table.

'Want to go and have some fun?’ he asks, eyes sparkling with mischief, and his excited expression is so addictive that you cant help but reach back for your coat quickly, shrugging into it and blushing when you see him throw some money down onto the table to pay for the meal, only grinning at you in response to your reaction, before unexpectedly grabbing your hand and pulling you hurriedly along with him.

'Oh, Gosh, its cold!’ you murmur when the two of you step outside, wrapping your thin cardigan around you tightly and before you can even look up at him to ask him what the plan was, you feel his hands on your shoulders, his own coat suddenly surrounding you as well as the manly, expensive smell of him. When he slips his hand into yours once again, you feel your cheeks burning, looking up at him and murmuring a shy, quiet, 'thanks’, which makes him smile shyly to himself, before he begins to pull you along the street.

'How do you feel about boats?’ he asks, turning to look at you with an expectant grin.

'They’re good?’ you say unsurely, smiling widely when he chuckles at you, the sound being like music to your ears and you feel the butterflies dance in your stomach in approval.

'Great! Shall we go for a boat ride?’ he says, his head twisting as he looks up and down the road, before he darts across, laughing as you hurriedly scramble after him, giggling when he pulls you into him once the two of you reach the otherside.

You freeze for a moment, realising the position you were in with his arms encasing you in his embrace and looking up at his face, seeing his eyes smouldering down at you a second before he leans in to drop a soft kiss to your lips, pulling away far too quickly for your liking.

'Sorry.’ he murmurs, face flushing in embarrassment, and you want to say something, to reassure him that it was okay- that you wanted more- but he’s already dropped his arms from you, his hand slipping back into yours as he pulls you down to the jetty where the river boat tours were being held.

He remains quiet as the he pays for your tickets, a small smile still painted on his face as the two of you get on board and find an empty seat, which you settle into before the tour begins.

'Its a really beautiful night.’ you murmur as you look out over the river, smiling to yourself when you feel Taehyun’s arm slide timidly around your waist and you bite your lip as you turn your head to look at him.

'Its not as beautiful as you.’ he says quietly, his cheeks rapidly shading pink and when you catch his eye you cant help but laugh at him, quickly covering your mouth when you see him look at you worriedly.

'I’m sorry! I’m sorry. That was just really cheesy.’ you say, laying your hand on his leg to reassure him, quickly going to remove it when you feel his thigh tense beneath your touch- thinking that you’d pushed him too far- but his hand is laid over yours before you can move and you cant help the smile that stretches across your face.

'Its true though.’ he murmurs, chuckling when you look away embarrassedly.

'Even if that’s so…shouldn’t we be focusing on the beauty of the river, of the lights of the city shining on the water?’ you ask, hearing him chuckle at your poetic choice of words, and pulling you closer into him, pressing his face delicately into your hair and drawing in a deep breath, his hand on yours squeezing lightly.

'We should…but i’d rather be focusing on you.’ he says quietly into your ear, rubbing his nose across your cheek and making you shiver in the process.

'How long is this boat ride?’ you ask, gasping quietly when his lips suddenly press to the skin just under your jaw, your grip on his thigh tightening as the butterflies that had awoken in your stomach earlier, begin to riot around your insides.

'There’s only 5 minutes left.’ he murmurs, his fingers digging into your waist slightly and making your eyes become unfocused with the lust pooling in your stomach, damp forming between your thighs as your breath fogs in a cloud of white in front of your eyes.

Somehow those 5 minutes turn into hours with his hands drifting across your waist, hand burrowing up his coat you were wearing to get closer to your skin- although the layers of your clothing cause him to hum in slight irritation, his lips continuing to press the lightest kisses down your neck. When the boat finally docks, the two of you are the first passengers to disembark, practically sprinting up the walkway as he holds tightly to your hand, dragging you along behind him, quickly hailing a cab and ushering you inside.

'I dont normally do this kind of thing.’ he whispers as his hand comes up to cup your jaw, his mouth pressing against yours feverishly, breath huffing against your lips and mingling with yours as you feel your racing heart somehow get faster.

'Neither do I.’ you murmur, pulling his bottom lip into your mouth and sucking on it needily, hearing a quiet moan escape him and feeling the damp between your legs worsen.

It only takes a few minutes before the car stops and you’re climbing out of it, pausing whilst Taehyun pays the driver before he grabs your hand once again and pulls you into the building you had arrived in front of, walking swiftly to the lift and pulling you quickly inside, pressing you up against the wall after he’s pressed the button for his floor and typed in the passcode.

'I dont know what you’re doing to me…but I really need you right now.’ he breathes between kisses, his hands finally finding their way under your dress, just when the lift arrives at his apartment.

'I’ve needed you since dinner- I think I win.’ you whisper, stumbling backwards into the front room of his place, helping him as he begins to strip you of your clothes, before giving up with your own clothes and moving onto his once you were stripped down to your dress, the two of you becoming a jumble of material as your hands scramble to untuck his shirt, grinning when he doesn’t bother with the buttons and just pulls the garment over his head.

'You really are beautiful,’ he murmurs as he goes back to stripping you of clothes, his mouth detaching from yours long enough to lift it over your head, and you tremble as you feel his hands travel down the bare expanse of your stomach, feeling them tremble against your skin.

'Dont get cheesy with me.’ you breathe, running your hands eagerly over his toned stomach and back, whining at the feel of his skin beneath your hands, seeming like it was on fire beneath your touch.

He silences you with his mouth, his hands holding the back of your neck as the hurried pace that you’d both been keeping up takes a brief pause, his tongue sliding against yours with love, and your fingers hook into his belt loops as the heat in your core flares at the intimate touches.

'Bedroom.’ is all you murmur, when the two of you break apart, biting your lip when he grins at you, hands going to your hips and you jump when he goes to lift you up, wrapping your legs around his waist and moaning with the friction of his stomach against your core.

'That’s such a beautiful sound.’ he breathes between kisses, unclasping your bra from your back and you quickly take your arms out of the straps so that he could fling it across the room before he drops you back onto the bed and hovers over you.

'Taehyun, please….’ you whimper, as his hands trail over your breasts, one continue to massage the plump mound while his mouth replaces the other and you arch your back up to push yourself into his mouth, gasping and gripping at his longish blonde locks when you feel his other hand that had left your breast only moments before, materialise between your legs.

'Say my name again, beautiful.’ he whispers, placing kisses on your skin as he makes his way down your stomach, shuffling lower and lower until he was at eye level with your core.

'Taehyun…’ you moan, trembling beneath him when he sets an open mouthed kiss onto your still clothed core, seeing stars twirl in your vision in the shape of car lights that were passing by outside projected on the ceiling as he slides your panties off.

Within seconds you’re a writhing mess beneath him, Taehyun’s skill and experience with his tongue being obvious when, within under 5 minutes, you’re crying his name to the darkness of the room, fingers twisting harshly in his hair and dragging a loud groan from him.

'You drive me insane.’ he murmurs, crawling back up your body and crushing his lips against yours, that same affection from earlier seeping into his movements as he lays one hand on your hip and one on your cheek.

'Stand up beautiful.’

You whimper as he pulls you to your feet, keeping his arms tight around your waist as he continues to kiss you, backing you into the wall and grinding into you eagerly, the change in pace startling you, and you gasp as you feel him pressing hard and insistent into your lower stomach, your hands flying to his belt and tugging urgently as you undo the fastenings of his trousers.

'Why do you have to wear such hard to undo trousers, babe?’ you ask, as you begin to get frustrated.

'Hey, no! You cant come out of character like that!’

'Well, I’m Sorry! But, I wouldn’t have to if-’

He cuts you off by crashing his mouth to yours, hands cupping your face firmly before they begin to slide down your body to your hips, turning you to face the wall.

You hear his trousers hit the floor and its not a second too soon before you feel him brushing up against your ass, moaning needily at the feel of him as you press flat against the wall, Taehyun kicking his trousers off, before he’s nudging your feet apart with his knee, pressing loving kisses into your shoulder, as one hand slips down from your hip and he presses his entire body against you as his fingers drift over your core.


