Cabal Saves the Day:

While emwolfilie​ and I were cruising around the desert looking for dead stuff, I took a turn down another unmarked dirt road that lead to nowhere. While trying to turn us around, so we didn’t have to back all the way up the half-mile trail, my trusty truck got high-centered, and we quickly realized that we weren’t going anywhere until we dug ourselves out.

Jude, growing bored in the truck bed, let himself (and Cabal) out and promptly flopped down in the dirt on the shady side of the truck to take a nap like a typical lazy Jude-bum.

Cabal, however, wanted to come over and see what we were up to. I remembered then, “Oh yeah! I taught this pup how to dig on command!” so I pointed at the mound of earth pinned against my truck frame, said, “Dig dig dig!” and Cabal enthusiastically started digging away, throwing dust and rocks behind him in his effort.

Emwolf and I stood back and watched, encouraging the pup as he worked, until I could see that the dirt mound was no longer hard-pressed against the truck frame. I loaded the pups back into the truck, stuck us in reverse, and hit the gas. We rolled effortlessly back to safe ground and continued on our adventure. Cabal saved us hours of arduous digging in the afternoon heat, and got himself an excellent workout in the process. He was absolutely ready for a full night’s sleep, and didn’t even budge when the coyotes started howling.