Agender people are amazing!

Neutrois people are fantastic!

Non aligned people are wonderful!

Androgynous people are perfect!

Nonbinary people who dont want to align with either binary gender are stunning!

Never feel like you have to align with a binary gender, nonbinary people who dont align with a binary gender are just as valid and just as nonbinary as those who do.


I made icons in response to tumblr’s censorship of the lgbt+ community because apparently our existence is “sensitive content.”

- feel free to use them for whatever you wish!

- also send an ask if you want me to make an edit with another flag in it because I’ll do it woo

When my grandparents were 13 queer was a whispered slur and it was unthinkable to be gay, let alone trans. It was just assumed you weren’t.

When my dad was 13 being gay was something you talked about behind closed doors. It was hilarious. It was frowned upon. My dad was assumed to be gay and somehow less of a man because he liked theatre.

When I was 13 I had just learned what it meant to be gay. I had just learned what transgender was. I was scared and lost. It felt like there was nothing for me. There was no proof I wasn’t alone.

My brother is turning 13 soon and he knows about most sexual orientations and has an older sibling that is out as trans/nb. He is openly against homophobia and talking about it with his friends isn’t taboo. He watches cartoons with background gay couples and thinks nothing of it. One of his favorite book characters is genderfluid.

We still have a long way to go, but I think you gotta admit, that is progress.

So recently I’ve been noticing more and more and the majority of nonbinary representation on Tumblr equates being nonbinary with being slightly masculine and skinny and white and so on. So this post is dedicated to all of the lovely amazing wonderful nonbinary people who don’t fit that description. It’s for the trans feminine nonbinary people!! For the nonbinary people of color!! For chubby nonbinary people!! For nonbinary people who use uncommon or binary pronouns!! For the nonbinary people who don’t experience dysphoria!! You’re all still completely valid as nonbinary people and that won’t change based on what anyone else says!!!