'You always look so beautiful.’ he whispers, just as his member brushes between your folds and you whimper with the friction on your sensitive core, pressing back into him eagerly and hearing him chuckle quietly against the skin of your back.

'Okay, baby…’

You smile at the tenderness in his voice, closing your eyes as you feel him breach your walls, the stretch feeling delicious and making you moan uncontrollably as he slides into you, kissing your shoulder once again as he lets you adjust to him.

When you turn your head to look back at him, reaching one hand behind you to pull his face to yours so that you could kiss him, you cant help but smile at the way he looks at you, the same way he’d looked at you ever since you’d met him a year and a half ago, in the very same restaurant you’d met him at tonight.

You moan quietly when he begins to work his hips against yours, thrusting into you slowly at first, the slow whines and moans he lets out being just as much music to your ears as his laugh, making the tension in your stomach- that had dispersed from his work earlier, reawaken within you.

His hands hold your hips gently yet securely, one sliding down to play with your bundle of nerves and you flatten yourself against the wall as you push your hips back into him, silently asking for more, receiving his answer in an open-mouthed kiss on the very back of your neck, his teeth nipping at the skin and his mouth holds you in place as he picks his pace up, rubbing your clit in time with his thrusts.


He hums in approval as you begin to moan his name over and over, desperately panting against the wall that had become humid with your activities, the rough surface on your chest adding to Taehyun’s actions and making you sprint towards your high, feeling his hips rock even faster into you when he feels you tightening around him.

'You can let go baby…its okay.’ you breathe, when you hear him suck in a breath, already anticipating his question.

'Are you sure?’

You answer him with a loud moan as you clamp down around him, your orgasm rushing over you when a specific thrust means he hits you right in the spot you loved most, and with barely any time in between, he’s coming inside you, his strangled shout making a shiver race down your spine before you go to collapse against the wall, feeling him fall into you from behind and smiling as his arms hold you warmly against him.

'Mmmmh, you’re so amazing… I love you.’ he mumbles into your ear, slowly backing you over to the bed, smiling to himself at your weak knees as he pretty much carries you over, before the two of you fall back onto the white sheets you’d put on the bed this morning, Taehyun not letting you go even when your knees knock together and your head knocks into his chin.

'Ow…’ you whimper, pouting up at him and seeing him grin as he chuckles.

'Sorry.’ he mumbles, capturing your bruised lips for the millionth time that night and you sigh into the kiss, your hand laid over his heart as it always did after the two of you had sex- the habit of wanting to feel the way you’d made his heart race like he’d made yours race, being something that you’d done since he’d first told you he loved you.

'Can we do that every time you come back from tour?’ you muse when you’d both regained a normal breathing pattern and you were laid on the bed as he cleaned the two of you up.

'I dont know…It was pretty hard to resist you all night, after not having seen you for the last month.’ he murmurs, smiling as he looks up at you, before he discards the cloth he’d been using to wipe you with and climbs back over you to lie next to you.

'I did miss you a lot.’ you agree, shuffling so that you had your head laid on his chest and his arms were wrapped warmly around you.

'It was fun though, wasn’t it?’ he asks, chuckling quietly and you join him as you think back over the night, the way you two had played out the scenario of a blind date and managed to keep it up until you couldn’t get his trousers undone.

'It was fun.’ you agree, before you drop one last kiss to his lips and snuggle into him to sleep.



Gif source:  Joffrey  |  Jon&Robb

Imagine growing up in Winterfell but when you become of age you are sent off to wed Joffrey, and only years later do you manage to visit your old friends, Jon and Robb.

——— Request for anon ———

“Well, look what the wolves dragged in,” Robb laughs, causing Jon to turn towards what had caught his brother’s attention. They find you standing at the entrance to the stables, giving Ghost a good rub on the head as you grin at them. You looked the same as the day you left, but you were donned in the clothes and styles of the South.

“Did you miss me?” you grin as Jon and Robb move towards you quickly to wrap you in a hug.

Jon reaches you first, “What kind of question is that? Of course we missed you!” You squeeze your arms around his neck before he lets you go, only to then find yourself encased in Robb’s embrace.

