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Some Verbs that Take Prepositions in Spanish

de + infinitive

acordarse de = to remember to
olvidarse de = to forget to
quejarse de = to complain about
hartarse de = to be fed up with
terminar de = to stop
avergonzarse de = to be ashamed of
arrepentirse de = to regret
tratar de = to try to
preocuparse de = to be concerned about
alegrarse de = to be pleased

a + infinitive

acercarse a = to approach
comenzar a = to begin to
invitar a = to invite to
resistirse a = to resist
ayudar a = to help
persuadir a = to persuade to
disponerse a = to get ready to
meterse a = to start to
negarse a = to refuse to
acertar a =  to manage to
tender a = to tend to
acostumbrarse a = to be/get used to
enseñar a = to teach to
llegar a ser = to become
alcanzar a = to manage to
inclinar a = to incline to
conducir a = to lead to
animar a = to encourage to
ir a = to be going to
aprender a = to learn to
decidirse a = to decide to
atreverse a = to dare to

por + infinitive

comenzar por/con = to begin with
optar por = to opt for

en + infinitive

quedar en = to agree to
persistir en = to persist in
convenir en = to agree to
interesarse en = to be interested in
pensar en = to think about
dudar en = to hesitate to
insistir en = to insist on

con + infinitive

comenzar con or por = to begin with/by
contar con = to count/rely on
contentarse con = to be satisfied with
preocuparse con = to be concerned with
soñar con = to dream of

de + object

disculparse de = to apologize for
ocuparse de = to be busy with
abusar de = to abuse
burlarse de = to make fun of
cansarse de = to get tired of
disculparse de = to apologize for
ocuparse de = to be busy with
servirse de = to use
reírse de = to laugh at
quejarse de = to complain about
apartarse de = to keep away from
preocuparse de = to be concerned about

a + object

saber a = to taste like
asistir a = to attend
cuidar a = to take care of
oler a = to smell like
acostumbrarse a = to get used to
asemejarse a = to look like
entrar a = to enter

por + object

apurarse por = to get anxious about
rezar por = to pray for
preguntar por = to ask about
votar por = to vote for
decidirse por = to decide on
molestarse por = to bother about
preocuparse por = to worry about

en + object

meterse en = to get involved in
convertirse en = to turn into
confiar en = to trust
pensar en = to think about
consistir en = to consist of
apoyarse en = to lean against

con + object

contar con =  to count on
dar con =  to meet
tropezar con = to run across
acabar con = to finish
soñar con =  to dream of
casarse con = to marry