Hello from Russia\Moscow ^^

My name is Enaya, i’m 22.

I’m a photographer, artist and a professional model. I’m living from commissions and working in Soft Beauty Agency.

Proud to be a feminist.

Proud to be chubby.

Proud to be curvy.

Proud to be Russian.

I love to travel (mostly visiting my friends around the world)

I love to make body positive photography (natural light, no retouche)

I’m in love with animals, charismatic people, camping and some weird things i’m not gonna name :D

I’ve got a photo blog - govnanavernisuka - where i’m sharing my self pictures, pro photoshoots and random booty shots :D

You’re always welcome

Dragons cuddles - by Enaya-TheWhiteWolfen

Please lay here with me forever! Cuz when I look into your eyes I see my life and happiness in front of me 💙😍😘👬🐺💙