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i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time

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whenever I get the cycle of revenge speech I think about iroh's talk with zuko about azula. Zuko: Now, I know what you're going to say: she is my sister, and I should try to get along with her— Iroh: "No. She's crazy, and she needs to go down."


The Narutoverse also really really REALLY needs to learn the value of the Russian proverb “Trust, but verify.” I mean, it’s great that apparently Kabuto actually is doing a good job with the orphans, but the way that Konoha just handed over the care of vulnerable children to him immediately just based on his “yeah I’m sorry about all the medical torture, mass murder, and helping the dude who wanted to destroy the world”, really just underlines how little Naruto society gives a fuck about vulnerable children, know what I mean?

Also I didn’t sufficiently answer this in my last ask: there is a disconnect between “Shikamaru’s desire for revenge of Asuma on Hidan is good and awesome” and “Sasuke’s desire for revenge of his clan on Itachi is toxic and bad”. Sasuke is being strung along by Konoha–Hiruzen knows exactly who is really responsible for his clan’s massacre, and nothing is actually planned to be done about either the one who ordered the massacre (Danzo) nor the scapegoat (Itachi). The Naruto ending completely glosses over this.

The difference to me is that Shikamaru didn’t just want to kill Hidan out of revenge for the past harm, rather it felt like to me it was more about Shikamaru realizing that he had to take up Asuma’s position to defend the Will of Fire; he had to finish Asuma’s task of killing Hidan.

Now the Will of Fire is proclaimed by a bunch of hypocrites, but that doesn’t mean that the philosophy itself is bad–rather what is bad about the Will of Fire is that its adherents don’t mean what they say. They say that the village is a family and that they love the villagers like a family but they don’t act like an actual family, that is, where you love and interact with each family member as an individual. Instead, rather than a family, the Will of Fire treats the village like a clan, in which the individual clan members can and will be sacrificed for the “greater good”, and whatever the clan does is right. This is nationalism–my country right or wrong.

A Konoha that truly lived the Will of Fire–that is, a Konoha where people put aside their clan loyalties and considered each other person in the village to have the same right to protection as a blood brother, sister, parent, or child–would be very different than the Konoha we see in Boruto.

So. At least in a saner Naruto series that had an actual satisfying ending, I do see a difference between Shikamaru vs Hidan and Sasuke vs Itachi.

Venetian masks are a centuries-old tradition of Venice, Italy. The masks are typically worn during the Carnival (Carnival of Venice), but have been used on many other occasions in the past, usually as a device for hiding the wearer’s identity and social status. The mask would permit the wearer to act more freely in cases where he or she wanted to interact with other members of the society outside the bounds of identity and everyday convention. It was useful for a variety of purposes, some of them illicit or criminal, others just personal, such as romantic encounters.

Bauta (sometimes referred as baùtta) is a mask which covers the whole face, this was a traditional piece of art, with a stubborn chin line, no mouth, and lots of gilding. The mask has a square jaw line often pointed and tilted upwards to enable the wearer to talk, eat and drink easily without having to remove the mask thereby preserving their anonymity. The Bauta was often accompanied by a red cape and a tricorn.

In 18th century, the Bauta had become a standardized society mask and disguise regulated by the Venetian government. It was obligatory to wear it at certain political decision-making events when all citizens were required to act anonymously as peers. Only citizens had the right to use the Bauta. Its role was similar to the anonymizing processes invented to guarantee general, direct, free, equal and secret ballots in modern democracies.

It was not allowed to wear weapons along with the mask, and police had the right to enforce this ruling. If a citizen was caught carrying a weapon while wearing a Bauta, they had to turn their Bauta in to the police.

Gifted/Enabled Witches

I rarely talk about this. I don’t like discussing intelligence as quantifiable. The truth is, I’m not smarter than anyone else for being gifted, I just think differently. 

I was diagnosed with ADHD and being Gifted from a young age. I never wanted special education, so I assimilated with the other students. I struggled, and learned to mirror ‘normal’ behavior. That doesn’t make me ‘normal’ though, it just means I can fake ‘normal’. I haven’t even discussed being gifted with my closest friends, because I don’t like being treated differently. But I am different. And I need help accepting that. 

If you are a Gifted, Enabled, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum, etc witch - you are in good company. I can relate. I’m here to talk. About any of the things that go along with being gifted. I’m sure there will be a lot of things that make me go “what you too?!” and we’ll have a good laugh. 

Please reply or reblog if you fall into any of these categories. I’d love to follow you. 



