Guys are not all the same.

Whatever your man did to you, don’t think that other guys does the same thing. A lot of guys are better than the one you once had in your life, you just didn’t have the chance to meet the better one. Maybe not now, but the right time will come. You just have to wait and trust our God Almighty as he writes your love story that is worth to be told to your future children.

That flattering feeling you get when a guy thinks you’re beautiful. Not all the guys out there would tell and see the true beauty of a girl. So when a time comes that someone would tell a girl she’s beautiful, it will tickle her on the inside. She might not tell you, but it somehow made her day. It will make her feel awkward, but flattering at the same time, especially when you mean to her; when she has a crush on you or something. It will make her feel beautiful and smile like crazy because finally, someone have seen the real beauty in her. That’s why don’t hesitate to tell a girl she’s beautiful if you really think she is. You never know how will that simple compliment change her as a person.

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Whenever I have a crush on someone,

it’s not always about the looks. Most of the time, it’s about his attitude. The kind of attitude that will attract and make me adore him. Even though I haven’t meet the guy, if I keep on hearing good things about him and his attitude, I will secretly start to have a crush on him, and start to wish that someday I will meet him. Oh well, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a crush; too far from love. 

It's not wrong to miss the person you had before.

It’s not wrong to miss the person you had before. It’s just a proof that you are mature enough to still care for them and for the memories you have made despite of you both not ending up together. Sometimes, we should grow up and realize, think and accept the things that should be accepted for us to be happier. 

Some would say they’ve lost somebody who was never even theirs. Then I say, you don’t have to own the person for you to feel like they are gone. You care for people not because they care for you, but because you want to. It only means that the person means something to you that’s why you feel like you have lost them. And one of the reasons why you are losing or have lost somebody is maybe your own fault, your own doings. So cherish each and every person who takes time to communicate with you, talk to you, be with you, and such. Because not all of them are strong enough to hold on when they feel like they are taken for granted.