“Didn’t even realize you were gone,” Robb teases, making you punch him in the chest lightheartedly. “Ow! Well, I’m glad to see the South hasn’t made you soft!”

“Well, I went from a den of wolves to a den of lions, so what did you expect?” you reply, your thumb absentmindedly circling the ring on your finger that shows your possessor.

“Is your fiancé with you?” Jon asks, and you shake you head.

“No, Joffrey stayed in King’s Landing with his mother and the rest of the Lannisters. I prefer it that way, actually. I wanted to see my home without the pressure that comes with the Queen’s watch,” you sigh, rolling your eyes as you remember what they had drilled into your head to tell the Starks, “But the Lannisters send their regards.”

2p!Face family reacting to their s/o getting hospitalized after a car wreck. Bonus!: S/o first waking up with them there: (You’re freaking welcome anon.)

France/Francis Bonnefoy-
He would act fairly level headed when he got the news. Knowing you were at least alive and in the hospital was comforting. Even so he’d rush over, may or may not get into an argument about smoking in a hospital. After that he would find your room himself and take a seat next to you. He’d lay back and wait, something he was more than skilled in.

You were having a nightmare, that much was clear. He could tell by the way your eyes moved beneath the lids. He reached out to grab your arm, trying to provide some form of comfort. And it was no sooner than he did that when your eyes shot open. All the pain you’d been experiencing in unconscious dragging over to reality.
“Mon cher!” He shouted, the sweet name almost foreign on his tongue. He stood and sat on the edge of your bed, giving you some sense of sanity.
“W-what?” You whimpered, unsure of where you were, or what had happened. But the uncertainly melted away as you heard the monitor beep and his voice break into your world. He’d come here for you.  

America/Allen Jones-
He pushed pass all the hospital personnel without waiting for permission. He slammed open every door until he saw you. Laying there, your face and arms were scratched to hell. The worst part was all the tubes and wires running from your body. With no more yelling he sat on the edge of your bed, keeping your hand in his.  

“Baby doll, if you wake up I‘ll…I’ll make that fruit thing you like. And I‘ll clean out  my room, I know you hate all the junk.” He’d been bartering for the better part of an hour. The doctors had already informed him that you’d be fine, but it didn’t keep him from offering you deals. Just to wake up.
“Oh!” He shouted, squeezing your hand lightly. He was so excited by his idea he didn’t notice your eyes flutter open.
“I know, I‘ll make you your own bat! And I‘ll take you out to that ice cream place you like, and I won‘t even bitch when you get the burger!” He turned to look at what he thought was your still unconscious form. But what he was met with was so much better.
“Promise you won‘t bitch?” You tried smiling, but his grin was wide enough for both of you.
“I promise!” He leaned over and kissed your forehead, happy to see you were finally listening.

Canada/Matthew Williams-
“Where is she?!” Matt stormed through the halls, looking for anyone with scrubs. And in his opinion, it took far too long to find one. He grabbed a doctor and resisted all urges to slam him into a wall.
“W-who are looking for?” The man stuttered, very much threatened by the young man. He quickly gave your name and followed the directions, people parting to let him by. As he rushed in a nurse was still working on connecting you I.V, but your were stable. He immediately softened and walked over, though he wasn’t eager to see you in such a position.

He’d ignored all the professional advice, that much you already knew when your eyes opened. The first thing you saw was a familiar flannel pattern. Your face was stuffed into his shirt, he’d climbed into the bed with you. He was staring you the entire time, his cheeks and eyes red from crying every time the nurses left.
“A-are you okay?” You asked, more worried that he seemed so upset than with the fact it was you that needed the hospital bed.
“Am I okay?” He chuckled, scooping you back into his arms. He was warm, and his scent comforted you, just as it always did.
“Don‘t fucking scare me like that.” He buried his head into your hair, meaning ever single word.

England/Oliver Kirkland-
He’d freak out the most, purely with concern. He’d get every single detail of the accident and rush into the room. He’d barrage the nurse with questions about your status and demand to speak to a doctor. After getting a very in depth understanding about what had happened he moved to your side, not speaking another word.

