should be inconsequential but still its frustrating

wow hahaha emusic.com sucks

i’m only using it because I got a trial membership with like $10.00 credits and wow most of the songs are a lot cheaper than iTunes which is cool but dang are the download buttons glitchy or something.

Multiple songs in albums only download some empty filed called 0.emx and what the crap even is that supposed to be?

I really really want to buy Candypants’s “Nerdy Boys” and some tracks from the “Moonrise Kingdom” soundtrack but nope nothing is working.

emusic.com. fuck you.

So when I opened a student account with lloyds tsb they gave me 40 free downloads on emusic.com great! But little did I know signing up to that website has automatically signed me up to pay them £24.99 every month since September. WITHOUT telling me.

I hardly get songs off it. And it doesn’t have that much good music on it.

I could have spent that £125 + on better things!



Still crying yourself to sleep over the OOPOA (out of print on arrival) status of that one limited live LP/12-inch single/45 from this year’s Record Store Day rush?

Well, don’t cry; dry your eyes, and head over to eMusic.com and dig into the digital versions of many rare Record Store Day releases in their kind and thoughtful roundup.

-mr. man

Have you made your Valentine’s Day romantic music playlist yet?

Mood music,tunes for love,passionate playlist what ever you want to call it. You’ve got to have your theme music ready for that most romantic night of the year. So, here are five links for some Valentine’s playlist ideas. After you choose your songs, go to emusic.com and purchase the songs you need to add to your music library. Their downloads are generally cheaper than I-Tunes and Amazon.com and the sound quality is on point.

1. http://www.fuse.tv/2014/02/valentines-day-slow-jams-playlist-The Ultimate ‘90s Slow Jams Playlist.

2.http://www.idolator.com/7441353/valentines-day-playlist-10-sexy-songs-kelly-rowland-justin-timberlake-miguel-Valentine’s Day Playlist: 10 Sexy Songs Guaranteed To Get You Some.

3.http://www.ydr.com/ci_22580071/valentines-day-playlist-25-best-love-songs-and-Valentine'sDay Playlist: the 25 best love songs and not just the obvious ones.

4.http://nineronline.com/2012/02/49-must-have-songs-on-your-valentines-playlist/-49 must-have songs on your Valentine’s playlist.

5.http://www.starmedia.us/woman/top-10-playlist-of-the-best-new-songs-for-valentines-day-2014.html-Top 10 playlist of the best new songs for Valentine’s day 2014.

OK now, what are the songs not mentioned in the links I provided or even a repeat of the songs mentioned that you recommend for the Valentine’s Day 2014 Playlist?

eMusic.com presents Hooray for Earth and Amanaguchi at Tammany Hall 6/19/12

Earlier that day, I was with my buddy Abdul catching the self-described king of Bubu music, Janka Nabay play a set at the Avant/Garde Diaries in SoHo. And although we were surrounded by models and other beautiful people, I had to run to catch my dear friend and colleague Natalie Hamingson at Tammany Hall for eMusic.com’s New Music Seminar Festival showcase. 

And to be honest, it was a bit of a frustrating show, as well as one of those shows where I felt increasingly curmudgeonly and old. Hooray for Earth was probably the most accomplished sounding of the two set we caught but my main problems with their set was that their sound was largely unoriginal. They sounded much like a dozen or more bands with a power pop sort of sound that you’d hear on Music Choice’s Alternative Music Channel. Amanaguchi is a chiptune band – a band that has some component of their material based on using modified video game systems and cartridges. In some way, it brings back a bit of cheesy nostalgia but it also makes it kind of hard to take the genre seriously – mainly because it makes the music sound kind of childish. The band’s use of projections didn’t add much to actual performance, and made it feel as though the audience were watching YouTube. I quickly found the whole thing annoying and wanted to leave as quickly as possible (which we wound up doing). 

Hooray for Earth


For these photos and the rest of the photos for this night of music, check out the Flickr set here: