It’s here, today!  The Chasers of the Light Audiobook is out today my friends, and I do hope you head over and grab yourself a copy.  It’s me reading every single thing from the book, so I really hope my voice sounds halfway decent to your listening ears :)  Thank you so much for the support that led to this happening, now show how serious you were by buying one from the following locations:

I hope you like it, and I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts!

DIY 2 Nail Polishs Jewelry Tutorials from Emuse. I read through both tutorials trying to see how the nail polish filled in the spaces between the wire. But I guess it does - I haven’t tried this.

For more DIY hair jewelry go here:

  • Everything's Alright
  • Laura Shigihara
  • To the Moon OST

Everything’s Alright - Laura Shigihara

When this world is no more
The moon is all we’ll see
I’ll ask you to fly away with me
Until the stars all fall down
They empty from the sky
But I don’t mind

If you’re with me
Then everything’s alright


#OutofOz version of I’m not that girl, sung by Rachel Tucker & Kara Lindsay

SCHOOL IDOL VOICES!: Vol. 2: 17 more songs by μ’s that aren’t by μ’s! Listen to the first one here

  1. Luminize - fripSide (Eli)
  2. 夢のつぼみ - Kusuda Aina (Nozomi)
  3. Heart Collection - Mimori Suzuko (Umi)
  4. EMUSIC - Nitta Emi (Honoka)
  5. with you - Uchida Aya (Kotori)
  6. Black Butterfly - Pile (Maki)
  7. まだ言えないけど、○○○ - Iida Riho (Rin)
  8. Chiisana te to kanra-sha - Mimori Suzuko (Umi)
  9. 未来は…Love&Peace - Please & Secret (Maki & Nozomi)
  10. Kimi ga Emu Yuugare - Nanjou Yoshino (Eli)
  11. NEXT PHASE - Nitta Emi (Honoka)
  12. 永遠ほどじゃなくても - Iida Riho (Rin)
  13. Growing Going - Uchida Aya (Kotori)
  14. オーマイダーリン - Kusuda Aina (Nozomi)
  15. Kimi ga Kureta KISEKI - Pile (Maki)
  16. future gazer - fripSide (Eli)
  17. Yume-Yume-Wai-Wai ROOM - 4to6 (Maki & Rin)