Hawkward - Avengers x Reader

Words: 1039
Pairing: Avengers x Reader (mainly clint and sam)
Featuring: Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Warnings: Swearing, there are s o m a n y p u n s
Requested by anon
Reader has the gift of flight (with or without wings, you choose) and hanging out with the Bird Bros! Constant bird puns optional.
Authors Note: you wanted puns, you got puns.

Avengers Masterlist. Masterlist.

“You think Clint would like these?” You asked Sam as you walked down the random store aisle with him. You went with Clint and Sam to get groceries for the facility, but Clint was the only one who seemed to actually be on task. You and Sam found yourself in the opposite side of the store, making jokes with whatever you found.

Sam nodded, completely serious. “Get them. Are there two more? We all need a matching pair,” Sam said and started to sift through the slippers on the shelf. Yes, the three of you needed matching bird slippers. You have rebranded the “Bird Bros” as the “Bird Buddies” as you were now a member of their all inclusive group since your owl-like-self fit the requirements.

“Why does he put up with us?” You asked Sam as you held the three pairs of slippers.

“I don’t know; I think he secretly finds it entertaining,” Sam offered. “We should probably find him-”

“Put the damn shoes down; we have work to do!” Clint’s voice walked up behind you.

You shot around and gave him a weird look. “I’m joking; these slippers are the best things I have ever seen. Is three enough? Should we get one for every person in the base, or just keep it exclusive?”

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Stolen Car (Tony Stark x Reader)

“Hey Brucie….. Tony” You seemed cheerful when you walked into the lab, where you used to spend all your time becoming a field agent. Now you go there rather often, considering your boyfriend pretty much lived there.

“Are you still mad at me?” Tony got up to move closer to you but you simply inched closer to Bruce, who already seemed unconfortable. 

“Of course not, why would I? Here Brucie I brought coffee” You handed him his cup and he took it with a quiet ‘thank you’ before going back to trying to make himself invisible. Yes, you had gotten Tony a cup too, but you left it on the table. It’s not like he liked being handed things anyways.

“I’ve said I’m sorry” He got even closer to you two, eyes quickly flashing to his cup, and he had a small smile on his face when he read ‘Tony’ on it.

“Do I have to be here?” Bruce piped up, hands still in his work, barely looking up himself.

“Why wouldn’t you Brucie?” You asked, sitting down.

“What happened?” Bruce asked, sighing,  now clearly too disturbed from the heavy atmosfere that had set itself in the lab to keep working.

“Tony stole my car” You shrugged, sipping from your cup.

“I did not(!)…steal your car” He said the first part annoyed, but then you glared at him and he realized you were still hurt, so he said the rest softer.

Dr. Banner raised na eyebrow, confused on why or how Tony would have ever stolen your car. “Bruce, back me up. If you buy someone their dream car, is that stealing their car?”

Bruce tried to speak, he really did. But after all, he had been caught in the middle of a couple’s fight and he looked like a child watching their parents arguing. “I don’t -”

Of course he was interrupted. “You didn’t just buy me a new car, you sent my old one, the one my mother bought me before she died, to be destroyed”

“I didn’t know (Y/N). That’s the type of information you could have shared with me before”

“So was the information you were going to demolish my car,but you didn’t share that one either. Enjoy your fucking coffee” With that, you got up and left, your face redder than a tomatoe.

You didn’t see him for the rest of the day. He probably didn’t leave the lab the whole day, but you didn’t go looking for him anywhere either.~

Once you left, Tony sat back down, covering his face with his hands and sighing heavily. “What do I do?”

Bruce just stood there for a while, mouth agape and not sure what to say. “Don’t ask me Tony. I’ve never seen her so pissed. I’d let her cool down”

It was already 1 am and you couldn’t sleep because Tony wasn’t in bed with you. It wasn’t the first time he had stayed up late working and you were sure it wouldn’t be the last, but you couldn’t help but wonder down to his lab.

This time, Bruce wasn’t there, but your boyfriend was.

He seemed too distracted to notice you, but he knew you were there, no matter how loud th emusic was when you entered. You turned off the music, but he still didn’t look at you.

“Come to bed.”

“Didn’t think you’d want me in you bed” He kept his gaze on his new, more improved, iron man leg, that he was currently adjusting. So you walked over, pushed him away from his work and straddled him, holding his face with both hands, finally making him look at you.

“I fucked up really bad (Y/N). I am so sorry” You looked him in the eyes and smiled.

“If I didn’t want you in our bed everytime you fucked up, we would have never slept together in the first place.” He chuckled and layed his head on your chest, hugging you tight. When he pulled back, he had a boyish grin spread across his face.

“Thank whoever put you in my path (Y/N)” He hugged you again. “God, I love you”

“You’re not forgiven Tony but I love you too, now let’s go to bed.”

SCHOOL IDOL VOICES!: Vol. 2: 17 more songs by μ’s that aren’t by μ’s! Listen to the first one here

  1. Luminize - fripSide (Eli)
  2. 夢のつぼみ - Kusuda Aina (Nozomi)
  3. Heart Collection - Mimori Suzuko (Umi)
  4. EMUSIC - Nitta Emi (Honoka)
  5. with you - Uchida Aya (Kotori)
  6. Black Butterfly - Pile (Maki)
  7. まだ言えないけど、○○○ - Iida Riho (Rin)
  8. Chiisana te to kanra-sha - Mimori Suzuko (Umi)
  9. 未来は…Love&Peace - Please & Secret (Maki & Nozomi)
  10. Kimi ga Emu Yuugare - Nanjou Yoshino (Eli)
  11. NEXT PHASE - Nitta Emi (Honoka)
  12. 永遠ほどじゃなくても - Iida Riho (Rin)
  13. Growing Going - Uchida Aya (Kotori)
  14. オーマイダーリン - Kusuda Aina (Nozomi)
  15. Kimi ga Kureta KISEKI - Pile (Maki)
  16. future gazer - fripSide (Eli)
  17. Yume-Yume-Wai-Wai ROOM - 4to6 (Maki & Rin)