His face was streaked with tears as yours barely opened. The cyan orbs widened and beamed without you saying a word.
“Poppet!” He shrieked, Encasing you in an embrace. You ignored the stinging and strain it placed on your body and held him back. You stroked your hands down his back in an effort to sooth the crying. He’d known you’d wake up, but they never said when. Seeing your eyes open was the single greatest thing he’d ever witnessed.  

yoongi; the morning after the morning after

❝for the sincere sinnabun sassi; @squishyfeelsprincess
►634 words; mini scenario, just fluff in bed with min yoongi and possibly a continuation of this

It’s rare that Yoongi wakes up earlier than you do but when he does, he doesn’t move out of bed. His arms are a warm embrace encasing you in, replacing the blanket when it drapes away from you because moving about in sleep gets it to the floor. You’re curling into him for any source of heat and it works, his body melding against yours nicely as he keeps you from being cold. His arm feels dead to the world but it’s worth it. It’s worth it because the vision he has of you sleeping soundly grants his happiness right before his eyes. That small smile playing on your lips, it slowly disappears when you’re sinking deep from reality and it replaced the nonchalant look in Yoongi’s eyes, brimming with happiness because the moment he wakes up, he sees you.

He sighs, resisting the urge to wake you up so he can hug you tight; pour his love all over you and smother you with kisses until you can’t breathe. Maybe roll you over in bed and make you lay atop of him so he can bestow in your glow of beauty as the sun shines through your hair, blinding him but he’d go blind for the rest of his life as long as he’s blinded by you.

He gets what he wants when you whine, just enough to make his heart swell. When conscious takes over, you’re about to move away from him but he’s quick to catch you before you do. His arm snakes around your waist, limiting your movement but it allows you to stretch kittenishly despite his iron grip. Even after you pat his forearm, he doesn’t let you go, instead, drags you back to his chest where he presses a kiss to the small of your back. You feel his smile against your skin, his cold fingers managing to crawl underneath your nightshirt as a fond gesture to feel your skin against his hand and you shudder before leaning back on him for support.

“Good morning, love,” He murmurs into your ears, from your earlobe he dots kisses down to your neck, settling a spot on the vast space he can work with to start on his day of loving you. Hell, even in his sleep he loves you. Mouthing on your flesh, biting on your skin, you whine and get him to stop, only to hear him chuckle as you turn around. He can’t get enough of you, more so when you press yourself to him, burying your face in his chest and loosely wrap your arms around him.

“Hey, sleepyhead. Enough, let’s get out of bed,” He chatises and you’re shocked despite the sleepiness overwhelming you. Grunting, you lean back enough to raise a hand to his forehead, brushing his luscious locks back to feel his temperature, “Are you nuts?”

“I’m fine, thanks for asking,” Yoongi laughs, grabbing onto your hand, lacing your fingers together before he mumbles sweetly, “Can’t I get a headstart to start pampering my girlfriend?”

“You still feel bad, huh?” You snicker, shaking your head as you nuzzle against his shoulder and he scoffs a laugh, moving his arms to engulf you in, “You try sleeping on a bed alone.”

“I can if you get off now and don’t wake me,”

“Okay, that’s not what I meant but—come on, we’re getting ready now,”

“Yoongi! Let me go!” You wail, trying to grab onto the bedrest but with his firm grip on your ankles as he roots himself to the ground, it’s a tough win, “Payback for all those times you woke me up!”

“I thought you were dead! Who the fuck sleeps until five in the evening?!”

“I had a valid reason!”

“No you didn’t!”

“Who the fuck cares?! Just let go!”

And at the end of that morning, after almost getting kicked in the face five times, Yoongi managed to get you out of bed, rewarded you in the shower, after shower, then with some good breakfast down at the local diner because he knows his girl loves pancakes and bacon.

Mermaid AU Part 24

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“I know you and Steve are more partial to your shipwreck, but I have to say, I’m going miss sleeping in the cavern.” Tony plopped himself down on the eroded captain’s desk. Something poked Tony in the butt. Without even looking at it, Tony picked up the object and flung it across the cabin—not like tidiness mattered when your home was a sunken ship.