Johnny Rotten talks about Jimmy Savile and being banned from the BBC for attempting to out the BBC pedophile in the 70s.

Brief about Savile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu5bwJX4uBE

Documentary about Jimmy Savile and the pedo rings he was involved in:  https://youtu.be/LLb8CJT92As


IwaOi Volleyball Week

So me and @mauville2 were chatting about the DaiSuga Volleyball Week that I’m running (more information here), and she mentioned that she wanted to write some angst. But we can’t write angst about DaiSuga, it’s too sweet of a pairing. I mentioned that maybe she could take the prompt and wite some angst with a different pairing.

One thing led to another, and here we are! DaiSuga week hasn’t even started yet, and I am already trying to get another Haikyuu!! pairing week up and running.

I am proud to announce that I was (again) incapable of controlling my impulse control, and am now going to organise the IwaOi Volleyball Week. The name is practically the same, and the tag and blog names will also be very similar to the DaiSuga name, since I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to come up with a new name.

SO. When will the week happen? Again, me and @mauville2 (who now has the official title of Enabler) talked about when the week should happen, and came to the conclusion that the next two months are too busy, what with Halloween (and DaiSuga week), Thanksgiving, finals week, Christmas and New Year.

The week will start on the 9th of January and run until the 15th. It’s a pretty empty week, except that the Golden Globes in on the 15th (let’s hope the last day of IwaOi week doesn’t get buried)

Tag: #iwaoivolleyballweek

Blog: @iwaoivolleyballweek


1) Use the tag, and to be extra sure your works get noticed, please tag the blog as well.

2) Please use the appropriate tags for potentially tiggering works (NSFW, gore, blood, etc)

3) Also, make sure to tag both the day and the prompt you decide to use.

Extra Information:

1) All types of works are accepted (cosplay, photography, or even a song/playlist).

2) Crossovers are allowed, as long as it fits the prompt and it stars the IwaOi pairing.

3) Late admissions are accepted, I understand if something gets in the way or you just don’t have time.

4) For those of you that are new to the fandom and don’t know what pairing this refers to, the IwaOi ship name is short for Iwaizumi Hajime and Oikawa Tooru from the sports anime Haikyuu!!

5) *Edit* It has been brought to my attention that using the Human Trafficking as a prompt, no matter my good intentions, would not be appropriate for a pairing week in which the characters in question are underage volleyball players. I have removed the prompt and replaced it with a new one.

For those of you that have reblogged this post, please delete the old version as to not confuse others. Thanks you for your consideration, and I apologive if I have offended anybody with my actions.


Day 1: New Years / Christmas week

Day 2: Food / Dance

Day 3: Follow / Ocean

Day 4: Eyes / Space

Day 5: Supernatural / Worth It

Day 6: Reach / Bottomless

Day 7: Celebrity / Free day

As you can see, on day seven you can either pick the celebrity prompt (in honor of the Golden Globes) or just do whatever you want.

I hope you all join us in celebration of this wonderful pairing that has inspired so many people! Anybody is welcome, it doesn’t matter what you do or that your so called ‘skill-level’ is, anything and everything will be appreciated, loved and reblogged!

Again, IwaOi Volleyball Week starts on the 9th of January and ends on the 15th of January. If you’re a bit late, that doesn’t matter, it will end up on the blog either way!

“What will they come up with next?” is a phrase that is only appropriate when discussing the whiz-bang wonders of futuristic technology.

If you say “What will they come up with next?” when discussing sexual orientation, gender identity, or other related topics, that’s generally an indicator that you’re an asshole.

Correct usage:  “A computer that lets me access the summed total of human knowledge, enables me to talk to people anywhere in the world instantly, and allows me to watch an endless parade of silly dog videos, and it fits in my pocket?  What will they come up with next?”

Asshole usage:  “A word for people who aren’t into sex?  What will they come up with next?”

( bc @hyperieon kind of enabled me to talk about this ).

– obviously the most noticeable one, and easily his trademark feature, is the one that runs almost from cheek to cheek over the bridge of his nose. it’s the result of a particularly nasty gladiatorial battle that did not end well – and coincidentally he remembers a good part of it, because it scarred more than just his face. 

his hands bear a lot of marks, or at least both of them until his right arm was replaced with the cybernetic. the scars on his left hand are hidden under his glove, but his knuckles bear plenty of discolored and somewhat keloid scars ( with stress and a weakened immune system, you can bet the healing process was neither fast nor efficient ). shiro himself doesn’t remember how he got them, but it was actually because he once punched a wall out of sheer anger and frustration. 

