Wanted to give all my chums and babbus some gifts for Christmas, so I’ve been working away at this for nearly a week. ;v;

I’m really sorry for the fluctuation in quality of these chibis, and if some look un-inspired… :C It was really hard trying to think of good ideas and even to put my pen to the tablet sometimes…

I hope you enjoy… <3 

Sallie © Wario-Girl
Saint © SaintTheKing
Mask and Geokins © SauceCaptain
Splinter © his owner (banned :^( )
Jesse © JesseAndHisTF2Shit
Exile © zimsd619
Supia © deadlysupia
Jay © jreyn1550
Evan © ImmortalMonarchist
Kojack © Kojackjr
Odi © Odsius
Artie © ChuyLizard
Niina © Neminder
Everything TF2 related © Valve
Everything Payday related © Overkill

Me, Gamun, Femgie-Flames and her precious babbu Gibbo uvu~ She loves Gamun’s bod~ All the more reason to keep topless…~ Something I’ll never completely finish sadly, I’ve had this for a couple of months. I just whipped up the background real quick today. Hooray for awful grass. Ah well, learning curve. Also this is 50% the original size. Gamun, Emzie © me Gibbo and Nina © Femgie-Flames
Emboar and Cubone © Nintendo

I’ve had this as a WIP since forever but since I probably won’t be finishing it completely I’ll upload it now. I spent too long farting around with a background and it was coming out poop, plus I haven’t really been wanting to shade this recently. If I do end up shading this, I’ll be sure to update you all~

Featuring my little soljette sister Wario-Girl <3

This is pretty much what happens everytime they go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. Emzie insists on doing some long workouts to keep in shape, so most of the time Sallie is left bored on what to do. So what better than to study up on rocket-jumping while helping a friend gain her strength? Does wonders for her back, you know.

Yes, I referenced Emzie’s pose. :C

Emzie © me
Sallie © Wario-Girl

I’ve been at a loss for drawing new stuff from scratch lately in terms of motivation, and generally I’ve been feeling shit so I went through my art folder for old gear to work on (which I usually never do) and found this at the flats stage.

Shading it was very therapeutic, and I’m somewhat happy with the outcome. Soldier © Valve Daniel Fortesque © Sony

Mishka’s all grown up!

This was a traditionally inked piece coloured digitally. I tried to colour it traditionally but it just didn’t do the ink justice, so I abandoned after a bit of progress.

But… guys.
I love this. I actually want to cry from how well this came out. I enjoyed making this so much… I love the concept. I love size difference. I love the concept of Big Mishka.

I want this. Goddamn. I love Little and Big Mishka. You guys are free to switch up between either if you happen to draw or SFM/Gmod him.

No matter how big or small Mish is, he’s still momma’s baby and retains full innocence. He also is literally a big metal baby Ilovehimtobitsmysweetchild

Big Mishka and Emzie © me
Everything TF2 related © Valve


I wasn’t sure what to do today so I drew these to practice people! owo And to get using this pencil-like brush I had in my files. -w-

The first guy is a guy I conceptualised last weekend (thanks to Femgie and Schwein’s lovely image inspiring me~), he is based on Medic’s design but he is (OBVIOUSLY) demonic. I have some information on him but it’s not yet finalised, maybe someday I can show y'all him <3

The second picture is… uhm. Based on Detective Gumshoe from Ace Attorney WHO IS A TOTAL CUTIE. I drew my Gamun into his outfit and stuff and summarised that if ever Gamun had a human form, he would look very similar to the detective~ X3 I used an image of Gummy as a reference.

But yeah! Doing these made me realise that this is the sort of style I aim to achieve…

Characters © me
Detective Gumshoe © Capcom..? toplel IDK
Emboar © Nintendo

Did they over-do it? … Naw! There’s never too many mistletoe kisses, ESPECIALLY with lipstick!
… I think they hope no-one was watching them though.

Me and the old fart SaintTheKing wish everyone a Merry Christmas! <3

Emzie © me
Saint © SaintTheKing
Demo and Heavy © Valve

First *decent* GMod paintover/edit for ages, let alone at all, no?

I wanted to get back into it and prove to myself that I could do better than before, to be honest I just look back at my older stuff and cringe because the shitty resolution screens and their high saturation/contrast completely… fucked up my perspective of the canvas. So I’ve been working on this on and off all day trying to get into the swing of it again. Courtesy of our Lord Saint here. Goddamn there was so much to learn… figuring out how to get the characters into a different background and edit their colours without screwing up the rest of the image… ahhh, so glad it’s done. -w- Original Image: sta.sh/091hcvlkmry Saint © SaintsFan18