“I’m just happy not to have the kids waking us up every morning.” Bucky sighed and joined Tony on the desk. He placed his hands on Tony’s shoulder then rested his chin on top of them. “I miss sleep.”

“It is going to be odd not sleeping together,” Steve said as he glided through the water on his back, taking in the room. Steve and Bucky had both said something about the ship seeming a little different, but Tony suspected that feeling was caused more from time away from their home than any real changes.

Sam, who had tagged along for what Tony dubbed “the ship warming party,” made a face at Steve. Whatever he was thinking though, Sam quickly dismissed with a head shake.

“You three could always cuddle up close together.” Natasha tugged at one of the loose floorboards. “You don’t need to be in a confined space to cuddle.”

“You mind not tearing up our home?” Bucky asked.

Natasha’s brow furrowed. “Something’s caught down there though. It’s shiny too.”

Tony snorted in amusement. He barely knew Natasha but she didn’t seem like the type to be mesmerized by shiny things. “That’s why you’re ripping the floorboards out?”

“Unless you have another plan,” Natasha stated.

Tony frowned in contemplation.

Bucky lightly head butted Tony’s cheek.

“I might have an idea,” Tony said. Tony cocked his head to the side so it rested on top of Bucky’s. “Actually two. One that isn’t destructive and one that is. Let’s try the one that doesn’t involve me building a lever or finding a crowbar to crack open the floor.”

“A crowbar?” Sam asked, befuddlement in his tone.

“It’s a lander tool,” Tony explained. “I know a lot about their tools, if you’re ever interested in learning.”

“You’d probably get along with Jane,” Sam commented.

Tony shrugged and pushed himself off the desk. He swam to the small crack and peered through it. Something glinted not far below. It looked like the item could be a pocket-watch.

“I need a hook and some string or a thin chain.” Tony fingered the necklace around his neck for an example.

“I think I saw a hook around here somewhere,” Steve muttered and swam out of the room.

“I got a chest full of necklaces and rings lying around here,” Bucky said. “I can probably find something for you to use.” Bucky followed Steve’s example and took off.

It wasn’t long before the two returned with the items they had promised as well as a few extra ones that they thought might help Tony get the glinting object out from under the floorboards.

Tony lay across the floorboards and pushed the hook in a larger crack. He stuck out his tongue and bit it as he finagled the hook around until he felt it latch onto the object below. Tony held his breath as he slowly lifted the object out from between the floorboards.

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❄ I voted for your temp to be jinglesoldier, and to keep your current! How about T'Challa, winter, and moonlight? I haven't seen you on my dash in a while (maybe I'm just online at all the wrong times lol) but it's nice to see you around again!

Thank you, Mikala! I think my absence has been my fault because I’ve been so incredibly busy and haven’t had a chance to write or post really.. 

URL Change Post w/ 5 sentence drabble rules

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T’Challa loved winter. 

He didn’t love the cold, the snow, or anything that represented winter, but what made him love it was the fact that he got moments like these that he always cherished and kept close to his heart–moments where you were encased in his embrace, his fingers able to draw patterns on your arms while he pressed his nose into the curve of your shoulder and could pepper kisses against your skin. 

He let his eyes drift to the window where snowflakes glittered as they drifted past against the moonlight and the city glow, a sight to behold, but T’Challa knew you were the real sight to marvel at with you tucked into him; a book in your grasp and his sweater large on your frame. 

T’Challa exhaled slowly and shifted on the couch, before he settled with his mouth ghosting over your ear. “I am very fond of winter,” he murmured and you looked to him with a brow raised, forcing him to lean back as he chuckled, “and I’m irrevocably in love with you most of all, my dear.”

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Muscular arms encased his beloved from behind. "You're up early." Declaration whilst he peppered the back of her neck with kisses so loving, taking advantage of their close proximity. Sun yet to show its rays. The spot where she would lay was vacant, her adored presence missed by his side. "Come back to bed." Attempts to coax, the embrace offered encasing her in warmth, lips now teasing the corners of her own with contact so fleeting. "Ya' won't regret it." Boast tuned in with what was voiced.

