en costume


A fine and rare pale turquoise silk damask pet-en-lair robe, circa 1770, the fabric late 1730s, early 1740s, the lightly boned short jacket with closed-front, angular elbow cuffs trimmed with matching ruffles, ‘sack’ back, with matching petticoat and narrow ruffled choker band, the fabric woven with large-scale flowerheads c.1730-40


CAROL, part one

To conclude this series of Pride 2017-related posts (though certainly not the end of gay-relevant content on this blog), here’s a two-part post on Todd Haynes’s exquisite 1950s-set lesbian romance Carol (2015). Last year, Carol was voted the best LGBT film of all time in a poll that featured over 100 critics and was compiled to mark the 30th anniversary of London’s lesbian and gay film festival, BFI Flare. There are many qualities worth celebrating in this film: the sublimely modulated lead performances by Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, the richly atmospheric period detail and mise-en-scène, Haynes’s deft invocations of classical Hollywood genres (melodrama, film noir, women’s pictures). But most importantly, as the following quote reminds us, Carol’s uncommonly uplifting and affirmative take on same-sex love represents a quietly radical step forward for LGBT narratives in cinema.

Happy Pride!

“In the years since Brokeback Mountain, we’ve seen Best Picture nominations for The Kids Are All Right and Dallas Buyers Club – though in both of those cases, the primary audience surrogate was arguably a straight man (Mark Ruffalo in Kids, Matthew McConaughey in Dallas) – and the slightly Sapphic Black Swan. And, of course, there was Milk and The Imitation Game, both stories about gay men who met with tragedy… Spoiler alert: Carol’s protagonists fall in love, consummate their passion, and encounter some difficulties – it’s the early ‘50s, after all – but do not die for/from being gay. Such a declaration sounds stark, but an astonishing number of films about gay life have seen their characters come to some sort of a tragic end, as if comporting to the old Hays Code, where characters must be “punished” for their “sins.” Ultimately, Carol’s most transgressive quality is its refusal to engage in such shenanigans; this is a film about full-blooded gay lives, not tragic gay deaths. Maybe Oscar voters weren’t sure how to deal with that?” — Jason Bailey, Flavorwire (January 2016)

FRENCH in swedish

french became popular in swedish during the middle of the 1700s, during the reign of the theatre king, Gustav III. most of the french loanwords in swedish are connected to art and culture, and can usually be recognized as the emphasis is on the last syllable. 

(ett) paraply - parapluie - umbrella

(en) balkong - balcon - balcony

(en) armé - armée - army

litteratur - littérature - literature 

möbler - meubles - furniture

(en) restaurang - restaurant - restaurant

politik - politique - politics

(ett) magasin - magazine - magazine 

(en) reklam - réclame - advertisement

(en) annons - annonce - ad

(en) artikel - article - article

(en) broschyr - brochure - brochure

kritik - critique - critique

publicitet - publicité - publicity

(en) parfym - parfum - perfume

(en) choklad - chocolat - chocolate

(en) konsert - concert - concert 

(en) kostym - costume - suit

modern - moderne - modern 

(en) maräng - meringue - meringue

*note that this is not a complete list



Lime green silk ottoman having wide ombree blue, black and white stripe, the sacque back jacket with double fan shaped cuff trimmed in looped cord, pleated petticoat with center back inverted pleat, open at both sides from waist bound in white linen tape with linen ties, hem bound in gold linen, unfinished stommacher trimmed with self furbelow, completely unlined.


I really got curious on Yufuin’s early designs and I did some editing to see the design clearly.

This is only I can make out after tweaking the bright and contrast settings to make a silhouette out of it. He’s like a wearing cape?? but more like a Medieval Prince-like style with those rocking white long gloves and boots. Unlike others designs, his are more sophisticated and more…PRINCE-LIKE vibe among all! What a beautiful prince ;A;

I’m so excited that it’s finally September, so here’s a little vocab list to celebrate my favourite season  🍂 🍁

høst - autumn

september - september

oktober - october

november - november

et tre - tree

trær - trees

et blad - leaf

blader - leaves

et eple - apple

farger - colours

regn - rain

en regnfrakk - raincoat

en paraply - umbrella

en genser - a sweater

en frakk - coat

støvler - boots

et skjerf - scarf

et gresskar - pumpkin

et kostyme - costume

en kastanje - chestnut

sukkertøy - candy

sjokolade - chocolate

suppe - soup

te - tea

tre - wood

en brann - a fire

et lys - a candle

å falle - to fall

å endre - to change

å skremme - to scare

å være redd - to be afraid

kald - cold

kjølig - chilly

skyet - cloudy

skremmende - frightening

koselig - cozy

fargerik - colourful


Maria Bjørnson’s two designs for Christine’s Elissa costume

The original showed a skirt merely consisting of tabs. In the original West End production they added a dark green, plain underskirt, to support the tabs, as an addition to the design. This design was soon abandoned in West End, but has been kept in Japan until this day. The original design and costume versions is seen in the three first photos. The costume sketch has the comment:

“This costume is cut out instead we go to copy of Carlotta’s Bustle”

The second design is indeed a version of Carlotta’s skirt, with larger and fewer tabs, a skirt with a much decorated hem, a bigger apron and a brooched belt in the waist. Alas I only have a really blurry, tiny version of this design, but it shows the basic outlines at least. This version is what the three last photos shows.

  • Kinshirou: Atchan, let's do something?
  • Atsushi: Not now, it's chill time.
  • Kinshirou: I'm getting a bit desperate. ... Yufuin?
  • En: Chill. Time.
  • Kinshirou: But I don't want to "chill". I want to do things.
  • En: Okay, then. Go get some juice in the fridge for me, I'm getting thirsty.
  • Kinshirou: Go get them yourself.
  • En: Hey, you said you wanted to do things.
  • Kinshirou: I never said I wanted to become your maid, though.
  • En: Dunno, you'd look pretty nice in a maid costume. Don't you agree, Atsushi?
  • Atsushi: *With three juice pouches in hands* I thought we were going to drink juice, not play dress-up.
  • Atsushi: Actually, only on Wednesdays.
  • En: Atsushi looks really good in a maid costume, just so you know.
  • Kinshirou: What am I even dealing with... *Furiously blushing*