en bermudas

in, and out

Rated T for some swearing; focus on Stan and Ford’s relationship; gen; probably a lot of angst.

Based on these headcanons I sent for @defying-gravityfalls. Can also be found on AO3.

Thirty years is a long time for old arguments to fester and grow bitter, and thirty years is a long time for old ghosts to haunt your sleep. Stan and Ford are living the dream on their boat, seeking adventure on the high seas. Living the dream, yes; but dreams don’t come without nightmares.

The Stan O’ War rises, then falls again in a slow rhythm, like your breath when you sleep, steady and predictable.

Stanley leans against the railing, inhaling the salt air. The sun is warming even the deep creases around his eyes, and he’s several degrees tanner than he was six weeks ago. Turns out you can even tan in the Arctic Circle, if you’re committed. And don’t mind the freezing cold.

Stan is liking the Bahamas a lot more than Greenland.

They’re en route to the Bermuda Triangle, which despite Stan’s off-color jokes is not connected with Bill Cipher in any way, according to Ford. Who, speak of the devil, is currently sketching something in his already beat-up new journal. It has a drawing of himself and Stan pasted to the cover, hand-drawn by Mabel and liberally treated with glitter.

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