    It’s not so unusual for her to wake at such hours. Not because of nightmares, not like him when he would violently wake; sometimes screaming. Such events had lessened in recent weeks, as if he’d finally found some peace once his eyes closed. Why she would rise however? She isn’t really sure herself, sometimes she was just restless as if she wasn’t tired at all, but wide awake. She used to fear it was something to do with her being here after the events of her death, that she wasn’t quite all here, that perhaps she wasn’t herself. In the past it would have kept her up, but ever since he’d come here and shared a bed with her she hadn’t felt that way. She hadn’t felt so uneasy, and as his arms encased her she could feel any doubt slipping away. His peppered kisses elicit a hefty sigh, relaxing into his embrace. She feels her tension melt, his contact soothing her yet it also evokes a warm spark that gently works up her body forming goosebumps across her skin. 

    This electricity wasn’t unfamiliar and he hardly needed to convince her to return beneath the sheets. Humming lightly in agreement, she first allows him to tend to her from where she sat; his fleeting kisses like silk over her smooth skin. As the caresses move across her neck, his hand slowly slides the strap of her nightgown over her shoulder, pulling the dress down ever so slightly.

    “Zack…” responding with a somewhat strained tone it could almost be a plea. He continues with such soft touches, fleeting and gentle, it was a tease and he knew it and suddenly the thin veil that concealed her form felt too heavy. But enough was enough and softness wasn’t what she wanted, she didn’t want to feel precious or untouchable but something to be desired and she knew he more than anyone felt that way about her; an angel but one that was unwavering and deserving of his full affections. Turning around in his arms she faces him with flushed features, eyes heavy with a want for him; a longing. Gracing his body with her light touch, fingertips dancing over the hardened muscles of his chest; admiring his physique as if she were seeing it for the first time. That’s what it was like with him, every time was like the first, always so exciting and enticing; so memorable. However, in an instant that hazy look shifts into a mischievous one, biting her lip with a keen glint in her eyes. With hands pressed up against his chest she pushes him down quite forcefully, but with his strength into consideration it would be nothing to him. His back upon the bed she climbs on top, sitting herself comfortably on his wide frame. Smoothing her hands over his body until they reach the waistband of his pants, then she leans over to press her lips to his ear. “I never regret anything,” she whispers gingerly; all her woes washed away and forgotten in this small moment and all she could see was him.

Away From Home Pt. 2

Here is the rest of part 2. I hope you all like it, thanks for waiting!

Summary: What is home? Where is home? Life was simple for you and your best friend until he shares some news that will forever change your lives.

Word Count: 2449

Taehyung x Reader

Part 1

The blaring buzz from your morning alarm shook you from your dream. You dug your phone from under your pillow, silencing the alarm before throwing it on the floor. You had set an earlier alarm than usual, wanting enough time to make something nice for your best friend.

After an excruciating hour and a half in the kitchen, you skipped off to the bathroom to prepare for the school day ahead. It was 8:45 by the time you left the house, bag in one hand and Taehyung’s carefully prepared lunch in the other.

Your school was a short bus ride across town. Taehyung would usually swing by in the mornings to pick you up, but you knew if you hadn’t heard from him by 8:30, you had to take the bus.

The bus rounded the corner, and you were greeted with the familiar brown building, tall windows, and stone steps leading up to the front entrance. Students were filing out of the bus as you scanned the crowd to look for your best friend who was normally waiting for you on the front steps. You couldn’t help but smile when you spotted his light brown hair, tousled with a mixture of hair spray and bed head.

You took a step in his direction before stopping dead in your tracks. Taehyung’s arm was slung around a small frame, her hand holding his arm in place as she smiled sheepishly into his eyes. Her long, red hair was pulled into a ponytail with the ends delicately curled. You felt your stomach drop as Taehyung locked eyes with you, just as she followed his gaze to your position. She placed a hand on his chest and whispered something in his ear, giggling as she kept her eyes on you.

May Lee.

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