Here’s to the non-binary adults trying to deal with the fact that they can’t be out at work.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who can’t even try to be out with their parents because they’re trying to keep things ok for the grandkids.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who say “Oh it’s ok, I’m used to gender-specific binary pronouns” and die a little inside.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who have learned not to care.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who really don’t care about pronouns.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who have to gender-binary themselves for PTA meetings and talking to business owners and government officials.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who feel lost and without community because so much of the vocal and out enby community is very young.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who don’t feel welcome in the trans community and aren’t part of the cis community.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who feel guilty about calling themselves trans because they don’t “feel trans enough” or that they don’t deserve to call themselves trans.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who don’t identify as trans without any guilt about it at all.

Conditional Acceptance is like living on a high wire every day, and “passing privilege” is a painful myth, one that can leave us feeling miserable and crushed and empty.

Love yourself and honor that living in the closet isn’t a privilege. It hurts, and it’s ok that it hurts. You didn’t do anything wrong, the world did.

To all the people whose gender changes:

If you’re genderflux, genderfluid, or any other identity (or no label at all)- if you’re gender feelings/identity change over time, this is for you. 

The sun rises and falls. 

The moon has phases.

The tide comes and goes.

Seasons turn.

The only thing that does not change is change itself.

Do not let anyone convince you that you are unnatural. 

You are as the universe is. 

i always see these posts about feminine/masculine presenting nonbinary kids and that’s great!! but here to the enbys that

  • use they/them pronouns exclusively
  • use nounself pronouns or neopronouns but are actually afraid to admit it because they’re afraid that they’ll be made fun of
  • are actually made fun of because their name or pronouns or whatever they choose to go by are too ‘weird’ and ‘inconvenient’
  • literally do not care which pronouns you use
  • go by a gender neutral name, or two, or three
  • look so androgynously that strangers will stare at them in public trying to figure out if they’re ~male or female~
  • bind with a binder that is too big or wear only small breast forms so they only have a bit of chest
  • are intersex
  • make their own box at surveys were the only gender options are ‘male’ and ‘female’
  • have to make their own word describing their gender because the ones that exist don’t fit them
  • have transphobic parents that barely even understand the concept of binary trans ppl and have to educate them about nonbinaryness
  • have a neurodivergency or mental illness that influences their gender

it’s awesome y’all exist and continue to remain strong and mysterious in such a binary world!!

Be comfortable as you

Dysphoria got you down?

Don’t like how you look?

Your figure?

Your hair?

Baby steps.

Baby steps are key.

Cut or dye your hair!
Why not try something completely out there?
A neon colour?
A cute pastel?
Super short?
Super long?
Somewhere in between?

As long as you’re happy, do whatever you want.


There are plenty of videos out there that show you how to use makeup to look more/less masculine or feminine.

As long as you’re happy do whatever you want.


Wearing looser or baggier clothing can help to hide standout features of your figure, such as shoulders, hips and chest, and can help you feel more comfortable.

Alternatively, wear clothing that shows off parts of your body that you like, and that you feel happy/ comfortable with. Like your stomach? Rock that crop top! Love your legs? Shorts it is!

As long as you’re happy do whatever you want.

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There’s no wrong way to be nonbinary. That’s it. It’s that simple. You just have to be yourself. You can dress up the way you want, look the way you want, act the way you want, use the pronouns you want, not change your name or change your name to your choice… It’s all okay. You’re doing nothing wrong and you are valid the way you are and the way you represent.

You don’t have to be androgynous to be nonbinary. You can be femme presenting and nonbinary. You can be masc presenting and nonbinary. You can prefer binary pronouns and be nonbinary.

You’re gender identity is not restricted to your gender expression.

Trans women don’t have to be feminine. Trans men don’t have to be masculine. Non-binary people don’t have to be androgyne.

Let trans women be masculine, let trans men be feminine, and let non-binary people be non-androgyne.

Whatever it is because you’re in the closet, don’t care or you’re just comfortable with your style, you’re still trans. Gender presence doesn’t define you or your worth.