en vouge

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En Vogue - Hold On - Music Video (1990) (by lneka)

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Florence Welch, of Florence and The Machine, covering En Vouge’s “Don’t let go”

Lovers Playlist

1. Dru Hill~ Beauty

2. Sevyn Streeter~ Sex on the ceiling

3. Timothy Bloom~ til the end of time

4. Tony Toni Tone~ that all i ask of you

5. Silk~ Lose Control

6. Pretty Willie~ 4 walls

7. Ginuwine~ Remember

8. Usher~ can you handle it

9.Usher~ that’s what its made for

10. Raab~ 4 play

11. Twista~ get it wet

12. The O’Jays~ Cry together

13. Isley Brothers~ Summer breeze

14. Timothy Bloom~ Rivers Run Deep

15. Silk~ More

16. Tyrese~ On top of me

17. 3 piece~ Ooh Aah

18.Monica~ Love all over me

19. Shai~ if i ever fall

20. Intro~ come in side

21. Shai~ comforter

22. Subway~ this little game

23. Dead Prez~ mind sex

24. Tyrese~ signs of love making

25. Chris Brown~ beg for it

26.R. Kelly~ strip for you

27. Janet Jackson~ discipline

28. Janet Jackson~ would you mine

29. The Transitions~ straight fucking

30. Jamier Foxx~ Slow

31. Tank~ slowly

32.Rome~ I belong to you

33. Blackstreet~ Deep

34.Dave Holister~ Take care of home

35.Keri Hilson ft. Chris Brown ~ One Night stand

36. Lil jon Ft. oobie~one night stand

37. Lil jon ft. oobie ~ ooh nana

38. Latif~ dont wanna hurt you

39. Under Presha~ Splackavellie

40. Avant~ Happy

41. Floetry ~ its getting late

42. Playa~  Cheers 2 u

43. Silk ~ lets make love

44. Silk~More

45. 112~ you already know

46. En Vouge~ don’t let go

47. R. Kelly seems like you ready

48. T- pain~ Studio

49. Marvin Sease~ Candy Licker

50. Miguel~ Pussy is mine

I missed so many but these are  a few of my favs… may do a part 2 @mobettafreak

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During their senior year, Mary, Hermione, and two other girls in their grade joined the talent show and performed Hold On by En Vouge and they FUCKING KILLED IT



Salt-n-Pepa with En Vouge - Whatta Man

Memories from high school: singing this song as we drove up and down the beach road with the windows rolled down.


En Vogue- Hold on


Alicia Keys. SWV, En Vough & TLC (Live) BET Awards 2008 


En Vouge sings, “Something He Can Feel”