First day of work was good, but felt very long. I got a twenty minute break but still never felt alone. I had a lot of fun, though. My group is Gryffindor and, while the groups were randomized with all age groups, it is mostly little kids. We spent a lot of time running around and playing games and while I think it’s more exercise than I’ve done in a while I had a blast with those kids. I’m down to work the early shift, unlike the late shift I worked today, which is 7:15-2:30 so I will have afternoons and evenings open.

Work was nuts today we went to the zoo and I was with two other counselors and fourth and fifth grade girls getting attitude from all of them plus like three other camps were there and there was zero quiet. My voice hurts from shouting and I’m probably sunburnt plus my packed lunch sat in a hot car all day while I bought an overpriced smaller one. I heard loud music from the sib’s room when I got home and my first impulse was to go up there and shout “YOU ARE TOO LOUD!” Thank goodness for a three day weekend.

i have to wake up at 9 tomorrow (which is like 5 hours before i usually get up) for an ortho appointment, and then i work from 1 to 6. 

for most of you people who actually do things with your time, this probably sounds like a nice restful day, but for me, it’s going to be a little hard to get up and going and stay going. hopefully i can get some sleep tonight  so i can actually have a nice first day at work and not look like a fucking idiot. especially because it’s the ‘grand opening’ (even though they’ve been open for 4 months?) and it’s gonna be all special and exciting, and i have no idea how to do my job. 

but we all know that i’m going to go watch an entire disk of lost and just cry about my life tomorrow.

consider this your warning. 

i'm so nervous about my first shift at work tonight.

i’m closing, which i haven’t been really trained on yet, and i’m working with one of the owners, and a girl i’ve never met. 

i feel like i’m going to throw up. i shouldn’t be this scared.

what is wrong with me.