just wrote the first 3rd of my essay

it opens as such 

 If the headlines are to be believed, there is a plague currently sweeping its way across the United States. One needs to do little more than open up to the latest pop culture magazine or piece of alternative press and flip through the first few pages. It’s almost certain that eventually, a certain word would appear in the text: the dreaded “hipsters”, pretentious connoisseurs of irony, absurdity, and obscurity, riding into our cities and towns on fixed gear bicycles, downing Pabst Blue Ribbon and blasting music so unheard of that not even they themselves know just what it is they’re listening to.
According to not only the written word, but also to our TV shows and films and horrible morning radio talk shows, these awful “hipsters” are everywhere, and damn, are they ever annoying. Their tight pants, their constant scoffing – perhaps a symptom of a disease that you’ve probably never heard of – at anything they consider “mainstream,” their lack of hygiene and sensible tastes, everything about them just seems to drives people mad.

this class is pretty rad