That’s the whole point of having two! One slightly larger, one a little smaller.

Me, aka “Things You Absolutely Should Not Yell at Your Husband”* 

*when one of your cast iron enamelware dutch ovens dies and he helpfully points out that you have/had two


Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Bowls / BEST MADE CO.

Our enamelware comes to us from a legendary European manufacturer, and using World War Two era machinery they bake our renowned “Famous X” and compass rose directly to the plate insuring a smooth, long-lasting, and seamless finish. But what truly distinguishes our enamelware is the heft and durability: the rim — the spot that gets the most abuse — is reinforced with a double dipping of enamel, and the steel itself is weighty (not flimsy and tinpot) all of which makes this the most steadfast bowl in the land.