– and speaking of which, it isn’t just his skin that is scarred; in a sense, his BONES are as well, particularly the knuckles of his left hand because of the aforementioned incident. striking the wall introduced microfractures in his knuckles – which, upon healing, made the bone stronger and more reinforced. gladiatorial combat in general also did the same thing, which has led to his shins and knees being equally reinforced. 

– seriously, don’t let shiro snag you with a left hook to the face because he’ll break your jaw. 

– and now the elephant in the room: HIS RIGHT ARM and naturally, I’m talking about the stump. we all know stress can do one hell of a number on you; not only does it weaken your defenses, but everything else suffers as well. couple that with the fact that shiro was malnourished and lacking in– well, pretty much everything nutrient-related, and he’s definitely got it bad. despite the fact that the surgery was actually pretty clean, the join where flesh meets cybernetic did not heal well. 

– his shoulders and back are also riddled with smaller scars, some more noticeable than others, and each of them has got a story to tell. 

Seeing Mutsuki still on the island and ready to fight as a ghoul investigator, I wonder just what he has been doing in the space of time after he freed himself and until present time. We don’t know exactly how long that was (or do we? Please if we do tell me because I’ve either missed or forgot!), but it was definitely not little before the ccg got to the cave since Torso’s corpse had already started rotting. So, what had he been doing? 

Now here he is, with some pretty new clothes he definitely didn’t have with him back on ch 79 nor are they his old clothes he wore to the island. Comparing these two images also make it seem like he got a haircut but that might be just the particular panel from ch 79 that makes it look like he had longer hair, since this is also from 79:

So, the question is, what has Tooru been doing, and where di he get those clothes? Being clothes borrowed fom Torso might be a possiility, but considering their different builds and how well these clothes fit him, as well as that Tooru might not be precisely happy to wear his torturer’s clothes even if he knew where he kept them, I don’t think it’s likely.

Did he steal from Aogiri without being noticed? Or maybe he was noticed but managed to fight back and win. I don’t think anyone would consider risking being discovered for clothes a smart choice, but maybe he also stole some food… And if the parallels with Kaneki go on he could’ve even just fed himself from the ghouls that discovered.

At any rate, I don’t think there were any clothes on the island that weren’t Aogiri’s, so that’s probably where he got them from, but how did he get them and what has he been doing all this time?

I’m not sure where I wanted to get with this post, but I’m intrigued about Mutsuki’s situation now. He seems to have both accepted himself and the lies he’s been telling himself for years, yet at the same time it looks like he’s trying to appear somewhat normal (and with those clothes for a moment he did look normal). Accepting one’s problems isn’t the same as facing them, so what will Mutsuki do now? Strike for a fake sense of normalcy while hating himself? Or is he simply putting his duty first before dealing with his own situation?  At any rate, the separation between his “two personas” seems to have broken down to some point, so going back to his old life is no longer a possibility.

He seems to have become stronger, or has found a way to use the strength he already had, but his mind right now is definitely not stable, and that becomes clear in his lack of control as he hurts Akira before facing Takizawa. With the speculation of the quinx becoming full ghouls, things may get complicated.

What do you guys think?

Omg, there is this thing called “Pillow Talk” which enables two people who live far apart, to experience each other’s presence. It sends the sound of your realtime heartbeat to a speaker under your partner’s pillow. So it feels like you are lying next to each other, even if your loved one lives on the other side of the world.

Greg and I need this, omg.

bucky barnes dress-up game is happening

thanks to some filthy enablers who pretty much talked me into it (not that i’m complaining)

and i gotta say i’m REALLY excited omg i haven’t made a dress up game in ages aaaaaaaaaaaaa tHIS IS GONNA B SO GOOD

here’s a lil sneak peek, i’m pretty happy with it so far

anyways if you got any suggestions feel free to drop them in my askbox (i might even do some fanservice stuff I’ll See :^))

Terms such as ‘awakened’, ‘self-realized’ or ‘enlightened’ are merely figures of speech to enable us to talk about all this, but are not really a true or accurate way of expressing it. Absolutely speaking, there is no such thing as an enlightened person. A so-called ‘enlightened person’ is simply one who has seen through the common belief in a separate little mind or ego as an actually existing entity. An enlightened person is one who has awakened to the direct knowledge that all that really exists is the Self/God/being. There is, in the absolute sense, no such thing as a person, let alone an enlightened or unenlightened person. It’s like saying there are two types of unicorns: curly-haired unicorns and straight-haired unicorns.
—  Francis Bennett