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Its scientific name is Enallagma civile and is a damselfly of the family Coenagrionidae (order Odonata) that is common and widespread in America. Although the photo does not show the body, Enallagma civile is a tiny damselfly, up to 39 mm. Males are light blue with black bands and stripes and females are quite variable [1]. 

Photo credit: ©Collin Hutton | Enallagma civile from Sandy Creek, North Carolina, US.

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Image of the Week – November 21, 2016

CIL:41401 - http://www.cellimagelibrary.org/images/41401

Description: Projection a series of confocal images of the eye of a common blue damselfly. This projection shows the regular, crystal-like architecture of the eye of the Enallagma cyathigerum, an active visual predator and a swift flyer. The area covered in the photo measures approximately 0.6 x 0.8mm; the image is a composite of two overlapping confocal image stacks. Seventh Prize, 2010 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition® 

Authors: Igor Siwanowicz and the 2010 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®.

Licensing: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives: This image is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives License

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